Only Professor X Can Match These X-Men To Their Mutant Abilities!

When we think about it, it really wasn't that long ago that people didn't know much about the X-Men, but then the first movie in the now long-running series came out and people realized that there might actually be something worth looking at in the comic books! While most people still haven't looked at the comics, the writers of the movies have decided that they want to slowly start to bring in more and more of the characters, the original ones that were created for the comic books. We've decided to make a quiz all about those characters.

We want to see how many people out there really know their mutants, how many they can pair with the superpower that makes so much better than the rest of us! That's when we know that we've found the real X-Men fans out there. This is a quiz for those people who think they know all there is to know about the world of mutants and superheroes.

So, we think it's about time that we get started, move onto taking a look at the various mutants that have ever made their way into the X-Men and see who knows the most about them!

Question 1


Anybody that has seen the first trilogy of X-Men movies will know that this man actually struggled a lot of with his mutant abilities as a young child, just like many of the other people that find their way into the X-Men. His parents were not accepting of him, and it wasn't long before his childhood self actually took a knife to the wings that were growing from his back. We can only imagine what it must be like for somebody like this that has a mutation that is so obvious, not hidden away from the people who would seek to judge him.

Question 2


Quite possibly one of the most famous superheroes of all time, this guy can actually be quite a difficult man to get along with and work with if the various movies are to be believed! While he was pretty similar to the rest of the X-Men at first, his appearance in the movie Logan proved that the character had a lot to offer when it came to genuine drama and pathos. We hope that Hollywood will continue to do this with the other superheroes that have started to become too overused and stale, breathing new life into them for the audience.

Question 3


Here is another mutant that is unable to hide what they truly are from the world around them, constantly being forced to accept that he will never be seen as normal by so many people out there. Seeing as he looks rather worrying, as is referenced by his name, he has dedicated his life to ensuring that he is more than he appears to be. Yes, people may be able to judge him for the way that he looks, but they will never be able to take his intelligence away from him, proving to people that he is not what they think he is.

Question 4


There are a lot of people out there that know this man because of the work that he has done with a different superhero that recently had a couple of hit movies, but a lot of people don't know that after all of him time-traveling antics, Cable ended up putting in a lot of work with the X-Force. That being said, a lot of people prefer him when he's next to a comedy character, as it makes for a more interesting bit of character chemistry due to his very serious nature. Plus, it gets pretty ridiculous when he gets involved with time travel all the time!

Question 5


There's a lot to be said for the sort of person that knows they have a real power that so many others would misuse, but instead chooses to put it to good use! This man looks like the sort of being nobody would want to stand up against, and yet he is actually one of the most compassionate people that we've included in this quiz. We would like to think that more people would be like this in the real world if mutants existed, but we're not sure we could say that and genuinely believe it. Maybe we're wrong about that!

Question 6


Despite the fact that there are people out there that don't always agree with his way, he is a great leader that has the respect of so many different people within the X-Men. He is a strong man, a mutant that has put himself in the firing line for decades, always attempting to bring peace between human beings and mutants. Sure, he has struggled with anger in the past, but when compared to a lot of the other mutants in the X-Men, this man knows how to keep his head during a stressful time, which is why so many people treat him as a leader.

Question 7


Of all the people that were chosen to feature in the original trilogy of X-Men films from the comic books, we think that Storm was probably the choice that made little to no sense really. Let's be honest here, this woman has some pretty amazing powers, but she's not exactly the most interesting or compelling character that has ever been written about in the X-Men comics. We reckon that they only put her in it because they knew that the people who read the comic books would be annoyed if they didn't get to see her on the big screen.

Question 8


We have already commented on the way that the writers of comic books can actually take these miraculous stories about people with amazing powers and put them into the sorts of situations that many of us can end up struggling through. This woman actually had quite a hard youth, like many other mutants, but rather than that being because of her powers, it was down to the fact that she was rather lonely, only being raised by her father after the tragic loss of her mother. We know that a lot of people in the real world would understand that pain!

Question 9


If we're being honest, we can't believe that more and more people don't end up acting like this man, choosing to keep their powers away from the people around them so that they can be perfected in secret before finally releasing them onto the world! Yes, this guy decided that he couldn't trust the people that he lived on the street with, so he would just keep the powers from those people around him. It's no surprise really, as a lot of young teens would probably refuse to talk to their guardians about anything in the real world, especially if it was superpowers!

Question 10


What a lot of the people in these comic books never really do is throw themselves at stuff they know they shouldn't, like using their powers for silly little things. Sure, some of them are good people and some of them are bad people, meaning that these different sorts of people are going to use their powers for different sorts of things! What we want to see is more characters like this, who are known for actually using the powers that they have to fool human beings into believing that they're just an exceptional person, rather than actually being a mutant.

