Was It Twilight Or The Vampire Diaries? Only A True Fan Knows!

When it comes to vampires, there are a ton of movies and TV shows that people who like these spooky supernatural creatures can enjoy. Vampires have been around a long time in books, movies, and TV shows so there are a ton of different ones, each one with their own unique type of vampire. Two really popular ones that many people love are the Twilight book and movie series and the TV show The Vampire Diaries, a series that was based on a book series of the same name.

Both of these series are fairly similar in that they both feature vampires but the vampires are definitely not the main characters. The main characters in both Twilight and The Vampire Diaries are teenage girls named Bella and Elena, respectively. These girls are high school students who find themselves intertwined with the supernatural world after they meet and develop feelings for a student they just met who happens to be a vampire. The vampires in each of these series are fairly different from one another with their abilities and weaknesses, but there are still some similarities between them! In fact, it may be hard for someone who isn't a serious vampire fan to know which series some things are from.

Who thinks they can tell these vampire series apart? Get 100% on this quiz to prove it!

Question 1

Graduation caps are collected by the characters in which series?

Not many people would choose to go back and live through high school over and over. But, the vampires in one series make the decision to move each time they graduate and simply re-enroll in high school in their new hometown in order to avoid any sticky situations in which they get questioned about why exactly they never seem to age. Because they graduate over and over each time they move to a new town, they've collected a ton of graduation caps. So many that they chose to make a large art piece on the wall out of all of them.

Question 2

Doppelgängers appear in which series?

A doppelgänger is a person who looks exactly like another person without actually being related to them. While identical twins and family members that look like one another are totally normal and not really confusing or surprising to any of us, doppelgängers are something totally different. A doppelgänger is something that shows up in the myths and legends of a lot of different cultures and is often associated with some sort of bad luck or other paranormal phenomenon. In one of these vampire series, there are doppelgängers that cause a lot of trouble. In fact, the main character is a doppelgänger herself!

Question 3

Which series features The Volturi?

In order to keep things running smoothly, rules are definitely necessary. Even though they may not be particularly fun to follow, we all know that they're a requirement to keep things running the way they're supposed to be. And in order to have rules, there has to be someone who is in charge of making them. In one of these vampire series, that group in charge of making the rules in the vampire world is a group called The Volturi. The Volturi is a group located in Italy and are the most powerful vampires in the world. What series does The Volturi appear in?

Question 4

The family of Original Vampires appears in which series?

Every vampire has to come from somewhere, right? Vampires are people who have been turned by another vampire in some way. The way that they're turned really depends on the different vampire book, movie, or TV show and both Twilight and The Vampire Diaries have different ways that people are turned into vampires. In one of these series, there's a whole story about the very first vampires. The family of Original Vampires even shows up during the series and is made up of the Mikaelson siblings who are thousands of years old. Every vampire is descended from the Mikaelson family.

Question 5

Witches are found in which series?

Both Twilight and The Vampire Diaries are series that are focused mostly around vampires. Vampires are a type of supernatural creature that have been found in the mythology of various different cultures for a long time. The exact details about a vampire's abilities really depend on the story that they're in and even between these two series, they can be very different! Vampires aren't the only creatures found in these series, though. In one of them, there are also witches that can use their magical powers to help vampires or use their powers against them. Which of these series has witches?

Question 6

Which series takes place in Washington?

Typically, in vampire books, movies, and TV shows, vampires can't really just freely go outside whenever they want and enjoy the sunlight. In traditional vampire works of fiction, it's because the sun will burn their skin and seriously injure them. In some others, the consequences of going outside are a little less intense and more inconvenient. Either way, the vampires in Twilight and in The Vampire Diaries have reasons to avoid the sunlight. Luckily, one of them is set in the cloudy and rainy state of Washington where there isn't exactly a lot of sunlight for them to worry about.

Question 7

Which series is Rosalie from?

Even though the main focus of each of these series is the relationship between the main character and the vampire they fall in love with, anyone who is familiar with either of these series will know that those aren't the only characters that appear in these series. There are a ton of other characters that are intertwined into the story along with these main characters that add to the rest of the story. Rosalie is a character from one of these series who is a vampire. She was turned into a vampire after being attacked and often wishes she could be human.

Question 8

Which series features this quote? "Yeah I'll always be your friend. No matter what you love."

