No Fan Could Name 100% Of These Twilight Characters

When Stephenie Meyer first came up with the idea for Twilight, a novel that focuses on a love story between a seemingly ordinary human girl and a mysterious vampire, we doubt that she had any idea as to how successful it was going to become. The novel was a huge hit, so naturally, as soon as its sequels were released they were devoured by the franchise's fans.

It didn't take long for the novel series to be turned into a movie series. Fans watched the first movie with bathed breath. Those who had never read the books fell in love with the story and the characters. The movie series turned out to be as successful and popular as the book series.

The last movie, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2, was released seven years ago, all the way back in 2012. And yet fans still can't help but think about the enthralling franchise to this day. They discuss the characters in forums, write fan fiction and dream of being turned into immortals themselves.

But how many fans can actually remember all that happened in the movies? And how many fans can go ahead and name all of the characters that made an appearance on the big screen? Our guess: not many. Who wants to give it a go?

Question 1

Name this protagonist.

This character is the female protagonist of the series. We first meet her in the first movie, Twilight. In Twilight she is a regular human girl who moves from Phoenix in Arizona to Forks in Washington so as to live with her dad. It is in Forks that she meets a mysterious vampire with whom she falls in love. The vampire is not indifferent to her either. Their love story is not without complications of course. According to Twilight Saga Wiki, eventually this characters is turned into a vampire (the reason behind this being that she almost passes away while giving birth to a human/vampire hybrid).

Question 2

Name this vampire who can read minds.

If you can't get this one right, are you even a fan of this popular franchise? A member of the Olympic Coven, this character is the male protagonist of the series. We are first introduced to him in the first movie, Twilight. He is a handsome and mysterious vampire and so it comes as no surprise that the female protagonist of the franchise can't help but fall deeply in love with him. He too is mesmerized by her, not to mention intrigued by the fact that he can't read her mind (even though he can read pretty much everyone else's minds according to Twilight Saga Wiki).

Question 3

Name the protagonist's father.

Recognize the man in the image above? He is the protagonist's father. He works as the Chief of Police in Forks and is a rather shy man. He does not like crowds and is a bit of a loner. In fact, he passed down these traits to his daughter who was also somewhat of a loner initially (at least until she met her vampire boyfriend and his family). This character is a loving and understanding father. He accepts his daughter's choice of boyfriend but is nonetheless very protective, constantly making sure that she has a pepper spray with her at all times (Twilight Saga Wiki).

Question 4

Name this compassionate vampire.

Know the name of this particular character? As might be obvious from the image alone, he is a vampire (his pale face and unusual eyes kind of give it away). In fact, he is the founder of the Olympic Coven. Naturally, he is also its leader. As a human this character was extremely compassionate. When he was turned, this compassion multiplied. As such, even though he is an immortal, he leads a "vegetarian" lifestyle. He is married to another vampire and has quite a few adoptive children. Over the years he has managed to make many friends (some of them are his fellow vampires, others are humans and still others are werewolves, according to Twilight Saga Wiki).

Question 5

Name the most powerful leader of the Volturi clan.

We probably don't even need to mention that this character is a vampire. After all, look at his eyes! They are red, which means that he is not only a vampire but also a vampire that likes to feast on humans (vegetarian vampires have amber eyes according to Twilight Saga Wiki). This character is one of the three powerful leaders of the Volturi coven. He is quite an important man. As you are probably well aware (if you are a true fan of the series, that is), the Volturi coven is the dominant coven of the vampire world. Furthermore, most vampires accept him as the overall leader of the clan.

Question 6

Name this werewolf.

Another easy question! Everyone taking this quiz should have no trouble naming this handsome character. This character is a shape-shifter (which is basically just a fancy name for a "werewolf"). He belongs to the Quileute tribe. He was once the Beta of the Uley pack, and the Alpha of his own. No love story would be complete without a love triangle and this character served the purpose of the "other man". The protagonist had feelings for him and for a long time this character tried to fight for her love but in the end she ended up choosing the mysterious vampire who intrigued her the very first time she set eyes on him. Eventually however he got his happily ever after: he "imprinted" on the protagonist's daughter (Twilight Saga Wiki).

Question 7

Name this member of the Olympic coven.

Who thinks that they know the name of this female vampire? This vampire serves as the matriarch of the Olympic coven. She is the wife of another major character (hint: he is the compassionate one) and the adoptive mother of five vampires. In addition, she is the the adoptive mother-in-law of the protagonist and the adoptive grandmother of the protagonist's daughter. Back in the 1920s this vampire led a normal human existence but tried to take her own life after her child passed away. Luckily, her future husband came across her and turned her into a vampire. The two have been happily married ever since (Twilight Saga Wiki).

