Not Even The Biggest Film Buff Can Name 100% Of These Movies

Movies are such a huge part of our everyday lives nowadays because with our phones only ever a reach away and a million different streaming services running live, there is just so much at our disposal.

With that being said though, there are a lot of us who only pay attention to those big name movies that rake in the big money on the weekends that people want to talk about at work at the water cooler or coffee machine. We want to be in the know and watch great movies, but sometimes we don't really venture outside of what's popular or cool.

With this quiz, we're here to test those individuals who claim to really love movies or the big name stars, but maybe they only ever see those movies that get the trailers played during prime time or the popular ones that their husband or best friend drag them to. As film aficionados, we can all appreciate the work that Meryl Streep and Ryan Gosling and Jennifer Lawrence do, but when was the last time we watched one of their smaller more independently made films?

Well, this quiz is going to separate the true film nerds from the posers. So, let's get started!

Question 1

Who can name this movie starring Jessica Chastain?

One thing you can almost always count on when you put on a film starring Jessica Chastain is watching the story of a strong and determined woman. In this movie from 2016, Chastain plays a well known and heavily sought after lobbyist in Washington, D.C. She's known for her talent in negotiation and getting the job done, no matter the price. When she ends up taking a new job in support of a new firearm bill, it surprises everyone around her. When things get heated surrounding the work involved in this new bill, all of her past work experiences and reputation are put on the line.

Question 2

What's the name of this film starring Nicole Kidman?

Another favorite who seems to be able to do it all from performing in award-winning musicals to taking home the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Drama for Big Little Lies. Nicole Kidman is at the top of her game. In this movie she plays the head teacher at an all-girls boarding school during the Civil war period. When a wounded soldier is found resting near their property, a student brings him into the school to be taken care of. From there, he creates a frenzy of sorts among all the young women as they fight for his attention.

Question 3

What's the name of this movie with Blake Lively?

Oh, to have Blake Lively's youthful skin for the rest of your life! This movie right here basically looks at the very idea of that, but goes a heck of a lot deeper than just having a pretty appearance. Lively's character has miraculously remained at the age of 29 for nearly eight decades. She's spent most of that time keeping a low profile and not drawing any attention to herself. But when she falls in love with a kind and charismatic young man, she finds herself trying to reason telling him the truth or running away again. A surprise twist also plays out towards the end!

Question 4

Who can name this movie?

This is the movie to put on if you want to see husband and wife, John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, act together for the first time on screen. And they actually do a really fantastic job considering the circumstances! Like we said, they play husband and wife who are trying to make it with their children in a post-apocalyptic world that's being inhabited by other worldly creatures who seem to have a keen sense of hearing. Everything comes to a head after they're all separated and must find their way back to one another, all while avoiding and fighting off the monsters.

Question 5

Who can name this movie starring Jeremy Renner?

Jeremy Renner tends to be such an underappreciated actor at times. We think it may be because his character Hawkeye from the Marvel Universe has never quite gotten the screen time he deserves. This film takes us sort of behind the scenes of a bigger franchise starring one of Hollywood's leading men. In this movie, Renner plays Aaron Cross, a secret intelligence agent on the run from the bureau who helped create him. When he comes across a research scientist who is also looking to outrun her former boss, the two must decide whether or not to trust one another on their dangerous journey.

Question 6

Who can name this action movie?

This action drama starring Natalie Portman is definitely one that you will watch and then want to discuss for many hours afterward with your friends because there is just so much to unpack. Based on a best-selling novel, Portman plays a scientist and former soldier whose husband comes back home from a covert mission not seeming himself. When he experiences a medical emergency, she finds herself interrogated by officials who tell her he is the first person to make it back from this undisclosed location. Determined to uncover the truth of what happened to her husband, she and a group of female scientists and soldiers venture into the strange "shimmer" in order to get some answers.

Question 7

What's the name of this movie starring Johnny Depp?

Johnny Depp has played a number of iconic characters over the years now. Pretty much everyone knows him as Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates Of The Caribbean film series, but he's also jumped into other darker roles as well. In this movie, he plays the role of James Bulger, a man living in Boston in the 1970's who pursued a life of crime. When approached by officials to help take down an opposing crime boss in the area, Bulger agrees but things quickly take a turn. From there, he finds himself on the run from the police and he soon became one of the most dangerous gangsters in history.

