Take This Grey's Anatomy Quiz And We'll Guess Your Favorite OG Character

Grey's Anatomy has to be one of the best medical TV dramas out there. Season one of this amazing TV series came out more than a decade ago, all the way back in 2005. It was an instant hit so it comes as no surprise that the show is going strong to this day. In fact, Season 15 was released late last year and while Season 16 has not yet been confirmed, Ellen Pompeo, the talented actress who portrays the show's protagonist, Meredith Grey, has been contracted for another season (Digital Spy). So it does look like fans will be treated to at least one more season.

One of the main reasons why the show has been so successful is the amazing writing. The plot of Grey's Anatomy is complicated, realistic and entertaining. It's easy to lose oneself in the fictional world of doctors, interns, nurses and patients.

Those taking this quiz probably think that they know all there is to know about Grey's Anatomy. But that's not necessarily true. Even those who have seen all of the episodes thus far are bound to have forgotten some story lines and some minor details. Want to prove us wrong? Take this quiz and in return we will guess everyone's favorite OG character.

Question 1

Date Derek Shepherd or Mark Sloan?

Who would you rather date: Derek Shepherd or Mark Sloan? The two handsome men were very talented and ambitious surgeons who knew exactly what they were doing (at least in their professional life). Derek was an attending neurosurgeon whereas Mark was the Head of Plastic Surgery. Derek and Mark were best friends although that did not stop Mark from seeing Derek's wife behind his back. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that we will see either one of them on the little screen anytime soon: Derek passed away in a car crash and Mark passed away as a result of complications from the plane crash.

Question 2

What is the name of Andrew DeLuca's sister?

Andrew DeLuca is one of those characters whom we were introduced to later on in the show. Indeed, we first met him only in season 11 of the show. Back then he was an intern but nowadays he is a surgical resident. He is confident and friendly. He is also very handsome. He recently started dating the show's protagonist, Meredith Grey. But let's focus on his familial relationships instead of his romantic ones. What is the name of his sister?

Question 3

Choose a surgical specialty.

On the series, most doctors have a specialty. That is not at all surprising. After all, according to AAMC, you are more likely to be happy in your professional life if your work matches your personal characteristics, personality, values and interests. In medicine, all of these aspects can be reflected in the practice setting that you favor, the medical conditions that you treat and the tasks and activities that you undertake. Finding your specialty is not as easy as it sounds however. You need to explore your personality and reflect on your goals.

Question 4

Derek Shepherd moved to Seattle from...?

As most fans can probably recall, Derek Shepherd was not originally from Seattle. Rather, he was born and raised elsewhere. He had a whole different life before he came to Seattle - he was married to another doctor and he had his own private practice. He was relatively happy. But then he found out that his wife was seeing his best friend behind his back and he just could not stay. He felt like his only option was starting over someplace new.

Question 5

Meredith Grey or Cristina Yang as a friend?

We're not going to lie, this is probably the toughest question on this quiz. After all, how on earth are you supposed to decide between Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang? Both are amazing characters and in an ideal world, we would be able to have both of them as our best friend. Nonetheless, for the purpose of this quiz you must make a choice! So, who is it going to be: Meredith or Cristina? Meredith is the show's protagonist but Cristina is everyone's favorite character.

Question 6

Which of the below was not an original intern?

If you are a loyal fan of the show you have obviously seen all the seasons that have been released to date. The current season - season 15 - is certainly exciting but most of us will forever have a soft spot for season one of the series. After all, season one is where it all began. That's when we were first introduced to the show's protagonist, Meredith Grey, and all the other original interns. But who were the original interns? In other words, which character from the four characters above was NOT an original intern?

Question 7

Choose a housemate.

Imagine this: your house is big and empty. There are several unused rooms going to waste and as such you decide to put up an ad for housemates. That way, you'll make some extra income and most importantly, have some company. After you put up the ad, you are taken aback by all the people who are interested in renting a room from you. You can take your pick. So, which one of the above four doctors would you like to live with most?

Question 8

Teddy Altman married a patient. What was his name?

Teddy Altman is an attending cardiothoracic surgeon. We first met her in season six of Grey's Anatomy. Back then Owen Hunt convinced her to come to Seattle. Obviously, he had his own motivations for persuading her to come, but Teddy simply thought that he missed her (they both served in the army) and wanted to be with her. That was not the case however but Teddy got over her heart ache eventually. She met another man. That man was actually her patient. Who can remember his name?

Question 9

Choose an intern.