Question 8

Name this incredibly strong vampire.

Here we have yet another member of the Olympic coven. The adoptive son of two compassionate vegetarian vampires, this character is married to another immortal that belongs to the coven. He was turned in the mid 1930s after he was mauled by a bear. His wife-to-be came across him and asked her adoptive father to grant this character another chance at life. After he was turned he barely ever left the side of his rescuer so it comes as no surprise that they eventually got married. Even though this character is a vegetarian he is nonetheless extremely strong (the strongest in his family, according to Twilight Saga Wiki).

Question 9

Name this vampire who once served in the Confederate Army.

This character once served as a major in the armed forces. It was then that he was turned into an immortal by a female vampire. He proceeded to help her in creating an army of newborn vampires but eventually grew tired of his unsatisfying and sad life (whenever he would take a person's life he could feel his or her emotions which was too much for him to bear). Sometime in the 1940s he became a nomad. Shortly after he met the love of his life and joined the Olympic coven. Ever since then he has led a peaceful existence (Twilight Saga Wiki).

Question 10

Name this blonde vampire.

Know the name of this stunning blonde vampire? If you call yourself a fan, you should! After all, she is a pretty important character. As is probably quite obvious, this character is not a human. Rather, she is a vampire and a member of the Olympic coven. She is married to the strongest member of her family. She first met her husband when he was mauled by a bear. She saved him and ever since then the two have been inseparable. It kind of makes sense that she was so adamant that his life be spared: after all, back in the 1930s she herself was turned into a vampire after she almost passed away from ill treatment from her fiance and his friends (Twilight Saga Wiki).

Question 11

Name this vampire who was turned in the 1920s.

The woman in the image above is another important character and a member of the Olympic coven. Think you know her name? Then go ahead and select it from the four options that are available above! She was turned sometime in the 1920s after her family had her institutionalized. Shortly after she had a vision of a man who turned out to be the love of her life. When the two came face to face with one another they could not help but fall in love immediately. According to Twilight Saga Wiki, they then joined the peaceful Olympic coven (and it proved to be an excellent decision!)

Question 12

Name this ruthless leader of the Volturi clan.

One of the three leaders of the Volturi, this character is the most ruthless of them all. He was born sometime in 1300 BC and at one point or another in his life was turned into an immortal. Shortly after he met his wife. This character is very ambitious and rarely shows mercy, hence why he is considered the most ruthless of the three ancient leaders. You might not be able to tell that he is incredibly cunning at a first glance for he is also somewhat quiet. As is to be expected, this character does not approve of vampire vegetarianism (Twilight Saga Wiki).

Question 13

Name the man in the wheelchair.

Know the name of the man in the wheelchair? If so, what are you waiting for - go ahead and select the correct answer from all the options available to you above! This character is the father of our favorite werewolf (or, to be more correct, shape-shifter). He is also best friends with the protagonist's father. If you are a fan of the series and if you have a good memory then you are probably well aware that this character is confined to a wheelchair due to his diabetes complications. Because there were no vampires when he was young, this character never phased into a shape-shifter (Twilight Saga Wiki).

Question 14

Name this antagonist.

This character does not look very friendly, but then again, he isn't. Like most characters on this quiz, this blonde man is also a vampire. He is the leader of his coven and is mates with a ruthless immortal. He spent most of his time hunting down the protagonist of the series. This was not too difficult for him seeing how he has the ability to track people. He tracked down the protagonist in Phoenix and was ready to feast on her when other vampires (members of the Olympic coven) pounced on him (and that was the end of the antagonist of Twilight according to Twilight Saga Wiki).

Question 15

Name this human/vampire hybrid.

We have no doubt that pretty much everyone taking this quiz will get this particular question right. After all, even though this character did not make an appearance until the later installments of the franchise, she was a pretty important addition nonetheless. In fact, she was the daughter of the protagonist and her vampire boyfriend (and later husband). This character is somewhat unusual in that she is neither solely a vampire nor a human. Rather, she is a vampire/ human hybrid. She has the ability to make other people see what she is thinking by simply touching them. Our favorite werewolf imprinted on this character (Twilight Saga Wiki).

Question 16

Name this Volturi guard.

This character is a member of the Volturi guard. As is probably obvious by her cape (at least to those who deem themselves loyal fans of the series) she is a high-ranking guard. She has the ability to make people feel pain. This pain is not real but rather illusory. Nonetheless, it helps her keep order. This character also has a twin brother. He too is a high-ranking member of the Volturi guard. In fact, the two siblings are incredibly valuable to the clan. When this character is angry, her twin brother is usually the only one who can calm her down (Twilight Saga Wiki).

