We Doubt Anyone Can Match All Of These High School Students To Their TV Shows

There are countless TV shows that depict what it means to be a teenager. From Beverly Hills (1990-2000) to Dawson's Creek (1998-2003) and many more which we cannot mention at this point (no reason to spoil the fun!).

Of course, there are other TV shows that include teenagers, but life in school is the main theme of the show. Think of Atypical (2017- ) or Santa Clarita Diet (2017-2019). It doesn't matter that the teenagers in these types of TV shows are not the lead protagonists because we still want to see how their lives will develop.

We don't know if there is a particular reason that we are so nostalgic about that time of our lives, but we constantly see it on our small screens and we keep asking for more! We want to see characters grow up and we don't care about the genre of that TV show. There are musicals, mysteries, dramas, and comedies and we like them all one by one.

So let's see who is a TV show expert. Who is a real fan of these types of TV shows? Try and match as many high school students to their TV show from a single photo.

Let's start!

Question 1

Rachel Berry

Rachel Berry, a high school student that aims at leaving her home town and landing in New York. A dream she eventually fulfills since she goes to college there. But that's not the only dream she achieves. She becomes a successful actress, and of course not without a few bumps on the road. She loses and gains many things, and she ends up happily married and pregnant receiving an award she totally deserves! Rachel Berry is portrayed by Lea Michele. It turns out that "creator Ryan Murphy wrote the part of Rachel Berry with her in mind" and we can definitely see why since she did a great job! Remember in which TV series Rachel Berry is in?

Question 2

Dan Humphrey

Dan Humphrey (also known as Lonely Boy and a few other nicknames) is a high school guy who has two sides. The first side is kind. He is brilliantly clever and stereotypically an outcast, but he is a good guy. The other side is very questionable. Perhaps his need to be seen and finally escape his invisibility is a bit over-dramatic and very vindictive. Not that some of the people he went against didn't see it coming really, but others were innocent. When we think of Dan Humphrey, we think of Penn Badgley. According to IMDb, however, he "turned down the role of Dan Humphrey [...] several times before finally accepting." So remember in which TV series Dan Humphrey was in?

Question 3

Aria Montgomery

Who is Aria Montgomery? Well she is one of five in a group of friends that have to solve a mystery. These five girls are very different from one another, but friends don't have to be identical in order to be supportive and loving to each other. As it is stated in Wikipedia, Aria Montgomery "was the artsy and alternative girl in Alison's clique prior to her disappearance, sporting pink streaks in her hair and a love of art" and we have to admit that this is an accurate description of her. She wants to be a writer. That is why when we first meet her she says that she most probably be an English Major when she's off to college! Remember in which TV Show Aria Montgomery is in?

Question 4

Archie Andrews

Archie Andrews the complex guy with red hair. Now Archie Andrews might have red hair, but K. J. Apa doesn't. According to IMDb, "the actor, whose natural hair color is a dark brown, admitted that it took 10 hours in the salon to get that perfect shade of orange." He is the high school guy who plays football, but also plays the guitar and sings once in a while. He is the guy that has both light and dark within him and it makes sense that he is loved and cared for by many. Remember in which TV Show Archie Andrews is in?

Question 5

Serena van der Woodsen

The infamous Serena van der Woodsen. The best friend of Queen B (Blair Waldorf) whose relationship is perhaps better described as frenemies than best friends per se. Blake Lively has said about the character that "I like to play someone who is unlike me and the character I play most often" and that is an interesting take. This seems to be the role that people instantly think of when they consider roles that were played by Blake Lively but that doesn't mean that she's been pigeonholed by this particular character from TV. Remember in which TV show Serena was in?

Question 6

Chuck Bass

Chuck Bass and his unforgettable catchphrase "I'm Chuck Bass" are one of those things that will be in our memories till the end of time. Of course the character has many (way too many) questionable moments in his life, but there's something in Ed Westwick's portrayal that makes us root for him from time to time. What may come as a surprise is that Ed Westwick is actually from the UK, so his accent on the show is not his original one! According to IMDb, he "modeled his character, Chuck Bass' accent after the character Carlton Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990)" (didn't see that one coming). So, remember in which TV show Chuck Bass is in?

Question 7

Hannah Baker

Hannah Baker is one of the protagonists in a teen TV show. We have to solve a mystery in a small town, and she is one of the many (if not the most important) key persons in a specific situation. We get to see her perspective and it certainly isn't pretty, so the show deals with important issues and gives us food for thought (and hopefully change) in many ways. Hannah Baker is portrayed by Katherine Langford, who is from Australia. In order to get the role, "Katherine Langford auditioned for the role in the mystery teen drama TV series over Skype" (IMDb). Remember in which TV show Hannah Baker was in?

