Play This Or That And We'll Guess Your Favorite Superhero

Trying to choose a favorite superhero these days can be pretty difficult because there are just so many awesome characters out there. It seems that new superhero movies are coming out all the time, all vying for our attention.

In the DC universe, we have heroes like Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Shazam battling against villains like Joker, Lex Luthor, Two-Face, Riddler, and Bane.

The Marvel universe is home to heroes like Iron Man, Spider-Man, Hulk, Captain America, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, and Black Panther, and bad guys like Ultron and Thanos.

Of course, there are also superhero characters which don't belong to DC or Marvel. Will Smith, for example, played the role of a wayward superhero in the 2008 film Hancock. Similar heroes include Hellboy, Spawn, Megamind, The Incredibles, and The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

For today's quiz, we want our readers to play a simple game of This or That. All they need to do is choose their favorites (and they may be a few tough choices to make!) and we'll match them with a superhero. Can we guess who your favorite is? It's time to play This or That and find out.

Question 1

Iron Man or Captain America?

When Tony Stark is taken he uses the tools he has to build himself a suit of armor which he uses to escape. Once free he continues to works on the suit, adding more technology to it, and in doing so, takes on the superhero persona of Iron Man. Steve Rodgers became Captain America after being given an experimental serum during the Second World War. He was frozen in ice and revived in the present day to lead the Avengers. Who is the best superhero?

Question 2

The Fast and the Furious or The Expendables?

The 2010 action flick The Expendables was the first in a three movie film series and starred Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Randy Couture, Terry Crews, Steve Austin, and Mickey Rourke. In 2001 the first Fast and Furious movie was released and since then there have been seven sequels (as per Wikipedia). This film starred Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, and Michelle Rodriguez. Which franchise was the most entertaining? The Fast and the Furious or The Expendables?

Question 3

Baseball or basketball?

Everyone has a different idea of what constitutes a perfect weekend. For some of us, the idea of lazing around at home (preferably in front of the TV with a ready supply of snacks) is just fine, but others might want to get outside and do something a little more active. That could be anything from visiting the beach to racing bikes. Many folks like to use their free time to play team sports like baseball or basketball. Which is better?

Question 4

Burgers or pizza?

Tonight we're going to watch a movie but before we do that we need to get something to eat. We don't want to get hungry during the movie and we need something a little more than just popcorn (although we'll be having that too!). The only problem is that half of our friends want to get pizza and the other half are in the mood for burgers. It's time to make a choice. Is it going to be burgers or pizza for dinner?

Question 5

Mashed potato or mac and cheese?

Everyone has a favorite comfort food. It's that dish that we know we can always turn to when life gets tough. It might be a certain type of pudding, a savory dish or any type of food. A few common examples of comfort food include dishes like mashed potato (usually with gravy), fried chicken, lasagna, and mac and cheese. If you had to choose between a bowl of mash or a plate of mac and cheese, which would you go for?

Question 6

Superman or Batman?

Over the years the role of Batman has been played by actors such as Michael Keaton, George Clooney, Val Kilmer, Christian Bale, and most recently Ben Affleck. The role of Superman has also been played by various actors including Henry Cavill who portrays this superhero in the DC Extended Universe films Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Justice League (as per Wikipedia). We know they are both amazing characters but which one of these heroes is the best?

Question 7

Wonder Woman or Black Widow?

In the DC Extended Universe, the role of Wonder Woman is played by Gal Gadot. She has portrayed this superheroine in the films Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Wonder Woman, and Justice League. In the MCU the role of Black Widow is played by Scarlett Johansson. This character has appeared in the films Iron Man 2, The Avengers, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War, Captain Marvel, and Avengers: Endgame (as per Wikipedia).

Question 8

Homer Simpson or Peter Griffin?

Homer Simpson is the head of the Simpson family, which consists of his wife Marge, their son Bart, and their two daughters; Lisa and baby Maggie. They live in the town of Springfield where Homer works at the local nuclear plant. Peter and Lois Griffin live with their three children; Meg, Chris, and Stewie in Quahog, (a fictional city Rhode Island). Both animated families have been on the air for a number of years but who is your favorite? Homer or Peter?

Question 9

Golf or hockey?

