Only Chandler Could Pass This Monica Quiz, But Friends Fans Can Try!

According to IMDB, the TV show Friends first premiered on the air in 1994 and ran until 2004. During those 10 years, this seemingly simple sitcom would snowball into a television phenomenon unlike any that came before or that's come since it ended. It captured so many viewer's hearts with its compelling weekly stories about a group of six friends just trying to lead happy, satisfying lives in New York City. Who could resist watching this bunch try to navigate the adult world while maintaining their jobs, their friendships, and their relationships?

Among these six characters is Monica Geller, a hilarious, fastidious, and charming woman who often acts as the group's moral center. She is the one her friends come to when they need advice, and she is the one who keeps everyone calm when things start to get a little out of hand. She also happens to be the one with the communal apartment that sees people coming and going so often, it's hard to keep track of who lives there and who doesn't!

At the end of the day, despite her competitiveness, her eccentricities, and her defensive nature, Monica is still the kind of friend you would definitely want to have. This quiz is to test any Friends fans on their knowledge of this fantastic character and see if they know as much about her as they think they do!

Question 1

Which of the following is NOT one of the men Monica dated?

Just like the rest of her friends, Monica was no stranger to dating on the show. Over the course of ten seasons, she went out with a variety of different men, some definitely more memorable than others. That is, of course, until she found the right one and married him. For a while there, Monica even believed she would never find the right man and settle down with him, particularly when she really began itching to start a family of her own. Thankfully, it wouldn’t be too long before she eventually found her soulmate and was able to make all of her family dreams come true with him!

Question 2

How did Monica know Richard before they started dating?

Richard was quite the interesting character on this show. When he had Monica started dating, it came as a bit of a surprise to everyone. Not just because of the significant age difference between them, though that was its own issue. Rather, people couldn’t believe Monica had begun dating someone she knew from some other aspect of her life. The pairing just seemed a little odd, but we’d be lying if we said they weren’t a cute couple. Although they didn’t ultimately end up together, Richard and Monica were quite the dynamic duo for a while. But how did she know him before they started dating?

Question 3

Who was Monica's first kiss with?

We all remember our first kiss. Perhaps not all of us remember it fondly, but we still definitely remember how we felt, where we were and, of course, who it was with. For Monica, her first kiss story takes place way back in 1987 when she was visiting her brother, Ross, at college. This was all while Monica was still in high school, and she brought along her best friend Rachel for the trip. When her first kiss happened, it was in the dark so Monica wasn’t sure who exactly her so-called “midnight mystery kisser” was. That is, until years later when the truth was finally revealed!

Question 4

Which of the following was NOT one of Monica's jobs?

The characters on Friends have a habit of consistently changing jobs throughout the seasons. Joey, for instance, has been just about everything under the sun – a waiter, a soap opera actor, a Christmas tree salesman, et cetera. For Monica, her jobs have been a bit more consistent, but that’s not to say she hasn’t had her fair share of job changes. There was a while during the series where she was totally unemployed, but thankfully she got back on her feet and found herself part of the working world once again. But which of these jobs is not on Monica’s resume?

Question 5

Why did Monica and Richard break up?

Alas, all good things must come to an end. It definitely seemed like Monica and Richard were meant to be together forever, and we’re sure that’s what Monica believed, too. It didn’t matter that he was her father’s friend or that he used to be her dentist – they were in love. However, this couple eventually saw their tearful end at Barry and Mindy’s wedding, of all places. Thankfully, despite breaking up, these two were able to remain fairly good friends and stay on good terms. But what was the reason for them breaking up with each other in the first place?

Question 6

During which holiday did Monica first decide to get healthy?

It’s no secret that Monica was not the healthiest girl in the world when she was a teenager. We’ve heard enough stories from Ross, their parents, and even Monica herself to know that, not to mention the number of flashback episodes that literally show us. In one particular flashback episode, we see Monica’s family celebrating a holiday with Ross’ new friend from college, Chandler. Monica happens to overhear Chandler comment on her size, with of course upsets her, and compels her to start eating better and get in better shape. But which holiday did she decide it was time for her to start leading a healthier lifestyle?

