Only Real Basketball Fans Can Pass This Basic NBA Trivia Quiz

NBA fans take in information that features the top players, teams, and games to go down. Basketball is different from other top sports in how the league is marketed for the fan base. The most important aspect for the league success is fans getting the option to learn more about the players. Other sports with helmets or that feature more of the team element will not allow for superstars to become beloved as easily to stand out. The NBA, however, thrives in that department which leads to fans remember them more. Trivia is something the average basketball fan becomes great at just by paying attention to the game. Fans don’t even have to watch every game or keep up with every single player in the league to remember relevant information for each season.

Your knowledge will be put to the test with a set of questions that the average NBA fan should be able to answer. It ranges from the past to the present to see how strong your memory is in the world of basketball trivia. The questions will revolve around basic NBA trivia that most basketball fans will be able to figure out. However, anyone that does not pay attention to the game may not know how to answer some of them. Find out how your basketball trivia compares to the other fans out there that answer trivia. Only real basketball fans that pay enough attention to the game will be able to pass this basic NBA quiz!

Question 1

What number did Michael Jordan wear?

Michael Jordan is still the top choice for the greatest player in NBA history decades after his retirement from the game. The six NBA Championships for Jordan during his time on the Chicago Bulls along with his unparalleled impact on the game left a legacy that fans will never forget. Jordan was an icon in pop culture along with sports when he played. He still has the same effect with his Jordan shoes continuing to present positive results for basketball fans. The jersey number of Jordan became a top number on jerseys moving forward thanks to him. What is Jordan’s number? (Basketball Reference)

Question 2

How many points is a free throw worth?

The goal of a basketball goal is always to score more points than an opponent before time expires. Every point matter in the overall landscape of a game. One underrated way to add to the scoreboard is getting free throws after a foul is called. The luxury of getting to take the shots without any defense is the most ideal way to get points. Some players get fouled intentionally when they are unable to make their free throw shots from the free throw line. The point total has remained the same since the free throw became part of the game. How many points is a free throw worth? (Basketball Reference)

Question 3

What is the nickname of LeBron James?

LeBron James has been the face of the NBA for about a decade now. The start with the Cleveland Cavaliers showcased athletic gifts fans were captivated by. LeBron moving to the Miami Heat for four years and returning to the Cavaliers for another four would help take his star power to the next level. An accomplishment of leading his team to eight NBA Finals in a row provided more memorable moments to make him an iconic figure in the NBA. The nickname of James is one that is very much associated with him. What is the nickname of LeBron? (Basketball Reference)

Question 4

Which of these players played for the Lakers?

The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the most popular sports franchises in the world. Legendary players have become common to wear the purple and gold colors for the Lakers. Fans expect a lot from the top talents to spend time on the roster. The following four players were all legendary performers that provided a lot of great moments for the NBA on the court. Only one of them have been able to play for the Lakers. This person became synonymous with the Lakers and is viewed as an all-time great. Which of these players is a former Laker star? (Basketball Reference)

Question 5

Which team has this logo?

The logo featured here is associated with one of the teams in the NBA. This team has undergone many changes throughout the years. They currently have a logo that goes back to their old school days in the early 90s. Fans of the team are still hoping to find more success as they’ve yet to reach the end goal in the NBA of winning it all. The logo is a popular for fans that enjoyed the team in the old days and want to see them continue moving forward. Which of the following NBA teams has this logo? (Basketball Reference)

Question 6

Which legend is on the official NBA logo?

The NBA logo has remained the same for many years now. It features the silhouette of a legendary player making a play he was known for during his team on the court. This player was highly respected for his ability to perform at a high level consistently throughout his time in the league. He deserves to be mentioned on the all-time greats list when looking back at those that had an impact on the game. Time will tell if the logo ever changes, but he is the player that is associated with it. Which former player is on the official NBA logo? (Basketball Reference)

Question 7

How many players can start a game for each team?

The starting lineup is the part of the rotation that every NBA player wants to be a part of. Every NBA coach has the tough task of picking the best slate of guys to start the game together. It sets the tone for the night as many games are decided quickly if a big lead is developed. However, the more important thing about a starter is that they also usually close the game. Starters are usually the best players that have the most important minutes played in the game. How many players can a team have in their starting lineup each game? (Basketball Reference)

Question 8

Which team did Kobe Bryant retire with?