Sport is a fantastic way for us to keep fit and socialize at the same time. No matter what level of fitness we currently have there is a sport to suit us. Those of us who enjoy team sports might enjoy games like hockey, basketball, or football, while those who like things a little more subdued might prefer to play a round of golf. If you had the afternoon off to enjoy some sunshine what would you rather do - play golf or hockey?

Question 10

Fries or onion rings?

A burger just isn't the same without the sides, is it? Everyone knows that when you order a burger, you have to at least get an order of fries to go along with it. Some folks prefer to have onion rings alongside their burgers and others would rather have both. Fries and onion rings are both yummy sides that can be added to a number of dishes and they are commonly found on fast food menus. Choose fries or onion rings.

Question 11

Comedy or action movies?

Tonight is movie night and so far, we've almost got everything ready. We've collected pillows and blankets from all over the house and put them in front of the TV, we've prepared all the snacks, and we've got plenty of sodas to keep us going. But the only thing we haven't decided on yet is what movie we are going to watch. We can't quite decide if we are in the mood for an action film or a comedy flick... Which is better?

Question 12

Will Smith or Keanu Reeves?

Will Smith's filmography includes Independence Day, Ali, The Pursuit of Happyness, I am Legend, I, Robot, Men in Black, Hancock, Bad Boys, and Focus. He plays the role of Genie in the upcoming remake of Aladdin. Keanu Reeves is best known for playing the role of Neo in The Matrix film series, the title character in the John Wick movie franchise and for movies like Speed, Constantine, and The Devil's Advocate. Which actor would you cast for an action film? Will Smith or Keanu Reeves?

Question 13

Deadpool or Spider-Man?

In Deadpool and Deadpool 2, the title character is played by Ryan Reynolds. This was not the first time Reynolds took on the role of a superhero. Back in 2011, he played the hero in the DC film Green Lantern. The role of Spider-Man has been played by a number of actors over the years including Tobey Maguire. Tom Holland currently portrays this superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Which of these two superheroes is the best - Deadpool or Spider-Man?

Question 14

Chocolate or vanilla?

It's Saturday afternoon and we've just finished the monthly grocery shopping. We decided that before heading home, we're going to stop and have something to eat, so we find a table in the local burger joint. We're not quite sure what we want to have to eat but we know we're in the mood for a cold creamy milkshake. The only question is what flavor to choose. The vanilla is always good but the chocolate is pretty tempting too...What will it be?

Question 15

Movies or books?

When we read a book it's up to us to picture the scenes and characters in our own minds. If a writer is skilled enough they will be able to paint these images in our minds using words. A movie is a more visual experience because we get to see and hear the story being played out. Both movies and books are a great way for us to relax and unwind. What would you rather do - watch a movie or read a book?

Question 16

Bane or Joker?

In the DC universe, Batman has many foes that he needs to fight off in order to keep Gotham safe. They include villains like Scarecrow, Ra's al Ghul, Joker, and Bane. In The Dark Knight, the role of Joker was played by Heath Ledger and in The Dark Knight Rises, the role of Bane was played by Tom Hardy. Which of these villains do you think was the toughest match for Batman? Go ahead and choose between Bane and Joker.

Question 17

Harry Potter or Fantastic Beasts?

Both these successful movies franchises are based on books written by J.K Rowling. The Harry Potter film series came first, beginning in 2001 with Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. There were eight movies in total, five of which are among the 50 highest-grossing films of all time, according to Wikipedia. Fantastic Beasts, a spin-off prequel series set to consist of five films, began in 2016 with Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Which one of these movie franchises is your favorite?

Question 18

Day or night?

Some folks are early birds. They like to get up very early in the morning and start getting things done so that they can retire to bed early too. Other people are night owls; they prefer to stay up late at night and sleep later in the mornings. The daytime is great for getting things done but many people find that they work better in the evenings. It all depends on the person. Which do you prefer - the day time or evening?

Question 19

Marvel or DC?

The Marvel Universe is home to superheroes like Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America, Black Widow, and Hulk, and villains such as Ultron and Thanos. The DC universe is where we find superheroes like Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, and Aquaman, and bad guys like Joker, Bane, Ra's al Ghul, and Lex Luthor. We know it's almost impossible to choose between these two comic universes but if you had to take one over the other which would it be? Marvel or DC?

Question 20

Zombies or werewolves?