Question 8

Who can name this movie?

Sometimes we're just in the mood for watching a little romance unfold onscreen. It really can be so much fun to watch the story of two people falling in love. In this film, when a smart and determined medical student named Gabby moves in next door to an easygoing ladies' man named Travis, they instantly get on each others' nerves in the very best way possible — they can't stop thinking about each other. As their life together grows more intertwined and serious over the years, they find themselves faced with one of the most difficult things a couple can go through. Does their love survive?

Question 9

Who can name this movie starring Jennifer Lawrence?

Jennifer Lawrence is also another actress on the scene who is continually choosing strong and inspiring roles in terms of the movies she stars in. We'll really never get sick of watching her tell a story. In this movie, she plays a struggling mother who grows tired of just making ends meet. Graced with a creative mind, when her family persuades her to really try out her hand at inventing, she finds herself with a truly great product that could really sell. From there, she must discover the true strength and determination within herself to overcome all the things standing in her way of making this dream a reality.

Question 10

Who can name this movie with Jake Gyllenhaal?

If you want to talk about a true chameleon when it comes to the kinds of film roles they take on, Jake Gyllenhaal is a great person to discuss. He goes back and forth all the time between cool in-depth thrillers to dramas to period pieces. And we love watching it all! In this movie he plays a successful boxing champion who seemingly has it all — a loving wife, daughter and cool job. When tragedy strikes his family, he rapidly descents and loses it all. When he decides it's time to start anew and build a fresh start, he must overcome his loses to build a strong foundation for himself and his daughter.

Question 11

What's the name of this movie?

Finding movies that are truly unique and special in this day in age is a rare thing. With all the streaming services and movies coming out at the theatre, we're just completely inundated with much of the same thing on a daily basis. This movie here is something special that breaks the mold. Filmed in a vignette style over the course of 12 years, this movie shows the ups and downs of growing up through the lens of a young boy named Mason. All of the trials he experiences in his family life, school, relationships and milestones are captured in this fictional story that seems very real all the way through.

Question 12

What's the name of this movie starring Tom Cruise?

What other star out there has almost completely ventured into the world of action movies to basically never come out again? Tom Cruise is pretty unique in that way. In this film he plays a guy who's not afraid to literally go deep to the world's most ancient of sites in order to bring back timeless artifacts and sell them to the highest bidder. When he and his partner come under attack while out on a mission, a betrayed Egyptian princess is unleashed upon them. Cruise's character finds himself going to great lengths in order to protect himself and his finds against this evolving ancient force.

Question 13

What's the name of this movie starring Jason Bateman?

Jason Bateman has starred in a lot of great comedies over the years. He just has this innate ability to be absolutely hilarious in the most authentic way possible. We just love watching him onscreen. In this movie he plays Max who hosts a weekly night of fun with a small group of friends alongside his wife Annie, played by Rachel McAdams. When his over-the-top brother decides to come in and take over the evening by hosting an interactive mystery evening, things get way out of hand very quickly. Seriously, there are car chases and home invasions, all played out in the most hilarious of ways!

Question 14

Who can name this movie?

Remakes have become such a thing in Hollywood the past several years that it's almost become something of a rarity when an original movie comes out onto the scene. In this movie starring Taron Egerton, he plays a charming young man who is drafted by a corrupt leader in England to fight against the opposition. When he returns home after four years away from home, he learns of a revolt happening and begins to train in order to help his fallen people. With hopes of reclaiming the love of his life as well, so begins the fight of his life.

Question 15

What's the name of this movie starring Charlie Hunnam?

Who here remembers when there were talks that Charlie Hunnam was going to play Christian Grey in the 50 Shades Of Grey franchise? Well, that didn't end up happening and he actually ended up doing a slew of more serious period pieces. But it's something we always wonder about. In this film he plays an explorer in the 20th century who is determined to make it back deep into the Amazon where he had previously discovered signs of a lost civilization. With the support of his family and like minded scientists, he manages to find his way back, but it's not without its costs.

Question 16

What's the name of this movie starring Mark Wahlberg?