Kobe Bryant is still missed in the NBA a few years after he made the decision to retire from the game. The accolades from Bryant include winning five NBA Championships with two NBA Finals MVP Awards and one regular season MVP Award. Bryant’s scoring impact was his strongest contribution to the game as opposing defenders could not stop him at his peak. The defense of Kobe also impressed enough to make a mark on slowing down the other team’s shooting guard or small forward. Bryant retired with a tremendous game of 60 points and a game-winner. Which team did Kobe play his final game for? (ESPN)

Question 9

Which of these players played for the Celtics?

The Boston Celtics are associated with winning in just about every decade since joining the NBA. They still hold the record for the most NBA Championships won with the Los Angeles Lakers right behind them. Boston has always been able to put together smart staffs behind the scenes that find a way to add top talent to the roster each season. The Celtics certainly have had their fair share of legends with many more great players joining the roster in recent years. All four players featured here are great, but three of them did not play for Boston. Which of these players was a Celtic at some point? (Basketball Reference)

Question 10

Which team has this logo?

The logo shown here is currently the image used most by a popular NBA team. This franchise has had quite a few years of winning ways. A couple of past and present superstar players give the fan base reason to purchase jerseys and merchandise with this logo all over them. The talented players to make the team relevant also made the logo relevant along the way. It helps that this logo stands out and is not basic like some of the others in the league that all blend together. Which of the following teams is the one to have this logo? (Basketball Reference)

Question 11

How many points did Wilt Chamberlain score in an NBA all-time record?

Wilt Chamberlain was the most dominant NBA player during his time in the league. There were not many players on his talent level which allowed him to put up impressive numbers each season. It was common for him to score 50 points or deliver 20 rebounds despite the improbable nature of having one of those today, let alone both. Chamberlain also set the record-breaking number of the highest point total by one player in a single game. Most pundits expect the record to never get passed. How many points did Wilt score as the most in NBA history? (Basketball Reference)

Question 12

What is the nickname of Dwyane Wade?

Dwyane Wade recently ended his time in the NBA by retiring after a great run. The incredible accomplishments of Wade helped his Miami Heat franchise win three NBA Championships throughout the years. Fans were always in awe of Wade thanks to his exciting style of play. Wade would provide a combination of speed, agility and finesse to get to the basket for the points. Not many other players could match Wade at his best in his prime years. Wade had a nickname that showcased his popularity among NBA fans. What was the nickname associated with Wade as a player? (Basketball Reference)

Question 13

Which of these players is a former MVP Award winner?

The MVP Award is often the hardest accomplishment for an NBA star to achieve as a player. An entire team wins the NBA Championship as everyone must work together to reach the goal. However, the MVP Award is crediting one player for having the best overall impact on his team each season. The top tier players in the league are associated with the award. Michael Jordan, LeBron James and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar have each won the MVP Award multiple times during their great runs. Only one of the four great players to choose from won the award here. Which player is a former MVP? (Basketball Reference)

Question 14

Which of these players played for the Bulls?

The Chicago Bulls are a beloved franchise in the NBA for many reasons. Many current fans started watching basketball back in the 90s when Michael Jordan was taking over the league and making the Bulls must-see television. There have also been many other relevant and talented top stars to spend time in Chicago for the franchise while creating a legacy with memorable moments of their own. The four players to choose from all had great runs in the NBA with various teams. Only one of them spent time with the Bulls as a player. Which of them is a former Chicago Bull? (Basketball Reference)

Question 15

Which team has this logo?

The logo featured here is the visual image associated with a team in the NBA. This franchise is currently in a difficult situation trying to figure out their future. They hold a few talented players on the roster with a couple of other major assets to help them rebuild. Time will tell what exactly they do to try to build a contending roster in the league. Any fan of the team or any NBA fan that watches this team play during the season will instantly spot the logo. Which of these NBA teams is the one to have this official logo? (Basketball Reference)

Question 16

Which movie did Michael Jordan appear in?

The popularity of Michael Jordan made him transcend sports in the 90s. Fans wanted to see him do everything from appear in comedic commercials to music videos. However, the biggest adventure of his time off the court featured him starring in a movie. This movie became a cult favorite for NBA fans. Jordan played a version of himself in the film along with characters from other franchises interacting with him. The comedic movie entertained the younger fans of Jordan as the film still receives love today. A sequel is planned with LeBron James acting in the future version, but which movie did Jordan star in? (ESPN)

Question 17

Which team did Dirk Nowitzki retire with?

