Only A True Trivia Genius Can Get Through These Final Jeopardy Questions

Final Jeopardy is when the strong are separated from the weak. All the contestants enter the round with some amount of winnings, and they must choose how much to risk BEFORE they even find out what the question is! It's a risky venture, but only those willing to take risks can win.

Who out there is a Jeopardy expert? Who would win a Jeopardy game? Who should try to get on that show and take home some money? Maybe this quiz can help those people realize how much they really know.

According to Jeopardy experts, studying for Jeopardy is not as daunting as it may seem. Of course, it is quite an undertaking. And there are many people who have put years of study into it that still would not do well. It probably takes a certain mind to be good at a game like Jeopardy. But for people with those types of minds, the best advice is usually to study certain categories that appear in many Jeopardy games. These categories are geography, state capitals, world capitals, Shakespeare, history, literature, music, movies, TV, sports, science, colleges and universities, and word origins.

If one studies long enough, maybe they'd have a shot. For now, take this quiz and let's see who out there is ready for Final Jeopardy (Wikipedia)!

Question 1

What is the word for a person without magical abilities in Harry Potter?

The category is FICTION. J.K. Rowling was one of those rags to riches stories that are so inspiring. She knew she was on to something great when she wrote her first book, but could she even imagine how magical it would become? Too bad people in real life are this term (Wikipedia).

Question 2

Which planet is not named for a Greek or Roman mythological figure?

The category is SPACE. There's a lot of it. And the planet that humans live on is just one small little piece of the much larger puzzle. But that hasn't stopped humans from naming planets after famous mythological figures. Now, when one looks up at the stars, they see the memories of ancient gods (Wikipedia).

Question 3

What was the most popular dog breed in 2018?

The category is ANIMALS. They say that dogs are a man's best friend. Loyal companions to the end, dogs are so happy they make their owners happy. Dogs are always right there beside their owners through thick and thin. And they're so cute. Just look at that little guy (Wikipedia)!

Question 4

Which professional skateboarder was the first to successfully land a 900?

The category is SPORTS. Once thought to be a fringe hobby or something that nobody took seriously, skateboarding became recognized as cool, hip, and athletic once this pro skater landed the first ever 900. What is a 900? It's a 900 degree turn, meaning two and a half full rotations in the air before landing (Wikipedia).

Question 5

Next to slots, what casino game makes the most money for Nevada casinos?

The category is ENTERTAINMENT. It might be frowned upon in some places, but in fantastic Las Vegas, gambling is one of the main attractions! There are many different casino games to choose from. Some players play them all, and some focus in on one specific game, hoping to strategize their way to a jackpot (Wikipedia).

Question 6

Who was the historical figure from whom two state capitals got their name?

The category is STATE CAPITALS. Every state has a capital, but naming these capitals posed quite an interesting challenge for early U.S. citizens. Which person should they name it after to truly capture the glory of their state? Well, for at least two states, they chose the exact same person (Wikipedia).

Question 7

What was the name of the first video game of all time?

The category is VIDEO GAMES. Who doesn't love a good video game? Sure, it might not be everyone's cup of tea, but for some people, it's a way to relax after a hard day's work or a way to socialize with friends. The first video game was created in 1972 (Wikipedia).

Question 8

Who was the first professional athlete to ever appear on the front of a Wheaties box?

The category is SPORTS. Introduced in 1924, Wheaties is a brand of cereal created by General Mills. Trying to sell themselves as a healthy start to the day and a part of a balanced breakfast for athletes, Wheaties began putting famous athletes on the cover of its boxes in 1934 (Wikipedia).

Question 9

What was the first Disney movie ever made?

The category is MOVIES. The Walt Disney Company was founded in 1923, and it served two purposes: make great entertainment and make people happy. Their first movie was released in 1937. It was an uproarious success, and the company decided to continue making all the magical movies that exist today (Wikipedia).

Question 10

What species of bear is the largest?

The category is ANIMALS. Lion, tigers, and bears - oh my! Bears are quite majestic. They live in the wild across the world. Gifted natural predators, bears are fast and strong enough to hunt almost any prey. There are many species of bears, but they all share the same awesome demeanor (Wikipedia).