Question 8

Blaine Anderson

This character wasn't part of the original cast from the show's beginning. Instead he joined the series in the 6th episode of season 2. In the beginning, Blaine Anderson doesn't go in the same school as the other main characters. In fact, he goes to one of the rivalry schools, until he transfers to William McKinley High School for the Arts because the love of his life goes there. The character is portrayed by Darren Criss. When the actor was asked about his sudden fame, he said: "What's happened to me is not normal. When you're an artist you have to hope for everything and expect nothing" and that's a pretty realistic take on making it as an artist! Remember in which TV Show Blaine Anderson is in?

Question 9

Emily Fields

Emily Fields is one of the main female leads in a mystery teen TV series. She used to be on the swim team and that was one of her defining characteristics, but after she hit her shoulder she could no longer be a competitive swimmer. Further, according to Wikipedia, Emily "used to be considered the 'weakest link', but now she's arguably the bravest and strongest of the four girls" because her character development was very elaborate. She is portrayed by Shay Mitchell whose performance is undoubtedly one of the show's greatest. Remember in which TV show Emily Fields is in?

Question 10

Jughead Jones

Jughead Jones is one of the male leads in a mystery teen TV show. He likes solving puzzles and he has a natural talent for writing good stories. We hear his point of view in things through voice over many times and we have to say that this is one of the show's great additions. He is a natural leader and he is a great boyfriend. Sometimes he takes things too far especially when certain things become personal, but he is ready to pay the price and face the repercussions of his actions. The character is portrayed by Cole Sprouse, who "dyed his hair black for the role of Jughead Jones" because his natural hair color is blond. Remember in which TV show Jughead Jones is in?

Question 11

Elena Gilbert

Elena Gilbert is the female lead in this particular mystery TV series. She is involved in a love triangle when two brothers fall for her at the same time, and she is not sure whom she wants. Elena is "a variation of the name Helen. This likely means Elena is based on Helen of Troy" (Wikipedia) a woman so beautiful men will do anything for her which is suitable. This is the role that people constantly think of for this particular actress and it's not just because of the incredible storyline of the series. Remember in which TV show Elena Gilbert is in?

Question 12

Finn Hudson

Finn Hudson is yet another quarterback who became more considering of others. He became more sensitive. The character was portrayed by Cory Monteith until his loss, but when the "audition came around, [his] manager literally had to talk [him] into it" (IMDb) because he didn't feel that he had what it took. It's amazing to look back on his performance on this particular series because everyone seems to remember it so well and there have been many that have heralded his acting choices and the way he portrayed the depth of the character. Remember in which TV show Finn Hudson was in?

Question 13

Caleb Rivers

Caleb Rivers is the guy we want in our corner whenever we are in trouble He is someone we can count on no matter what. He is not one of the friends in the main group of the TV series he is included, but he is the boyfriend of one of them. Well actually a few years after high school he ends up dating another one of the group for a while, but that doesn't last for long. Caleb wasn't in the pilot episode but he soon became one of the reasons we watched the show. So, it may come as a surprise that "Caleb's character does not exist in the books" (Wikipedia). Remember in which TV series Caleb Rivers is in?

Question 14

Brittany S. Pierce

It's time to talk about one of the Cheerios! She may not be the brightest, but she is definitely the better dancer of the three most important cheerleader characters on the show. So, it may not come as a surprise that Heather Morris "landed the role of 'Brittany S. Pierce' after being called in to teach the cast the 'Single Ladies' dance routine. At the time, they were looking for a third 'Cheerio' and they loved her" (IMDb). We love her for her love of unicorns. We love her because she makes us laugh. And we love her for her dance moves! Remember in which TV show Brittany S. Pierce is in?

Question 15

Clay Jensen

Clay Jensen is a guy that lost his chance with a love interest when it mattered the most and couldn't take it back. The storyline in this particular show has caused many to do a bit of soul-searching and it's also added to the conversation that many people want to have about high school. He is not one of the popular kids as his stereotypical portrayal is built. Clay likes the "kind of music [that is] obscure indie. His favorite reading materials are fantasy and sci-fi" (Wikipedia) all of which are reasons he is so great! Remember in which TV Show he was in?

Question 16

Peyton Sawyer

Peyton Sawyer with her green eyes and her "chicken legs." She is a very complex character (especially considering her age) and she went through a lot of very difficult things. So, when she got her happily ever after, we were so glad for her. Although she is a main character in the beginning of the show she doesn't appear in all of its seasons. Perhaps Peyton feels so real because in a way, she sort of is! According to Wikipedia, "Mark Schwahn named her character after his high school girlfriend, Peyton Sawyer. He stated that Peyton was very similar to his girlfriend and he loved her deeply" and we can understand why. Remember in which TV show Peyton Sawyer was in?