Dirk Nowitzki recently ended his incredible run in the NBA after over two decades. The outstanding play of Nowitzki helped show that international players could not only play in the NBA, but they could become top tier superstars. Nowitzki is one of the few NBA legends to win both the NBA MVP and the NBA Finals MVP Award each. The latter came when Nowitzki delivered the most improbable NBA Championship in recent memory back in 2011 by defeating the Miami Heat super team. Dirk would end his illustrious time in the league this past season. Which team did Nowitzki retire with? (Basketball Reference)

Question 18

How many points is a half-court short worth?

One of the most impressive feats an NBA player can show during a game is hitting half-court shot. This is not a shot that most players will choose to take during a game given how low the odds are of making one against a defense. The usual instance of a player taking a half-court shot will come at the end of a quarter or at the end of the game when the clock is running down. Not many players can hit the shot, but there are the lucky instances of it happening a few times each season. How many points is a half-court shot made worth? (Basketball Reference)

Question 19

Which of these players played for the Knicks?

The New York Knicks are hoping to land Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and other top stars in free agency on their road back to relevance. Knicks fans have been waiting decades for a team to realistically contend for the NBA Championship. Despite not winning the title since the early 1970s, New York has been the basketball home to a few superstars throughout the years. Names like Patrick Ewing, Allan Houston and Latrell Sprewell found success there. One of the following four names also spent time playing home games at Madison Square Garden. Which of these players played for the Knicks? (Basketball Reference)

Question 20

Which team has this logo?

The logo shown here is a major part of the organization it represents. Most of the merchandise released and sold will feature the logo of this design. Quite a few recent top stars have been able to deliver success moments for the franchise. Their legacies are beloved in the place where this team plays. Multiple current players showcase greatness and hope to also become synonymous with the logo featured here. The team is considered a winning franchise for their run of great play and general success throughout the years. Which of the following NBA teams has this logo? (Basketball Reference)

Question 21

Who scored 8 points in 9 seconds to defeat the Knicks in a playoff game?

The playoffs are where superstars become legends in the NBA. Quite a few moments single handedly helped players get to that next level in the postseason. One specific legend in the 90s would create a reputation for being clutch in the final moments of a game. Whenever it was close and one shot could make or break it, this player stepped up to hit countless shots. The biggest instance of this came when he led his team to a huge comeback over the New York Knicks by scoring 8 points in a total of 9 seconds. Which legendary player did this? (Basketball Reference)

Question 22

Which player is a former Slam Dunk Contest winner?

The Slam Dunk Contest is one of the most exciting nights of the year for NBA fans. This annual event takes place during All-Star Weekend with a handful of the best dunkers in the NBA competing against each other. Creativity and athleticism merge for a unique competition of players trying to deliver visually impressive dunks. Quite a few legendary players have won this contest to add to their legacies. Fewer top stars do it today, but that doesn’t take away the legacy of it. Which of the following four great players is the one to win a Slam Dunk Contest? (Basketball Reference)

Question 23

What is the nickname of Shaquille O'Neal?

Shaquille O’Neal is currently entertaining fans with his broadcasting work on TNT. The comedic nature of Charles Barkley and Shaq provide compelling television with the Inside the NBA reaction show following games. O’Neal earned a spot at the table during his playing days by becoming one of the all-time great players with a charismatic personality. The on-court accomplishments of Shaq made him among the most unstoppable players in the history of the game. O’Neal was the top player in the league for a few seasons to start the 2000s. Which of the following nicknames was given to Shaq as a player? (Basketball Reference)

Question 24

Which of these players played for the Warriors?

The Golden State Warriors have become the standard for excellence in the NBA in recent years. A feat of making five NBA Finals appearances in a row to represent the Western Conference is extremely rare. Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green the early stage in motion for the dynasty. Kevin Durant joined the roster to take them to yet another level in the winning ways. Other top tier players have played with the Warriors as well during this run. Only one of the following four players fit the bill. Which of them is the one to play for Golden State squad? (Basketball Reference)

Question 25

Which team has this logo?

