Only Someone Who's Actually Funny Can Name All These Comedies

There is no denying that we all have our own specific taste when it comes to films. Some of us love the romance, while others enjoy the action-packed adventures. Some of us have fun watching animated films, while others simply want to sing along to musicals. While different genres may appeal to each of us, there is one that most of us can usually agree upon. We are of course talking about comedy. Who doesn't love to laugh? When we are having a rough day, or just looking for a giggle, these films are always there to do the job!

Who here thinks they know the best of the best in terms of comedy films? Well, it is time to prove it! This quiz was designed for people with a truly amazing sense of humor. We will be listing 50 comedy films individually, and all we are asking everyone here to do is name them each correctly. Doesn't sound too difficult, right? Well, think again! Some of these will be old school favorites, while others may have just come out this year. Hopefully everyone has been keeping up with their movie watching! Time to get the popcorn out for this one!

Question 1

Which film is this?

The Stangle family has thrown some pretty amazing events over the years. Mike and Dave like to think that they are at least partially responsible for most of these awesome family times. However, the rest of the Stangle family would prefer it if these two stopped showing up all together. While the two brothers mean well, they can never seem to keep their noses out of trouble. Their little sister is about to get married, and since they love her so much, they have agreed to be perfect gentlemen for the occasion. Good luck with that boys! Name this move!

Question 2

Match this comedy to the right title

Peter may not have been the most motivated guy around town, but he was no slouch either. He worked a stable job, he had plans to write his very own musical play one day, and he loved his girlfriend very much. When his girlfriend arrived home and spontaneously broke up with him though, Peter felt like he had lost it all. There was not a person in the world capable of dragging him out of his slump, so Peter decided to jet off to Hawaii to wash his sorrows away. A good plan, except he chose the same resort as his ex ...

Question 3

Name this movie

Even though Seth and Evan have been picked on for as long as they can remember, they both still always manage to have a good time. This is due to the fact that they have always had each other to depend on. That being said, now that they are headed off to different colleges, they really have no idea what they are going to do. Not wanting to dwell on this, they have decided to make their final weekend as high school students the best one they have ever had. It is a lofty goal, but one they can accomplish!

Question 4

Pick out the correct name

Olive was not like the other girls in her school. Okay okay, we know all of the girls say that, but Olive really was different! She did not like being the center of attention, nor did she enjoy participating in gossip and rumors. Her best friend was much better at that kind of thing anyway, so Olive let her deal with it. That being said, when Olive herself became the subject of a fast moving rumor, she was clearly not prepared to deal with the aftermath of such a thing. Now she's gotta come up with a plan, and quick!

Question 5

Who knows the right answer?

When these two are together, you just know it's going to be good. Dale and Brennan are not like all of the other men in town. They are both in their 40s, and they both still live at home. Why move out when everything they need is at home waiting for them? Clearly, this has made things tough on their parents. Although, how can they really get upset now when they have been letting it go on for so long already? Their parents want them out, but they are going to need to find jobs first ... Name the comedy!

Question 6

Name this comedy

There is not a whole lot that Harry and Lloyd can really manage to do. They both barely make enough money to pay for the small apartment they share, and neither of them is bright enough to realize that they have kind of been failing at life. Sometimes ignorance really is bliss, isn't it? While they would have been fine continuing down the path they started on, when a mysterious woman leaves behind a briefcase full of cash in their cab, these two feel the need to become the most unlikely heroes the world has ever seen. Good luck boys!

Question 7

Which of these titles is correct?

After high school graduation, Chris left his hometown cursing everyone from it and swearing that he would return one day as a thin successful man. While Chris did in fact lose a ton of weight and become successful, he never actually planned on going back home. He lived in glamorous California now, so why bring up all the pain from the past? However, his private jet has just had to make an emergency landing, and guess where they happened to be flying over when it happened? Yup! Chris is back home anyways, and things are exactly how he left em'.

Question 8

Which of these titles is correct?

Back in the 70s, the News world was a completely different place. Like other areas of media, it was completely dominated by males. A local News team from San Diego was no different than the others. Ever segment of the News was delivered by one of these four men. However, after their boss recruited a new female co-anchor, things started to change quickly. It was time for the men to be pushed out, and for the women to take over. Of course, the men were not on board with this at all, but you know what they say about not moving with the times ...

Question 9

Pick the right title

Mac and Kelly are as average as any couple could ever be. They are newly married and expecting their first child. Having worked for this exact moment their entire life, Mac and Kelly have just purchased their dream family home. Yes, everything is going exactly to plan and they could not be any more excited. However, the loud noise coming from nextdoor has started to get them a little worried. After doing some investigating, they have found out that their neighbours are in fact a gang of fraternity boys. Yikes! Can anyone here pick out the correct title of this film?