We haven't seen Mark Wahlberg for a little while, have we? We need him to come back onto the scene and give the world another movie stat because we all miss him! In this film he plays the chief electronics technician for a drilling rig out on the Gulf of Mexico. When an explosion goes off that ignites a massive fireball, Wahlberg's character and all of the others aboard the rig find themselves fighting for their lives to make it off and stay alive. This is based on a true story of perseverance, bravery and people banding together in the hardest of times.

Question 17

Who can name this movie starring Shailene Woodley?

Shailene Woodley is someone who has been fun to watch over the years. She started out doing on a teen drama on television and has gone on to do interesting films and be a part of the award winning HBO show Big Little Lies. In this film she plays a young woman who falls in love with an experienced sailor who's hired to bring a boat back to the States from Australia. On their way they hit one of the biggest storms to hit the Pacific ocean. They find themselves stranded on a boat without anyone or anything around to help them.

Question 18

Who can name this film starring Amy Adams?

Amy Adams has to be one of the most appreciated and underappreciated actresses in the game right now. She has acted in and been nominated in so many critically acclaimed films, yet she still hasn't taken home any of the awards. It's a travesty, really. In this film she plays the artist Margaret Keane who marries a charming man who starts to advertise and sell her art as his own. It's only after their marriage is over and she takes legal action against her former husband when she finally discovers her voice and the inner strength it requires to take ownership of her work.

Question 19

What's the name of this movie starring Zac Efron?

This is definitely one of those movies to watch when you feel a little bit down and out about dating because it shows that even men can sometimes have periods of feeling completely over it. Zac Efron stars in this movie about three good friends in New York City who make a pact to remain single and just have fun for the foreseeable future. When each of them end up falling in love with someone during this time period, it really puts their friendships to the test as well as their new relationships. They must all find a way to come clean with their love interests, their friends and themselves.

Question 20

What's the name of this movie?

Really, you can't talk about movies without bringing the great Meryl Streep into the mix. She has done it all from musicals to dramas to family comedies and she certainly has the awards to show for it. In this film she plays the first female publisher of one of the major daily newspapers in the States. Alongside her news editor, they come together to try and uncover a major government news story before a competing paper beats them to the punch. This is a story about the time, hard work and determination it takes to be one of the top performing newspapers in the nation.

Question 21

Who can name this Gothic thriller?

Sometimes the set and whole ambiance of a set allows for you to be truly swept up in the story as it really just works to take the audience to a whole new place where the magic of movies exists. In this film starring Mia Wasikowska, she plays a quiet young woman named Edith who recently married a charming man of means, played by Tom Hiddleston. When she moves into his remote and enormous Gothic mansion, she discovers that her husband's sister lives there as well and seems to be hiding some dark family secrets. As she tries to solve her new husband's family's sordid history, she finds herself tested on new levels.

Question 22

Who can name this action fantasy film?

Is it just us or do a lot of the action fantasy movies start to seem very similar after a while? It's a lot of the same plot lines about robots or artificial intelligence taking over the world. This movie tries to tell an original story. It stars Domhnall Gleeson as a computer whiz who wins a contest that sends him to the private estate of his firm's big CEO. When he arrives there he learns that his boss has built Ava, a beautiful robot who needs to be put to the test. Both of these men soon discover that her capabilities and intelligence are far greater than they had imagined.

Question 23

Who can name this movie starring Bradley Cooper?

Bradley Cooper has certainly proven himself as of late. Not only acting in one of the most talked about movies of the past year, but also trying his hand at directing too. And we certainly love watching him do all this. In this movie he plays a talented chef whose path got off course when he experienced a rough patch in life. When he moves to London for a fresh start, he meets up with an old friend who gives him a chance as the head chef of his new restaurant. Alongside some new friends, he finds himself determined to earn a Michelin star.

Question 24

What's the name of this movie starring Felicity Jones?

There's something really meaningful about a movie that works to tell the real life story of people who actually existed — or still do exist, in a lot of cases. It can often make you feel or think differently about certain situations when you realize that actual human beings lived through these experiences. In this film Felicity Jones plays the patient and caring wife of a future physicist who discovers that he has motor neuron disease. Upon learning this, he begins an intense period of study, thinking that his time is very limited. Only, what he was actually able to achieve would be beyond impressive.

