Who Knows Which Character Doesn't Belong In These Movies?

We can probably make a couple of guesses about those who are here taking this quiz: People who are here like movies. People who are here enjoy keeping up with new flicks. People who are here know basic facts about films. But how well do people know all the characters from these works? Well, that is what we are going to discuss and find out today!

See, down below, there are 35 questions about 35 different movies. On each question, there are four answer options, which list out four different characters. And one character on each question does not belong. So the goal is to tell us which person is not actually in each film!

Does this make sense? Does this sound good? We hope so because the time has come. Just scroll on down a little, in order to get started. Some of the questions are pretty easy, while others of them may be a little bit of a challenge for some people. Those who have made it here will undoubtedly love movies. Now it is time, ladies and gentlemen, to take that all up a notch. So prove that film knowledge to us, right here and right now.

Question 1

Which character doesn’t belong in The Avengers?

For those who do not know, The Avengers are a group of superheroes, and they have their own films - big, flashy, popular ones full of good people (the main characters) versus not-so-good ones (the supervillains). Of course, one of these movies is called The Avengers, and we want to know which superhero, out of the four that are listed out down below, is not actually from this film or from this world. So who is it? We met that lots of people here with us today know the answer, for sure. So go ahead, and click on that person now!

Question 2

Which character doesn’t belong in Harry Potter?

Moving on… Another popular and fictional world that exists out there is Harry Potter’s; these books and these films, as well, tell the story of the title character and his journey against another not-so-great guy. Many people are fans of this franchise, with its magic, its characters and its theme parks, so we think this question will be pretty easy for people, too. So here it is… Out of the four different people who are listed as answer options, which one is not from the world of Harry Potter and is not in any of these well-known and exciting films?

Question 3

Which character doesn’t belong in Toy Story?

One of the most beloved animated films of all time is Toy Story, and the fourth film in this series is coming out this year, which is exciting! But we want to talk about the characters. There is, of course, Woody, who is pictured right here, and there are other memorable toys and humans. In fact, three of them are listed below, as usual. And the goal is to look at them, decide who does not belong, and select that character as the answer to this question. So do that now, please and thanks, before moving on to whatever is next.

Question 4

Which character doesn’t belong in Pirates Of The Caribbean?

Speaking of Disney and of film series… We bet that everyone here has seen at least one of the Pirates Of The Caribbean films. They star Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. But everyone knows that, right? Who knows about the other characters, though? Who is familiar with the supporting details within this fictional world? We hope many are, because this is the question that is up next: Which character, out of the four that are listed out down below as answer options, doesn’t belong in Pirates Of The Caribbean? Tell us by clicking on one of the names now!

Question 5

Which character doesn’t belong in Mary Poppins?

While there was a recent movie that came out about Mary Poppins, we are focusing on the original one right now, the one that starred Julie Andrews as the title character, who is pictured right here. Now, as many know, she was a nanny of sorts, with a twist, so in the movie, there was a family, as well as some other fun characters. We have four different names here, and one of them is not actually in this movie (just like on every other question - that is the game here, after all). So tell us: Who does not belong?

Question 6

Which character doesn’t belong in Home Alone?

Let’s find out what is up next on this quiz full of films and characters… Home Alone is a classic film from the ‘90s. There were other movies made within this world, but the original is the iconic one. And though this is technically a holiday film, it can be enjoyed at any time by anyone. Now, about those characters… There are four down below, waiting to be picked or not. Who is in this film? Who is not? That is the goal and the thing to be decided, so please click on the character who is not in Home Alone.

Question 7

Which character doesn’t belong in The Shining?

The Shining is a book by Stephen King, and its movie is a well-known one. In it, a family moves into the spooky Overlook Hotel, with its retro carpet, lady in the bathtub, twins in the hall and hedge animals outside. The scenes and lines from this flick are familiar to many - even to those who have not ever seen it and to those who have not seen it in quite some time - but what about the characters? Out of the four names down below, one does not belong. Decide who that is, then continue on in this quiz.

Question 8

Which character doesn’t belong in Beetlejuice?

Another spooky film - but on a more family friendly level - is Beetlejuice. This Tim Burton film starred Michael Keaton as the title character, an eccentric spirit in his little miniature world, who appeared after his name was spoken aloud three times. Okay, okay, people know all of that, though! We need more! We need everyone to look at these four names. We need to know who doesn’t belong here. We need an answer, regarding Beetlejuice. So, folks, what is the answer to this particular question? Choose one now, out of the four that are listed out down below.