Question 10

Select the right answer

See the guy yelling at the golf ball? Yea, he is surprisingly the hero of this film. This dude has been dealing with his anger issues for as long as he has been old enough to recognize anger as an emotion. While he could have been a famous hockey player, his out of control temper always held him back. Now that he is in desperate need of some quick cash though, he is willing to try anything. Someone recommended a golf tournament, but he's never even held a club before. Maybing yelling the ball into the hole will work? Name this comedy!

Question 11

What movie are we talking about?

One of these friends is a motivated guy doing his best, while the other is kind of a deadbeat trying to bring his buddy down with him. They have been best buds forever, so at this point they are kinda stuck together. When they both get a wicked craving for some burgers, they know they have to get some or else they will never be able to sleep. Never in a million years would they have guessed that their simple trip for food, would turn into such an extreme adventure. Can anyone here pick out the correct title of this movie?

Question 12

Name this movie

Nick is used to a fast paced lifestyle. He was once one of London's top crime fighters, so he has seen some things in his past. That being said, he has recently been reassigned to a small town named Sandford. Nothing exciting ever happens in Sandford, and to make things worse, his new partner could not be any dimmer. When a random spree of crimes starts taking place in the small town though, Nick is really the only one who can do something about it. Time to put the ice cream down gentlemen! Can anyone here correctly name this movie?

Question 13

Which movie are we talking about?

A group of three friends have been together since they were school kids. They have been there for each other on every big day, and they have certainly helped each other celebrate along the way. One of them is about to get married, so naturally the other two are looking forward to planning a bachelor party. Vegas is the only logical place for the shenanigans they have planned, but they did not expect to have to bring the groom's brother-in-law to be along for the ride ... Does anyone here know what movie we are talking about in this question?

Question 14

Which movie is this?

George Simmons is one of the most famous comics in the world. He has always loved his job, and his life has over all been pretty good. However, he has just learned that he has a fatal disease. Being an expect in comedy, George knowns there is nothing funny about his predicament at all. Not really knowing what to do with himself anymore, George has decided to take an aspiring comic under his wing. He figures the least he can do is try to leave some sort of mark on the world. Does anyone here know what movie we are talking about?

Question 15

Which film is this?

Imagine living in a world where high school was not a thing we had to deal with? It seems like a peaceful world doesn't it? Well, for us maybe, but to young Cady Heron, it is the worst. All she has ever wanted is to experience high school like the rest of us, but clearly no one has ever told her the truth about it. Her parents have finally decided to let her attend a real life high school, but she is in for one heck of an awakening. Can anyone here pick out the correct title of this film?

Question 16

Match this movie to the right title

David was not exactly living a wholesome life when his story got started, but he was no criminal either. Sure he made his money through illegal businesses, but it was all small-time stuff. He wasn't stupid, so he knew how to fly under the radar for the most part. However, after making one small error, his entire system has come crashing down. To get himself out of the situation, he is going to need to break even more laws, and these ones are bigger. Does anyone here know what movie we are talking about in this question? Pick out the correct title!

Question 17

Match this film to the right title

Michelle Darnell is a household name. As a single woman, she has made herself into one of the highest paid CEOs in the country. She had absolutely everything she had ever wanted, and she had certainly let the wealth go to her head. After getting busted for insider trading though, Michelle lost it all. She was also locked up for the crime, but she is now on her way out of the big house. She is determined to get her life back to where it had been, but she needs a new business plan. Can anyone here pick out the right title?

Question 18

Pick out the right answer

Peter is just like the rest of us. He dreads the thought of going into work every single morning. He knows his boss will have something to complain about, the water cooler conversation will be as dull as always, and he will leave with a paycheck for an amount much less than he feels he deserves. Yes, Peter is literally just one of millions. However, Peter is finally going to do something about his sorry existence. He is going to go through a session of hypnotherapy, and with any hope, he will leave a whole new person! Name this comedy!

Question 19

Which of these titles is correct?

Dale and Saul could not be any more different. Okay, so in reality they are actually quite similar, but they do not see things that way. For one reason or another, Dale considers himself better than Saul, whereas Saul never really thinks about much at all. Never having planned on being lifetime friends or anything, these two were content just keeping their relationship strictly about business. However, when a business deal goes wrong, these two are forced out on the run together. There really is nothing like running for your lives to bring you close to someone. Name this comedy!