Question 25

What's the name of this film?

It's usually pretty fun to watch Ben Affleck onscreen because even though he's been at this whole acting thing for a while now, he still manages to surprise us with the roles he takes on and the films he stars in. In this movie he plays a mathematics savant who moonlights as making his living "uncooking" the books for high profile criminals around the world ( Working a day job as a CPA, he takes on a legitimate client in order to detract from the treasury agent who is right on his track. Things grow more and more intense and high stake as they circle one another.

Question 26

Who can name this movie starring Ryan Gosling?

Yup, that's right. In case you didn't know, none other than Ryan Gosling and George Clooney starred in a movie together in 2011. And even though they did not play father and son, we'd just like to point out that these two really do look alike. Gosling could totally pull off playing Clooney's son or even his younger brother. In this movie, Gosling plays the idealistic press secretary for a charming governor played by George Clooney. With the primary nominations about to take place, something incredible comes to light which works to set everything off course in the governor's position.

Question 27

What's the name of this movie starring Julia Roberts?

There are certain movies that come out over the years that tend to give an authentic and stark look at addiction and what that can look like for a family and the people closest to that individual. It can often be something that's overlooked in movies, but when they do get it right, that's a rare treasure. Julia Roberts stars as the caring mother who has her son unexpectedly come back home from treatment on Christmas Eve. When she discovers that her son has ulterior motives for making the trip home for the holidays, she stops at nothing to make sure that her son stays clean.

Question 28

What movie is this starring Elizabeth Olsen?

Social media is such a funny thing, isn't it? We're constantly on our phones or computers completely inundated with photos and information about influencers and their seemingly perfect looking lives. In this movie starring Elizabeth Olsen and Aubrey Plaza, Plaza plays a young woman coming out of a hard time in her life when she decides to pick up and move to Los Angeles. When she gets there, she sneakily sets up a meeting with a popular influencer whom she's admired online. Though they become fast friends, all of the lies Plaza's character has been telling along the way quickly catches up with her.

Question 29

Who can name this film starring Sally Field?

Can we all just say a communal thank you to any and all higher powers for Sally Field? She has been in the movie business for over 50 years now and all of the work she has done really speaks to her unique level of acting talent. In this movie she plays a quiet and shy woman living in New York City who falls for a much younger man at work. With the advice of her best friend's granddaughter, she begins a scheme to try and attract his attention. When her plan goes awry, she finds the life she's always known may need to change in order to experience real growth.

Question 30

What's the name of this movie starring Keanu Reeves?

We must admit that actor Keanu Reeves certainly does the whole action thriller movie stuff very well — it's no wonder he's known for that genre. But when he dabbles in the more serious stuff where he does more than fight for his life, we're also equally as impressed. In this movie he plays the non-traditional doctor of a young woman who enters a treatment facility for an eating disorder. Starring Lily Collins as the lead, she is dependent on her family's belief in her and their strength as this isn't the first treatment program she has tried in order to battle her disease.

Question 31

What's the name of this teen drama?

Teen dramas have become such a staple at the movies over the years. Every few months something new comes along that makes young people flock to the theatre. And the really cool thing is that a lot of these movies are really good too. In this movie starring Zoey Deutch, she plays a teenage girl who's popular at school, has great friends and a cute boyfriend. After a raucous night out with her friends she gets into a car crash, but seems to wake up the next day and everything is seemingly fine again. What she discovers from there is that she seems to be living the same day over and over again until she can figure out what went wrong.

Question 32

Who can name this movie?

Annette Bening has been such a rare gift to the world of film for so many years now that it's hard to pick a favorite role — so many have become classics in our mind. In this movie she plays the somewhat eccentric but caring single mother of a teenage boy growing up in the 1970's in California. When she turns to two prominent women in her son's life to help guide him and offer him advice, it ends up bringing forward a massive shift in their relationship. Who can name this 2016 film starring the invariably talented Annette Bening?

Question 33

What's the name of this spooky movie?