The logo shown here is associated with an interesting team in the NBA today. This franchise is on the rise with a few talented young players on the roster. A bright future could see this logo become more popular as fans look to purchase merchandise with it to represent the team. One player specifically makes them a contender to pay attention to moving forward. The logo is relatively new after the franchise made a couple of changes throughout the years. It certainly stands out more than prior logos. Which team is the one to have the logo featured here? (Basketball Reference)

Question 26

Which current player has won multiple Sixth Man of the Year Awards?

The Sixth Man of the Year is an underrated award that rewards a player for thriving in a difficult role. Most NBA players have claimed that they will prefer starting over coming off the bench in any situation. The difficulty of getting into a rhythm when entering the game after it’s been going on for a while can be tough to figure out. One of these players has become synonymous with the bench role. He is the only one of the four choices to win the Sixth Man of the Year Award multiple times. Which of these players has accomplished the feat? (Basketball Reference)

Question 27

Which team drafted Karl-Anthony Towns?

Karl-Anthony Towns is a rising star in the NBA today. Despite a slow start to the season following the drama with Jimmy Butler, Towns turned it around to remind everyone he is among the top young stars in the game. The incredible numbers of scoring and rebounding to impressive results helped showcase Towns’ ability to take over a game. Towns is hoping to lead his team back to the playoffs next season, and there is a slight chance he can enter the MVP conversation already. The potential was there from his start in the NBA. Which of these teams was the one to originally draft Towns? (Basketball Reference)

Question 28

Which team did Kevin Garnett retire with?

The incredible run of Kevin Garnett made him one of the best power forwards in NBA history. Garnett was known for his intensity that he brought to every game from the regular season to the playoffs. The ability to contribute on offense and even more on defense helped showcase that Garnett was a franchise player. His winning ways helped Garnett win an NBA Championship and a regular season NBA MVP Award as well. The playing days of Garnett did see him slow down towards the end as the aging process caught him. Which team did Garnett choose to retire with? (Basketball Reference)

Question 29

Which of these players played for the Rockets?

The Houston Rockets are an underrated franchise when it comes to having great superstar talent each generation. James Harden and Chris Paul are currently trying to figure out a way to get past the Golden State Warriors and win an NBA Championship for Houston. Past Rockets greats Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady brought amazing moments to the Rockets franchise. One of the following four players has a top spot in the franchise as the most beloved player in team history. He helped Houston become a force in the 90s. Which of these players was a star for the Rockets? (Basketball Reference)

Question 30

Which team has this logo?

The logo featured here is a unique one that stands out when looking at NBA merchandise. This team is not at the top of the league which means they need to have an interesting logo if they want fans to pay attention to them at an NBA related store. The franchise does have some reason to be optimistic with a few talented young players on the roster. A few former top players have also spent time in the franchise to help make the logo relevant before a few changes to it. Which of the following teams is the one to have this logo? (Basketball Reference)

Question 31

Who was the 2014 NBA Finals MVP?

The San Antonio Spurs have become synonymous with greatness over the past two decades. Gregg Popovich’s era as coach has seen the team make the playoffs for over two decades. Legendary talents like David Robinson and Tim Duncan set the stage for the Spurs to reach the top of the Western Conference. Surprising breakout stars Kawhi Leonard, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili each added to the dynasty during their arrivals on the team. One of the players mentioned won the 2014 NBA Finals MVP when San Antonio ended the Miami Heat potential dynasty. Which player won the award? (Basketball Reference)

Question 32

Which player is a former Three-Point Contest winner?

The Three-Point Contest is right there with the Slam Dunk Contest today when it comes to the top attractions during All-Star Weekend. Most of the top stars today love shooting three-pointers while not all have creative dunks. It leads to bigger names taking part in the Three-Point Contest while secondary talents and younger players try to dazzle fans with the dunks. The four players to choose from all have tremendous legacies for different reasons in the NBA landscape. Only one of them has won the Three-Point Contest as of 2019. Which of these players is a Three-Point Contest winner? (Basketball Reference)

Question 33

What is the nickname of Allen Iverson?