Imagine this scenario: you are an attending surgeon. You are talented, ambitious and confident. Your surgeries are interesting and, most importantly, successful. As such, it comes as no surprise that every intern wants to scrub in on your surgeries. Obviously, you are a kind-hearted individual. You know that being an intern is tough. If you could, you would mentor all the interns (or all the good interns anyway). But you have to choose just one. Which intern from the four interns above would you most like assisting you on your surgeries?

Question 10

Another patient was higher up on the UNOS list than Denny Duquette by how many seconds?

Remember Denny Duquette? He was Izzie Stevens' patient. He was an incredibly handsome man with a heart problem. Izzie could not help but fall in love with him and he was not indifferent to her either. In fact, the two were even engaged. Izzie even broke the hospital rules for him by cutting his LVAD wire. If you are a true fan of the show you probably know why she did that: another patient was higher up on the UNOS list for a heart, but only by mere seconds. By how many seconds exactly?

Question 11

Meredith Grey has how many half-sisters?

Meredith Grey is not an only child. She has a few siblings but she did not grow up with them. Her parents separated when she was still small. In fact, she did not even know that some of her siblings existed. As such, she was naturally taken aback when they showed up in Seattle. It took her quite a while to warm up to them. Initially, she was reserved and cold in their company. Now, however, we are pretty sure that she couldn't imagine her life without them.

Question 12

Choose an attending to learn from.

Imagine this: you are an intern. Everything is exciting. You are learning a lot every single day. Some days you get lucky and you get the chance to scrub in on awesome surgeries. All is going well. You are on the path of becoming a talented surgeon yourself. But things are about to get even better! You can choose an attending surgeon to learn from. The attending of your choice will mentor you and guide you. But who is it going to be?

Question 13

Choose a surgery to assist on.

It's your lucky day! You are allowed to assist on any surgery that you want! Of course, choosing just one surgery is pretty difficult. If you could, you would happily assist on all of them. Unfortunately, you can't split into four people and you can't postpone some of them until tomorrow because all of the four surgeries above must be carried out today. So you must make your choice. This question is somewhat tough so take your time answering it. Really think about. After all, this surgery could be life-changing.

Question 14

What did Arizona Robbins lose in the plane crash?

In season eight episode 23 (titled "Migration") of Grey's Anatomy, six doctors fly out to Boise to assist on a surgery. Unfortunately, their trip is not successful. Their plane crashes in the woods and we see the doctors trying to survive in the final episode of the season (titled "Flight"). Not everyone makes it. One doctor passes away right then and there. Another surgeon passes away shortly after returning to Seattle. Others are seriously wounded. But what happened to Arizona Robbins, one of the doctors who was on that fatal flight? What did she lose?

Question 15

Choose a scrub color.

This one is pretty easy. If your favorite color is mentioned in the four options above, you will obviously want to choose that. If not, you should go ahead and choose the color that appeals to you the most or the color that you look best in. So, which color is it going to be? Remember: you'll be wearing scrubs almost every single day so make sure that you are happy with the choice that you make. There's nothing worse than wearing something you dislike.

Question 16

What was the name of Miranda Bailey's first husband?

When we first met Miranda Bailey she was still married to her first husband. Their marriage was fragile to say the least, mostly because Miranda's husband did not understand why she was spending so much time at work. He wanted her home, but of course, Miranda is one ambitious lady and she was not going to let any man - even the father of her child - stand in the way of her achieving her dreams. A divorce was inevitable.

Question 17

Choose a scrub cap design.

This is a pretty fun question so you should have no difficulty answering it. After all, it is not trivia-based so there is no right or wrong answer. Rather, your answer depends on your personality and personal preferences. So, which one of the above four scrub cap designs would you go for? Be careful when you are making your choice. You will have to wear this cap on pretty much every single surgery so make sure that you truly like the design.

Question 18

Who is this?

Remember this character? She was first introduced to us in season 12 of the show. She was the doctor who treated Derek Shepherd after his car accident. She would have saved him if she had not been so meek as to listen to one of her colleagues. Derek never made it and as such this character was despised by pretty much everyone. It makes sense that she only appeared in 20 episodes in total. We last saw her in Season 12 of Grey's Anatomy.

Question 19

Choose a patient.

Some patients are nice and understanding, even if their condition is pretty bad. Others are demanding and unreasonable. Every doctor hopes to get an easygoing patient. Most of the time, they are lucky. In fact, sometimes doctors like their patients so much that they even go out with them. You should not do that of course (you are simply setting yourself up for heart ache), but how can you argue with your own heart? Go ahead and choose a patient from the four options above.

