Take This Quiz And We'll Reveal Your TV Family

Television shows are full of family units of all types. Some are full of tight-knit bonds, while others are quite different and distant. Some are featured on comedies, while others appear on dramas. And we bet that there is at least one TV family out there that everyone here wishes he/she could be a part of… but which one is the best match? Let’s find out!

This quiz will get opinions and preferences on everything from free time and food to trips and traditions. There is no right or wrong answer, and each question needs one answer. Then, in the end, that information will be used to give everyone an amazing match.

But who will be the TV family that is given? Will it be a classic one that is seen in a show from the ‘90s? Will it be a dramatic one that is watched currently each week by fans? Will it be who everyone predicts? Or will it be a family that one may have forgotten was even out there?

All of these questions will be answered after all quiz-takers answer the 50 questions we have listed out here today. We are anxious to get everyone’s thoughts, and we are definitely ready to reveal that family group from a television show.

Question 1

What is the best way to spend a weekend?

On most weekends, most people are free; they are out of school and done with work for the week, meaning they can spend their time in a new and fun way, however that may be. But how? Some may choose to chill at home or hit up the park. Others may want to get creative or get in some alone time. And we want to know how each person here would choose to spend this time - so tell us now!

Question 2

Which meal sounds best for dinner?

Here is a question that will definitely help when it comes to matching everyone with a family from TV… Which meal sounds best for dinner? The options are some popular choices, including a pizza pie, a nice steak, some type of stew or a sandwich. Everyone will have different thoughts when it comes to food, and no answer is wrong at all. That being said, simply just click on the food that sounds the best out of these four choices.

Question 3

Where should be the destination for this year's family vacation?

A lot of families take annual trips together, and we are offering up some suggestions on where to go. There is the Big Apple, with its city skyline and sights. There is San Fran, on the other side of the country. There is a Euro trip, which could add in some more cultural destinations. And there is a staple outdoor option as well - the Grand Canyon. If it had to be one of these, which one would it be?

Question 4

How should chores be divided up at home?

At some point or every single day, a house needs to be cleaned and tidied. Different folks have different opinions on how often this should be done, what all needs to be done and who should get it done! So tell us if one person should be in charge, a rotating schedule should be implemented or everyone should help with chores. Or maybe the answer here is who cares, because some people just do not when on this particular topic.

Question 5

Which word best describes the ideal family?

Okay, let’s say that we all need to use one word to describe the perfect family. Let’s say we could use the word humorous for a funny family, the word sensitive for a caring one, the word strong for a tough group or the word unique for an original unit. Out of these four, which word seems the most ideal, when it comes to a description? Let us know, and then continue on to the next questions that are below!

Question 6

How should disagreements be handled?

People handle struggles in different ways. Some people need to talk through their feelings, while others let their tears release it all. Some people fight when they don’t agree with another person, and others just hide away from it all. Out of these choices, how does everyone here think disagreements should be handled? Think it over, browse through the choices, decide on one answer, and then click on that, in order to give us the thoughts and feelings on this topic.

Question 7

Should music be a regular part of a household?

Okay, we are moving along, so let us all find out what is going to be up next... Another topic that will help us match everyone with a family from TV is music. There are households that always have it on, and then there are people who never want it, as well as the people who fall between these two extremes. So think about music, and let us know if it should be a regularity with families or not so much.

Question 8

What is the ideal number of children to have?

This question may be easy to answer or not, but here it is: What is the ideal number of children to have? The four options include no kids, one, two or three. Every single person has a unique preference on this topic, but we have to know here and now; this will help place everyone here today either in a big family from television or maybe with a family that does not have any kids at all. We will see!

Question 9

How clean should a home be kept?

We talked about chores, and now let us discuss cleanliness in general. Some are obsessed with having everything tidy and keeping a home spotless. Many have homes that are tidy enough yet maybe people who know that some messes will definitely pop up in life. And then there are those who never seem to clean, with better things to do. Where do we all fall on this scale? Pick out one of these answers, in order to let us know.

Question 10

What are the thoughts on siblings sharing a room?

We are wondering… Who thinks siblings sharing a room sounds fun? Who thinks that this is something that could work possibly? Who would consider this to be a last resort? And who knows that this would not be good at all? Select one of these options that have to do with people being in the same room, and then move forward to whatever question is next on this quiz that will match everyone with a family unit from a TV show…

Question 11

What’s the best advice for overcoming struggles?

Every person out there has a different way to deal with any struggles in life. Some just keep on keeping on, through it all. Some turn to support systems for assistance. Some go with a fake-it-til-I-make-it vibe. Some don’t let things get to them - or at least act like that. What are the feelings on this topic in particular? Please decide on one of the ones down below, and click on it, to let us know the thoughts here.

