There's No Way Anyone's Getting 100% On This Pretty Little Liars Test

Pretty Little Liars may not come on any longer, but fans are still fascinated by this story - especially with a sequel show, The Perfectionists, about to premiere.

Yes, the characters, the mystery, the relationships, the thrills, the fashion and the excitement found within this television series had people hooked from the beginning. As more episodes aired, more questions were answered - such as who A was, where Ali was and why this was all happening - but more questions popped up, as well. Oh, those cliffhangers!

And it has probably been a while since some of us have watched PLL, which is why we thought it was time for another quiz. Down below, there are various questions about this TV series. Some will test knowledge on certain characters. Some are about basic info on the show. Some ask what happened to supporting characters. Some are about the relationships of the show. We are confident, though, that true lovers of PLL will be able to correctly answer them all.

So who is up for the challenge? Who is ready for a walk down memory lane? Who is ready to go over this story in detail? Yes? Good… Let’s get started right here and right now!

Question 1

Who is this character?

There are so many characters who can be found in this show… like, so many! The main characters each had family members, significant others and enemies who all played an integral role in this television show. Right now, we are asking about this supporting character. He was not in every episode, and he was not even in every season. But when he was around, even more thrills and drama were seen. So focus on this face, and tell us who this young man right here is. After that, continue on, because we are just getting started on this PLL quiz!

Question 2

Where does this story take place?

Now, we mentioned that some of the questions will just be about basic information - little details that many of us should remember. We don’t want every question to stump every person here, so yes, it is time for an easier question: Where did this story take place? Where is it set? In what town do these characters live? Which town is pictured right here? By browsing through the answer choices, those who don’t remember this name can surely recognize it and click it, in order to tell us about this place… this place where so much excitement is centered.

Question 3

Who was Spencer NOT romantically involved with?

While the mystery around A and AD and the anonymous messages was the main idea of this TV show, the relationships certainly drew in crowds, too. These girls were called “pretty” for a reason, so they were always crushing on someone, kissing someone, dating someone or even marrying someone special. Let’s talk about Spencer Hastings, specifically. This hardworking, driven and smart main character had a few ‘ships that were featured in this story. But who was she NOT involved with, in some sort of romantic way, out of the four people who are listed out down below as answer options?

Question 4

What happened to Noel Kahn?

This is Noel Kahn, who actually was another supporting character and a romantic interest of sorts within this show. We could go on and on about his involvement in this story, but we just want to focus on one thing with this question… What happened to this guy?! It can be hard, at times, to keep up with who vanished, who passed away, who moved away, who was sent away and so on, but we are hoping that many fans remember Noel’s fate. So click on one of the answers below to tell us, and then move forward within this quiz.

Question 5

Who's the one who moved into Alison's old house?

Many times, the main characters were seen in their homes - their big and beautiful homes in this quaint yet secretive little town. After Ali went missing, though, her family left town and someone else was able to move into her house for a bit of time. Who was it, though? Do we remember? Do we know for sure? Are we stumped? Will we need to guess? As usual, we have provided four different answers from which to choose, and they are listed out down below, waiting to be clicked on… but only one is the correct answer to this question.

Question 6

Who is this character?

It is time to identify another supporting character! This time, we have a woman, who could be any of the women who are listed below. And once again, she was not highlighted all the time, but she definitely played a big role in this story, at one point. We are sure that many who are here with us today instantly recognized this woman and will be able to confidently click on her name below. If anyone is struggling, just guess on it - There will be easier questions ahead, such as the one that is up next for everyone, just below!

Question 7

Who sends the anonymous messages?

When this show starts, four friends are reunited after losing their queen bee, Alison, who connected them all. Alison went missing, and after that, these four friends started receiving anonymous messages. Sometimes, they came in the form of text messages. Other times, this anonymous person left actual notes on their belongings. There was even a whole board game, as a message from this threatening person. We all know all of this, though, right? So we should easily be able to answer this question: Who sends all of the anonymous messages that are featured in this exciting drama teen television series?

Question 8

Who was Aria NOT romantically involved with?