Question 7

Which of her friends has Monica NOT shared her apartment with?

One thing always remained the same on the television show throughout its ten season run, and that was Monica’s apartment. Sure, the occupants changed from time to time, and at one point Monica wasn’t even the one living there! Still, we were always able to enjoy scenes that took place inside this cozy, two-bedroom, purple-painted apartment that acted as the main hangout for all the characters. That is, when they weren’t at Central Perk of course. When Monica was actually living there, she had a number of different roommates, but with one of her friends never actually lived with Monica in that apartment?

Question 8

Where did Monica and Chandler first get together?

It took awhile for these two to finally realize their feelings for each other, but they finally were able to see the potential for an amazing romance between them. Monica and Chandler are basically like the mom and dad of the entire friend group. Or at least, that’s when they became when they got together. We delighted in watching them fall in love, become engaged, and then go on to start a family of their own. But after witnessing this love story blossom, it’s interesting to look back and see where it all began during one fateful trip. But where were they when they first decided to get together?

Question 9

How many towel categories does Monica have?

Monica is quite fastidious and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, her friends do like to poke fun at this side of her a lot, and it actually comes up in one episode while Chandler and Joey are playing against Monica and Rachel to see who gets to live in the purple apartment. During a trivia lightening round, question-asker Ross gives Chandler and Joey this question, which they only have a few seconds to answer. At the last minute, Joey gives an answer, and he turns out to be right! So, how many towel categories does Joey say that Monica has?

Question 10

What was the name of the diner where Monica waitressed?

Sometimes we can become willing to do just about any job for money, particularly when we’ve got expenses and bills to pay. For Monica, this ultimately compelled her to take a job as a waitress at a 50s-themed diner. She wasn’t even cooking the food, which her background as a chef would suggest would be the perfect job. Instead, she was saddled with a curly blond wig, a fake chest, and roller-skates, and made to skate around and take people’s orders. While this job definitely wasn’t ideal, it did ultimately lead her to meet Pete the billionaire, so it wasn’t all bad.

Question 11

Who first discovered Monica and Chandler were dating?

Secrets don’t stay secrets for very long. No matter how careful Monica and Chandler were, or tried to be, about their newfound relationship, they just couldn’t seem to stop their friends from finding out one after another. In the very beginning though, there was just one friend who found out before everyone else, and was tasked with keeping the secret to themselves. That’s definitely easier said than done, considering how huge of a secret this was! However, they were able to keep tight-lipped about the relationship for months. That is, until another friend found out, and they were able to talk about it as freely as they wanted.

Question 12

What does it mean to pull a 'Monica'?

Monica has a lot of fantastic attributes that someone could associate with her name, like her incredible cooking skills, her decorating skills, her organizational habits. But she also has a lot of not-so-great attributes too, like her short temper and her competitiveness. Of these two categories, which would be more likely to become an adjective in everyday use? During one episode in which Monica is catering a party for her mother, she finds out that her mother and father have coined the phrase, “pulling a Monica.” But what exactly does it mean, and how does one go about “pulling a Monica”?

Question 13

What is the name of the food substitute Monica had to create products using?

While Monica was searching for a job, she came across a pretty interesting role. The company had created their own food substitute, and they tasked Monica with coming up with as many recipes as she could using that ingredient. After sampling a taste of the substitute herself, Monica was pretty doubtful she would be able to turn it into anything worth eating. However, she still gave it her best try and went home to start whipping up some (hopefully delicious) recipes. In the end, this food substitute proved more substitute than food, and the job just didn’t work out for her.

Question 14

Who did Monica inherit her apartment from?