Question 20

Name this film

On the outside, it looks as though Cher has it all. To be fair, she does have most things. She is super rich, very popular, and has a better fashion sense then most of the people on television. However, Cher is missing one vitally important thing to a teenage girl. Cher needs a boyfriend. While she certainly has the means to find one, she isn't interested in all of the boring highschool boys she knows. She wants someone with class and sophistication. Not exactly an easy thing to find at her age ... Can anyone here name this comedy film?

Question 21

Name this movie

Imagine dating someone who we know our parents simply would not approve of? What would we do? Break things off, or hope our parents come around eventually? After Emily found out that Kumail's family would indeed never accept her, she decided to end their relationship. Kumail though, was not ready to throw in the towel. However, once he went to find her and win her heart back, he learned that she had fallen ill and was now in a mysterious coma. Having so many things to say to her and not being able to, is making Kumail see things in a whole new light.

Question 22

What is the name of this comedy?

Meeting girls can be more difficult than the movies make it look. That being said, these two guys have developed a foolproof system, that has been working for them for years now. John and Jeremy wait all year for wedding season. Once the invitations are sent out, they patrol all of the local venues and learn as much as they can about the couples and their guests. They infiltrate the weddings, have a great time along with everyone else there, and usually manage to swoon the prettiest girls from the party. Talk about being resourceful! Name this popular comedy!

Question 23

Pick out the right title

After his wife left him, Carl had a hard time adjusting. He was growing more and more negative by the day, and he was blowing off his friends every chance he got. Not wanting to watch him in self-destruction mode any longer, his friends told him he had to figure out a way to change. Not having any other ideas, Carl attended a self-help seminar. He was not expecting much from it, so Carl was as surprised as anyone when he left feeling like an entirely new man. Does anyone here know what movie we are talking about? Pick out the right title!

Question 24

Which answer is correct?

Becoming a cop is not a path everyone should take. Even though this is true, both of these guys went out and decided to do it anyways. Officer Schmidt is not physically capable of keeping up with the job, and while Officer Jenko is extremely fit, he cannot study long enough to even remember the Miranda Rights. All of this being said, when these two work together, they kind of make one okay cop. The pair has just been reassigned to a new gig, but working closely together has never been more important for this duo. Name this popular comedy!

Question 25

Match this movie to the correct title

Peter and his wife have been waiting 9 long months to meet their first child, so naturally tensions are running pretty high now that his wife only have 5 days left before her due date. Peter flew out of town for a quick business meeting, but is already on his way back home. Or at least he was. Unfortunately, Peter sat next to the wrong person on the plane and wound up getting booted along with his seatmate. There is only one rental car left, and these two are going to need to share it. Which of these titles is right?

Question 26

Which comedy are we talking about?

Amy has had plenty of chances for a relationship over the years, but she had never taken any of them. There had been nothing wrong with the men interested, but she has just never felt comfortable with commitment. Of course this could be due to the fact that her father used to tell her that commitment was for the weak, but who's counting, right? Instead of relationships, Amy always put her focus into work. Now that her work has lead her to a potential Mr. Right though, things are getting very confusing for Amy. What is the name of this movie?

Question 27

Pick out the right title

As much as Danny wants to meet a nice girl to settle down with, he just can't seem to do it. He is an established plastic surgeon with a good heart and morals, but everyone he has ever loved has left him for one reason or another. Getting frustrated with this reality, Danny has all but given up. Or he did, until he discovered the perfect plan for stress-free dating. Danny is now telling all of his dates that he has an estranged wife. They can't leave him if they think he's technically taken already, right? So, name the movie!

Question 28

Which answer is correct?

Harper and Charlie have been feeling overworked for some time now. They both work as the assistant to a couple of extremely powerful business execs, and to say that their time off is limited, would be the understatement of the year. In desperate need of a break, but not wanting to jeopardize their job, these two came up with an awesome plan. They want to set their bosses up with each other, thinking that once they are so busy with a relationship, they will lay off the work a little. Not a bad plan, but a risky one for sure!

Question 29

Name this movie

High school can be a tough time on anyone. This girl though, seems pretty resilient to the hardships that come along with this time in life. She ignores the kids in the halls, mocks the teachers when they aren't looking, and pretty much does things her own way. She does have a couple of friends, but that is where her interactions end. That being said, now that she has discovered she is pregnant, ignoring everyone in the halls may get a bit more difficult. It is certainly going to be a long 9 months for everyone involved. Name this movie!