It's a cold, rainy Sunday afternoon, one of those afternoons perfect for snuggling up on the couch with a blanket, a few snacks, and a movie. We've decided that's exactly what we are going to do, so now we just need to choose something to watch. We're in the mood for something scary so we've narrowed it down to a movie about zombies and one that has werewolves. What do you think will be more entertaining? Choose between zombies and werewolves.

Question 21

Natalie Portman or Keira Knightley?

Natalie Portman is well-known for her roles in movies like the Star Wars prequel trilogy (as Padmé Amidala), V for Vendetta, and Thor: The Dark World. In 2010 she won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role as a ballerina in the thriller film Black Swan (as per Wikipedia). Keira Knightley is best-known for playing the role of Elizabeth Swann in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series, and for films such as The Imitation Game, Pride & Prejudice, and Never Let Me Go.

Question 22

Ribs or fried chicken?

There's a new restaurant that everyone is talking about and tonight we've decided to try out their food for ourselves to see what they are all raving about. Many people have said that the two best items on the menu are the pork ribs and the deep fried chicken. They both sound amazing so it's a little hard to choose between them. What is it going to be? Juicy BBQ ribs or a basket full of deep-fried chicken pieces? Pick one.

Question 23

Dogs or cats?

Everyone knows that having pets is lots of fun and that there are many different types of pets to choose from. Two of the most popular types of pets are dogs and cats. Dogs are great for companionship, security, and they are always happy to see us (even if we've only been gone for five minutes). Cats, on the other hand, are a little more aloof. They usually only want attention on their terms but they do make great snuggle buddies.

Question 24

Beard or no beard?

Any guy who has ever grown a beard before will know that it takes work to keep it in tip-top condition. Many people find well-manicured facial hair attractive so it certainly pays to put in the extra work. Men who chose to go cleanly shaven on the other hand, still need to put in the work to keep their skin clear and blemish free, which can be difficult when you shave every day. Which look do you think is better? Beard or no beard?

Question 25

Regular or skinny jeans?

According to Wikipedia, jeans became a popular garment in the 1950s and 1960s. They were popularized by James Dean after he wore them in a famous movie. They were initially associated with defiance but by the 1970s they were considered acceptable casual wear. Throughout the year's jeans have come in many different styles and everyone has their favorite. If you had to choose between a pair of regular fit jeans and a pair of skinny ones, which would you go for?

Question 26

Apple or Android?

What's the longest you've ever been able to go without your phone? A few hours? Maybe even a few days? These days we rely on our phones to keep us connected with the world, and it can be pretty tough to try and go without them. They're our computers, calculators, alarms, calendars, photo albums, cameras, and video recorders all rolled into one and life just isn't the same without them! Everyone has a different preference when it comes to phones too. Which is better - Apple or Android?

Question 27

Futurama or Rick and Morty?

In Futurama, a pizza delivery boy called Fry falls into a cryogenic freezing tube on New Year's Eve 1999 and wakes up in the year 3000. He then starts a job at an intergalactic delivery company and meets his co-workers Bender, Leela, Dr. Zoidberg, and Amy. In Rick and Morty, an eccentric grandfather and scientist Rick, takes his grandson, Morty, on wide adventures across time and dimensions. Both these science fiction cartoons are entertaining but which is the best one in your opinion?

Question 28

Hulk or Groot?

Both these characters come from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Groot is a super intelligent tree-like alien and a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. He's voiced by Fast and Furious actor Vin Diesel. Dr. Bruce Banner became the Hulk after a lab accident and has since become a member of The Avengers. He is portrayed by Mark Ruffalo in the MCU films The Avengers, Iron Man 3, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Thor: Ragnarok, Avengers: Infinity War, Captain Marvel, and Avengers: Endgame. Hulk or Groot?

Question 29

Star Trek or Star Wars?

Star Trek is a space opera series that has been made into both tv series and feature films. The first six films were released between 1979 and 1991 and are referred to as The Original Series. Between 1994 and 2002 four more films were released (The Next Generation), and Reboot series (Star Trek, Star Trek Into Darkness, and Star Trek Beyond) began in 2009 (as per Wikipedia). Some folks just can't seem to get enough of Star Trek while others prefer Star Wars. Which is the best?

Question 30

Tomb Raider or Indiana Jones?

Angelina Jolie played the role of video game heroine Lara Croft in the 2001 film Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. Jolie is also well-known for her roles in other action movies such as Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Wanted, and Salt, and for her dramatic work in films like The Bone Collector. In the Indiana Jones film franchise, the title character is played by Harrison Ford. Neither one of these characters had a problem with danger if there was treasure involved! Who was the best?