Question 9

Which character doesn’t belong in The Lord Of The Rings?

The Lord Of The Rings, for those who do not know, is a story told through books and then through films. It is full of magic and mystery and mystical moments, as well as unique characters with original names. Some people are totally into LOTR, so this question should be quite easy for them. Others, though, are not into magical journeys and such, so this question could be tricky for some people. Either way, we need an answer. That being said, click on a character - the one who is actually not found within this story or movie - now.

Question 10

Which character doesn’t belong in E.T.?

One of the most celebrated and beloved and popular and iconic films of all time is E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, which was about, well, as extra-terrestrial. But this little guy was not just any extra-terrestrial… No, this one liked Reese’s Pieces, and he befriended kids! That is not the point of this question, though. Instead, still, we are talking about the characters, so think about the ones found in this film. Imagine them all. Picture their scenes. Hear their names. Got it all? Good. Now, look down below, and decide which name is not the name of a character in E.T.

Question 11

Which character doesn’t belong in Beauty And The Beast?

It is now time to talk about another animated movie - Disney’s Beauty And The Beast! The title here gives away two characters, the main ones: Beauty (who was Belle) and The Beast (Prince Adam). Found within this piece, though, there are tons of other awesome characters, such as family members, sidekicks, townspeople and, of course, the inanimate objects that talk and walk and were actually humans. So, as usual, browse through the four answer choices, then click on the name that does not belong here. After that, keep on going, as there are several more questions to answer today!

Question 12

Which character doesn’t belong in The Breakfast Club?

Up next is a little flick that is called The Breakfast Club. This is a classic from the ‘80s, which starred Molly Ringwald. In it, some students - some very different students - were all assigned detention together, and the rest is history. We won’t give anything away for those who - gasp! - haven’t seen it, and we won’t give any more time to the plot… because this is all about the characters! Out of the four names below, which one does not belong to a character found in this iconic flick? Choose one now by clicking on a name that’s listed out below.

Question 13

Which character doesn’t belong in Inception?

Inception is a sci-fi action movie in which Leonardo DiCaprio’s character has the rare ability to enter people's dreams and steal their secrets from their subconscious. Easy enough, right? This is an exciting film to many, but whether it is a fave or not does not matter right now; all we care about is finding out the real characters and the characters who don’t belong. So look at the four names below. Picture them in this movie. Then click on whichever name is not actually found in Inception. Then, yes, please move forward, as we are anxious to learn even more!

Question 14

Which character doesn’t belong in The Wolf Of Wall Street?

Okay, guys and gals, let’s find out which film is up next in this quiz that is just full of them… Why, it is The Wolf Of Wall Street, another one that stars Leo DiCaprio! It stars some other big names, as well, and we hope that many people who are here with us today know about them all, as they will help in answering the main question here: Which character doesn’t belong in The Wolf Of Wall Street? Browse through the answer choices that are listed out down below, and simply click on one name in order to answer.

Question 15

Which character doesn’t belong in The Sixth Sense?

The Sixth Sense is a thrilling film that we could go on and on and on about… But we can’t. Why? Well, because there is a game happening here, a challenge, a quiz. And that is where all of the lovely quiz-takers come into play. See, we need everyone to look at the names below. We need everyone to really think back to this movie. And we need everyone to tell us which name - out of the four below - cannot be found in The Sixth Sense. Who knows the answer? Who is feeling good? And who is unsure, and who will have to guess here?

Question 16

Which character doesn’t belong in Up?

Up is a cartoon movie that makes people laugh, cry, feel and be entertained, with its tear-jerking story, exciting setting and lovable characters. And speaking of those characters… We are sure everyone can picture them. We are confident that many people know some of their names. But there is, of course, a name down below that doesn’t belong here. Which one is it? Find it. Click it. Then get ready to keep on scrolling down, since there are a few more questions, on a few more movies and a few more characters in them, left to answer here and now.

Question 17

Which character doesn’t belong in Forrest Gump?