Question 17

Spencer Hastings

When we think of Spencer Hastings, we also think of Troian Bellisario, but it could have been otherwise. According to Wikipedia, "Janel Parrish, Shay Mitchell, and Tammin Sursok, also auditioned for the role of Spencer Hastings" and it's not that they wouldn't have been good choices, but Troian Bellisario has given us many strong and confident performances that we can't see anyone else in her place! This particular role was a huge boost and it definitely became one of the most memorable in this television series, with many fans calling her one of their favorite characters. Remember in which TV show she was in?

Question 18

Steve Harrington

Steve Harrington is the bad guy that ultimately turned into a good guy character in this very popular TV Show. He begins as the popular guy who doesn't care about doing the right thing, and ends up being the good guy that is really thought of as someone that everyone can truly count on when they're in a tight jam. Significantly, Steve is "the first antagonist in the series to redeem himself" (Wikipedia). Everyone loves a man that can change and everyone really seemed to resonate with this particular character in this TV show. Remember in which TV show Steve Harrington is in?

Question 19

Haley James Scott

Haley James Scott is one of those characters that are incredibly mature from a very young age so they act out a bit at some point because that's how it goes. She is the 7th and youngest child of a big family, so it makes sense that she has matured emotionally. She ends up marrying at 16 because age is just a number and sometimes we know what we want early on. Lucky for her she even remains married till the series' finale to the same loving man! Although Haley plays the youngest sibling in her family, "actress Bethany Joy Lenz is older than both Lindsey McKeon (Taylor) and Shantel VanSanten (Quinn) " (Wikipedia). Well, we didn't see that one coming! So remember in which TV show Haley James Scott is in?

Question 20

Seth Cohen

Seth Cohen is kind of a loner until his parents adopt another kid at his age. Although they are very different, they end up becoming best friends! Sometimes actors and actresses are very similar to the characters they portray. Adam Brody, the actor portraying Seth, "loves indie rock and jazz, [so] his taste in music is the same as that of Seth" (IMDb). There are many people that have voted this particular character to be one of their favorites from this series and anyone that recalls this actor inevitably references this particular role. Remember in which TV show he is in?

Question 21

Nathan Scott

Nathan Scott is one of the lead characters in a drama TV series. He and his brother Lucas (born by a different mother despite having a few months age difference) have to see eye to eye when they end up on the same athletic team. The character is played by James Lafferty, but it turns out that "Chad Michael Murray was first wanted by Mark Schwahn to audition for the role of Nathan, but he felt a close connection to Lucas Scott" (Wikipedia). We're lucky that this happened because in an alternative universe episode, where Nathan and Lucas change places (and personalities) the end result is very weird! Remember in which TV show Nathan Scott was in?

Question 22

Betty Cooper

Betty Cooper the blond with blue eyes and a perfect ponytail. According to Wikipedia, "contrary to her appearance Betty in no way fits the stereotype of your typical 'dumb blonde'" and we can definitely vouch for that. She is very intelligent and that is one of the many reasons we love this character. While some people may not be familiar with this actual character from her initial portrayal, there are others that were super excited to see the character and the overall storyline come to life, even if it was on the small screen. Remember in which TV show she was in?

Question 23

Hanna Marin

Hanna Marin is another main female lead in a mystery teen TV series. Many people have heralded this character and it's not just because of her incredible beauty. The actual performance from the actress was that of grit and true substance. Before we meet her she was shy, but then she decides to become popular and she made it in one summer. We love Ashley Benson's performance so it may come as a surprise that "Lucy Hale, Sasha Pieterse, and Bianca Lawson originally auditioned in favor of Hanna's role" (Wikipedia). So, remember in which TV show Hanna Marin was in?

Question 24

Veronica Lodge

Veronica Lodge is the black haired awesome new student who came into the lives of our favorite gang and made it even better! There were undoubtedly a number of young actresses that could have tried their hand at this role but no one could have truly pulled it off in the same way as this particular actress and now it would be strange to think of anyone else in the role. According to Wikipedia, Veronica is "often quite elegant and charming and also rather intelligent and sophisticated" and that is why we love her. She stands up for herself and for everyone she cares about. Remember in which TV show Veronica is in?

Question 25

Brooke Davis

Brooke Davis is a character that is more than just another pretty face on the small screen. This character was a captain of the cheerleading squad and was ultra popular in so many ways with her schoolmates and at her high school. Yet, not everyone thought that she was the very best character in the show or at the high school. What more can we say? Well she designed her own awesome clothing line and very successfully we might add. A fun fact about his character is that "Brooke was named after Sophia Bush's college roommate" (Wikipedia). Remember in which TV series she was in?