Allen Iverson was an iconic player that inspired many future stars. Despite his height being tall for the average person at 6’1’’, he was considered too small for the NBA. Iverson however proved his doubters wrong by becoming a top superstar and winning the 2001 MVP Award. Fans and peers of Iverson would refer to him as a popular nickname that was given to him. It became a part of his NBA run since it defined how fans viewed his stellar play. Iverson revealed he loved it and still enjoys it in retirement today. What is Iverson’s nickname? (Basketball Reference)

Question 34

Which of these players played for the Nets?

The Brooklyn Nets are trying to become a title contender with a group of young talents. D’Angelo Russell, Caris LeVert and Spencer Dinwiddie all show great potential. The team also hopes to go after big name free agents like Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and Jimmy Butler. Brooklyn has tried to make it to the top with a few different stars in prior runs. One of the four players here spent a few years with the Nets in his prime. His peak years would end during the Brooklyn stint before falling lower down the pecking order. Which of these players is a former Net? (Basketball Reference)

Question 35

Which team has this logo?

This particular logo featured here is associated with a popular team in the NBA. This franchise is home to a handful of talented players that have become fan favorites. They recently had a great run that helped satisfy the fan base following some disappointing moments throughout the past few years. Many people hope to see them continue rising in the rankings since their best players are all relatively young. The logo is becoming more popular with merchandise for their top superstar selling very well. Which of the following NBA teams is the one to have this unique logo? (Basketball Reference)

Question 36

What college did Anthony Davis play for?

Anthony Davis has blossomed into one of the top players in the NBA today. The ability to contribute in scoring, rebounding, defending, assisting and play making makes him among the most well-rounded players in NBA history. Davis is still looking for a trade due to his unhappiness with the New Orleans Pelicans. The star potential of Davis was obvious going all the way back to college days. He entered the league as the top overall pick in his draft class after thriving in college. Which of these colleges was the one to have Davis during his younger years? (Basketball Reference)

Question 37

Which team did Paul Pierce retire with?

Paul Pierce is currently making interesting comments on ESPN as a comedic broadcaster. However, he will always be known for his great work on the basketball court. Pierce was a top tier player for many years as he contributed in many aspects of the game. The biggest accomplishment of Pierce’s NBA run came when he won the 2008 NBA Championship and 2008 NBA Finals MVP Award. Pierce would spend time on a few different teams before calling it an end. He signed a contract specifically to retire with a team of his choosing. Which of the following teams was the one to have Pierce officially retire with them? (Basketball Reference)

Question 38

What is the name of this player?

The basketball player featured here is an emerging star in the NBA today. He is known for his time on the Oklahoma City Thunder as the third option behind beloved franchise superstars Russell Westbrook and Paul George. Not many players can bring what he can to the table with his tremendous rebounding, defending and generally intense play. He is considered one of the toughest players in the entire NBA given how much he battles in the paint for every loose ball heading anywhere near his way. What is the name of the Thunder player shown and described here? (Basketball Reference)

Question 39

Which of these players played for the Raptors?

The Toronto Raptors are having another impressive season with the addition of Kawhi Leonard as the new face of the franchise. Toronto fans are hoping to witness an NBA Championship sometime soon as one of the teams that have yet to win it all. A few great players have created special legacies with the Raptors during the shorter history of the franchise dating back to the 90s. The four players to choose from all are great legends that will always be remembered fondly. One of them will be remembered more by Toronto fans. Which of them is a former Raptor? (Basketball Reference)

Question 40

Which team has this logo?

The logo featured here is associated with one interesting franchise. This team is hoping to make a leap forward to contend for an NBA Championship in the near future. There is one major superstar on the roster with other talented pieces around him. Luckily, they have youth on their side with the window to upgrade and move forward as a top team one day. Fans will have to look out for the merchandise if they enjoy the logo designed for the franchise. Which of the following NBA teams is the one to have the logo shown and described here? (Basketball Reference)

Question 41

How many teams currently play in New York?

New York City is one of the places most known for the passion of basketball. Almost every park with a basketball court will be full of people playing competitive games of team or one on one action. The NBA fan base in New York certainly loves to watch the basketball product today. Current NBA culture sees fans from all places root for their favorite players, but NYC fans definitely appear loyal to their own. The NBA climate sees teams thrive in the better markets. How many total NBA teams currently reside and play home games in New York? (Basketball Reference)

Question 42

Which team has NEVER won an NBA Championship?

