Play Who Said It: The Guys From Friends Edition

Friends is one of the most well-known and celebrated shows that has ever been on television. From the lovable characters and the relatable situations to the way the plots make people laugh, cry and laugh some more, this series is truly a fan favorite.

But we are wondering… How well do people know Friends? Specifically, how well do people know the quotes from Friends? And, in particular, how well do people know lines from the men of Friends? Well, let’s find out, right here and right now!

Down below, there are 35 quotes from this TV show. Most of them are really iconic ones that are shared on social media and referenced by fans on a regular basis; some are a bit more tricky, though, since this is a quiz, after all.

The goal is the tell us who said each line. Was it Chandler? Could it have been Joey? Does it belong to Ross? Or is another guy on the series - like a family member, friend or significant other - the correct answer option?

That is what must be figured out and decided, as everyone here plays Who Said It - The One With The Edition Focusing On The Dudes From Friends.

Question 1

"How you doin’?"

We saved the best for last. We are finally to one of the most iconic lines from this television show. We have this quote - “How you doin’?” - and we are ready to know who said it. Who thinks it was Chandler? Who thinks the answer is Joey? Who will pick Ross? And who will go with Marcel? Only one answer is correct, as only one man is known for saying this line. So before getting the final score for today’s quiz, match these words to the correct male character below. Tell us who said this on the show Friends!

Question 2

"Here come the meat sweats..."

Some people may be familiar with the meat sweats, which can come after, well, eating lots of meat. At several points within this series, the main characters were shown eating, so this quote had the chance to pop up at different times. And, furthermore, any of the men could have said it, as it does seem to be a fairly common experience that comes with overeating and indulgence. But who probably said it? Which choice seems the most obvious? How many fans will get this question correct? We are wondering all of these things, and we are anxious to see what all gets clicked on down below, where the answer choices are waiting.

Question 3

"You've been bamboozled!"

Oh, my… It seems that someone has been bamboozled! At least, that is what this line suggests. Some who are here will remember exactly who uttered these words and why. Others may find it somewhat familiar. And then there will be people who feel really lost on this question - and that is okay! Each time, there will be four names from which to choose, so make an educated guess about who said this. It may have been a main character or not, so select someone now. After that, continue forward to the next quote that is up on this quiz about Friends!

Question 4

"Yeah, it's like a cow's opinion. It just doesn't matter. It's moo."

So, according to this, a cow’s opinion does not matter, and a cow’s opinion is just… moo. Obviously, the person who was speaking this line was confused; the real word is “moot”, but we suppose “moo” is close. Either way, it provided a funny scene that gets shared a lot, all of these years later. In fact, many people may even jokingly say “moo” instead of “moot”! So while remembering this moment within the series, try to also remember who spoke these words - and pick that person out now, from the options that are listed out here for everyone.

Question 5

"If I don't input those doesn't make much of a difference."

Ah, here is one of those relatable lines: This character needed to get back to work and input some numbers (and this is a really big hint for answering this particular question). Why? Well, if he did not… Nevermind, it doesn’t matter. And it didn’t matter, according to him and this memorable quote. As fans, we think it was important, though, since it helped shape him and his story. Enough about all of this and that, though; it is time to answer. Think hard, and then tell us who said it before moving down to the next questions that are up.

Question 6

"We were on a break!"

This is one of the most known quotes from this show, so many people should answer correctly. One of these male characters thought that he and another person were surely on a break. Were they? Were they not? The world may never really know or agree on this interesting issue, but it at least, once again, made for some entertaining content. So remember this moment. Look at the names listed as answer choices. And, when ready, click on the person’s name who can be credited with this line that is from this funny and fan favorite show from TV history.

Question 7

"I'm not so good with the advice... Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?"

Another relatable and popular quote can be found right here, and it has to do with not being good at giving advice and with being good at offering up sarcasm instead! Life is full of tough moments, and we don’t always have the words to share and say. But many of us are very gifted when it comes to responding sarcastically to situations, whether that is a good thing or not. Who from this show was like this? Who from the show could always be counted on for this (sarcasm, we mean)? Who from this show said this? Tell us now!

Question 8

"You're so far past the line, you can't even see the line. The line is a dot to you."