Question 26

Kurt Hummel

Kurt Hummel is the guy with an angelic voice that we'll remember till the end of days. it's incredible how one particular role can truly change the dynamic of a storyline and can create a complete public persona for the actor that portrays it. It may come as a surprise, but Kurt was not initially a character on the show's character list. According to Wikipedia, Chris [Colfer] had originally auditioned for the role of Artie, but the producers loved his audition so much, they created Kurt just for him" and we're glad they did! Remember in which TV show Kurt Hummel was in?

Question 27

Bonnie Bennett

Bonnie Bennett is a character in a TV show that is based on an incredibly popular book series of the same title According to Wikipedia, this character is "loosely based off Bonnie McCullough from the novels" and perhaps we like it that she has done her own things in her own way. Many people were at the edge of their seats once they realized that this book series was being adapted onto the small screen but no one could have predicted how popular the show would become. After all, we love Bonnie Bennett and we cannot hide it! Remember in which TV show she was in?

Question 28

Jackie Burkhart

Jackie Burkhart the disco loving cheerleader who was "in love with a duffus," then dated Steven Hyde and ended up with someone else was played by the actress, Mila Kunis. Many people think of this role as one of her most memorable and they love the story between her and Ashton Kutcher. These two played high school sweethearts on the show and it was super romantic that they went on to be together in real life. According to Wikipedia, Jackie is "the only teenager to not be called by her last name" perhaps because they didn't initially like her. Remember in which TV show Jackie Burkhart was in?

Question 29

Caroline Forbes

It's not easy being a teenager. Try being a supernatural teenager and things might go a bit wild! Caroline Forbes is a high school student who was a perfectionist. She wanted everything to be in order, but then as Matt Donovan, one of boyfriend's, has stated, she "has no favorite color," (Wikipedia). Quirky things like these are what make her a lovable character! While some people don't really think that she was one of the characters from the show that really made it stand out, others can't help but think that she added to the overall series. Remember in which TV show she was in?

Question 30

Marisa Cooper

Marissa Cooper. The beautiful girl with the shining smile. The girl that was one of the four main cast members who unfortunately found a bad end. She is "characterized as the privileged yet troubled girl next door. Her designer-label-packed wardrobe masks her turbulent mood swings and hard-partying ways" (Wikipedia). Although this is a bit of a harsh description we have to say that it is true. After all, it's all of these behaviors that lead her into situations which she can't control. No matter what, however, she always had her friends protecting her. Remember in which TV show Marisa Cooper was in?

Question 31

Jenna Hamilton

Jenna Hamilton is one of the lead female characters in a teen TV show. She begins as sort of an outcast, but eventually becomes a bit popular mostly because of her relationship with a guy that is in a football team. When we first meet her, she has just returned from summer camp and although she made some bold decisions there, back at school things weren't as easy. As it is stated in Wikipedia, Jenna is "described as smart, compassionate, empathetic, caring and friendly. But she can be vulnerable, a little selfish with what she wants and placed in very awkward situations" which is a very accurate description. Remember in which TV show she is in?

Question 32

Michael Kelso

Michael Kelso is the guy who is definitely not the brightest, but who has the kindest heart of all (most of the times anyway). He is portrayed by Ashton Kutcher who met his wife Mila Kunis when they were both starring in this show. It turns out that Mila Kunis' "first kiss was onscreen with Ashton Kutcher" (IMDb) when they were playing a couple for the show even though they weren't dating in real life. It's great to watch old episodes of this show and see the dynamic they had with one another. Remember in which TV show Michael Kelso was in?

Question 33

Dean Forester

Dean Forester is the first boyfriend of one of the lead characters in this TV show. He is very sweet and kind, but eventually the couple breaks up (after they were dating for almost two years) because his girlfriend fell for another guy. The couple rekindle their romance once again after two years briefly, but they're not endgame. Dean Forester is portrayed by Jared Padalecki, but it turns out that "before Padalecki was cast, two pilots were shot with other actors portraying Dean, the second of which was Nathan Wetherington" (Wikipedia). We're glad that the role ended up on this actor because he did a great job! Remember in which TV show he was in?

Question 34

Matty McKibben

He is the male lead of an MTV TV show. He is one of the most popular guys in school especially because he plays football. Although he ends up being a great guy, in the beginning he wasn't that great. Besides what he did to his future girlfriend, he also couldn't see that one of his "very close friends Sadie Saxton, had a crush on him" and him ignoring her in that way didn't have the best influence on her. Yet, sometimes the best television characters are the ones that can change. Remember in which TV show Matty McKibben was in?

Question 35

Naomi Clark

Naomi Clark is one of the popular girls who is very rich and that is why in the beginning of the series, we sort of assume that she is very shallow. As the seasons go on, however, she shows another side. Considering that she was a fan favorite during season 1 (at least) it turns out that "initially, the part of Clark was conceived as a supporting role" (Wikipedia). There are many people that really enjoyed the way this character was portrayed on the small screen, especially with the arc of her storyline. Remember in which TV show Naomi Clark was in?

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