Question 12

Which form of discipline seems to be the best?

Uh-oh, how should people handle trouble? This is another big ol’ issue that not everyone can agree on, and a big part of that is because there are some many forms of discipline. There are talks, there are groundings, there are learning curves, and there is freedom, as well. Think about this topic. Browse through the four choices that are listed out as answer options for this. Then click on the one that seems to be the best of the best.

Question 13

What role should a father play?

Since we are talking all about families, let’s focus on a father’s role for a sec. To some, this is supposed to be the leader of the house and home. To others, this person is supposed to provide for everyone. Some view dads as just banks of sorts, while some don’t have or want them. We are all different, and no family looks the same! So, based on these four options, give us a better idea of an ideal father.

Question 14

What role should a mother play?

What about a mother - What kind of role should she have? Some common ones could be a person who nurtures everyone else, a person who just cooks meals each day, a best friend or someone who is not there or should not be there. Again, there are just these four options, so narrow it down, all in order to pick out one. Then continue on within this quiz, closer to getting that final family unit match in the end!

Question 15

Which animal best symbolizes family?

If our families had to be symbolized by an animal, which one would we select? Cats can be lazy and selfish, but they are also sort of regal. Wolves are loyal and fierce. Unicorns are magical creatures. And lions are the kings of the jungle. Based on all of that info, pick out one of these that will symbolize the fam. After answering, remember to keep on keeping on - There are several more questions left to answer here today!

Question 16

Who in the family should be looked to in a time of need?

When we are struggling or lost or feeling helpless, we may turn to one particular person within our family. Who is that? Who should it be? Is it actually ourselves? This is a pretty big question, but for the sake of this quiz, we just need a quick answer, we just need one of the options below clicked on, and we just need to know the general thoughts on this particular question. So who should be looked to in this time?

Question 17

What are the thoughts on family members working together?

Some family members work together, whether they like it or not. There are those who end up in the same company, who start businesses together or who turn to the family brand for a paycheck. Furthermore, there are people here today who think this is a great idea, an okay one or a not-so-fab one at all. What are the thoughts? Tell us now by clicking on just one of the four options that are listed as answer choices here.

Question 18

How often should families share meals together?

Okay, it is time to talk about meals. Should a family eat together every single night? Should this be a once-a-week thing? Should these meals be squeezed in whenever there is time? Or should families only eat together during the holiday season? These are four very different opinions, and we are anxious to know what everyone chooses here. We are also very excited to learn the family from a TV series that everyone will be matched with in just a bit!

Question 19

Who is in charge of cooking and cleaning?

Speaking of meals… Someone has to cook this food, and someone has to clean up when everyone is done eating. It could be mom or dad. It may be the kids who are in charge of all of this. Or that may actually be a person who is hired to do this. Think it over. Picture each scenario. Decide on who should have this responsibility. Then click on that choice down below, in order to share the decision with us.

Question 20

Which scenario sounds like a not-so-great one?

What if a family was stuck in one tent during a rainy camping trip? What if a rival family challenged a family in some way? What if the house was not cleaned in time for dinner? What if everyone was arguing about who should lead the family business? These are all possible situations that could arise within a life, and we have a question: Which one sounds like the one that is not so great at all, out of them all?

Question 21

How should a house be decorated?

Up next is a fun topic - decorating! Some homes try to be super trendy, while others prefer retro designs. Some people like sleek and modern rooms, while others are into glam looks. Let’s say that these are the only options when it comes to decorating a house. If that is the case, which one should be selected? There is no wrong answer, so simply pick out one of them before moving on to the next question in this quiz.

Question 22

Should exercise be something families partake in together?

We also want to know opinions on exercise. There are those who find this to be a very important thing, those who sometimes make their families partake and those who never work out at all. Look at the four different choices, and choose one. This is another thing that will help in matching everyone who is here with us with a family that can be found on television. So what answer will everyone decide on and click here and now?

Question 23

What number of pets sounds the best?

Many people have pets, and we are very excited to ask quiz-takers about the ideal number of furry friends. For this question, people can say no pets at all. People can go with just one or two pets. Or people can really go all in and say that six pets would be perfection. So which will it be? Which sounds the best? Which answer will be clicked on by more today? And which family will soon be the final result?

Question 24

Which pet is the number-one choice?

A follow-up question is this: Which pet is the number-one choice? Lots go with cats, who are pretty low-key and chill. Many opt for man’s best friend - dogs. Several people may select fish here, which are fun to watch in their water. And there will be those who click on horse, so they can ride their pet, too, maybe. Out of these four, which one seems like the best option for a pet? Answer then move forward, please and thanks!

Question 25

What kind of vehicle should a family own?

