Who Remembers High School Musical Well Enough To Get Over 80% On This Quiz?

It is a fact that Disney creates memorable movies. It is known that Disney Channel has given the world many great pieces of entertainment. And it is true that High School Musical is one of the most beloved flicks out there.

It truly had everything fans wanted: Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens fell in love. Scenes throughout caused people to laugh, cry, feel and laugh some more. And songs were released that are still sung often and which will probably be stick in all of our heads when this is all over. Plus, two more films followed the first one, giving fans even more moments to cherish and songs to love.

But how well do people remember this story? The characters, the school, who sang what, hobbies, plans going forward… Is there anyone here today who can give us all the details? We hope so, because that is the name of this game, and we are ready to see who can score over 80% on this quiz.

So get ready to think back on these movies, feel free to watch them all again in order to remember it all, and show us how well HSM is known, after all of these years.

Question 1

Who was Zac Efron’s character?

Nowadays, Zac Efron has starred in some really big movies, but back in the day, he was not as famous, he was not as seen and he was just getting started on the Disney Channel. And even though this actor has had some huge roles over the last few years, to many, he will always be known as this main character, the one who sang and danced his way into our hearts, as well as into the heart of the other main character. But what was his name in this film? We are starting off on an easy note, so prove that HSM knowledge by selecting this character’s name below!

Question 2

In what sport was this character involved?

High School Musical, as the name suggests, is about high school students. That being said, these characters were seen going to class, hanging out with their friends at lunch and participating in extracurricular activities. Specifically, Zac Efron’s character had one sport he really focused on, which he was seen doing pretty often. This should be another easy question for those who really know this guy and this story, so tell us: In what sport was this character involved? Choose one of the ones below, and then head on to the next question that is listed out on this HSM quiz!

Question 3

Who was also on this team?

While Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens played the lead roles in this movie, there were many other people that brought friends, frenemies, parents and teachers to life. One of these characters was an important supporting star who was on the same sports team as Zac Efron’s character. But who are we talking about here? We are sure many know, but if anyone needs to guess, that is okay, as well; there are four names below, so think back to the people in this flick, and pick out the one who was around, in regards to this specific sport and beyond.

Question 4

And who coached this team?

Okay, we have one more question about this sports team - the one that Zac Efron’s character and the friend mentioned up above were both on. This question is about the coach, the man who led the team and who is pictured right here. He had a connection to someone else in this story, so we have listed out four different situations below, for the four different options about who this coach really was. Browse through them, and then click on the one that answers this question and that tells us who really was the man in charge of this particular sport we have been discussing.

Question 5

Who was Vanessa Hudgens’ character?

Next up, we are going to focus on the other star - Vanessa Hudgens’ character! She was the leading lady, the one opposite Zac Efron’s character and the one he fell in love with (on and off of the screen!). To begin, we have another easy question that everyone here better be able to answer… All we need to know is what this character’s name was on High School Musical. So look at the four different choices down below, and then pick the correct one for her. After that, continue forward in this fun quiz about this fab film franchise…

Question 6

In what subjects did this character excel?

Let’s move on to some of the strengths that were seen in this fictional person who can be found within this popular movie and its two sequels, as well. In this movie, it was made clear to viewers that the female lead was particularly good within a certain area at school. She was definitely smart, but there was something she was better at than the rest. For the answer options here, there are four different subject groups listed out, so think about the one that this character was seen excelling in throughout this story. Then, when ready, select that answer below.

Question 7

When did these two meet?

Alright, High School Musical starts with these two main characters - the ones we have been discussing - meeting, which sets the entire movie in motion. For this question, we want everyone to think back to when they met. As seen by the answer options, it was on a holiday… but which one was it? Picture the scenes. Imagine the film. Think hard about the details of this magnificent meeting, which led to a relationship between these two characters (and between these two stars, too!). When did it all go down, out of the four possible days that are below?

Question 8

Where did these two meet?