Can we just say that there are so many fab moments in this show?! Of course, everyone here probably knew that, because here is another one. With this, Person A told Person B that they were very, very, very far past a line. This could have been about anything, and true fans will know the exact context. Regardless if that info is known or not, everyone has to try and answer who said it. So, answer by selecting a male character’s name down below there, please and thanks. After that, keep on keeping on to whatever question is listed next.

Question 9

"Chandler entered a Vanilla Ice look-alike contest and won!"

One question we have for everyone who is here with us, taking this Friends quiz, is this: Does Chandler look like Vanilla Ice? Another question we have for all the quiz-takers is this: Do many even know who Vanilla Ice is? We hope! And the most important question that is coming up is, of course, this: Who gets all of the credit for saying this exact phrase on this popular television show? We hope many guess and click in the right way and that the success continues, as there are several more questions left to answer that are waiting below...

Question 10

"Could I BE wearing any more clothes?"

We can just hear this being spoken aloud… It is another classic line, said by ones of these dudes from this series. Many people surely know the episode. Some may at least know who said it. And if anyone is lost and confused, guessing is okay; there are four names from which to choose, and one of them has to be right - Yes, one of them said this quote, and that is the one to try and pick. Then, continue on in this quiz, and in the end, we will for sure give out a final score to everyone!

Question 11

"I make jokes when I'm uncomfortable."

Can anyone else relate to this? As mentioned, there are ups and downs within this journey we are all on together, and at times, we are unsure of how to act, what to do, how to continue and what to say. For some, the answer is to make a joke! And that is exactly what this character did, time after time, in this show. It was not always the smartest decision, but it definitely led to some hilarious scenes and some memorable quotes like this one… said by whom, out of the four names that are listed out for everyone?

Question 12

"That's not how they measure pants!"

In one of the episodes of Friends, a couple of characters learned how they measure pants and learned how it should certainly not be done, as well. This is another one of those lines that fans can hear, as if we just watched the episode (which, maybe we did). It could have been Chandler, Joey or Ross who spoke these words within this series, or it could have been Richard Burke, as well; he was played by Tom Selleck, he dated Monica, and he was a supporting character who was around quite often. So who was it actually and really?

Question 13

"Jet aplee blooo."

Okay, let's move right along to this question... This next quote that is up may sound like gibberish, but true fans know exactly what was trying to be conveyed and who gets the credit here. There are just so many parts of this TV show that could have been included today on this quiz, and we for sure wanted to make sure this line was in the spotlight for a bit. We are sure that many will answer correctly, and we are anxious to see everyone’s final results on this. Until then, though, tell us: Who said, “jet aplee blooo”?

Question 14

"Monica, will you marry me?"

Try not to cry when reading this! To help, we will distract everyone with more info… Before these five words were spoken, the person talking said some other stuff, too; he said that the only thing that matters is Monica and that she makes him happier than he ever thought he could be. He also said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, to try and make her feel that way, as well. Oh, my goodness - Could this BE any more adorable? Tell us, here and now, who said this line in this television show.

Question 15

"Pivot! PIVOT!"

Ha, and try not to laugh while reading these words, which are some more that fans should be able to hear quite clearly, after watching this scene so many times. As usual, the credit here could go to a main character, such as Chandler Bing, Joey Tribbiani or Ross Geller. However, this line may have been said by Leonard Green, who was Rachel Green’s father on this show. So think back to this moment within this story, try to remember it all, and then just click on a name below, in order to match the words here to the character.

Question 16

"Joey doesn’t share food!"

It was made pretty obvious that Joey liked to eat, and someone wanted to make it very clear when they shouted that Joey does not share food! We wonder who could have said this… We wonder why it was said… And we wonder how many people - out of everyone who is taking this quiz - will get this question correct. Tell us who spoke these words, and then please continue on to what is up next, since there are quite a few more quotes that are left here to match to different male characters from the TV show Friends!

Question 17

"Until I was 25, I thought the only response to ‘I love you’ was ‘Oh crap!'"

This is a pretty funny line, but it is even more interesting when it is realized who said it. All of the characters on this show struggled with love - That made them more relatable and led to more entertaining episodes. In the end, though, many love stories were completed, including the one that this character was involved in on Friends. Based on all that we have said within this paragraph, click on a name below - the name of the person who once had this view and response to love. In short, just tell us who said this line!