From driving to school during the week and fun on the weekends to taking that vacation each year, families need to get from place to place - but how? There are minivans, pickups, bikes and different forms of public transportation, and these four modes are the answer options we have listed out down below. So think about the one that a family really should have, and click on that one. Oh, and remember: No answer can be the wrong one!

Question 26

Which holiday should be celebrated in the biggest way?

How people celebrate holiday varies, but we are wondering which one should be given the most attention out of these four: Fourth of July (with its fireworks and backyard barbecues), Halloween (with its costumes and candy), Thanksgiving (with all the food that comes with it), or Christmas (with its sparkly lights and gifts under the tree). This could be a tough decision for some, but we want to know the number-one choice here, which will again help in the final decision.

Question 27

Which word should describe the conversations between siblings?

Another question we have about siblings is how their conversations should go. Some get along, so they may be loving or educational. Some just have a good ol’ time together, so they may be silly. And then there are those who will say these convos should or could be not around at all. Which answer will more people click on, right here and right now, we wonder, and how will this affect the TV family match that everyone gets today?

Question 28

How involved should parents be in children’s lives?

There are so many types of parents who do their jobs in so many different ways. From helicopter moms to children who fend for themselves, we have four answer choices that cover this range. And, of course, we need everyone to click on one, in order to give a preference on how involved parents should be in their kiddos’ lives. So which will it be? Answer, and then continue on to whatever question is up next and is waiting below…

Question 29

What is the rule for inviting people over?

Since there are varying parenting styles in the world, there are different opinions on having people over to the house. For some, invites are common and natural. For some, this is a special occurrence. And for others, this will not and does not happen, for whatever reason. So, what is the rule, do we all think? Decide on one of the ones below, which will go towards that match we will give to everyone who is here, in the end.

Question 30

How should not-so-nice people be handled?

Not everyone is nice, and we want to know how to handle these people! Should people tattle on them? Should people befriend them? Should people get even? Or should people try to win, whatever that means and whatever it takes? These are four very different options, so think it all over, in order to decide in the best way possible. After that, please move on down to the rest of the questions we have lined out on today's quiz here...

Question 31

Which song could best be a family theme song?

“We Are Family” may seem like a natural theme song for some groups. And even though “Bad Blood” is about a relationship Taylor Swift had, we guess, it could refer to the not-so-great bond between family members. “Taking Care Of Business” could work for a family who, well, takes care of business and stays in charge and top of things. Then there is “We Are The Champions”, which could be the theme for a successful family. Click on one now!

Question 32

Which motto could be shared by a family?

Next up, everyone must pick a motto, which will help define the family and guide them all through this thing called life. The first option talks of things changing, including families. The second options talks of how special families are. The third option talks of how crazy a family can be. And the fourth option talks of how a family is just a family, for better or not. Which one of these seems like the best for a family motto?

Question 33

Who sounds like the ideal dad?

Four famous men who are dads or who have at least played dads in films are Will Smith, Ryan Reynolds, Steve Martin and Tom Hanks. They are all actors yet all bring something unique to the table. That being said, if everyone had to choose one of these guys to be a dad, who would be selected. Picture each one in this role, think about it for a sec, and then click on a name down below, where they all are.

Question 34

Who sounds like the ideal mom?

On a similar note, there are female celebs such as Beyonce, Chrissy Teigen, Kris Jenner and Diane Keaton who are moms and/or who play motherly roles in different ways. Out of these four who are listed out right here, who would be selected as the ideal mom? They all bring something great and all have different yet amazing qualities, but only one of them can be chosen within this particular question. So click on a name before continuing on here!

Question 35

Who sounds like the ideal brother?

We want to build out this fake fam a little more, to get a better idea about the match that will be given as the result today. So, let’s talk brothers. For the choices, we have Charles Melton (who can be seen in Riverdale), Shia LaBeouf (a famous and funny actor), Josh Hutcherson (better known as Peeta) and Caleb McLaughlin (who is one of the stars from Stranger Things). Imagine them all as bros, and then select just one of them.

Question 36

Who sounds like the ideal sister?

And then we need to add a sis, as well, so let’s go over these answer choices… Kiernan Shipka is the star of the new Sabrina series. Gina Rodriguez can be seen in the new Netflix movie Someone Great. Bella Thorne is an actress, a model and a singer. Millie Bobby Brown is Eleven in Stranger Things. They are all quite different, and everyone must pick out one of them, down below, to serve as a sister in this fictional family.

Question 37

How could a family best spend their mornings?

In the mornings, people may be found eating breakfast, planning their weeks, rushing around while trying not to be late or not together at all. As usual, we have these four different scenarios listed out as the answer options for this question. So think about an ideal morning with a family, and tell us which of these sounds like the best way to spend it. Then, get ready to answer the last few questions that are on this quiz here.