Question 30

Pick the right title

Max and Annie's relationship is a strange one. They are both completely obsessed with competition. They turn everything they do into a game, just to see who will come out victorious. It may sound unhealthy, but they do love each other almost as much as they love the games. On an evening where they had arranged to play a few games with some friends, Max and Annie find themselves in the middle of a competition they had never signed up for. This one night is going to put their love for each other and for games to the ultimate test.

Question 31

Name the comedy

After one full year of dating, Tom has decided it is time to propose to his girlfriend. He has come up with a crazy over-the-top plan, which he is sure she won't be able to say no to. However, on the night the proposal was set to take place, everything went wrong. While they did in fact wind up engaged, it was not the romantic evening Tom had been hoping for. Every day they spend engaged, Tom thinks more and more that the universe is trying to tell them something. How can a relationship work, if the universe is against it?

Question 32

Match this movie to the right title

For Deanne, life has pretty much been everything she had ever wanted it to be. While she did get pregnant earlier than she had planned for, she has absolutely loved dedicating herself to motherhood and caring for her family's home. She was never able to finish her degree, but she would not change a thing about her life. Well, maybe she would change a couple of things ... Deanne's husband has just informed her that he wants a divorce. Having no other way to make money, Deanne is now going back to college to finish her degree. Name this comedy film!

Question 33

Pick the right answer

It is no big secret that the dating game has changed quite a bit over the years. With dating apps, snapchats, and who knows what else, the dating game has become almost impossible. Cal for instance, is a newly divorced man, who has virtually no idea how to talk to women anymore. He goes to the bars, but leaves alone every single night. Luckily, a young bachelor has just decided to take Cal under his wing. Getting him in dating shape is not going to be easy, but this guy is an expert. Can anyone name this comedy film? Take a guess!

Question 34

Which title is correct?

In the video game world, there are heroes and there are villains. As the players of these games, we do not really ask any questions. We want the heroes to win, and we want to take the villains down in the process. However, what if the villains aren't really bad guys afterall? One of these supposed "bad guys" has had enough. He wants a go at being a hero for once, but the rules of his game will simply not allow it. Well, if his game won't allow it, then he is going to find one that will! Name this movie!

Question 35

Which movie are we talking about?

Jamie and Dylan only knew each other through work, but it was enough for them to learn the important things about each other, they learned that they had quite a bit in common, at least enough to build a friendship anyways. They began hanging outside of work, and talking about things other than business. After discovering that neither of them had ever had any success in a relationship before, they thought maybe they could help each other out. They didn't want to date or anything, but some casual fun couldn't hurt, right? Can anyone pick out the correct title of this movie?

Question 36

Match this movie to the correct title

Imagine living life completely by the rules? Like never doing a single thing that a doctor may say is bad for you? Adam has lived a life just like that. He works out daily, he only eats healthy foods, and he never even accepts a drink. That being said, Adam has also just found out that he only has months to live. To say his diagnosis is not fair, would be one heck of an understatement. Adam is furious, and rightly so. He has done everything by the book, and still it was not good enough to save him? Name this comedy!

Question 37

Name this comedy

While some people wait all year for the Superbowl or the Stanley Cup, some out there are waiting for the Mayflower Dog Show. The Mayflower Dog Show is the biggest event in the doggy world. Not only do the dogs prepare all year for it, but so do their owners. The stakes are very high, and the competition is tough. Only the best of the best will walk away with a prize, and those who don't, will likely never recover. Who knew that dog shows could be so intense? Can anyone here pick out the correct title of this movie?

Question 38

Pick the right answer

Jenna was not enjoying her life as a 13 year old girl. Sure she has her best friend Mattie around, but what Jenna truly wants to be happy is popularity. She thinks that if she is to become one of the "it" girls in school, the rest of her life will simply fall into place. However, the popular girls do not have a whole lot of nice things to say about her unfortunately. Tired of not fitting in, Jenna has used her one birthday wish on something extreme. She wishes to be done with middle school, and to be a 30 year old.

Question 39

Which title is right?

Sometimes we all need a little getaway from reality. A nice vacation is always a great way to reset, and come back totally renewed. That being said, these four couple friends have just accidentally signed up for a vacation on a resort that exclusively offers couples counseling. While one of the couples is happy to work on their relationship, the others are trying desperately to focus on anything but their relationships. This trip is not exactly going to be as relaxing as they had all hoped. Is anyone here able to pick out the correct title from the four given?

Question 40

What comedy are we talking about?

Annie is a good friend. She has had a very rough year, but after finding out that her best friend has gotten engaged, well she couldn't be any happier! Okay, so maybe her happiness is slightly clouded by her jealousy, but that is totally minor. It is time for Annie to push her own woes aside, and help her best friend plan a wedding. Of course the arrival of new girlfriends is putting Annie even more on edge though. Now she is not only trying to plan her friend's wedding, but it feels as though she is trying to prove her place as the best friend as well...