Let’s talk about a different pretty little liar’s relationships - Aria’s. Even people who - gasp! - have not seen every episode of this show should know that Aria was linked to someone special for most of the time. However, she did have some other flings here and there, so let’s go back in time, imagine her with these other people and decide who she was NOT romantically involved with in PLL. Is the answer Ezra? Could it be Caleb? Will people pick Liam? Or is the correct answer here Jason? Please choose one of the names that are listed out down below, thanks.

Question 9

What happened to Sara Harvey?

Ah, Sara Harvey… For better or for worse, this gal was around for some time, and it is time to think back to what happened to her. As we mentioned, strange things are always happening to people in this crazy show, but some of these passings and endings are just too memorable to forget. So we bet that many people who are taking this quiz know exactly what happened to Sara. And those who need a hint can, of course, look at the four different answer choices in order to narrow it down and jog memories. Then, yes, answer, please!

Question 10

Who's the one who asked the girls to walk in a fashion show?

Early on, the four main friends were asked to walk in a fashion show. For a high school girl, this may seem like a dream come true. Who doesn’t dream of walking the catwalk?! However, this is not an average school or town or story, so things went… south. Despite all that, we just need to know one answer to one question: Who's the one who asked the girls to walk in a fashion show? Was it Melissa Hastings, Alison DiLaurentis, Jessica DiLaurentis or Jenna Marshall? Which female character got these leading ladies into this mess, just by asking one seemingly simple question?

Question 11

Who is this character?

Here is another character who was weaved into this elaborate story. There really are so many young female characters in this television series, as it starred a few, and they all had friends, sisters, enemies or random people who knew things and hinted at things. Yes, the puzzles presented in this show are just wild, but enough about that. We want to know where the true fans are, and we can’t wait to see how many people remember the name of this redhead character right here. After that, move on to the next question that is waiting down below there.

Question 12

Who was NOT a police department employee?

Let us now move on to this next question here about PLL… Because of all the drama in this story, the cops were involved fairly often, detectives investigated the girls, and law enforcement officials got caught up in the main storyline. Think about all of those professionals and all of those people in uniforms. Then, think about who did NOT work for the police department? There are four names listed out down below, and, as usual, one of them does not belong, as one was not a cop or a detective or an employee of the PD. Who was that, though?

Question 13

Who was Hanna NOT romantically involved with?

We shall now discuss Hanna Marin’s romantic life! She, too, was with one main person for the majority of the show, but she, too, had other loves and such in her life. Was she romantically involved with Jonny Raymond? What about Mike Montgomery? Did she date or kiss Sean Ackard? Did anything like that happen between her and Wren Kingston? Think back to her scenes, picture her with these supporting male characters, and then tell us: Who was Hanna NOT romantically involved with, out of the four who are listed out down below as the answer options on this question?

Question 14

What happened to Archer Dunhill?

This is Archer Dunhill, and we want to know what happened to him. We need to know where he was last seen. We want everyone to remember his final fate. We need everyone to think about which answer below is the right one. So picture his scenes and his episodes. Imagine the following situations happening to him. Decide which option is correct. Click on that one, in order to answer this question. And then move forward, as there are many more questions left to answer here about this teen drama and this TV show that is called Pretty Little Liars.

Question 15

Whose father was in the service?

As we said earlier, the families of the main characters were featured often, and this includes the parents. We saw dads make mistakes, moms teach, moms make mistakes, dads leave, parents throw parties, parents support their daughters and one father in the service. Yes, this father served for his country, so he was away at times, and when this television series jumped into the future, fans found out that he had lost his life while doing so. It was a truly heartbreaking thing to find out, and we would like everyone to think about whose father we are talking about here.

Question 16

Who is this character?

Since this show was about four pretty high school students (who then went off to college and got jobs and were married and became pregnant even), there were several young men featured in this story, as well. There were boyfriends, guys who had crushes on them, dudes they had crushes on and those that we were not sure about. It was hard to know who could be trusted in a show this exciting - like this supporting character here. He had his ups and downs with the main characters, but he was around for some time, for better or for worse. Who is he?

Question 17

Which sorority is tied to this story?