To elaborate even further, we know want and need to know the location of this meeting. Where were they during this initial scene? Perhaps they were both invited to a backyard barbecue. Maybe their friends talked them into going to a dating mixer. They could have both been staying at the same ski lodge. Or they might have both attended the same costume party. True fans will easily know the answer, and anyone who needs to guess has options from which to choose, as usual - so answer now, telling us this extra detail about these two main characters here!

Question 9

And they met while doing what?

Alrighty, there is one final question about their first interaction: We want to hear what they were doing when the met. There is a range of options below, and some of them sound like they could be possible; people may be able to see these two doing these things. However, some of these activities are just crazy, and it is hard to imagine them meeting while doing that. So, use the process of elimination to narrow down the choices, and then, when ready, select the best answer for this question - which is just one more about their marvelous meeting.

Question 10

What year did HSM come out?

Here is a fun question, and we wonder how many people will know this one. Remember, everyone should be trying to score over 80 percent on this quiz, so think carefully! There are four years listed out down below as the answer options. They all are from the 2000s, a big time for Disney flicks. But which year is the right year when talking about the year that High School Musical was released? Think about where we all were, how old we were, how old the stars were, the fashion, how long we have owned the CD soundtrack. Answer this question to move onto the next!

Question 11

In what grade were the main characters?

As we all know, the main characters and their closest peers were all in high school. In this first movie, though, the original in this series, what grade were they all in? Were they baby freshmen, just starting out? Were they sophomores? Were they juniors? Or were they seniors, getting ready to graduate? We are just talking about in the first film, so think back to it, and then please pick out a grade to answer this question, which is all about the age of the characters who are shown here and other key players in this popular Disney story.

Question 12

Who were the twins?

Yes, it is time to talk about the twins - these two people pictured right here. These two provided some fun scenes, and even though they were not always super nice, we think these kids all really liked each other; they went through the ups and downs of high school together, and they all made it out together, in the end. But enough about that - We just need to know the names of these two characters! There are four interesting choices below, each with a name for her and a name for him, so pick out the correct one.

Question 13

The female twin, Ashley Tisdale’s character, was leader of what?

Ashley Tisdale is a familiar name within the magical world of Disney, and she brought this character - the female twin who was sort of a frenemy to the main characters - to life in these films. So we are going to ask a couple of questions about her, starting with her extracurricular activities. She was actually the leader of something - but what? Was it the student council? Could it have been the drama club. Is the answer here the fashion club? Or maybe it was actually the recycling club? Think back on this chick in this story, and tell us!

Question 14

And what color was her locker?

There are many things that stick out when it comes to this character. She was a twin, as mentioned. She had it out for the stars. She could usually be found in bright and bold outfits. And she had a special locker. Yes, it stood out from the rest, was decorated in a super fun and stylish way, and it was painted a color. But what color was it? Do we remember? Surely we do, right? Let's hope anyway. Just select one of the answers down below to tell us, and then continue on in this quiz all about HSM.

Question 15

What song did the twins sing first?

Okay, up next are questions about songs - since those are sort of a big deal to High School Musical! These twins sing together quite often, since they are siblings and have harmony and such, and we want to know what they sing together fist. There are four song titles listed out below, and they are all from this film (as many people who are here with us today already and surely know, of course). But remember to just look for the one that these two supporting characters sang together. Pick it out now, proving that HSM knowledge to us!

Question 16

What song was sung by the boys in the gym?

Another popular song can be seen in the scene that is pictured right here; a group of boys sang it in the gym. It may not be as popular as some of the duets that Zac Efron’s and Vanessa Hudgens’ characters sang together, but it is a catchy one. As usual, there are four different answer options here, but we bet many people can answer this without choices! Either way, look below, click on an answer, and move to the next question and the next and the next... (There are several more waiting down below for everyone to answer today!)

Question 17

What was this team’s mascot?

It has already been discussed that the main man was on a sports team and that all of these characters were in high school at this time. Therefore, there has to be a mascot! Some people may know it off the tops of their heads. Some people may need to think back to particular scenes in order to jog their memories and then to finally remember the mascot here. And other people taking this quiz will need to guess - and will then apparently need to go re-watch this movie! But for now, tell us: What was this team’s mascot?