Question 18

"Donald Duck never wore pants."

This seems like a true shower thought: We are all familiar with Donald Duck, and then one day, this guy from this show realized that this iconic and animated animal did not wear pants. However, there is more info that makes this seem sort of odd; whenever Donald Duck would get out of the shower, he would put a towel around his waist. What is that about? It, indeed, is a little confusing, and we all have this show and this character to thank. Thanks for the laughs and the entertainment and the quote that is forming another question here!

Question 19

"For the last time, it’s not named after each individual man!"

So many people over so much time have rewatched so many portions of this television series, and this question makes us want to even more. The quote is intriguing. The image that is accompanying makes it even more interesting. Of course, those who really know this story know that the line is about a certain body part: an Adam’s apple! But who spoke these words, to try and clear up details on the naming of this part? Click on their name down below, where the answer choices are. Then, as usual, move down to the next question on this quiz.

Question 20

"You could not be more wrong. You could try...but you would not be successful."

Alright, another big point was trying to be made with this next line from Friends. Who thinks that Chandler said this (and all while, surely, putting a lot of emphasis on the word “be”)? Who thinks Joey said this (during a rare moment of him being right and confident and witty)? Who thinks Ross said this (since he is an educated man with some knowledge)? And who thinks Russ (the guy who looked a lot like Ross) was the one who really said this line? Think about it, make a final decision, and then click on that person's name to answer.

Question 21

"I went to that tanning place your wife suggested."

Tanning salons can lead to glows or mistakes, and in one episode of this show, things did not go well after a guy went to a place a wife suggested. We bet that the majority of quiz-takers already know the answer and did immediately. We are sure that a couple of guesses could lead to a correct answer, as well. And some people may get this incorrect, but that is okay… There are more chances to get questions right, all of which are waiting below, after this question. So go ahead, people - Simply answer this one here right now!

Question 22

"What's not to like? Custard, good. Jam, good. Meat, good!"

Here, we have yet another line about food. It may be obvious who said it, but then again, any of them could have spoken these words. These main characters were seen eating during the holiday seasons, while hanging out at home, in Central Perk and beyond. Therefore, any man on this show could be given credit with this quote. But only one choice is the right one, so we hope that everyone clicks on that name, in order to tell us who said this. After answering this, there are only a few more questions about the guys from Friends left!

Question 23

"You can't just give up! Is that what a dinosaur would do?"

It can be guessed that this quote was said in relation to something involving Ross, since he was a paleontologist. And it is a good question, after all… Would a dino just give up? We think not! And that is just another great lesson from this show: Don’t give up, give it good effort, go for the gold, keep on trying, and answer this question! Yes, tell us right here and right now who said, “You can't just give up! Is that what a dinosaur would do?”. Pick one out of Chandler, Joey, Ross and Ben Geller, the fourth option.

Question 24

"A spoon! Your hands! Your face!"

Get ready for what is up next… These next couple of questions are all answers; the quotes were spoken as answers to questions within the show. For instance, here, a male character was asked about things that are put into coffee. To answer, this male character said a spoon, hands and a face. We feel like that is just not right, but of course, it led to a funny line that is now referenced all the time - like in this quiz! So which of these answer choices is the match here/Who spoke these words on the TV show Friends?

Question 25

"Paper! Snow! A ghost!"

The next question that this male character was asked was about things that are white. Now, lots of things are white, including paper, snow and ghosts. But again, we feel like these were some crazy guesses. At least they made for some more laugh-worthy scenes on this incredible television series. Before moving on to another question like this, we need everyone here to guess which guy gets the credit with these words and these answers. Was it Mr. Chandler Bing who said it? Could it have been Mr. Joey Tribbiani? Was it actually Mr. Ross Geller? Or is the answer Mr. Green?

Question 26

"A rock! A dog! The earth!"

Finally, the world was given these responses, when naming things that are heavier than milk. A rock is heavier than milk, we guess. A dog could be heavier than a rock. And the earth is definitely a large thing. Oh, my. What entertainment! Once again, while thinking back on this iconic episode, we need everyone to click a name below. This will help go into the final score, which will be given after the last question is answered on this quiz that is all about Friends. So tell us now: Who said it, out of the four characters listed below?