Question 17

Name the protagonist's mother.

The woman in the image above is the protagonist's mother. We did not see much of her but that does not mean that she was not an important character. This character was divorced from her daughter's father. She ended up re-marrying. Her second husband was a minor league baseball player. The two were very happy together. Evidently, her second marriage was much more successful perhaps because both this character and her husband love adventure. In Twilight, this character stated that she somehow repels technology for she is always losing her phone charger. She was also shown to be rather good at sewing (for her daughter's graduation she made a quilt according to Twilight Saga Wiki).

Question 18

Name this shape-shifter of the Quileute tribe.

The man in the image above is a shape-shifter. He belong to the Quileute tribe and is also the third-in-command of a pack known as the Uley pack (he was the third member to join this particular pack). This character is somewhat volatile. For example, when he found out that our favorite werewolf told the protagonist (a human) about them, he was so enraged that he could not help but turn into a wolf. After imprinting on another member of the Quileute tribe, he has learned to restrain himself (Twilight Saga Wiki). Who thinks that they can name this character?

Question 19

Name this redhead antagonist.

Think you know the name of this redhead immortal? Then select the answer that you deem correct from the options that are available above. This character is not very pleasant. In fact, she is actually one of the main antagonists in New Moon and Eclipse. This character is mates with a vampire that tried to feast on the protagonist of the series. When his life was taken she swore revenge. This vampire has a rather useful talent. Can you remember what it is? If you know the movies inside out you should have no trouble recalling that it is enhanced self-preservation (Twilight Saga Wiki).

Question 20

Name this immature but optimistic werewolf.

This character is a member of our favorite werewolves renegade shape-shifter pack. Before he joined this particular pack he was the youngest member of another wolf pack. At times this character appears childish and immature. However, that doesn't mean that he doesn't have any good qualities. In fact, he has plenty of them. For example, he is cheerful and optimistic. He is also very kind. According to Twilight Saga Wiki, he idolizes not only our favorite werewolf but also our favorite vampire. In fact, this vampire once said that this character has one of the purest minds that he has ever seen (or rather, heard).

Question 21

Name this member of the coven of Romania.

The founding member of the coven (of Romania), this vampire has great dislike for the Volturi clan (Twilight Saga Wiki). In fact, the two clans are arch enemies. The clan was once the most powerful clan in the vampire world and as such, once upon a time this character was at the top of his game. Then came the Volturi and his power (and the power of the people of Romania in general) was stripped. This character used to have a mate but her life was taken. He is very close to another member of his clan and the two hope to one day take back the power that was stolen from them.

Question 22

Name this Alpha shape-shifter.

This character is a member of the Quileute tribe. Like most of those who belong to this tribe, this character is also a shape-shifter. This character is a strong individual so it comes as no surprise that he is the Alpha of his pack (although at times he struggles with this role: sometimes he is too slow to take command and other times he is too forceful according to Twilight Saga Wiki). His fiance is a woman from the Makah tribe, whom he has imprinted on. This character is significant in that he was the very first person of his generation to phase into his werewolf form.

Question 23

Name this nomadic vampire.

Initially this character was a nomadic vampire. However, over time he became the member of several covens. For example, he once joined the Denali coven and even attempted to follow their vegetarian diet. He was not always successful however but he did not even try to pretend that it was an easy transition. In fact, he freely admitted that sometimes he couldn't help but satisfy his desires by feasting on humans. At one point during the series this character attempted to take the life of the protagonist of the franchise. As such, he was eliminated by the werewolves of the Uley pack (Twilight Saga Wiki).

Question 24

Name this member of the Amazon coven.

According to Twilight Saga Wiki, this vampire is from South America and belongs to the Amazon coven. She is an incredibly talented vampire and has the ability to create amazingly vivid illusions. She is an ally of the Olympic coven and has made them a promise that she would serve as their witness against the Volturi clan. In fact, she said that if necessary, she would even fight beside them. However, unlike the Olympic coven, neither this character nor the other members of her coven are vegetarian. Still, who said that there could be no friendship between vegetarian vampires and non-vegetarian vampires?

Question 25

Name this apathetic leader of the Volturi clan.

One of the leaders of the Volturi clan, this character has a rather unusual (and dare, we say, the coolest) talent of them all. He is able to tell the personal ties between different individuals by merely looking at them. It might not be as useful as some of the other talents possessed by other vampires, but it is certainly an intriguing one (not to mention one that can be very dangerous in the hands of a crafty individual). This character was once married. After his partner passed away he withdrew into himself, becoming a bit of an introvert (he also became quite apathetic according to Twilight Saga Wiki).

Question 26

Name this member of the coven (of Egypt).