Question 18

What was the name of their school?

On a similar note, who remember the name of the high school in High School Musical? It was mentioned and seen pretty often, and years later, fans can be seen wearing T-shirts and carrying products that boast this school on it, as a nod to this Disney film. The answer here could be East High. the school may have been named Chilton. The answer to this question might be Westside. Or the school might have been called Bayside. Think about it, picture it all, imagine the correct answer, and then just go ahead and click on that right answer, too.

Question 19

Who did the morning announcements every day?

Here is a question that only people who have seen this movie recently or over and over will know… Like at most schools, there were morning announcements each day, and each time, one person gave these. Who was it? There are four people listed out below, and these people are the choices from this question. Three of them are wrong, and one is right - the person who did indeed keep this school informed and all on the same page. Whether it is remembered or not, it is now time to answer this question about the school announcements in HSM.

Question 20

And where was this school?

There is one more question about this school - its location. It could have been in California (a big state with notable cities), Texas (a big state in the South), New Mexico (a warm state full of desert land) or Rhode Island (a tiny state). If anyone gets this correct, we are going to be very impressed! And if anyone needs to guess, we totally understand; that is why four answer choices are always provided, so go on and click on one of them now. Then, keep on keeping on - The end of this quiz is just down below!

Question 21

What team did the female lead decide to join?

As mentioned up above, the female lead was good in a certain area in school. And in school, she eventually decided to join a team. But which one? Was she part of the cheerleading squad? Did Vanessa Hudgens’ character join the scholastic decathlon team? Did she become part of the photography team? Or was the chess team here thing? We are sure that the people who are here with us today will remember this detail - It was important to parts of the story! - so click on one of the options that are listed out down below for everyone.

Question 22

Taylor and the lead female used the school's computers to what?

This character who is in green and who is in this photo right here is Taylor. She was friends with the main characters, and she played a vital role during a very critical moment of High School Musical! Her and the lead female actually used the school’s computers to do something crazy… But what did they do exactly? Those who know this story by heart will remember what they did, how they did it and, more importantly, why they did it. And now, it is time for everyone here to answer this particular question. So what did they do with the computer?

Question 23

Who got the lead roles?

Now, remember, this movie was mainly all about a musical that the school was putting on and which different students auditioned to be in. That being said, this question is about who got cast in the lead roles in this musical within a movie. It could have been anyone, but only two people won the spots. Look at the different answer down below; they are all there, waiting to be chosen or not. So think back to this story and to this scene, and tell us. After that, get ready for the last few questions that are on this quiz!

Question 24

Who were the understudies?

As many people who are here know, musicals (and plays and movies and television shows and other works like these) also have understudies - people who can take over the lead spots if need be. So now, it is time to remember who earned these spots. Once again, there are several people listed out down below from which to choose. But we are sure that true fans will know, right off the bat, who the understudies were in High School Musical. So look at the different choices, and please click on one of them in order to answer this question.

Question 25

What song did the school sing at the end in the gym?

At the end of High School Musical, there was a big finish, just like in a musical; everyone gathered together in the gym, and all of the students sang a memorable song together. What was the song? Who remembers what it was called? Will it be picked out down below? Is this question easy? Will anyone score above an 80 percent on this quiz? Will everyone? Okay, enough of that… Answer this question about this song by selecting the right title down below - the one that is being performed in this accompanying image that is shown right here today.

Question 26

Who did Chad ask out?

Another supporting character from this story is named Chad, and he is seen right here. Of course, the love story between Zac Efron’s and Vanessa’s Hudgens’ characters was the main romance in this film, and the musical was a big deal, too. But there were smaller side stories, as well, and one involved Chad asking someone out! But who was lucky enough to receive interest from this guy? Try to remember the scene and the relationships, and then just click on someone down below. Oh, and then, as usual, continue on to the next question, which is waiting down below.