It kind of has to be said that there have been so many unoriginal spooky movies over the years that when a unique one comes out with original ideas, it's really something to take note of. This movie tells the story of a carefree and fun teenage girl named Jay who decides to take that pivotal step and spend the night with her boyfriend. From that she discovers she is the latest person to receive a curse that is passed on in that way. When she turns to her friends for help, they don't believe her at first. It is only when they begin to experience the curse themselves that they see what has taken place.

Question 34

What's the name of this movie starring Willem Dafoe?

Willem Dafoe has had quite an exceptional experience in the world of film. He's worked with directors from all over the world and has taken on a plethora of unique characters. He's also somehow managed to stay in the thick of the mainstream cinema too, which is quite a feat. In this film he plays a kind and funny budget hotel manager who is forced into difficult situations on a regular basis with many of the hotel guests. In particular, he watches out for the young Moonee and her mom as they stay there week to week and don't always have the money to make it work.

Question 35

Who can name this film starring Dakota Johnson?

Dakota Johnson has garnered quite the long list of acting gigs since coming out onto the scene a few years back. She really does possess that girl-next-door quality that truly allows an actress to sink into any role thrown their way. In this movie she plays the daughter of a former love interest of a famous rock star. When she sets off to visit her father's old flame on a quiet island in Italy, she finds herself stirring the pot in all sorts of ways. When she leaves the island, she finds herself forever changed from a series of life-altering events.

Question 36

What's the name of this movie?

Nicholas Cage has really had such a unique line of work. Try and think of someone else who started out doing fairly classic rom-coms like Moonstruck and Peggy Sue Got Married to then turn into quite the action star with movies like Con Air and Gone In 60 Seconds. In this movie he plays a man named Red who lives a quiet life with his girlfriend in the woods. Through a series of strange and fantastical events, his girlfriend is taken by the leader of a cult and Red must fight his way out of the rage that follows in order to try and get her back.

Question 37

What's the name of this movie starring John Cho?

Even though actor John Cho has been on the movie and television scene for some time now, we still feel as though he's not as appreciated as he should be. He really has played a variety of cool roles over the years. In this movie here, he plays a caring father who becomes desperate to find his 16 year old daughter after she goes missing. When he decides to turn to her laptop for answers, he uncovers a whole new world of information about his daughter that he previously hadn't been aware of. For a movie that basically takes place through a number of screens, this film is action packed!

Question 38

What's the name of this drama?

Steve Carell has really hit a nice stride with his films where we are all well aware by now what a great comedic actor he is, but he's also done some really great dramatic roles over the past couple years as well. In this movie, he plays David Sheff, a successful writer who has a close relationship with his teenage son, played by the talented Timothee Chalamet. When it's discovered that his son has developed some addiction issues, David makes it his mission to try and understand what's been going on and help his son in whatever way he can.

Question 39

Who can name this movie starring Brie Larson?

Actress Brie Larson has totally taken over the year 2019 as far as movies are concerned as she stars in not one but two of the most talked about films of the year. In this movie here, she plays the daughter of two free-spirited parents who raised her and her three siblings to be full of imagination and liveliness. On the other side of the coin though, what came along with that was a lot of instability and hard times as her father also experienced addiction issues. Based on a bestselling memoir, this tells the story of how growing up in that type of environment affects an individual.

Question 40

What's the name of this movie starring Paul Rudd?

Can we be the millionth people on the planet to ask the question — how is it that Paul Rudd never ages a day? He seriously looks the same way he did over twenty years ago when Clueless came out. He really is something to marvel at. In this particular movie, he plays a retired writer who decides to leave his work after experiencing a personal tragedy. When he takes up work as a disabled teen's caregiver, they take off together on an impromptu road trip. Along the way they both discover things about themselves, each other and long lasting friendship.

Question 41

What's the name of this movie?

Over the years Angelina has really proven herself in terms of establishing a vocation where she not only acts, but also directs. Such was the case for this movie where she acted with then-husband, Brad Pitt. Set in the 1960s, they played a couple from the States traveling in Europe. During their stay at a beautiful coastal hotel, they find themselves at an interesting spot in their relationship. When they find themselves reaching out to the new people around them also staying at the hotel in order to get a reaction out of their partner, they come to a new point of truth and letting go in their marriage.

Question 42

Who can name this movie with Kate Winslet?