Monica’s apartment is iconic. In the episode where she and Rachel must give it up to the boys across the hall, Rachel goes on a small tyrant declaring that it is a “girl’s apartment, not a boy’s apartment!” Indeed, it is quite cozy and feminine, with its purple walls, French art, and delicate stylish accents. This apartment has seen it all, from countless Thanksgiving dinners (some more successful than others), to Chandler and Monica becoming engaged right there in the living room. Indeed, the apartment tells a pretty huge story. But just who did Monica first inherit this incredible space from?

Question 15

What does Ross tell their parents Monica broke when she was a kid and blamed on Hurricane Gloria?

During the season six Thanksgiving episode, Monica and Ross host their parents for dinner and soon discover they’ve each been keeping some secrets from them – Monica, the fact that she and Chandler had moved in together, and Ross the truth about just who exactly had been smoking in his bedroom so many years ago. On this day of thanks, the truth was revealed, and then some. Ross and Monica engaged in a heated battle, telling their parents more and more secrets about each other, like how Ross had gotten married and divorced again, and that Monica had splintered something as a child and blamed it on Hurricane Gloria. But what did she break?

Question 16

Why was Monica fired from her job at Café des Artistes?

In the second season, Monica earns a promotion at the restaurant C afé des Artistes and encourages all of her friends to come out and celebrate with a fancy dinner. It’s only a few days later, after celebrating this fantastic step up at her job, that Monica learns she’s been fired. It was definitely quite the blow to Monica’s ego and left her in a bit of a financial tough spot for the next little while as she tried to find another job. But why would her restaurant ever fire her in the first place? What was it that Monica did wrong?

Question 17

What dish did Monica cook for Chandler when he came for Thanksgiving?

During the Thanksgiving episode in the show’s fifth season, we see the Geller family celebrating the holiday with special guests Rachel and Chandler, who is Ross’ new friend from college. After Chandler explains that he doesn’t actually like Thanksgiving food, a smitten Monica insists she make him his own special dish. He enjoys it, and compliments Monica on her cooking by casually suggesting she become a chef. To this, she replies, “Okay!” and eventually goes on to become exactly that. But what was the delicious meal that Monica specially prepared just for Chandler as substitution for the usual turkey and stuffing?

Question 18

What is the gift Monica's dad gave her after the water damage incident?

Much like any other set of parents, Monica and Ross’ parents kept boxes of their children’s’ most prized and memorable possessions for many years. During one visit, Ross excitedly opens up his boxes and searches through some of his favorite toys, but he soon discovers that Monica’s boxes have been damaged by water. In an effort to remedy this, he tries to pass off some of his toys as her own, but she quickly learns the truth and is understandably upset at the loss of her childhood memories. Her father, however, offers her something in exchange for her forgiveness. But what was it?

Question 19

How many children did Monica and Chandler have?

Monica often expressed her interest in having a family throughout the show – in fact, differing opinions on having a family is exactly what broke up her and Richard. However, it wasn’t until he married Monica that Chandler began expressing an interest in this as well. When the two ultimately proved to be unable to have any children on their own, they sought the help of a surrogate who happily gave them the family they so deserved. But how many children did Monica and Chandler end up with by the very last episode of the very last season of the show?

Question 20

What did Monica dress up as for Halloween in season eight?

There aren’t very many Halloween episodes of Friends, but the ones that we do have are definitely memorable. In the eighth season’s Halloween episode, we see all the friends come to Monica and Chandler’s apartment for a party. Phoebe is dressed as Supergirl, Joey is Chandler, Ross is a potato with antennas (or, as he explains, Spudnik), Chandler is a reluctant pink bunny, and Rachel is a pregnant woman who wants to wear an expensive dress before she grows too big and can’t fit in it anymore. But what did party host Monica Geller decide to dress up as for Halloween?

Question 21

What did Monica "make" Chandler for Valentine's Day?