Question 20

What hospital did Derek Shepherd pass away in?

Some fans loved Derek Shepherd, others despised him. Regardless of which camp you fall into, none of us were prepared to see him go for good. As you are probably well aware, Derek passed away at the end of season 11 of Grey's Anatomy. He got into a car accident and unfortunately, no one could save him (well, technically they could, but the doctor who knew what to do was not stubborn enough and as a result, lost her patient). What was the name of the hospital in which Derek passed away?

Question 21

What comes first - work or loved ones?

Doctors have a very important job. They save lives. Even so, they should not neglect their loved ones either. However, balancing work life and family life can be difficult, even if you are not a doctor. Let's say you had to choose between work and your loved ones. What would be your choice? Would you rather know you are making a difference in the world with your job or would you rather know that you are making a difference in the lives of your loved ones?

Question 22

Who is this?

Recognize this character? If you consider yourself a true and loyal fan of the show, you should. This character was first introduced to us in season eight of Grey's Anatomy. She works at Brigham and Women's Hospital as an attending urologist. But she makes an appearance at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital once in a while too for she works there as a part-time staff surgeon. This character is the mother of another surgeon and the wife of the former Chief of Surgery.

Question 23

Choose a work bestie.

Having supportive colleagues in incredibly important. The only thing that is better than supportive colleagues is supportive friends. Imagine going to work every day and seeing the people that you love and can't imagine your life without. Wouldn't that be amazing? That's kind of what it's like in Grey's Anatomy. Most of the doctors that work at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital are good friends and see each other regularly after work too. But then again, you can also have amazing work friends. You might not see them when you're off but you wouldn't be able to imagine your work life without them.

Question 24

What was the name of Richard Webber's first wife?

Richard Webber is the former Chief of Surgery at Seattle Grace Hospital. Currently he works as an attending general surgeon at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. He is also the Residency Program Director. In short, he is one busy man. He is currently on his second marriage. But who can remember his first marriage? He got married when he was fairly young and we can't say that he was very nice to his wife. After all, he did see Meredith Grey's mother behind her back.

Question 25

Choose a lunch buddy.

Everyone has to eat, even doctors. Lunch breaks are important. During them you get to not only satisfy your hunger but also catch up with your colleagues and friends. Let's say you could have lunch with only one person for the rest of your time at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Who would you choose? In other words, which one of the above four characters would make for an excellent lunch buddy? Be careful when answering this question: you don't want to be splitting your sandwich with someone you can't stand.

Question 26

What was the name of Meredith Grey's mother?

Meredith Grey's mother was probably our least favorite character on the show. She was mean, manipulative, and cold. No one really liked her. However, one can't deny that she was an amazing doctor. She was ambitious and talented and ended up winning the prestigious Harper Avery Award not once but twice in her life. Furthermore, it's not like she had a super happy life either which is perhaps why she was at times so unkind and overbearing. But what was her name?

Question 27

Eat leftovers or cook?

How do you feel about leftovers? Do you love them or do you think that eating them is sad and pathetic? The way that you answer this question will say a lot about you. For example, if you love to cook you would probably rather make something new than eat leftovers from yesterday or even the day before. If, on the other hand, you don't like cooking you probably prefer to eat leftovers. So, yay or nay to leftovers? Go ahead and make a choice!

Question 28

Why did Jo Wilson reject Alex Karev when he first proposed?

If you are one of those loyal fans who tune into Grey's Anatomy to this day you are probably well aware that Jo Wilson and Alex Karev are married. They make a gorgeous couple so we could not have been more excited when they finally got together. Of course, like most couples on the show, they too had to overcome plenty of obstacles before they got their happily ever after. For example, when Alex first proposed, Jo rejected him. But why?

Question 29

Choose a Chief of Surgery.

The Chief Surgeon of a hospital, also known as Chief of Surgery, is the administrative and medical leader of a hospital. It is an important position and it is certainly not for everyone. Just because someone is an amazing surgeon does not mean that they would make a great Chief of Surgery. According to Chron, Chief Surgeon manages hospital teams and serves as an educational mentor. Quite a few characters on Grey's Anatomy were appointed this position. Which one was your favorite? In other words, which Chief of Surgery would you choose?

Question 30

How did Izzie Stevens realize she had cancer?