Question 11

Professor X

Anybody that has seen the movies or read the comics knows that this man is right at the heart of the X-Men, the guy that tells them all what they should be doing and when they should be doing it! His ultimate goal seems to be making the human beings and the mutants get along, rather than just allowing the conflict that takes place between the two to continue forever. He believes in a world of peace, one that allows them the chance to live together safely, rather than having to worry about people looking over their shoulders at all times.

Question 12


Anybody that has watched any of the original X-Men movies or reads the comics knows that this man is essentially the opposite of Professor X, believing that mutants should not have to bow down to the whims of human beings, as they're essentially an evolution of the normal people he lives among. However, he turns to violence as he sees the way that his people are treated by the human beings, and doesn't believe that they deserve peace when they're not willing to offer it to the mutants. Once again, this is a strong character, as it can be easy to see where he's coming from.

Question 13


Seeing as Professor X has a close relationship with this man in some ways, what with them being stepbrothers, it's no surprise that the leader of the X-Men refuses to leave this man on the dark side, He knows that it's almost impossible to get him to stay on the good side forever, but there's a truth to the fact that he has helped out the good guys from time to time. We like the fact that the comic books like to show that there are shades of grey when it comes to morality, refusing to make everyone either just good or just bad.

Question 14


It takes a lot to try and create some new characters that are able to stand up against the older characters that the audience have already come to love, but the writers were able to come up with something in the form of this young woman! She ends up becoming very close with Wolverine, who develops a father-daughter relationship with the young mutant. From there, she becomes the sidekick to the famous man, offering a chance to see a side of the closed-off character that we haven't usually, Anyone that was bored about the newer characters was immediately much more interested with this one!

Question 15

Jean Grey

This Omega level mutant has been around for a long time in the X-Men universe, but it wasn't until later in the comic book series that the writers decided to make her quite possibly one of the most powerful mutants to ever live. Her potential is constantly being realized, which is something that the original trilogy of X-Men movies attempted to delve into, showing her to be hugely powerful, but also an unstable mutant, the sort that struggles with the power that is contained within her body, never able to catch up with her potential without becoming rather dangerous at the same time.

Question 16


We would be lying if we said that we would rather have some of the more out there powers, but let's be honest, the basic powers can end up being pretty interesting, as people find themselves becoming hugely strong a lot of the time! The writers turned this man into someone with immense powers, likely because they needed to figure out how to make his rather "normal" power worthy of a bit of dramatic tension for the people that are actually reading the comic book! Sure, we wouldn't turn it down if it was the only thing on offer, but we would choose something else for sure.

Question 17


Despite the fact that it is generally accepted that these mutants are the next step in human evolution, that doesn't mean they're perfect and they should be seen as infallible. Yes, despite the fact that this mutant has some serious powers, he also has to struggle through some of the more basic stuff that the rest of us humans have to. What we're saying is, even though this guy is the pinnacle of humanity, a human with some amazing powers, he still manages to have an allergy to tomatoes! We would think that the mutants wouldn't have these sorts of things to worry about.

Question 18


One of the best things about Professor X is that he gets people like this into his institute, the sort of people that want to ensure other people don't have to go through what she went through as a child. This is why this woman decides that her calling is to become an affiliate with the X-Men, becoming a teacher at the institute. She takes younger mutants in, the sorts of people that can't deal with the powers that they've just discovered they have. It's because of characters like this that mutants in the comic books don't have to be alone.

Question 19


Of all the powers in the X-Men universe, it's this mutant that has the best one for overcoming various problems that would come up in a world where mutants are fighting for the same rights as human beings, often in rather dangerous situations as well! One of the main problems with this is the fact that she struggles to wear clothes, which made it difficult for them to get her into the movies. We would like to think that there would be no issue with this, but then the people reading comic books are used to more than a movie audience!

Question 20


Here we have another mutant that isn't able to really hide the fact that he's different from the other people in the world, so he's forced to live a life unlike many other people, before he's able to find his way to a place like the X-Men. There will be very few places around the world in the X-Men universe where mutants can feel truly accepted for who they are, with many of them actually being quite dangerous as well. It's good to know that the X-Men offer a safe place for these poor mutants that are not accepted anywhere else.

Question 21


Without going into the power that this woman has as a mutant, it's no wonder that she decided to become an assassin, as it's the perfect job for a woman with her sorts of skills! Of all the mutants in this quiz, this woman has one of the hardest to quantify, and yet the writers of the comic series have come up with ways to highlight it on numerous occasions. Believe it or not, but this woman's power was actually considered a mistake by the people that were trying to create one of the most powerful human beings of all time!

Question 22


One of the things that we've always enjoyed about comic books that follow people who find out that they have powers unlike any other human being, is that they try and get the audience into what it must feel like to have to come to terms with something like that. One of the takes on this character has been that she struggles with who she is and what she can do, what makes her special when placed next to the rest of the human race, mostly down to the situation she found herself in when she used the power for the first time.

