Real Sons Of Anarchy Fans Should Be Able To Pass This Basic Test

Sons of Anarchy was a popular TV series from the Oughties, about a motorcycle gang. The gang was called SAMCRO. This gang was committed to making money and wouldn't hesitate to make trouble for other gangs in the same area in order to try and achieve this goal. Jax Teller was the show's main character. His father was the first head of the motorcycle gang. Jax eventually took over his Dad's former position. Jax became a leader, too.

Sons of Anarchy really resonated with viewers. It stayed on the air for several seasons. The show featured a lot of fascinating characters, as well as exciting plot lines and character arcs. It was a show with impressive acting from a stellar cast. This crime drama was coarse, intense and authentic.  The gang was depicted as a family, even though all of its members weren't related. Fans of harder, darker TV shows relished all of the drama, angst and action in this series.

This wasn't a run-of-the-mill organized crime TV series. It was different enough to create a sensation. Sons of Anarchy fans should try this quiz now. It's a basic test that is so much fun to take. True fans may just ace this quiz.

Question 1

Which character is this?

This compelling character got a lot of screen time on Sons of Anarchy. During most of the TV series, he was the VP of SAMCRO. He tried to keep the gang going, but also wanted to be a typical family man. These dual desires created a lot of conflict inside of him. Name this important character now to get a quiz point. Most Sons of Anarchy fans will have no trouble answering this basic question about the TV show. Do you remember what his name is? If you're not too sure, just take a guess from the four options above.

Question 2

Name this Sons of Anarchy character.

This character was a widow who remarried. She was also the mother of the TV series' main character. She was more than willing to go to extreme lengths to defend the club from enemies. Other members of the gang helped her to do this. One interesting fact about her is that she had a scar on her chest. This particular character had a temper and she committed one angry act that had very serious consequences. Anyone who knows the name of this important, complex and fascinating character should name her now. This show was known for its well-drawn female characters.

Question 3

Whose newborn son needs urgent medical attention during the first episode?

Someone's newborn son needed urgent medical attention during the very first episode of Sons of Anarchy. Anyone who remembers the first episode will probably have no trouble answering this basic question. Those who've forgotten details about the series may need to jog their memories. Name the baby's father now to get a quiz point. The newborn's father is a central character in the series. The newborn is not the main character's only child. He had another child who was also a boy. These big clues should make it really easy for Sons of Anarchy fans to get this question right.

Question 4

Who is this character?

This character held a couple of important roles in the SAMCRO gang. He was a smart guy who wasn't as temperamental as some other characters in the series. He would turn to violence when he had to. This character's dad used to cook the books for the Mafia. Our mystery character learned how to crunch the numbers from his own father. This character could be considered a peacemaker among the gang. He wasn't as interested in confrontation as some other hot-headed characters were. Name this brainy and calm Sons of Anarchy character now to grab a point on this quiz.

Question 5

Where were old bones discovered in the first season?

Now, it's time for Sons of Anarchy fans to test their knowledge of an important event in the first season of the show. One important character found old bones, but where did the character find them? After the character discovered the bones, he needed to come to terms with some secrets that were hidden for a long time. There are four locations to choose from. Pick the right location now. Anyone who doesn't know the correct location should take their best guess. For many Sons of Anarchy fans, this basic question will be a no-brainer. This event was pivotal in the first season.

Question 6

What is the name of this character?

This character held some key roles in the motorcycle club. He was known for his love of violence. In earlier seasons, he wore a patch that described one of his roles in the club. Later on, he wore another patch that described a different role. Sometimes, this character had big issues with the main character. The main character thought that our mystery character would use violence when there were better ways to resolve things. Our mystery character was never afraid to go the dark side. This made him dangerous. Name this popular Sons of Anarchy character now to get a point.

Question 7

What does SAMCRO stand for?

This Sons of Anarchy question is pretty basic, but it might trip some people up. SAMCRO is an acronym. Most Sons of Anarchy fans will know what it stands for. Those who aren't quite sure what SAMCRO stands for should guess. The club's acronym may or may not include the name of a place. Take a guess now to rack up points on this basic Sons of Anarchy quiz. Acing questions like this is the key to getting a great quiz score. SAMCRO is a fictional motorcycle gang that's become legendary. Sons of Anarchy has loyal fans all over the world.

Question 8

Where do Sons of Anarchy members and their friends meet to relax?