Question 11

Who is the CEO of Tesla?

The category is BUSINESS. Tesla was a company founded in 2003. The goal of the company is to create affordable electric cars, which they hope will replace gas powered cars one day soon. Tesla is a company named after one of the greatest inventors of all time, Nikola Tesla (Wikipedia).

Question 12

Which storyteller was the author of The Odyssey?

The category is LITERATURE. The Odyssey is one of the great stories of all time. Telling the tale of Odysseus who ventured out from his home to a true hero's journey, the story laid the foundations for much storytelling that would come after it. Fun fact: the movie, "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" was based on this story (Wikipedia).

Question 13

What was the name of the mission that successfully landed men on the moon?

The category is HISTORY. Back in the Cold War, the U.S. and the Soviet Union, now known simply as Russia, were battling against each other to be the first country to get a man to the moon. This was known as the Space Race, and when Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon, the world had its winner (Wikipedia).

Question 14

Where was the first NBA game outside the United States played?

The category is SPORTS. Basketball is a game that many people know and love. The game is a five on five battle to see who can put the ball in a hoop the most times. Hint: this question is a little easier if you know all the NBA teams (Wikipedia)!

Question 15

Which NFL quarterback holds the record for most Super Bowl wins?

The category is SPORTS. The Super Bowl is basically a holiday at this point. Many people call in sick to work the next day because they stayed up too late the night before watching a random NFC team face off against the New England Patriots. That's a joke, but it sure doesn't seem like it in recent years (Wikipedia).

Question 16

What is the best selling music single of all time?

The category is MUSIC. Some bands create epic albums. Fans love to just put these albums on and listen from start to finish as the music takes them on a journey to places in their imagination. Other bands create amazing singles, catchy songs that are so good on their own that everyone can't help but listen (Wikipedia).

Question 17

Which NFL player holds the record for the most rushing yards of all time?

The category is SPORTS. It might seem crazy nowadays, but there was actually a time in NFL history when running backs had long, meaningful lives in the profession. Today, it seems like running backs only last a few years and then are replaced in the draft, but the running back with this record played for 15 seasons (Wikipedia)!

Question 18

Which literary character was played by Roger Moore and 60 other actors?

The category is FILM AND TV. This is one of the most fun characters in literature but he's been portrayed 61 times on in movies and television. People always say the book is better than the movie. Maybe the reason is because in a book, the plot can take its time, explore the main characters, and create an entire fantasy-based universe (Wikipedia).

Question 19

What was the heaviest fruit or vegetable ever grown?

The category is WORLD RECORDS. If harvesting fruit and vegetables is important, then it is only logical that harvesting BIGGER fruit and vegetables is even more important! Okay, not really, but it might be fun. Every year, farmers compete to see who can grow the heaviest produce and maybe break a world record (Wikipedia).

Question 20

Which star basketball player also played a role in the movie Airplane?

The category is MOVIES. The movie "Airplane!" is one of those movies that people need to watch with the right mindset. It's as goofy as could be. It's one of the most successful spoof movies of all time. And in this movie, a certain famous basketball star made a cameo (Wikipedia).

Question 21

Who wrote the classical opera called “The Marriage Of Figaro?”

The category is MUSIC. Operas used to be all the rage, and they still are to a select audience. Back before movies and TV, entertainment choices were obviously more limited. Well, one could either go to a concert or a play, but what about combining the two? And that's one of the reasons why operas exist (Wikipedia).

Question 22

Who invented the cotton gin?

The category is HISTORY. The cotton gin is a machine that makes harvesting cotton way more efficient. Before this was invented, people used to have to manually pick apart the cotton fibers from the cotton seeds. It took forever! This invention sped up harvesting, helping increase production for this important cash-crop (Wikipedia).

Question 23

Which musical artist has sold the most records of all time?

The category is MUSIC. Selling records can define a musician. Sure, music is not all about record sales. There's more to art than sheer numbers. Art is not just some capitalistic money-making scheme. But the amount of records that an artist sells indicates their popularity, which has to mean something (Wikipedia)!