As true fans of Pretty Little Liars know, a certain sorority was tied to this story. The main characters went to a party there, Ali escaped to there, an older woman who lived there gave us all some big clues… But what sorority are we talking about? Was it Gamma Zeta Chi? Is the answer Zeta Pi Zeta? Could it be Gamma Beta Delta? Or is the one to pick Gamma Delta Phi? This one is a little tricky, with all the words that sound so similar, but click on one of the answer options that are listed out down below.

Question 18

Who was Emily NOT romantically involved with?

Emily had her fair share of romances on this TV series, as well, but who was she NOT romantically involved with? Some of us may be able to picture her first significant other. A few of us probably have a significant other of hers that we did not care for yet who kept popping up everywhere. And we all surely remember who Emily ended up with, in the future, when this story wrapped up and completed. So take all that into consideration, browse through the answer options, and then tell us who the answer is for this particular question about Emily Fields.

Question 19

What happened to CeCe Drake?

Believe it or not, some people have not watched all of this show and do not know all the big, exciting details! So, we don’t want to give too much away, but we will say that CeCe Drake was a huge deal in this story - huge! For now, though, let’s all just focus on what happened to her. How did she make her exit? What was her ending like? What became of this female character? Which answer - out of the four that we have listed out down below - is the correct one here? Pick one out now, please and thanks!

Question 20

Who’s suspected of taking Ali?

So, like we said and as we know, the show begins with Alison DiLaurentis going missing, and no one knew if she was alive or taken or gone forever or living in Paris or what. Well, as the story progressed, someone in particular was suspected of taking Ali. We won’t go into the details of if this was true or of how this happened or on what happened next. No, we just need that one thing - the answer to this question! So think back to this part, picture each of the four characters below, and tell us: Who’s suspected of taking Ali?

Question 21

Who is this character?

Well, who could this be? Many, many, many who are here today, taking this quiz, should know the answer automatically. For everyone else, we have choices. This could be Ezra Fitz. It may be Byron Montgomery. This is possibly Mike Montgomery. Or it could be Lucas Gottesman. Picture each of these male characters that we have just mentioned here and now. Study this cute face right here. Narrow it down. Use the process of elimination. Then, when ready, pick out an answer. After that, continue forward, as there are a few more questions left to answer about this television series.

Question 22

What color was Ali’s infamous top?

This may be the easiest question on this quiz. That is right! So who is ready for it? Here it is… What color was Ali’s infamous top? The top in question is the one she was wearing when she vanished. It was seen in numerous flashbacks, and it became the topic of several conversations. But what color was this blouse that we are talking about here? Look through the four colors below, and decide on one of the answer options. And remember: This is easy, so we hope that all who are here taking this quiz get this one correct!

Question 23

Who was Ali NOT romantically involved with?

Of course, we have to talk about Alison’s relationships. She was pretty and outgoing. She was a leader and an it girl. She was also a flirt and liked the attention, so she was romantically involved with several people over the course of this TV show. But we need to know who she was NOT involved with, who she did NOT kiss, who she did NOT date and who she did NOT marry. So think about Ali here, and then answer this question in the best way possible (which is hopefully correctly, since everyone needs to ace this quiz here!).

Question 24

What happened to Shana Fring?

For those who do not know, this is Shana Fring, and we are going to go over four possible scenarios involving Shana Fring. The task at hand is to decide which is true… because what actually happened to Shana Fring? Here are the options for this question: She was hit by a shovel. She was hit by a car. She was knocked off a stage. She was knocked down stairs. They all sound possible in a series like this, but we need to know which one is real, which one is factual and which one actually happened to Shana Fring.

Question 25

Whose parent dated a priest?

In a couple of these questions, we have talked about the parents on this TV series. And in several of these questions, we have looked back at the relationships involving the main characters. Now, we are combining both of these aspects and asking about a certain parent’s romantic life. More specifically, we want to know whose parent dated a priest on this show. Many will remember this parent and this priest and this part of the story, and we feel good about everyone at least placing a good guess on this question! So answer it now, down below there, please.

Question 26

Who is this character?

Another male character that popped up in this show is pictured here. We won’t discuss how he was involved (though true fans know). We won’t talk about when he appeared (though real fans know). We just want to ask everyone who is taking this quiz one question: What is this guy’s name? As usual and of course, there are four different names that are listed out down below, as the answer options for this question. One of the names belongs to this supporting character, so click on that one now! Then, move forward, as the end results are almost here...