To say that each of these series features a relationship that's on the slightly more unconventional side would definitely be an understatement. Although the circumstances of each series are totally different, each of them features a main character who finds herself in love with a vampire at some point. Since the main character is human, at least when the relationship begins, in each series, this is a pretty big deal. In both Twilight and The Vampire Diaries, there are characters who aren't exactly excited about the main character falling for someone who is a vampire. Still, they have supportive friends.

Question 9

Do werewolves appear in both series?

Anyone who is a fan of vampires is definitely aware that they're the main feature of both Twilight and The Vampire Diaries. Each of the main characters, Elena and Bella, begin the series as humans who find themselves intertwined with the vampire world after they fall in love with a mysterious vampire that they meet at school. As the series goes on, the main character becomes more and more intertwined with the world of the supernatural and all things vampire-related. We know that in Twilight, this even involves werewolves as Bella learns more about the area she lives in. Do they appear in The Vampire Diaries as well?

Question 10

In which series can vampires do things like read minds or tell the future?

How cool would it be to be a vampire? In both The Vampire Diaries and Twilight, vampires have some really awesome special powers that would make being one of them even cooler. In Twilight, the powers depend entirely on the different vampires. For instance, Alice has the ability to see into the future while Emmett has incredible strength beyond that of most other vampires. In The Vampire Diaries, most of the vampires have the same basic strengths and weaknesses. in one of the two series, there are vampires that are able to read the minds of people around them. What series is it?

Question 11

In which series does the Miss Mystic Falls pageant happen?

Both The Vampire Diaries and Twilight are vampire series that are set in a location that has a seriously long history with vampires and other supernatural creatures. Even though many people living in these towns have no idea about all the vampires, werewolves, witches, and other creatures that are roaming the streets and have been for decades, there are many people who are aware of the immortal drama that hides right under their noses. In one series, the residents of the town that it's set in are really proud of their historic town and hold an annual pageant called Miss Mystic Falls.

Question 12

In which series do the vampires use "Daylight Rings" in order to be able to go outside?

Vampires have to get pretty creative in order to figure out how to avoid being caught by humans. It's not like vampires can just come out and reveal that they're immortal creatures that don't feed on regular human food without some major consequences from humans that aren't interested in having these creatures roaming the Earth with them! One thing vampires typically have to do is avoid going out into the sun. But in one of these series, vampires don't get hurt by the sun as long as they're wearing a magically enhanced piece of jewelry called a Daylight Ring that protects them from the sun.

Question 13

In which series does the main character find herself torn between two vampire brothers?

A love triangle is definitely at the center of both Twilight and The Vampire Diaries. Bella is torn between Edward and Jacob while Elena finds herself torn between her feelings for Stefan and Damon. Although it's definitely tough for each of those characters to choose on their feelings between each of the characters that they have feelings for, we can't say we blame them! The lives of both these characters are complicated enough without their complicated love lives coming into the picture too! In one of these series, the main character is torn between two brothers who happen to both be vampires.

Question 14

In which series are all the main vampires part of a large adoptive family?

Because of the fact that supernatural creatures can't exactly just let most humans know that they're witches, werewolves, and vampires, many of them come together to live together. Who else is going to understand the struggles of being a vampire as well as another vampire? Not many people, right? In both series, there are groups of vampires that live together but one series has a group of vampires that are peculiar because of the fact that it's a large adoptive "family" of vampires. Many of them were turned by the same vampire and they all live together and move around a lot.

Question 15

Renesmee is a character from which series?

Both Twilight and The Vampire Diaries have a large focus on a romantic relationship between two of the main characters. Like in any other relationship, these characters definitely have some ups and downs when it comes to their relationship but in the end, things worked out pretty well for them. In one series, the two main characters even ended up getting married, going on a honeymoon, and became pregnant with a little girl who they ended up naming Renesmee! This was both a very happy time for them and a pretty stressful time since vampire children are not allowed in this series.

Question 16

Hybrids are found in which series?

Most of the creatures in The Vampire Diaries and Twilight are just one type of creature. Some of them are vampires, others are werewolves, and then some of them are even witches. The idea of being more than one type of character, like a cross between a werewolf and a witch or between a witch and a vampire, is somewhat unheard of. There are some characters that have been one and then turned into another, but that's basically it. But, in one of these series, there is one character who is a Hybrid werewolf-vampire and tries to turn more werewolves into Hybrids too.

Question 17

In which series does the main character live with their aunt?