Question 31

Video games or board games?

Okay, it's time for a little old-school versus new-school! We all know that today's video games are incredible and if we could, many of us would spend a lot more time playing them. But there is still something to be said about boardgames. They still have their place when it comes to socializing and they don't require electricity or an internet connection. What would you rather do on a games night - play video games or break out the old-school boardgames?

Question 32

Christian Bale or Ben Affleck?

Christian Bale has starred in films like The Machinist, The Prestige, and Terminator Salvation and is known for going to great lengths to prepare for his roles. Ben Affleck is known for his roles in movies like Good Will Hunting, Armageddon, Gone Girl, and Argo. These two actors have something in common, they've both taken on the role of Batman in the DC Extended Universe. But who do you think played this superhero the best? Christian Bale or Ben Affleck?

Question 33

Professor X or Magneto?

Professor X is the leader of the X-Men and the head of the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. Patrick Stewart portrayed this character in seven films of the X-Men film series while James McAvoy played a younger version of the character in X-Men: First Class, X-Men: Apocalypse, and Deadpool 2 (cameo), and will reprise his role in Dark Phoenix. The role of his friend (and occasional enemy) Magneto was played by Sir Ian McKellen in five films of the X-Men film series, while Michael Fassbender portrayed a younger version of the character in three films (as per Wikipedia). Choose one:

Question 34

Super speed or super strength?

At the moment everyone is talking superheroes. With all this hype going on we often find ourselves thinking about what kind of superhero we would be in a fictional universe. What would our costume look like? Would we fight solo or in a team? Would we battle with magical powers like Scarlet Witch or would we use technology like Tony Stark? And speaking of powers, which superpower would be the best to have? Would it be better to be super fast or super strong?

Question 35

The Hunger Games or Maze Runner?

The Hunger Games film series is based on the science fiction novel trilogy (of the same name) written by Suzanne Collins. The lead character, Katniss Everdeen is portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1, and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2. The Maze Runner film trilogy is based on a novel series written by James Dashner (as per Wikipedia). Which is the best? The Hunger Games or Maze Runner?

Question 36

Mad Max or Mission Impossible?

In the 2015 post-apocalyptic action flick Mad Max: Fury Road, Tom Hardy plays the role of Max Rockatansky, a survivor who attempts to flee from a crazy cult leader. This was the fourth installment in the Mad Max film franchise which began in 1979 with Mel Gibson playing the lead role. Tom Cruise plays the role of Ethan Hunt, an agent of the Mission Impossible Force, in the Mission Impossible film franchise which now includes six movies (as per Wikipedia). Both these film franchises were full of action, excitement, and danger, but which was the best?

Question 37

Date night or boys night?

Everyone has a different idea of what constitutes the perfect date night. For some people, the ideal date might be a traditional dinner and a movie, while others prefer something a little more low-key, like coffee. Date nights are about couples spending quality time together whereas boys nights are all about hanging out with the guys. This could mean working on a project together, playing games, or just talking about life. Which is more fun - date night or boys night?

Question 38

Fish and chips or sushi?

Tonight we're in the mood for a taste of the ocean so we're heading down to the local mall to see what the food court has to offer. We find a fish takeaway first, and the smells coming from the fried fish make our mouths water. We're almost ready to order the largest piece of fish they have when we spot a sushi place across the court. Sushi could also satisfy our craving. So what is it going to be?

Question 39

Fight Club or The Matrix?

In the 1999 film Fight Club, Edward Norton plays the role of a dissatisfied office worker who struggles with insomnia. He meets a soap-maker (Brad Pitt) and the two form a friendship, eventually living together. They then begin an underground boxing club. In The Matrix (also released in 1999) Keanu Reeves learns that he is the one who must save humanity from a virtual reality world. Both these films gave viewers a lot to think about, but which one was the best?

Question 40

Jared Leto or Heath Ledger?

These actors have both taken on the role of one of the most infamous villains of all time - Joker. As one of Batman's most troublesome enemies, Joker is one of the most popular villains in the DC universe and over the years a number of different actors have taken on this role. Heath Ledger was posthumously honored with the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in The Dark Knight. The role of Joker has also been played by Jared Leto. Who did it best?