We've seen Kate Winslet do it all in her films. From falling in love on the sinking Titanic to many period pieces to finding a renewed sense of self in California in the cozy The Holiday. In this movie, it's more of an ensemble piece. Acting alongside Will Smith and Keira Knightley, she plays a friend and colleague of Smith's character who experienced a family tragedy and totally retreats from his life. When he starts to reach back out into the world in which he knew, he's met with a new reality that offers up authenticity and letting go of the past.

Question 43

What movie is this starring Viola Davis?

We're pretty sure we don't need to tell you that actress Viola Davis is a total force onscreen. It definitely says something about the roles she chooses to play, but she just always comes across as dynamic, strong and real. In this particular movie she plays a woman whose husband was a professional thief. After a job goes bad, him and his crew wind up not making it. When one of the people her husband stole from comes looking for the money, Davis' character decides to turn to the other women who lost their husbands in order to pull off a big job.

Question 44

Who can name this movie starring Julianne Moore?

Julianne Moore is such a gifted actress who we have been lucky to watch in films and on television for over 30 years now. She really has done it all too, in terms of walking that fine line between all the different genres. In this particular film based on a novel of the same name, she plays a successful linguistics professor in her early 50's who is diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's disease. As she tries to come to terms with this diagnosis in her job and family life, she finds that the once vibrant life she once knew is rapidly slipping away.

Question 45

What movie is this starring Mark Ruffalo?

It can be a really cool thing to watch some of our favorite actors in projects that allow them to dig a little bit deeper and get all 'charactery,' especially if one of the biggest things they're known for is playing a green beast. In this particular movie, Mark Ruffalo plays one of a small group of journalists reporting on an important news story that came to light in the Boston area. As this news story begins to take shape, the journalists and individuals involved discover that it was no easy task to unfold a story of this magnitude for the masses.

Question 46

Who can name this movie starring Dwayne Johnson?

That's right. We're here to test you on one of the many movies that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has starred in — and when we say many, this guy has made over 40 films ( In this particular movie, when a young woman named Paige gets the chance to try out for the WWE, she must leave the safety of home for training. Coming from a closeknit family who are all super into the world of wrestling, she must dig deep and find the strength within herself in order to take on this new world. Really, this one's good for the whole family!

Question 47

What movie is this starring Robert Pattinson?

Who remembers when Robert Pattinson first came onto the movie scene and everyone and their mother practically ran to the movie theatre every time he had a new film come out? We kind of miss those days. Can we feel nostalgic for just 10 years ago? In this film, Pattinson plays a quiet college student living in New York City. After a family tragedy, he finds himself feeling lost and a little alone until he meets Ally. They instantly feel a close connection to one another. Unfortunately, their relationship is tested when things he's kept hidden from her come out.

Question 48

Who can name this movie starring Daniel Radcliffe?

Every year or so there's a movie that comes along that almost perfectly examines the very idea of whether or not men and women can just be platonic friends. This was that film in 2013. Starring Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan, they play two strangers who happen to meet and really hit it off. When Radcliffe's character decides he'd like to take things to the next level, Kazan's character reveals that she already has a boyfriend. When she proposes that they just be friends, he agrees. From there, he finds himself consistently tested as he tries to remain in the friend zone while steadily developing feelings for her.

Question 49

What's the name of this movie?

This romantic drama starring Chris Evans is exactly the type of movie to put on if you're looking to reflect on love, fate and meeting the right people at the exact right time. Evans plays a guy who happens to be busking in Grand Central Station in New York when Alice Eve's character runs past him while accidentally dropping her phone. When she makes her way back around to him, he returns her phone and they almost immediately dive deep into conversation. As they find themselves drawn to different parts of the city for different reasons, they end up helping one another through what could have been considered a rough night.

Question 50

What's the name of this dramedy starring Aubrey Plaza?

This 2012 dramedy is all about whether or not one's belief in something special could be enough to take someone on an incredible adventure. Starring Mark Duplass and Aubrey Plaza, this film is about three magazine employees who find an ad in the newspaper from someone looking for a companion to time travel with. Suspecting that this all has to be some kind of a hoax, they reach out to the individual who posted the ad in hopes to investigate more closely what might be going on. The person who posted the ad and what he brings to the table turns out to be a surprise to them all.

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