Both Twilight and The Vampire Diaries feature a main character who doesn't have a particularly typical living situation. In one series, the main character recently moved from her home where she lived with her mom and stepdad to live with her father in another state halfway across the country. In the other series, the main character recently lost both her parents in a car accident and now lives with her aunt who has become the legal guardian of her and her younger brother. It looks like vampires aren't the only thing that Bella and Elena have in common! In which series does the main character live with her aunt?

Question 18

In which series do the vampires play baseball?

Being a vampire means that you're going to be alive for a long, long time. That means that you're going to have a lot of time to waste and you're seriously going to need to find some hobbies to fill the time with. Imagine how boring it would get to be immortal without any fun hobbies to spend your free time doing! In one of these series, the vampires have a pretty interesting hobby. These vampires wait until thunderstorms so they can go play baseball! The sound of the thunder hides the noise that these powerful creatures make with the baseball bats.

Question 19

Which series features a coven of "vegetarian" vampires?

We all know what vampires usually eat in typical works of vampire fiction, right? They often feed on people and it's not exactly something that we want to think about because it's so spooky! The main character in one of these vampire series definitely had a reason to be slightly apprehensive when it came to her vampire beau because of that. But, as she found out shortly after realizing that he was a vampire, she had nothing to worry about in that regard because he and his family of vampires were actually "vegetarians" unlike other covens of vampires. Which series was this?

Question 20

In which series does the eye color of a vampire reveal their hunger level?

A vampire being hungry can be pretty dangerous for any humans that might be in the area. Vampires do typically feed on humans, so we definitely can't even imagine how spooky it might be to be around a vampire and realize they haven't eaten anything in a while! In each of these vampire series, there are different ways of being able to tell when a vampire is hungry. In one of them, their eyes will change color until after they've gone out and gotten something to eat. This is part of what makes the main character get a little suspicious about her boyfriend.

Question 21

In which series does vervain ward off vampires?

Living in a town overrun with vampires can be pretty dangerous for the humans that also inhabit the town. Since vampires typically feed on humans, humans definitely need a way to protect themselves from vampires. In some vampire stories, the way to do that is with garlic. Garlic doesn't work against vampires in every vampire story or series, though! In this vampire series, the way to protect yourself against vampires is through an herb called vervain. Vervain can be put into food or drinks or even worn and will stop a vampire's powers from working and stop them from being able to feed on a person.

Question 22

In which series are new vampires stronger than old ones?

All vampires are pretty strong, especially compared to humans! But in one series, vampires that were recently turned are known as "newborn vampires" and they're definitely much stronger than vampires that were turned a long time ago. When a vampire is turned, they immediately get their vampire powers and their vampire thirst. As a vampire in this series ages and time goes on, they become more and more able to control their urges and aren't quite as unpredictable because of the fact that they're able to control themselves better with experience. In which series are vampires at their strongest when they're new?

Question 23

Which series is Bonnie from?

Bonnie Bennett is one of the main characters in the series she appears in. Although many of the characters in both Twilight and The Vampire Diaries are vampires, Bonnie is actually a witch! She is introduced in the first installment in the series she appears in and is one of the very best friends of the main character who she goes to school with at the high school in the series. Early on in the series, she starts to display strange supernatural powers and turns to her grandmother who reveals that she comes from a long line of powerful witches.

Question 24

Which series features this quote? "Someone who never grows old never gets hurt. Someone who changes in ways that can't be explained."

Both Twilight and The Vampire Diaries have some pretty memorable quotes in them. Some of the most memorable quotes come from when the main character is trying to figure out exactly what's going on with the guy that they've met and started to get feelings for. We all know that he's a vampire but the characters in these series take a little while to get clued into that fact. This quote came during a time when the main character in the series this quote is from was talking about the strange things they've noticed about the guy they're dating. What series is it from?

Question 25

In which series did a group of vampires vote on whether or not to turn the main character?

In both Twilight and The Vampire Diaries, the main character starts her life as a human who has no idea about all the spooky supernatural drama going on in the world around her. At some point in each series, the main character becomes a vampire. In one series, prior to the main character being turned, all the vampires that she'll be joining the family of hold a vote together on whether or not they think that she should be turned into a vampire like them. When the vote is held, there's one vampire who is definitely against the idea because of the fact that she's bitter she had no choice.

Question 26

In which series does the White Oak Stake appear?

After the Original Vampires were created with the White Oak Tree, they realized that the same tree could be used against them. Although the tree was originally used to give them their powers as vampires, they realized that the same tree could be used to permanently take both their powers and their lives away. A stake known as the White Oak Stake was carved from the tree and was kept by Mikael before the family of Original Vampires burned the tree down in case he needed to use it against the Original Vampires. Which series is this special stake found in?