As most fans will probably agree, Izzie Stevens was a pretty awesome character. She was friendly, caring and just plain nice. As such, we all wanted good things to happen to her. Unfortunately, our wishes were not satisfied. Izzie's life was far from easy. For example, at one point during the show she found out that she had cancer. Luckily, the treatment worked but the illness nonetheless messed with her life (both professional and personal). But how did Izzie come to realize that she had cancer in the first place?

Question 31

Choose an alter ego.

According to Wikipedia, finding your alter ego requires you finding your other self. This other self will have a completely different personality that no one ever sees (or very rarely sees). In fact, if you came face to face with your alter ego, you probably wouldn't recognize him or her as yourself. So, out of the four character above, which one do you think would be your alter ego? Take all the time that you need when answering this question.

Question 32

What department is Amelia Shepherd the Head of?

We first met Amelia Shepherd in season seven of Grey's Anatomy. As her name probably makes it quite clear, she is Derek Shepherd's sister. Like most doctors on Grey's Anatomy, Amelia is a talented and ambitious surgeon. She is also very charismatic, outspoken and spunky. She does not let anything or anyone get in the way of what she wants, which is maybe why she is such an awesome doctor. But what is her specialty? And which department is she the head of?

Question 33

Coffee or tea?

This one is pretty easy. You either prefer coffee or tea. In fact, you probably don't even need to think before you answer this question. You already know the answer. Those who prefer coffee can't go a day without having at least one cup of java. It's what gets them out of bed in the morning and what keeps them going throughout the day. Those who prefer tea on the other hand are usually much less caffeinated (and in consequence, they tend to be more relaxed!)

Question 34

Who did Callie Torres have a baby with?

Callie Torres is one of those characters that everyone loves. She used to serve as the Head of orthopedic surgery. She was also a board member at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. We first met Callie all the way back in season two of Grey's Anatomy. It didn't take us long to realize that she is genuine, friendly and kind. As such, it comes as no surprise that she has charmed quite a few people throughout the course of the show. Indeed, she has dated countless doctors. With one of them she even had a baby. Which one?

Question 35

Cooking or baking?

Which do you prefer: cooking or baking? Cooking is probably more useful. If you know how to cook well you are guaranteed delicious dinners every single night. It is a valuable skill to have for it means that you won't be stuck eating frozen dinners or ordering take-out all the time. On the other hand, if you know how to bake you can treat yourself and those you love to delicious baked goods. And who doesn't love to have a homemade brownie or a scrumptious chocolate chip cookie with their coffee or tea?

Question 36

Who is this?

Only those who watch Grey's Anatomy to this day stand a chance in passing this question with flying colors. Why? Well, because we met this character relatively recently. Indeed, he was not introduced to us until season 14 of the series. This character is a bit of a nerd and lives in his mother's basement. He is somewhat awkward. For example, remember that time he lost his glasses inside a patient during a surgery? Luckily, it is unlikely that that will happen again for he now secures his glasses with a sports band.

Question 37

Alex Karev or Jackson Avery as a mentor?

Who would you rather have as your mentor: Alex Karev or Jackson Avery? Both are talented doctors who could teach you a lot hence why most fans will probably find this question almost impossible to answer. Alex Karev is the current Head of Pediatric Surgery as well as the Interim Chief of Surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Jackson Avery is the current Head of Plastic Surgery as well as an attending ENT at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. So, who is it going to be?

Question 38

What is this character's nickname?

Regardless of whether you are one of those loyal fans who have been watching Grey's Anatomy since day one or whether you just tuned into the series recently, you should know this character's nickname. His name is Atticus Lincoln and he is the current Head of Orthopedic Surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. He is a handsome and charming man which is why it makes zero sense that so many female surgeons have turned him down (for example, both Amelia Shepherd and Meredith Grey rejected him).

Question 39

What's the best thing to do after failing board exams?

It happens to the best of us. Just because you failed your medical boards does not mean that you are a bad doctor. Maybe the questions were just tough. Maybe you didn't get nearly enough sleep the night before. Maybe there's other things happening in your life right now that require your attention. What matters most is how you respond to finding out that you failed your board exams. Do you give up and start searching for a new profession? Or do you keep going, re-take the boards eventually and prove to the whole world that you are an awesome doctor?

Question 40

How many kids does Meredith and Derek have?

When Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd finally got together, we couldn't have been happier. Most of us were rooting for them ever since day one. Of course, their path to happiness wasn't exactly easy. They had to overcome countless obstacles. And even when they were together, things didn't always go as planned. For example, for a long time Meredith was convinced that she couldn't have babies. In the end however they both became parents. But how many kids did they end up having in total?

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