Question 41

Jason Statham or Vin Diesel?

Jason Statham is well-known for his roles in action films such as Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, The Transporter film trilogy, The Italian Job, The Mechanic, and Mechanic: Resurrection. He hit the big time when he landed roles in The Expendables and the Fast and the Furious film franchises. Vin Diesel is best-known for his role as Dominic Toretto in the Fast and Furious film franchise and for his roles in movies such as XXX and The Chronicles of Riddick. Choose the better actor:

Question 42

PlayStation or Xbox?

The original PlayStation was released in 1994 and was followed by the PS one in 2000. Later that same year the PlayStation 2 hit the market and has since become the best-selling home console to date. The PlayStation 3 was released in 2006 and the latest offering, the PlayStation 4. in 2013. The very first Xbox game console was released in 1996 and the Xbox 360 followed in 2005 (as per Wikipedia). Everyone has a favorite when it comes to gaming - which is yours?

Question 43

Voldemort or Darth Vader?

In the Harry Potter film franchise, the role of the lead villain Lord Voldemort is played by Ralph Fiennes. Fans will also remember Fiennes from his role as M in Skyfall as well as movies such as Red Dragon, The Constant Gardener, and The Grand Budapest Hotel. Darth Vader is the main antagonist in the Star Wars universe. He was once Anakin Skywalker, who some thought might become the most powerful Jedi, but he turned over to the dark side instead. Which is the best bad guy?

Question 44

Potato chips or pretzels?

We're holding a movie night this evening and we told all our friends to bring a few snacks with them that everyone can share. Now that everyone is here we seem to have enough food to last us the rest of the weekend, never mind the evening. We've got so much in fact that we just wouldn't have space to put it all out in one go. We'll have to make a few decisions, starting with potato chips or pretzels?

Question 45

Beach or pool?

Everyone could do with a few more holidays, right? Spending the whole year working and only being able to relax on vacation for two or three weeks just isn't enough! Many people like to spend their holidays relaxing in places close to the ocean, where they can enjoy beach activities and the natural beauty of the ocean. Most of these type of resorts also have pools for their guests to swim in. At a place like this, do you prefer swimming in the pool or in the sea?

Question 46

Digimon or Pokemon?

In the world of Digimon various weird and wonderful lifeforms hatch from eggs called Digi-Eggs. They occupy a parallel universe created by Earth's communication networks and age over time in a process known as"Digivolution" which causes their appearance to change and their powers to increase. In the Pokemon universe, players become Trainers and must catch and train Pokemon (or Pocket Monsters) to battle each other (as per Wikipedia). Which of these two franchises do you enjoy the most? The world of Digimon or Pokemon?

Question 47

Leonardo DiCaprio or Tom Hardy?

Leonardo DiCaprio is well known for his roles in films like Titanic, Romeo + Juliet, Catch Me if you Can, The Wolf of Wall Street, The Revenant, The Great Gatsby, The Aviator, and Shutter Island. Tom Hardy, who appeared alongside DiCaprio in The Revenant and Inception, has also starred in movies such as Legend, Mad Max: Fury Road, Bane, Dunkirk, and Venom. Both actors are well-known for their versatility when it comes to roles, but which one would you say is the best actor?

Question 48

Gas or diesel?

One way or another, we all need to get around. We've got places to go and people to see, and that means that unless we want to be dependant on public transport we need to have our own set of wheels. When it comes to choosing a car, there are many things to consider, and one of them is what type of fuel it will run on. When it comes to cars which do you prefer: gas or diesel to fuel that engine?

Question 49

James Bond or Jason Bourne?

James Bond is a legendary super spy and one of the best-known fictional spy characters in the world. He's been around since the highly successful Bond film franchise began with the first movie, Dr. No, which was released in 1962. Bond has been played by numerous actors including Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan, and Daniel Craig. Jason Bourne is the antihero star of the Bourne film series which includes The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, The Bourne Ultimatum, and Jason Bourne.

Question 50

Superbike or dirt bike?

Some guys are all about cars and the faster and louder they are - the better! Other guys (and girls too!) prefer their machines to have two wheels instead of four and would much rather spend the day on their bikes than in a car of any kind. It's true that there's nothing quite like the freedom of riding a motorbike and there are many different types for fans to choose from. Which do you think is better? A superbike or dirt bike?

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