Question 27

In which series is there a vampire who is also a doctor?

Being a vampire means you're going to have a seriously long time to work on hobbies and a career. Being immortal would give you a lot of time to go to school for whatever it is that you want to do and get the job you've always dreamed of having without having to worry about it taking too long. In one of these vampire series, there's a vampire who knows that all too well because of the fact that he's actually a doctor! Being a doctor is helpful because of the fact that this vampire has used his skill at healing to turn people in order to save their lives.

Question 28

Which series features a piece of jewelry that will protect the wearer's life against the supernatural?

Humans living alongside so many dangerous supernatural creatures can be a pretty spooky time. Although the spooky moments give us some really great TV and movie moments, it's probably not quite so much fun for the characters actually living this life! Luckily, in one series, there's an item that can help to protect the wearer so they don't have to worry quite so much about being around all these witches, werewolves, and vampires. In one series, there's a piece of jewelry that can protect the person who wears it against losing their life to something supernatural like a vampire bite.

Question 29

In which series are vampires not injured by sunlight?

In traditional vampire stories, vampires have to avoid two things: garlic and sunlight. In most vampire stories like books, movies, and TV shows, vampires can't go into the sun without it hurting their skin. In each of these series, there are ways that the vampires can avoid this and still find themselves outside in the human world during the day instead of waiting until the cover of nightfall like most vampires in other movies, books, and TV shows tend to do. In one of them, vampires aren't even hurt by the sun. Instead, their skin does something totally unique. Which series is it?

Question 30

Which series features Compulsion?

In each series, there are special powers that the vampires have that set them apart from the humans in the series. Being able to do things like read minds, see the future, and have super strength that makes them significantly stronger than everyone else in the series is, and other powers that make the vampires really interesting and different from the other characters. In one series, the vampires have a power that allows them to get people to do anything they want. This power is called Compulsion and a vampire can use it against a human in order to compel them to do or think things.

Question 31

Which series features the Phoenix Stone?

The Phoenix Stone was an item that appeared in one of these two series and was a very important supernatural item that had some super special powers, especially when it comes to vampires. The Phoenix Stone was a round stone that was part of an item called the Phoenix Sword. Although many of the characters tried to investigate the Phoenix Stone, it was hard for them to learn very much about the history of the item before a certain point. In the series, the Phoenix Sword was used to trap the souls of vampires after the sword was used against them.

Question 32

Which series features a vampire that drives a silver Volvo?

The vehicles that fictional characters drive aren't often something we remember, are they? Unless it's a super special truck, car, or other type of vehicle that comes up several times during the series, we don't usually think about what they drive around during the series. But when it comes to the silver Volvo that appears in one of these vampire series, it's definitely one that fans aren't likely to forget about. This sleek silver car shows up several times throughout the series when the vampire who owns it drives it around. The same series features another vampire who drives a Porsche.

Question 33

In which series do werewolves NOT need a full moon to turn?

In most supernatural movies and TV shows, werewolves turn into their werewolf form during the full moon. When the full moon comes, they go through the transformation without being able to control it happening. In one of these series, that's not the case! In this series, werewolves can turn at any time and don't have to wait until the full moon for it to happen. Instead of being something involuntary that happens once during the cycle of the moon, the werewolves in this series can turn at any point that they want. That must be pretty convenient! What series does this happen in?

Question 34

In which series does Imprinting happen?

Imprinting is something that happens in either Twilight or in The Vampire Diaries. It's a phenomenon that happens within the werewolves in the series that it appears in and involves one werewolf getting strong feelings for another character in the series. The werewolf that has Imprinted on another character feels a strong attachment to the character that they've Imprinted on. This attachment goes from feeling like a close friend to the person to eventually having a romantic relationship with them as they get to know each other. Who can remember whether Imprinting is something that appears in Twilight or The Vampire Diaries?

Question 35

What series features The Hunter's Mark?

The Hunter's Mark is a tattoo that members of the vampire hunting group Brotherhood of the Five have on their chest. It runs from their shoulder across their chest and over their upper arm. The tattoo shows the image of the very first immortal being, Silas, and the way that the powerful witch he was in love with, named Qetsiyah, attempted to take his life. The members of the Five who all have the tattoo got it in order to symbolize their hunt for Silas who was the key to finding a cure for vampires, something they believed would rid the world of them entirely.

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