Alrighty, we are just moving right along here, aren't we? Next is Forrest Gump, which is a classic in so many ways, and, of course, it features actor Tom Hanks as the title character. That being said, we did not include “Forrest Gump” as an answer choice. That would have been too easy! Instead, we listed out three other people from this flick, as well as one other name… a name that may look familiar… but a name that does not belong, that is not in this film and that is the answer to this question. Click on it now!

Question 18

Which character doesn’t belong in The Matrix?

As people who have seen this film know and as everyone can tell by looking at this answer options here, many characters from The Matrix have unusual names. This action movie is a beloved one, and so we are including here. We are anxious to see who knows its details. We are hoping that everyone picks out the right answer below. See, one of the names listed out is not really from The Matrix - It is from something else! - and that name needs to be clicked on, right here and right now, so do that, please and thanks!

Question 19

Which character doesn’t belong in Finding Nemo?

Another animated flick is Finding Nemo, whose star is, well, Nemo. This underwater story is full of tear-jerking scenes, funny ones, exciting ones… Oh, and super great characters! Many people learned about new sea creatures through this work, so we hope that this question is another easy one for many. The goal is this: Tell us, out of the four names below, who is not a character in Finding Nemo? Is it Bruce, Darla, Marlin or Spanky? Choose one of the names now. Then, of course and as usual, continue forward in this quiz, showing off more movie knowledge to us!

Question 20

Which character doesn’t belong in Jurassic Park?

One of the most iconic films that has ever been released is Jurassic Park, and there are many parts within this series. Today, though, we will be discussing the characters in the first one. Is Newman in this flick? Is John Hammond a character here? Can Tim Murphy be found in this movie? And/or can Ian Malcolm be listed as a character in it? This is the goal and the game, and we hope that many people who are here with us today get this specific question right! That being said, please choose and pick out an answer now, thanks.

Question 21

Which character doesn’t belong in Pulp Fiction?

Hitmen who have philosophical discussions, an actress, nervous guys named Pumpkin and Honey Bunny… There are many interesting aspects that can be found within Pulp Fiction, a film by Quentin Tarantino. And we are wondering how many people know about the characters found within this piece. More specifically, we are wondering if people taking this quiz know which name - out of the four below - is not found in Pulp Fiction. In order to answer, think back to this film, picture every person in it, browse through the answer options, then decide on one to finally click here and now.

Question 22

Which character doesn’t belong in Wreck-It Ralph?

Every movie brings something neat to the table, and every animated film is full of even more possibilities, since anything can happen. With Wreck It Ralph, for instance, audience members are transported into video games, which is where the characters live! There is Ralph, of course, along with the people in his game and people in other games around him. Whether this is a fave or not, we need to know: Which character is not in this flick, out of the four that are listed out down below as the answer choices on this question? Choose just one right now.

Question 23

Which character doesn’t belong in Star Wars?

The world of Star Wars is a big one, with lots of films and characters. Plus, this is one of those fandoms that people are either beyond into or that people don’t care for at all, so it will be interesting to see who knows the right answer here and who does not. Okay, it is time: Look at the four names down below. Try and think which ones are from this movie. And, more importantly, decide which character can’t be found within this world. Then, when ready, select out that name, in order to answer this question on Star Wars.

Question 24

Which character doesn’t belong in Titanic?

Titanic, a movie inspired by a true story, is one of the greatest love stories of all time. Many people have seen this movie over and over, but there are some people who have never seen it all! Regardless of who falls into which category, everyone who is here is going to have to guess and tell us who doesn't belong here. Yes, one of the names below is not from this film, so find that name, and click on it. After that is said and done, move forward within this film quiz, to answer more questions on more characters.

Question 25

Which character doesn’t belong in The Incredibles?

Up next is another animated film - The Incredibles! It tells the story of a family of superheroes, making it a popular piece. People surely know at least some of the main characters’ names - characters who make up a family consisting of a mom, a dad, a daughter and two sons. But there are other people within this fictional world, as well, so this could be a little tricky. Regardless, browse through the four names below, and figure out the one that does not belong here - the one that is the right answer to the specific question here.

Question 26

Which character doesn’t belong in Black Panther?

Speaking of superheroes… We are moving on to the next film that is up, which is Black Panther. Within this movie, is there an Okoye? Is there an Erik Killmonger? Is there a Scar? Is there a Shuri? True fans of this superhero and his story will know, some people will be able to guess correctly, and a few people may even miss this question. But we feel good about it all, overall, and we are excited to see how well everyone does when answering all of these movie questions - like this one... so answer it now, please and thanks!