Question 27

Who is NOT a sibling of a main Liar in this story?

The siblings of this show are something special, too, so this question will honor them now. For this question, we are just asking one thing: Out of the four names below, who is NOT a sibling to a main character on this show? So, to recap, the main characters are Spencer Hastings, Aria Montgomery, Hanna Marin, Emily Fields and Alison DiLaurentis. And out of Melissa, Mike, Jason and Sara... Well, one of these names does not belong and is not a sibling belonging to a main character. Click on who does NOT belong here, out of the four names below.

Question 28

Who was Ezra NOT romantically involved with?

We said it - There are so many great ‘ships in this television series, so we are going to talk about someone else’s now: Ezra’s! Ezra Fitz is a big deal in this show, for several reasons, and fans got to see a couple of people he was romantically involved with. But who was NOT someone he dated or kissed or liked or married? Is the answer here Jackie Molina? Could it be Mona Vanderwaal? Is the one to pick Maggie Cutler? Or is it Alison DiLaurentis? Answer this question, and then get ready for the last few that we have...

Question 29

What happened to Garrett Reynolds?

Another supporting character was named Garrett Reynolds, and he is another dude that was just gone! So let’s discuss what happened to him. We, once again, have four different scenarios that are listed out down below as answer choices here. Any of them are possible, since anything can happen in this TV show. But, yes, there is only one answer that is right, there is only one choice that is correct, and there is only one thing that truly happened to Garrett. What was it? Pick it out now, please, out of the four choices that are down below, thanks.

Question 30

Whose parent runs for office?

We have a couple of questions left that focus on parents. For this one right here, we want to know whose parent ran for office. Now, we won’t get into if this person wanted to become president, governor, mayor or something else - That is not important right now. All that matters is focusing on the parents. Picture them all. Think about who would even be interested in this. Look at the names we have listed below. Then click on a main character, in order to answer this question about a specific PLL parent. Do it, now, down below there!

Question 31

Who is this character?

This is the last character that needs to be ID’ed today, on this quiz that is all about Pretty Little Liars. So let’s see what we are working with… We have a female. She is not a main character. She is brunette. And she looks familiar, right? We know that many people have already answered, since many people recall who this is in this photo. Everyone else, though, can browse through the four names below, knowing that this chick is one of them. So think hard, and then tell us: Who is this female, supporting and brunette character from PLL?

Question 32

Who is NOT a parent in this story?

We are almost done here! Up next is the last question regarding parents: Who is NOT a parent in this story? Veronica could be a parent. Ella may be a parent. Ashley is possibly a parent. Mona may be a parent. But think about the main characters. Imagine their mothers and fathers. And then just think about these answers in general… because this is another easy question, as we did not want things to be too difficult or challenging! So answer this question, and then get ready for the last three that are up, just down below, waiting for everyone!

Question 33

Who was Melissa NOT romantically involved with?

It is now time to discuss one more love life from this dramatic television series. Melissa is a supporting character, and though she was not in every episode, we saw lots of her relationships. Who was she NOT romantically involved with, though? As usual, there are four different names that are all listed out down below. These are the four different choices for this particular question. And one of them is the right answer, so we hope that everyone clicks on that one, right here and right now. Yes, it is time to tell us: Who was Melissa NOT romantically involved with?

Question 34

What happened to Nate St. Germain?

This is Nate St. Germain. Some people here may recall so many details about him. Some people may not really remember him at all. But he was around, and he also had an interesting ending. Was he shot? Was he attacked? Did he run away? Or was he sent to Radley? Of course, all four could make sense - That is part of the challenge with this quiz! - but only one scenario is the real one. So think back to Nate, picture his final moments, and tell us what happened to this supporting character who is pictured right here.

Question 35

Who says "This feels like the end of something"?

What a perfect quote to wrap up with… a perfectly sad quote! This was one of the last lines in the entire series, too, and it made fans cry their eyes out. It was the end of something, but this amazing TV show lives on in our hearts, with our memories and through fun like this! So before we start crying again or go off to watch this show again… Think about this line. Imagine who could have said it. And then answer this question: Who says, within this teen drama television series, “This feels like the end of something”?

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