There is a special place where SAMCRO members meet to relax. Sometimes, they bring family and friends along. This question isn't going to trip up serious Sons of Anarchy fans. It is going to be a question that they can answer right away. This spot is a place where club members like to unwind and socialize. It is a place where they can hang out with other members, and with non-members who are loyal to the club. People who don't know the answer to this question may be able to puzzle out the answer by checking out the answer options.

Question 9

Who sets up a deal with the IRA in Season 2, Episode 1?

One important Sons of Anarchy character decides to set up a deal with the IRA during the first episode of the second season. The deal in question relates to firearms. Doing deals with the IRA takes a lot of savvy. These deals can be really tricky and treacherous. Choose a character now to try and boost quiz points. Big-time fans of Sons of Anarchy should know the name of this character right away. Others may need to guess on this one. This character is an important character. He's got family ties to some other important characters. Pick a name now.

Question 10

Who is this Sons of Anarchy character?

This character was a very close buddy of another character on the show. Our mystery character had a company that was far from G-rated. She got involved with a SAMCRO member when her husband was put behind bars. After she branched out with a new man, the motorcycle club began to get more involved in her business dealings. Name this character now to boost points on this quiz. This character was not around for every season of Sons of Anarchy. The fact that she wasn't present for certain seasons may give quiz-takers a clue as to her fate on Sons of Anarchy.

Question 11

Which character met a tragic fate in the Season 6 finale?

This character perished in the finale of season six. The demise of this character was very dramatic. The scene where the character perished involved a kitchen utensil. The kitchen utensil scene is famous and got a lot of buzz online. This was definitely a very memorable scene in the Sons of Anarchy TV series. Our mystery character was commonly perceived as the moral compass for the show. This person was an important character who met a very sad fate. Name this Sons of Anarchy character now to try and get a point. Most fans will know who the character is right away.

Question 12

Which character is this?

This character had a lot of technical skills in certain areas. Unfortunately, he occasionally lacked common sense in other aspects of life. His simple-minded ways would make him the subject of hazing by other members of the motorcycle club. In a gang like SAMCRO, any kind of weakness is going to get picked up on and trigger issues. This character first appeared during season one, episode one. He's a character that most Sons of Anarchy fans will have no trouble naming. He did hold a position of responsibility within the motorcycle club. Take a guess now to try and get a point.

Question 13

Which auto shop was started by John Teller and Clay Morrow?

Sons of Anarchy fans who remember basic details about the show should be able to name the auto shop started by John Teller and Clay Morrow. Sons of Anarchy fans who were less observant while enjoying the show may not be able to get this question right. Fans who watched the show long ago may struggle to come up with the right auto shop name. Take a guess now to see if you can ace this basic question. The answer options are all very similar, so make sure to pick the right one. Sons of Anarchy experts will ace this question

Question 14

Who mentored Tara in Season 2?

Tara had a mentor, but some Sons of Anarchy fans may not be able to name this mentor. One clue is that this mentor eventually turned on Tara. This question is one that most fans will know right away. The female characters on the show were fascinating, including Tara, so scenes featuring these characters really stood out. Anyone who isn't sure of the answer should take his or her best guess. Go with gut instinct when answering this important question. Who gave Tara access to a wealth of knowledge. Was it a man or a woman? Pick a name now.

Question 15

Which character is this?

This interesting character was not born in the USA. He was born in Scotland. This is a huge clue that should make it easy to name this important Sons of Anarchy character. He has a certain facial characteristic that makes him stand out. It gives him a rugged look that is distinctive. This character was very loyal to the main character and our mystery character appeared in every season of Sons of Anarchy. Like most Sons of Anarchy characters, he had a character arc that was fascinating. Name this famous SAMCRO member now to try and grab another quiz point.

Question 16

SAMCRO runs only illegal businesses...true or false?

This motorcycle gang was always trying to rack up some cash. The members always needed money. Profits were generated by taking care of business. Think over the question and then choose "true" or "false". It will not be too tough for most fans of the TV series to figure out the right answer. The business dealings of the club were definitely shown in-depth throughout the seasons. In fact, learning about the business activities of this gang was always fascinating. This club did plenty of deals. Were the deals that SAMCRO did, and the businesses that SAMCRO operated, all illegal...or not?

Question 17

Name the brother club based in Nevada.