Question 41

What film is this?

Now here we have a holiday themed comedy, which is a little outside of the box. Davey was at one point in time the brightest kid in town. His school grades were excellent, he was the captain of his basketball team, and he was even experiencing first love. However, when Davey lost both of his parents to the same accident, he lost his way completely. He let everything in his life fall away, and he let things get even worse when the holidays rolled around every year. The town has been watching this behaviour for years, and they think it is time for it to come to an end.

Question 42

Which of these titles is correct?

Do these two look like the poplar kids from your high school? Probably not. These guys could not be bigger outcasts if they tried. Everything about them is completely awkward and off putting. That being said, they are looking to change up the way things work at their high school. Why not make it so that it is the awkward kids who have all the fun? The only way they can make this happen, is by winning the student body election. Votes will be tough to come by, but they are determined. Can anyone here correctly name this film? Take a guess!

Question 43

Which answer is right?

Becca had big plans for herself after high school graduation. She was going to head off to L.A and finally start putting in her dues in the music industry. She wants to one day become a producer, but all of her plans have now been put on hold. Her father has told her that there is just no way she is not going to college first. After many arguments, they came to a deal. Becca will do her best for one full year by participating in school activities as well as classes, and if she still wants to go afterwards, he will fund her trip to California. Not a bad deal!

Question 44

Name this movie

Apparently, the hippest of hip bands these days do not actually release information about their concerts until just moments before they take the stage. This leaves their fans patrolling the city at all hours of the night, looking for clues as to where they may be able to find the band. Nick and Norah have both been hunting for the same show, but trouble keeps popping up at every corner. When all they wanted was to see a good concert, these two might have actually found themselves in the middle of a new relationship instead... Name this comedy film!

Question 45

Which movie are we talking about?

Donna is an out of work comic. If someone of you are thinking that there is no way this can pay the bills, you would be 100% correct! Donna has virtually no clue how to care for herself. She simply manages to get by, and never asks for much more out of life. One evening, after messing up yet another job opportunity, Donna encountered a kind gentlemen who she figured would make an excellent distraction. Of course she never imagined this distraction would lead her into motherhood... Now she needs to learn how to not only care for herself but a child as well!

Question 46

Select the right answer

Kate is a single mother of 3. This is probably the hardest job in the world, but she has been doing a good job. She has just accepted a well paying job as a cleaner for a wealthy man. She is to keep his yacht in pristine condition, and she will be fairly compensated for her work. However, her new boss has turned out to be extremely rude and ungrateful. After he fires Kate for unjust reasons, she decides it is time for some payback. Can anyone here figure out which of these titles is correct? Pick out the right one!

Question 47

Match this film to the correct title

Sarah and Shannon may work the same job, but they both do it quite differently. Sarah is a workaholic. She follows all of the rules, and usually winds up successful. However, she is also a bossy know-it-all who nobody wants to work with. Shannon on the other hand, plays by her own rules. While she too is often successful, she usually winds up breaking a law or two in the process. To get these girls in shape, their boss has decided to pair them up together. What could possibly go wrong, right? Can anyone here pick out the correct title of this movie?

Question 48

Name this comedy

Finding a job at any age can be stressful, but trying to find one in an entirely new department past the age of 40, is downright impossible. Nick and Billy have made a great living off of being salesmen, but the truth of the matter is, salesmen just aren't needed any more. The world has switched to online shopping, and neither of these guys know a thing about computers. What better place to learn about them than Google itself? Nick and Billy are going after an internship with the online powerhouse, and they are totally ready for the challenge! Name this comedy!

Question 49

Which title is right?

How much do we really ever know about the people we choose to date? Not the ones we have long-term relationships with, but the ones we dated casually? Usually we do not know much. It is all too easy for people to keep their true selves secret, so for all we know we could be out there dating maniacs. These two best friends have just discovered that one of their exes is in fact a spy. While this may sound exciting, it has actually lead both of them on a mission to save their lives. Can anyone pick out the right title?

Question 50

Name this movie

Even though Susan was fully capable of taking down bad guys on her own, she usually let her partner do all of heavy lifting. Susan would do her part from the comfort of her desk, and she would communicate with her on-the-go partner through an earpiece. She wasn't living the exciting life as most other CIA agents, but she was happy. Or she was, until her partner was taken down while on a job. In an attempt to avenge him, Susan is heading out to the streets and planning on kicking some serious bad guy butt. Try naming this comedy movie!

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