Question 23


Despite the fact that we think it would probably be the best power to be able to touch other mutants and actually take on their powers, we can see why the writers are able to paint it out as actually something less than perfect. This woman has to wear gloves pretty much at all times in the original movies and this is down to the fact that if she doesn't, she could actually end up taking people's lives. Yes, this woman's greatest strength also ends up being one of her greatest weaknesses when forced to overcome it in her personal life.

Question 24


There's a chance that this man is the smallest mutant we've included in this quiz, which isn't something that people often connect with power, but if anyone is going to prove that wrong it's this character! As people will be able to see by this image, or the people who have actually read the comics, will know that this man has a lot to back him up when it comes to how irrationally angry he can often become. This temper, along with his arrogance, actually lead to him becoming a problem for the X-Men, leaving before he could be made an official member.

Question 25


This is yet another mutant that actually started out as the subject of an experiment, one that was attempting to create an amazing human being, one that could be used for their own gain. There are so many mutants that started out this way, either because they were forced into the experiments or because they wanted to actually be included, but it should come as no surprise that it rarely goes that well for most of the people involved. We would think that human beings would see that there are already enough mutants in the world that could be used for personal gain!

Question 26


Just like many of the other mutants in this quiz, this woman had a real struggle with her parents, especially when she finally realized that she had powers unlike any other human being she knew. Her father was a lawyer, a stoic man who expected his daughter to go into academia and join him in the business, but she always wanted to be a singer. She ended up blinding an entire room the night she discovered her powers, performing at a talent show. Her powers combined with her want to be a singer ended up in her and her father becoming distant.

Question 27


With so many different characters in the comic book, it's important that the writers that came up with these mutants are able to come up with ways to easily differentiate them as well. Not only does this make it easier for the audience to follow exactly what is going on and with who, but also ensures that they don't get bored with the various people that they're reading about, The writers made this mutant very brazen, with his hotheaded nature actually getting him into a lot of trouble. In the comic books, this is actually the first X-Men character to see his end.

Question 28


Just like a lot of mutants out there, Sage's body has some pretty amazing differences that would never be found on the human body, in no shape or form whatsoever. For example, this woman actually has a pressure point on her body, that once pressed will allow her the chance to completely reboot her mind, just as one would be able to do with a computer. There is no chance that a human being will ever be able to do this, and yet we know that it's the sort of pressure point that most of us would like to have!

Question 29

Omega Red

One of the things that X-Men takes a look at is the fact that mutants are still human beings, so they will have every sort of mutant out there, including the sort of people that just want to see the world burn. There are human beings out there that have a thirst for violence, want to hurt animals at a young age and then end up moving onto humans as they get older. There is no reason why this should be true in mutants as well, but the only difference being that mutants have powers to unleash on the world.

Question 30


One of the things about this character that a lot of people didn't enjoy was the fact that he, just like so many different comic book characters, has gone through some amnesiac moments in his life. At this point, there are so many different characters in comic books that have gone through this sort of thing, usually in an attempt to make it easier for them to write in a narrative that would've otherwise not made sense. What we're saying is, it's a lazy choice on the part of the writers, and we don't think any audience should ever accept it.

Question 31


People who read comic books will know that the writers have quite an obsession with connecting their characters, whether they were even in the same narrative to begin with when they were first thought of! That's why it should come as no surprise that this character actually has a connection with another member of the X-Men before he even joins, which is Cyclops. We don't want to even get into the long story of how or why this is, as comic book storylines can end up getting pretty complicated as it is, but people who are interested can always give them a read!

Question 32


In a lot of ways, the writers of comic books know that they have a chance to inject some drama into their narratives whenever they want to, due to the fact that comic books always have had some pretty crazy things in them! There was a short period of time when this character was actually turned into a monster due to the fact that he had found himself with a substance in his stream that has genetically put together to create a superhero duo Cloak and Dagger. It added a little bit of narrative drama to proceedings for a while!

Question 33


Seeing as Professor X is essentially the most, if not one of the most, powerful mutants in the entire comic book series, it should go without saying that the writers are going to give this character some pretty major powers, or at the very least make something tragic happen to them. Yes, this character is actually the son of Professor X, and anybody that has read the comic books knows that this man can pull out some pretty amazing things. What we're trying to say is, if we were in the X-Men world, we would make sure we never got on this man's bad side!

Question 34


Comic books are often filled to the brim with people who want to get the audience excited, even if that means things have to get pretty ridiculous. Sure, there are the calmer characters in there as well, which are the ones that end up becoming a lot more interesting just for standing out against the rest of them! This man decides to spend a lot of time meditating before moving into working with the X-Men, understanding that it takes time to come up with the best way to move forward and to find out how to grow as a person.

Question 35


We live at a time when people are coming up with some pretty amazing things, technology moving forward at a rate unlike anything seen in the past, so it's worrying to think that we may not be far away from a world in which this sort of thing could exist! Yes, this is a machine that was made to take down and fight other beings, but it gained sentience and emotions. It decides that it will stay away from its past, as while it does find itself lapsing from time to time and going back to its old ways, it tries its best.

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