SAMCRO has a brother club that's based in Nevada, USA. During season one, SAMCRO members decide to travel to Nevada to store some important items with the brother club. A less-friendly gang then decides to cause a bit of trouble. Season one of Sons of Anarchy got plenty of critical acclaim and fans loved it, too. There were so many exciting interactions between the friendly and rival gangs during the course of the series. Anyone who can remember the name of this brother club from Nevada will get a point in this basic Sons of Anarchy quiz. Why not guess right now?

Question 18

Name the main setting of the show.

The main setting of Sons of Anarchy is a place that featured a police department run by a seasoned cop. The cop was affiliated with SAMCRO. This cop took payola and was very loyal to a certain SAMCRO gang member. Most fans definitely know the name of the town where SAMCRO lived and did business. One clue is that this place didn't have a huge population. Guess now if the right answer eludes you. This question is easy for most fans to answer. The place where the gang members operate is referenced quite often over the course of the series.

Question 19

Which main character perished in the Season 7 finale?

Most fans of Sons of Anarchy who watched all of. the show's seasons, including the exciting and dramatic series finale, will know the answer to this question immediately. When this character perished, it was a very big deal. Some fans did see the demise of this important character coming. There were signs that the character might meet a certain fate. Others were more surprised by everything that happened. Once really big clue is that this character did not get whacked by enemies. The character perished in another way entirely. Guess a character name now to try for another quiz point.

Question 20

Which rival biker group controls Nevada and Southern California?

This rival biker gang controls Nevada, except for Las Vegas, as well as the northern part of California. The rival motorcycle club appeared in the very first episode of Sons of Anarchy. This rival gang was interesting enough to get its own FX network spin-off. The leader of this rival gang was named Marcus. Anyone who knows the name of this rival gang should pick it now. This should be an easy quiz point for a lot of Sons of Anarchy fans. Sons of Anarchy fans love the way that this TV series authentically portrayed motorcycle gang life, including gang rivalries.

Question 21

Which character returns from Oregon during Season 3?

A central character returns from the state of Oregon during the third season of Sons of Anarchy. One clue is that this character was born in Oregon, USA. Our mystery character is one who was definitely an integral part of SAMCRO, even though this person wasn't an official member. That detail is definitely an important clue. This character always knew a lot about everything that was going on with SAMCRO. This person has been described as a gatekeeper. Pick a name now to try for another quiz point. Fans who are familiar with season 3 should find this question easy.

Question 22

Which character has a phobia of dolls?

Dolls can be cute and they can be off-putting. It really depends on the doll. One Sons of Anarchy character definitely disliked dolls. They really freaked him out. His phobia of dolls was an interesting personality quirk that made him stand out. One fun fact is that the show's creator, Kurt Sutter, is also leery of dolls. So, it's no surprise that he gave one of the characters he invented this particular phobia. It's cool how the show's creator brought a part of himself into our mystery character's personality. Pick a Sons of Anarchy character now to try and grab a point.

Question 23

Who accuses Jax of being a rat in Season 3?

The character who accused Jax of being a rat during season 3 is one of the main antagonists in Sons of Anarchy. This character was out to get Jax and fellow SAMCRO members. The character who accused Jax often did ruthless things. The character would hurt others in order to get his or her way. Is all of this ringing a bell? If so, pick the character's name right now. This question is one that most fans of the show will have no trouble answering. This character made life harder for Jax and SAMCRO in general. Every great show needs antagonists.

Question 24

Who gets proposed to during Season 4?

This is another simple question for most fans of the TV series. There was a romantic proposal moment during the fourth season, between two very important characters. During the proposal, one character revealed that he was ready to a bail on the motorcycle club. He feared that staying in the motorcycle club would lead to his demise, or another stint in prison. The person who proposed to our mystery character was starting to have serious second thoughts about gang life. This question should be very easy for a lot of fans to answer. Guess now to try and get a point.

Question 25

Who is this character?

This character used to be the police chief in the town where the show is set. He showed up during an episode called "Seeds". The "Seeds" episode was aired during season one. This character believed that the gang was advantageous to the town in general, because its members tried to be protective of the people who lived in the town. He thought that the motorcycle club kept other undesirable elements out,. This interesting Sons of Anarchy character added a lot to the series. People who know the name of this Sons of Anarchy character should pick it now to get a point.

Question 26

Who is this character?

This character was played by famous actor, Jimmy Smits. The character has an interesting nickname. He co-owns an escort agency. Like many other Sons of Anarchy characters, he does business in a way that is a bit dodgy. This character entered the series during an episode called, "Sovereign", during season five. He acted as a mentor to the show's main character. He also had a relationship with Gemma. Anyone who knows the name of this charismatic Sons of Anarchy character should name him now. This question may trip some people up, but a lot of fans will know the answer.