Sometimes it can be pretty hard to find that special someone the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, but Chandler and Monica made it even harder for themselves when they specified the gifts should be homemade. As it turns out, they both got caught on their day of celebration without anything to give the other. Monica turned to her good friend Phoebe who then gave her a homemade gift to give to Chandler. This would have worked out perfectly, had Chandler not also gone to Phoebe and been offered the exact same gift for Monica. We bet next Valentine’s Day they stuck with store-bought sentiments.

Question 22

What song did Monica sing at open mic night?

When Phoebe and Mike invited Monica along for an open mic night, she was a little apprehensive about getting up on stage and singing in front of a crowd of people. However, after a bit of encouragement from Phoebe, she finally took to the stage and sang to an appreciative crowd. Actually, a really appreciative crowd. Feeling really good about herself, Monica kept on singing, but little did she know all that applause was due to the lights hitting her top and making it totally see-through. Still, she had a good time up there and that’s all anyone can really ask for. So, what song did she decide to sing?

Question 23

Who stole Monica's thunder after she got engaged

When Monica finally got engaged to Chandler, it seemed like there was nothing that could dampen her spirits. She ran out to her apartment balcony and threw her arms open wide to loudly announced her engagement to all of New York City. Indeed, she was in high spirits on this, the biggest moment of her life. However, one of her friends inadvertently made the night about them, successfully stealing Monica’s thunder from her. Of course, she wasn’t very happy about this at all and definitely let her friend know they had, in fact, taken her thunder right out from under her. Not very nice at all!

Question 24

What was the game Monica competed in while in Barbados?

We all know that Monica can get a little competitive. Or, very competitive. We saw this in the Thanksgiving episode when all the friends get together to play a seemingly friendly game of touch football in the park, only for Monica and Ross to make it way more competitive than it should have been. While on vacation in Barbados, Monica stumbles upon a game she knows she is good at, and she challenges Phoebe’s boyfriend Mike to play. As it turns out, Mike is quite the competitive player as well, so poor Chandler and Phoebe had to sit and watch as their spouses played this game for what seemed like forever.

Question 25

What made Monica's boyfriend, Fun Bobby, not so fun?

Funny Bobby was quite literally exactly what his name indicates – he was extremely fun. We first met him in season one when he joins Monica at a New Years Party, and though they later break up, they get back together again briefly in season two. While all her friends are excited about her being back with Fun Bobby, they’re disappointed to find that Fun Bobby isn’t so fun anymore. There’s definitely a reason why, and it’s one that none of them really ever saw coming. Unfortunately, this was too much for their relationship to handle, and Fun Bobby and Monica were no more.

Question 26

What famous actor did Monica go out on a date with?

Monica has gone out with some pretty handsome people, but who could ever forget the time she went out with an actual movie star? After Rachel spots the actor on the set of Joey’s movie, Monica offers to go and talk to him for her, but ends up being asked out instead. Despite her friendship with Rachel, Monica agrees to go on the date, and then even goes on a second one before deciding not to pursue any sort of a relationship with the actor any further. Still, we’ll never forget the fact that Monica Geller and this movie star once bumped shoulders and shared two romantic evenings together!

Question 27

What name does Phoebe call Monica when her hair frizzes in Barbados?

Monica is an absolutely beautiful woman, but her hair and humidity don’t exactly agree with one another. After arriving at the hotel in Barbados, Rachel announces to their friends that Monica’s hair is twice as big as it was when their plane landed. Later, the hair only continues to grow and grow to hilariously frizzy proportions. Not even a hat could tame this wild mane! It gets so big that at one point, when she’s talking to Phoebe, Monica finds herself called the name of a popular character with a similar hairstyle. But which character does Phoebe liken her to?

Question 28

Who did Monica have stand in for Chandler for their engagement picture?

We can all agree that Monica and Chandler are a wonderful and well-suited couple together. However, there is something to be said about their engagement picture. While sitting down for the photo, Monica is surprised to find that Chandler actually isn’t very comfortable in front of the camera and can’t seem to produce a normal smile. In fact, his expression becomes so bad that Monica decides the only way to get perfect the engagement photo of her dreams that she will want to see published in the newspaper is to have someone else stand in for Chandler. But who does she pick to take his place?