Question 24

Which Shakespeare play features the story of an ambitious general who hails from Scotland?

The category is FAMOUS PLAYS. Everyone knows Shakespeare, or do they? Some historians think Shakespeare may never have actually existed. It could have been the name under which several playwrights wrote. Who knows? What is for certain is that Shakespeare produced some of the most influential and popular plays of all time (Wikipedia).

Question 25

Who has the record for most Oscars?

The category is MOVIES. Ah, the Oscars - well, the answer to this question is definitely not Leonardo DiCaprio. It's not that he didn't deserve Oscars; in fact, for years, fans were quite upset at the fact that he never won an Oscar. Finally, in 2016, Leo won an Oscar for his role in "The Revenant" (Wikipedia).

Question 26

Which U.S. leader followed James Monroe and was right before Andrew Jackson?

The category is HISTORY. The leader of the free world - there's been some great ones, such as George Washington or Abraham Lincoln. Most have been forgettable. Even many historians struggle to name every person who has sat in the Oval Office since 1789. Who can name this person (Wikipedia)?

Question 27

Who invented the Periodic Table of Elements?

The category is SCIENCE. Try to imagine a world without chemistry. There'd be no fireworks, no penicillin, no way to even have a computer screen. Having an organized way to lay out all the elements from Hydrogen to Oganesson is the only way that scientists could possibly begin to experiment with them to create the world we know today (Wikipedia).

Question 28

Which NFL player starred in a commercial in 1979 where he famously threw his jersey to a young fan?

The category is SPORTS. Everyone loves Super Bowl commercials. For some people, the commercials are more entertaining than the game itself. There have been many great commercials over the years, but this one in 1979 stands out to anyone who has ever seen it. It's inspiring, kind, and heartfelt (Wikipedia).

Question 29

Where was the final battle of the Revolutionary War fought?

The category is HISTORY. The Revolutionary War was a big risk that paid off for the thirteen colonies. Before this war, there were not a lot of successful revolutions. What really helped was the home-field advantage that the colonists had. This final battle was a decisive victory for troops led by George Washington (Wikipedia).

Question 30

What is the only month that can start on the same day of the week as the month before?

The category is THE CALENDAR. This is a tricky one. This one might stump a few people, but once they find out the correct answer, they might say, "Oh yeah! Of course!" Funny enough, this was an actual question from Final Jeopardy in the 80s, and it stumped people back then too (Wikipedia)!

Question 31

What feature is common to the flags of the U.S., Venezuela, and Pakistan?

The category is WORLD FLAGS. Each country has its own flag. The flag is the symbol of the country, full of meaning and metaphor. And hey, not just countries have flags. So do soccer teams, fraternities, and even holidays! Waving a white flag means surrender and if red flags appear while dating, it might be time to move on (Wikipedia).

Question 32

Which country from South America has more people than all the other countries from that continent combined?

The category is GEOGRAPHY. People love to travel, but sometimes people don't know the rich history of places they travel to. It's only a 12 hour flight to South America from the United States, and there's plenty of sights to see. One can visit the equator. There's also plenty of interesting ruins and all kinds of fun cities (Wikipedia)!

Question 33

What year was the cell phone invented?

The category is TECHNOLOGY. Imagine a world without cell phones. Everyone had to use an actual computer to search the internet. The only phones that existed could only do one thing - make calls! How boring! Today, cell phones are everywhere, but it might be surprising just how long ago they were first invented (Wikipedia).

Question 34

Who was the first jazz musician to play at Carnegie Hall?

The category is MUSIC. Jazz is an art form of the 20th century, but it has its roots in blues music that preceded it and still exists to this day. In the early 20th century, famous jazz musicians and their big band orchestras began taking over popular culture, playing at Carnegie Hall and other popular venues (Wikipedia).

Question 35

What is the biggest National Park in the United States?

The category is THE GREAT OUTDOORS. In 1872, Yellowstone became the first National Park. This was done to preserve the land and the nature. Since then, beautiful and unique areas of the U.S. have been selected to be preserved as a National Park. Tourists flock to these places every year to see nature in all its majesty (Wikipedia).

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