Question 27

Which character doesn’t belong in Shrek?

Shrek is a very popular cartoon character who has several films and who is surrounded by other well-known characters. What makes his movies so unique is the combination of new people, people from classic tales and people who remind us of our childhoods and the stories we knew and loved then. But when it comes to these characters, there is, of course, one that is not a good fit; there is one name listed out down below that is not in Shrek and that must be clicked on as the answer for this question. Who is not found in this movie?

Question 28

Which character doesn’t belong in Cast Away?

Okay, the end of the quiz is near, but let’s find out what is up next... Cast Away is a thrilling survival story that stars Tom Hanks. It came out several years ago, but it is one of those that really sticks with people. Therefore, we are sure that many people will be able to answer this correctly. The question is as follow: Which character doesn’t belong in Cast Away? Look at the four different names that are below, and choose one of them to click on, here and now. Then, continue on for a couple of more questions today!

Question 29

Which character doesn’t belong in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Another oldie but goodie is Who Framed Roger Rabbit, a unique movie that combined cartoon characters and real people. Some of the cartoon characters, like in Shrek, are well-known people who have been around for years. Others were new characters which only exist within this fictional world. So think about those people - all of them. Picture their faces, and imagine their names. Then look down at the answer choices, and, based on that knowledge, decide which name does not belong here. After answering, know that only a few questions are left in this quiz, so get ready to get them right...

Question 30

Which character doesn’t belong in Mrs. Doubtfire?

An iconic movie from the 1990s is Mrs. Doubtfire, which starred Robin Williams. There are so many scenes and lines and moments from this that stand out in so many of our minds. However, how many of us remember the characters’ names? We may not even remember Robin Williams’ character’s name (his real name - not the pretend name of Mrs. Doubtfire, the old woman he was pretending to be in this story!). But remember that we know movie buffs are here, and we are confident that many people can correctly tell us the name that does not belong in this film.

Question 31

Which character doesn’t belong in The Lion King?

There is one more animated flick that needs to be discussed here today, another classic… The Lion King. This is actually one of the most popular movies of all time, full of legendary characters. The four that we have listed out down below all begin with S, as we are trying to stump people a bit! Some of the names are definitely from this movie. A couple could be… but maybe not (only true fans will know). And one name can’t be found in this story at all, and that is the one to click on now, down below there.

Question 32

Which actor doesn’t belong in This Is The End?

This Is The End is a unique comedy that featured real actors who really played themselves. James Franco starred in it, and many of his real-life friends were in it alongside him. But there were some random stars thrown in there, too… but who was not in this? That is the question! So look at the four actors that are below. Try to think and try to remember which of them were in This Is The End. Then, when ready, click on a name. After that, there are really only a couple of more chances to show off that knowledge!

Question 33

Which character doesn’t belong in Mean Girls?

Ladies and gents, this next piece of entertainment is one of the most popular movies out there, and it is called, of course, Mean Girls. Some big names were featured in this, such as Lindsay Lohan, who is pictured here, and many of the characters’ names are super iconic and memorable. So, it is time to see how well this classic is remembered, as people look at the names below and decide on the one that does not belong. Yes, people, tell us: Which character, out of the ones that we have listed out here, doesn’t belong in Mean Girls?

Question 34

Which character doesn’t belong in The Notebook?

Another movie out there that has a big fan base is The Notebook, which is based on a book by Nicholas Sparks. Two well-known celebrities star in this love story, which is sure to bring on some tears. Who remembers the people in this movie? Who knows, for sure, all of their names, as well as the name below that doesn’t belong? And who will have to guess on this question, since some people may not be too sure about it all? Either way, please select a name below - the one that is not from the movie The Notebook.

Question 35

Which character doesn’t belong in Legally Blonde?

Last but not least, we have Legally Blonde, a girly movie that stars actress Reese Witherspoon as the main character, who is named Elle Woods. A lot of people are familiar with that made-up name, so we did not include it as an answer option; instead, we have four other names that sound fancy. Three of them can be found within this story, and one of them is actually from something else. So which name doesn’t belong and should be clicked here as the answer? Decide, once and for all, click it, then get ready for the final results of the quiz!

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