Question 29

Why did Monica break up with Pete the billionaire?

Monica met Pete the billionaire while she was working as a waitress at the Moondance diner. There, Pete was a regular customer who often flirted with Monica before finally asking her out for pizza. And by pizza he meant he would fly her to Italy to have authentic, Italian pizza. What a gentleman! By all accounts, Pete definitely seemed like the perfect man for Monica. Not only was he super rich, but he was also handsome and kind and actually had a good sense of humor. However, Monica eventually decided to break up with him, but what compelled her to do this?

Question 30

Why did Monica wear an eye patch on Thanksgiving in season four?

The 90s saw these characters make some questionable fashion choices, but none were as questionable as Monica’s eye patch that she donned in season four’s Thanksgiving episode. While she endured lots of teasing from her friends for the fancy eyewear, she never took it off. This was also the same episode in which Chandler spends the entirety of Thanksgiving dinner lying inside of a box to prove the validity of his friendship to Joey after stealing his girlfriend away from him. So, it’s safe to say there were a lot of things happening during this celebration. But what was Monica’s reason for wearing an eye patch?

Question 31

Which of her friends did Monica start a catering business with?

When Monica was without a job and running pretty low on cash, one of her friends offered to give her a loan so she could buy supplies to become a caterer. Later, while joining Monica at one of her catering gigs, this friend was the reason Monica finally got paid by her reluctant client. Sensing that they could be a good team, Monica then asked her friend to join her business and the two went on to complete a few more catering gigs. That is, until Monica was offered an actual chef position at a restaurant and quickly lost interesting in the whole catering game.

Question 32

What happened to Monica while she was at the beach?

In the very first episode of the fourth season, Monica, Chandler, and Joey are all enjoying some sun and surf on the beach. While Joey digs a giant hole, Chandler and Monica lie on the sand together, and Chandler insists Monica tell him why she believes he wouldn’t be a good boyfriend. All things considered, it’s shaping up to be a pretty average, maybe even a little boring, beach day. That is, until something happens to Monica which sets off a slew of events that eventually find their way back to Phoebe, Rachel, and Ross who can’t believe what happened, or how their friends chose to deal with it!

Question 33

Whose wedding did Monica plan?

We all know that Monica is super organized. After all, she has not one, not two, but 11 different categories, just for towels! Perhaps recognizing how organized Monica is, one of her friends asked her if she would plan her wedding, and she happily agreed. However, this friend likely forgot just how intense and controlling Monica can become, as well. Left in charge of an entire wedding and given a headset, Monica turned into quite the intense planner, ordering people around and using military time whenever possible. Thankfully, everything turned out perfectly in the end. All that planning (and intensity) was worth it!

Question 34

What treat did Monica make her neighbors to try and get them to like her?

Monica decided that the perfect way to get closer to her neighbors during the holiday season would be to make them all some treats to hang from a basket on her door. And in fact, these treats worked! A little too well, though. She started finding that the happy customers weren’t really interested in getting to know her so much as they were just interested in getting more treats. None of them even knew her name! Thankfully, Chandler stepped in to get rid of all the angry neighbors who showed up demanding treats, and that was the end of that.

Question 35

What baby girl name did Rachel steal from Monica?

When Rachel and Ross’ baby was born, it was a huge moment for everyone involved. Monica in particular was overjoyed to be an aunt again! While the friends were visiting the new parents in the hospital, Ross announces their baby girl is named Isabella. However, Rachel begins to cry and realizes that Isabella doesn’t fit. Neither does their second choice, Delilah. Ross then reveals that Monica knows what all her kids will be named, and she reluctantly reveals the name to an inquisitive Rachel. This ultimately becomes the only name Rachel thinks fits her baby, and so Monica graciously gives it to her.

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