Question 27

Which rival gang member perishes in Season 2?

In the second season, this character came onto the scene and posed a threat to the motorcycle gang. The actor who played this memorable role is a punk rock legend. The actor who played this character is more concerned with equality and social justice than the character. Our mystery character didn't make it to season three. Our mystery character was a member of a rival gang. Those who aren't sure what he is called should take their best guesses. This character wasn't around for all of the seasons of this dramatic TV series, but he stood out while he was there.

Question 28

Which character was a hacker for SAMCRO?

Who acted as the motorcycle gang's resident hacker? Those who know the answer will be able to grab a quiz point fast. This character was renowned for his impressive computer skills, but wasn't a total genius in other areas of his life. He held responsibility within the club, but was frequently disrespected by other members. People in the gang would pick up on his weaknesses and then give him a hard time. His character was very interesting and unique. Name this important Sons of Anarchy character to boost quiz points. Those who can't name him should take their best guesses.

Question 29

How many original SAMCRO members were there?

This question is one that most fans know the answer to. There was an original group of members. They were referred to by a two-word phrase. They formed the foundation for the motorcycle club. They were the founding fathers. Pick a number now. Those who know the right answer will be able to boost their quiz scores in an instant. Those who don't may get lucky when they take guesses, and end up acing this Sons of Anarchy quiz. When attempting to answer this question, think back on the series and try to remember the two-word phrase that described the original members.

Question 30

Who do Jax and Tig frame during the finale of Season 5?

One important character gets framed during the very last episode of the fifth season. Our mystery character gets framed for a very serious offense. It's the sort of offense that no one wants to get accused of, ever. The offense relates to the demise of a character called Damon Pope. Sometimes, on the show, characters get badly betrayed by the people that they are close to, or were once close to. Sometimes, they see the betrayals coming. At other times, these betrayals come out of the blue. Name the character who got framed to grab a quick point on this quiz.

Question 31

Name this actor who was afraid to ride a Harley at first.

One awesome actor from the Sons of Anarchy cast found the prospect of riding a Harley a bit daunting at first. They are big, heavy motorcycles, so it is not that much of a surprise that a famous Hollywood actor who was a Harley-Davidson newbie had a bit of anxiety about riding a Harley. Most people need a lot of practice before they are able to ride Harleys with true confidence. Thankfully, our mystery actor got over his fears and worries. He inhabited his role perfectly, on a Harley or off of it. Who is this seasoned and respected actor?

Question 32

Which cast member used to be on Married With Children?

A lot of cast members from Sons of Anarchy have had long careers in Hollywood. One of them used to play a main character on a situation comedy called Married With Children. This person was hilarious in the role. What is amazing is how this person can change lanes to excel in comedy and dramatic roles. This person also has musical talent. Name this gifted performer now to get a point on the quiz. This famous thespian is beloved in the USA. Anyone who doesn't know that answer should know that the cast member played a parent on Married With Children.

Question 33

Which character did something to his own tongue?

One character decided to do something drastic to his own tongue. The action that this character took was an action that most people would not be capable of doing. This character did it because he did not want to talk about certain events. That's a very intense solution to the problem of not wanting to talk. One fun fact about this character is that he was played by the creator of the show, Karl Sutter. Take a guess if the answer is not clear. We bet most fans know the answer to this one, though. The whole tongue thing was certainly memorable.

Question 34

Who is this character?

This character was played by a well-known actress named Drea de Matteo, who also appeared on "The Sopranos". Some fans may recognize the face of this character, but have trouble coming up with the correct answer. Our mystery character played the ex-wife of the main character. She was the mother of his first child. The child was called Abel. This character had some conflicts with her ex. She also had issues of her own that she needed to deal with. Choose a character name now to show knowledge of Sons of Anarchy. This character appeared in a lot of seasons of the show.

Question 35

Which female character gets locked up by the law in Season 6?

This character was very close to the main character. She was imprisoned during the sixth season. She was actually offered a deal, but refused to hand over incriminating information about SAMCRO. Fans who know a lot of the amazing female characters on the show should be able to get this question right. It is a question for fans who kept watching the TV series, season after season. One clue is that this character is a mother. Those who do not know the answer should guess. Pick a name right now. Choose correctly to ace this basic Sons of Anarchy quiz.

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