Question 38

How could a family best spend their evenings?

On the other hand, there are evenings, and there are several ways a family could spend this time. They may choose to eat dinner together. They could all partake in a game night. They may want to watch a movie. Or they could all be doing their own things. All of these have potential, so go with that gut feeling by selecting just one of these. Yes, click on an answer below, to give us details on the ideal evening.

Question 39

What type of party would the ideal family throw?

For this question, we need everyone to picture four different types of parties: There is a ‘90s party, a backyard barbecue, an obstacle course/adventure party and/or a fancy one that takes place on a yacht. And for this question, picture that a family can only throw one of these. Therefore, pick out one of them, for the ideal event, and then scroll down to answer the next couple of questions that are listed out down below for everyone who is here.

Question 40

Which movie best portrays the perfect family?

Which family from which of these films seems to be perfect: Is it the one in the holiday classic It's a Wonderful Life? Is it the family of felines in The Lion King? Is it the superheroes in The Incredibles? Or is the one that is spooky and kooky and in The Addams Family? All the opinions will definitely vary on this question, and we can’t wait to see what everyone considers to be perfection on this topic we have.

Question 41

Which book best portrays the perfect family group?

Similarly, think about the family in The Swiss Family Robinson, the women in Little Women, the bears from the Berenstain Bears books and the characters in Lord of the Flies. Which of these groups do people think best represent the perfect family group? No answer is wrong, any answer can be selected, but only one thing can be clicked on down below - so do that now, in order to give more info that will help with the family TV match!

Question 42

Which TV show best portrays the perfect family?

Okay, guys and gals, let's see what is next within this quiz full of questions... Boy Meets World, The Brady Bunch, Breaking Bad and Modern Family are all popular television series that feature families. Some are close, some sing, some don’t get along, and some are big. While they are all different, they all have some positive traits, so everyone must pick the “perfect” one. Yes, out of these four, which series shows off the most ideal family of the four?

Question 43

Which tradition sounds best?

Some families go to the movie theater every weekend. Some people are born into powerful families. Some families go on an annual trip together. And some people have no traditions at all and enjoy all the new and exciting things that life can bring. Think about all of this, and then tell us: Which tradition sounds best? To answer, simply just pick out one of the four answer options that we have listed out below for everyone who is here.

Question 44

How could the ideal household be described?

For this next question, we have four words that could describe a household: organized, sweet, busy and tough. Of course, a household could be none of these things, a couple of them or all of them, but this is a quiz; it is a game-like structure where we just need one quick answer. And after we gather up all of the answers, we can do it… We can match everyone who is here with a fake family from some series!

Question 45

How often should family members visit one another?

We know there are family members who see each other all the time, who see each other once a month, who only see each other on holidays and who live together. Out of these four options, we are wondering which one will be selected the most. Yes, we are wondering all of the thoughts on this question - How often should family members visit one another? - so tell us now, please, and then go on to the next question.

Question 46

How can arguments be handled?

Let’s say an argument happens… Which should happen next: A joke to try and relieve the tension? A head-to-head match all in order to declare a winner? An escape, in order to run away from all of that? Or a trip to a therapist? They are, of course, all possibilities, but everyone who is here can only select one of these choices. Which will it be, out of these four? Let us know by clicking on an option down below.

Question 47

Where should a family live?

Some families live in tall buildings in the city. Some people have a house in the suburbs. Some families are in the country. And some people choose to reside in the middle of nowhere. Guess what? All quiz-takers must decide on just one of these areas, to tell us where a family should live exactly. Any answer may be selected out of these four different ones we are presenting here today, as they all have their own pros and cons.

Question 48

Who all should have a job?

Wow, we are just moving right along in all of this... One question that will assist in coming up with the final results is this: Who all should have a job? Perhaps only one parent should, or maybe both parents could. Perhaps everyone in the family should help out, or maybe people could just get rich so that no one has to work at all! Think about this question, look at the options, and then, when ready, pick out one.

Question 49

Would adoption be considered?

Now, we will be talking about adoption, since we have gone over many other family-related issues. For some, this is definitely an option. For others, it could be, maybe, if it felt like the right thing to do at the right exact time. And then there are people who may not consider it. So what is everyone thinking? What are the thoughts on this topic? What will be selected as the answer to this? And what family from TV is a perfect fit?

Question 50

How does a white picket fence with 2.5 kids sound?

For years, the ideal family was said to have 2.5 kids and live in a house that has a white picket fence. Of course, as we have said over and over, all families look so different and live in so many different ways. But what about this number and this fence… Does it sound good? Does it sound okay? Does it not sound good? Tell us, and then we will tell the family from TV that everyone here belongs in, after all.

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