Question 27

"Gum would be perfection."

Some of the quotes that have appeared in this quiz are very specific. But others, like this one, seem so basic. However, when real fans of this show hear this line and picture this scene, memories come flooding in… This television series is a super classic one, and even little moments with a guy saying he would indeed like some gum are just so amazing! Okay, our little rant is over, and it is again time to match this line about gum being perfection to one of the men who are listed out down below. Tell us who said it!

Question 28

"My sister's gonna have my baby!"

Here is one of those specific lines that could have gone so wrong, but we know what he means. We know what he is talking about. And, most importantly, we know who said this. Who else does? Who remembers this part? And who all will get this question right? There really are only a few more left within this entire quiz, so think really hard here. Browse through the four choices. Concentrate on the words. Then, when ready, select a male character - the one who could have said these words about his sister and a baby on this show.

Question 29

"I'm being transferred to Yemen."

We are going to go out on a limb and say something: For many, Friends put Yemen on the map! Yes, in this one instance, it was a place that many found out existed, due to a dude saying he was being transferred there. Now, whether that was the truth or not and whether or not this was the right thing to say, the words were spoken, during another iconic moment from this celebrated series. And now, it is time to click on the person’s name who spoke these words. Tell us who said it, then keep on keeping on...

Question 30

"The fridge broke, so I had to eat everything."

There will be a couple of more lines about food on this quiz, including this one here. A broken refrigerator does not like a real problem. But does eating everything inside of it sound like the best solution? It did for someone! Maybe Chandler did and said this. Perhaps Joey gets all the credit. Ross could have spoken this line. Or Jean-Claude Van Damme could actually be the answer, since he was on Friends, and he is listed out as one of the four answer options that we have for everyone, which are all waiting down below there. So answer!

Question 31

"I'm hopeless and awkward and desperate for love."

Many people have felt hopeless at one time or another. Lots of people describe themselves as awkward. And being desperate for love is a common thing. That being said, here is another line that many can relate to, from Friends! Yes, it was spoken at one time by one man, and we need to know the name of the man; look at the answer options, narrow them all down, and decide on one. Click on that name, and then get ready for the last couple of questions of the day - a few more quotes from this awesome TV show.

Question 32

"I've had a very long, hard day."

Here is a big ol’ hint: When this quote was said aloud, the person saying it was doing something that many do after a long, hard day! We are sure that many know and can see the image and will answer correctly. If anyone needs to randomly guess on this question, though, we totally understand. Either way, everyone must answer, since, at the end of this, everyone will get a score. Try to get a high one by clicking on the right male character’s name. Oh, and the right male is the one who had a long and hard day.

Question 33

"I’m curvy, and I like it!"

Man, look at this body positivity! This man considered himself to be curvy, and he told the world that he liked that about himself! This is another great lesson from this great show… and another moment that is still making fans laugh out loud, all of these years later. As usual, the three main males are listed as answers here, as is Barry Farber, who Rachel used to be with, back in the day. So think about this line and these guys, and then match the quote to the dude, in order to tell us who gets the credit here.

Question 34

"I'm the holiday armadillo!"

On Valentine’s Day, there is a cupid. On St. Patrick’s Day, there are leprechauns. On Easter, there is a bunny. On Christmas Day, there is Santa Claus. Oh, and then there is the holiday armadillo, of course. This may not be a common or known or ordinary holiday creature or being or animal, but it is a thing, due to Friends! The question is who brought it around and up and into the series… To answer this, everyone needs to look at the names below, and then click on just one of them - the one who spoke these words.

Question 35

"You threw my sandwich away?"

Okay, one more quote about food is up next… Someone on this show threw away another person’s sandwich. Gasp! That could be a not-so-great thing, since this sandwich could have been saved or special. And if this person was expecting the food to be there, but then it was gone… Wow. We understand the situation, and we are sure that many fans who are here totally know the situation and details and answer. So, prove it to us by clicking on the guy who said this quote - either Chandler Bing, Joey Tribbiani, Ross Geller or maybe little Ben Geller.

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