The NBA Championship is the prize every team and fan base want each season. Some franchises like the Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics and now the Golden State Warriors get used to winning since dynasties typically lead to more rings than the average organization will get. Quite a few teams have still yet to win an NBA Championship in their franchise history. Three of the following four teams have been fortunate enough to win the title at some point with their better teams delivering. Which of these franchises have yet to win an NBA Championship as of 2019? (Basketball Reference)

Question 43

What is the nickname of Vince Carter?

Vince Carter is continuing to play in his 40s as one of the oldest and most impressive NBA players of all-time. The great play of Carter has seen him remain in the league for over two decades now. Carter still gets minutes in the rotation as seen this past season with the Atlanta Hawks. The best days of Carter took place during his stints with the Toronto Raptors and New Jersey Nets. Quite a few nicknames were given to him early in his NBA run, but one of them remained throughout the years. Which of these is the official nickname of Carter? (Basketball Reference)

Question 44

Which of these players played for the Bucks?

The Milwaukee Bucks are currently in a great position to contend for the NBA Championship over the next few years. Giannis Antetokounmpo is among the most impressive NBA stars in recent memory with the potential to get even better. The play of Antetokounmpo will make the Bucks an impressive team in the Eastern Conference for a long time. Milwaukee has struggled to contend in recent memory, but there were a few great players to spend time there in that timeline. One of the following four players is a former Buck. Which of these talented names played for Milwaukee? (Basketball Reference)

Question 45

Which team has this logo?

This logo is featured with a rising franchise in the NBA. There is a strong fan base that loves coming out to games and supporting them. A few great players have been associated with the franchise. Some of their best players in franchise history have been playing for them in recent years. The logo is linked to the team’s name and has become a popular one in the league. Their merchandise has many different variations to the logo with color schemes and edits making it more fun. Which of the following teams is the one to have the logo shown here? (Basketball Reference)

Question 46

Which position did Charles Barkley play?

Charles Barkley is still a beloved figure in the NBA today. The broadcasting work on Inside the NBA for TNT sees Barkley entertain with his personality while finding new fans. Barkley was an all-time great player during his playing days in the NBA that allowed him to get such a gig. The best statement about Barkley’s time in the NBA is that he’s in the conversation for the greatest player to ever play his position. Chuck’s tremendous scoring and rebounding always had him at the top of the league in All-Star races. Which position did Barkley play in the NBA? (Basketball Reference)

Question 47

Who is the only player to be a captain twice for the All-Star Draft?

The recent NBA rule change now sees two teams drafted for the All-Star Game rather just the Eastern Conference vs the Western Conference. Fans vote for the starters, and the players to receive the most votes for each conference gets a captain spot. The two captains then draft their teams with the remaining All-Stars in the pool to select from. Only one player has been voted in as the captain in both years of the All-Star Draft so far. He certainly is a beloved figure by fans all over the world. Which of these players is the first only two-time All-Star Game captain as of 2019? (Basketball Reference)

Question 48

Which team did Shaquille O'Neal retire with?

Shaquille O’Neal had such a great run in the NBA that it’s surprising to see how many teams he played for. The first two teams to have O’Neal saw his best years as he led them in different paths. His third team also found great success in the final years of his prime before the aging process started to hit him. Shaq would bounce around the league for a few different rosters in the end trying to win another ring before hanging it up. Which of the following four teams was the one to see O’Neal retire with as he played his last game for them? (Basketball Reference)

Question 49

Which of these players played for the Nuggets?

The Denver Nuggets have a bright future with players like Nikola Jokic, Jamal Murray and Michael Porter Jr. on the roster. Denver has been unable to contend for an NBA Championship over the past decade with only one trip to the Western Conference Finals falling short. They did have a few talented players come in and out of the franchise throughout the years. No player has emerged as their franchise superstar in quite some time with new hopes of Jokic filling that role. Which of the following four players is the one to spend time with the Nuggets? (Basketball Reference)

Question 50

Which team has this logo?

The logo shown here is the newest updated one to come from this franchise. They are hoping the new look logo, uniform and the young roster will lead them to success. Many experts view them as the next big team to make a leap forward. Quite a few of their best young talents show incredible promise. Time will tell just how much they can accomplish with his unit. The logo does seem here to stay given the success to come this past season. NBA fans reacted positively to it. Which NBA team is the one to have this logo? (Basketball Reference)

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