Question 27

Zeke told the female twin he would make her what?

Here is a tricky question… What did Zeke tell the female twin he would make for her? First off, to answer, people need to remember who Zeke is; he is pictured here. Then, people need to imagine the female twin - the one Ashley Tisdale played. Finally, people need to know that this was at the very end of this first film, a minor little detail that was thrown into it all. So now that thoughts are churning, tell us the answer to this question, which we will ask again: What did Zeke tell the female twin he would make for her?

Question 28

Is this the first DCOM to have a theatrical sequel?

As we have mentioned and as true fans know, High School Musical received a second and a third movie. Over the years, there have been plenty of other Disney movies to receive sequels and prequels and such. But really, not that many Disney Channel Original Movies (DCOM) have received sequels, and really not that many have received sequels that came out in the movie theaters! Was this the first one of its kind to have a theatrical sequel? This is a tricky question, but there are only two options - yes and no - so just guess and pick, since the odds are good.

Question 29

What happened in High School Musical 2?

There are just a few questions left within this quiz, so we need to know some of the details about the sequels! First up is one that should be easy for true fans of this franchise; tell us about the plot of High School Musical 2. Did the characters all go off to college in this one? Was everyone making a movie? Did the peers all take a vacation? Or were they all performing on Broadway? They all sound plausible, but of course, only one of these options is the correct one, so select that one right here and right now.

Question 30

Where did they start working?

Okay, so in HSM 2, the characters were either at college, in a movie, on vacation or on Broadway, and while doing all of that, they got jobs. But where? We have four different possible places of work that are listed out down below, and these serve as the answer options from which to choose on this question. It may have been a while since some people have seen this sequel, but try to remember its plot and details in order to answer this for us. After answering, know that there are only a couple of questions that are waiting down below!

Question 31

What was the name of the show in High School Musical 3?

Let’s move on to the last movie in this series, High School Musical 3, a film that also featured a musical within its story. What was the name of that musical show? Since it was the last movie, it probably had a heartwarming, tear-jerking kind of title, right? That is what we went for when coming up with the answer options. But one of them is right. One is correct. That is the one to pick out below! So aim for getting at least 80 percent of the questions right today by selecting the best option from the ones below.

Question 32

Several of the students were considered for a scholarship to where?

When graduation for this high school grouped rolled around, several of the students were considered for a scholarship to someplace special. It could have been an Ivy League university like Harvard. It could have been an artsy school like Berkeley. It could have been a prestigious place like Juilliard. Or it could have been a made-up college such as The College Of Song and Dance. Try to remember these moments in this third movie, and when ready, please pick the college that was actually featured (due to a scholarship or two being up for grabs) in High School Musical 3.

Question 33

Who got the scholarship?

Alright, a tough but relevant question is up next: Who got these scholarships that we were just talking about? It would make sense if the main characters did, so they could have more of a happy ending. However, it could have been deserving and supporting characters such as Kelsi and Ryan. The twins could have earned them together and gone off to get a higher education with one another. Or two other characters we have mentioned - Taylor and Chad - may be the answer here. Who was it, in reality, though? Tell us by clicking on an answer below.

Question 34

What will the male lead do in college?

So, as we all know, these characters were graduating from high school in the third film. They were making plans. They were moving off. They were growing up. And Zac Efron’s character had a plan for when he got to college. What was it? There are four possibilities below, and we don’t know how many people will get this right. But we hope that many do - especially since there is only one thing left to answer after this! Before that and before getting the final results today, though, tell us: What will the male lead do while in college?

Question 35

What spin-off came after these three films?

It is here. It is time. It is the last question! We have gone over High School Musical. We have talked about High School Musical 2. We have discussed High School Musical 3. But what came next? As true fans know, there was a spin-off after these three works, and we need to know who remembers its name. Who thinks it was simply called High School Musical 4? Who will go with Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure for this question? Who recalls it being called You + Me? And who will select We Really Are All In This Together as the answer to this?

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