A member of the coven of Egypt, this character was created by his coven's leader. Like most vampires, he has a unique talent. If you have seen all of the installments of the franchise, you probably know that he is capable of influencing the alchemical elements of nature (these include fire, earth, water, and air). This is why his coven's leader created him: he knew that this character would be incredibly gifted and that he would contribute greatly to his coven. This handsome character is by no means single. Indeed, he is actually mates with another member of the coven (Twilight Saga Wiki).

Question 27

Name this member of the Volturi guard.

Can you tell that this character is a vampire? The red eyes give it away. He is a treasured member of the Volturi guard. What do we mean by treasured? Only that he is one of the highest ranking guards. This character has a powerful twin sister who is also a vampire and also a guard. Both this character and his sister should not be messed with. Why? Because they have the ability to take down their opponents, no matter how big or how strong they may be. To be more specific, this character can deprive his targets of all their senses (Twilight Saga Wiki). You have to admit, that's one powerful skill to have.

Question 28

Name this minor character.

Another difficult question, we doubt anyone is going to get this one right! Think you have what it takes? Then go ahead and choose the right answer from the four options that are available above. This minor character is a vampire. According to the legend, she was once married. When the life of her husband was taken she was so enraged that she made her way down to the Quileute village where she attempted to take the lives of all the tribespeople. When it looked like the last spirit warrior was going to be defeated, his wife sacrificed herself. This character was momentarily distracted and as such the spirit warrior was successful in defeating her (Twilight Saga Wiki).

Question 29

Name this tribal elder of the Quileute tribe.

The man in the image above is the tribal elder of the Quileute tribe. He is good friends with the protagonist's father. According to Twilight Saga Wiki, the one thing that the two have in common is fishing. In New Moon this character ends up having a heart attack as a result of his encounter with a vampire. As some of you might be well able to recall, he saw the vampire standing behind his good friend and fishing companion. He thus tried to shoot her, but unsuccessfully. He was pushed to the ground which is when his heart attack began. Unfortunately, he didn't make it.

Question 30

Name this high-ranking member of the Volturi guard.

This character is a member of the Volturi guard. He is no ordinary member however but rather a high-ranking individual. Unlike most other guards, this character does not rely on supernatural abilities to serve his coven's three leaders. Rather, he is known for his amazing strength and his impressive combat techniques. This character is somewhat mysterious. Indeed, very little is known about his past. We do however know that he was created by one of the coven's leaders and that he has been in servitude for many, many centuries. Even though he wears the lighter grey cloak (which indicates his lesser position within the guards) he has nevertheless been deemed worthy of a permanent position (Twilight Saga Wiki).

Question 31

Name this newborn vampire.

The girl in the image above is one of the youngest characters in the entire franchise. She is a newborn vampire who was created by a ruthless immortal (and the main antagonist of New Moon and Eclipse) for the sole purpose of fighting the members of the Olympic coven in the army of newborn vampires. This character did not like being a vampire in the slightest. She was a bit of a bookworm and loved reading. She read whenever she was bored or simply when she wanted to stay out of trouble. Unfortunately, her life was taken by the Volturi clan (Twilight Saga Wiki).

Question 32

Name this shape-shifter.

Know the name of the young man pictured in the image above? We bet that you do! And if not... perhaps it's time to re-watch the movies once more? It is probably quite obvious that this character is not a vampire (his eyes are neither red nor amber but rather brown). But he is not a human either. He is actually a shape-shifter (or, as some might prefer to call him, a werewolf). He is best friends with our favorite werewolf (the one who is initially in love with the protagonist of the series) and is a very important pack member (Twilight Saga Wiki).

Question 33

Name this member of Egypt's coven.

A member of the coven from Egypt, this gorgeous vampire is not single. Rather, she is mates with another member of her coven. This character might be quiet but that does not mean that she is not insightful. Just like her mate, she has a strong opinion on what is good and what is bad. She does not like pretense and lies, hence why she is not a fan of her coven's leader. Nonetheless, she puts up with him and says nothing because they both share the same goal (to keep her mate safe). This character admires the members of the Olympic coven for their truthful intentions (Twilight Saga Wiki).

Question 34

Name this human.

The girl in the image above is a minor character. Nonetheless, pretty much everyone should get this question right, regardless of whether they have seen just the first movie or all of them. This character is friends with the female protagonist of the series. However, they are by no means best friends. In fact, initially this character befriends the protagonist for the sole purpose of sharing some of her popularity (she is especially jealous of how popular the protagonist is with all the boys at school). This character is quite chatty. She is not loyal to any of her friends (Twilight Saga Wiki).

Question 35

Name this leader of the Denali coven.

If you are a true fan of the Twilight Saga you obviously know that the blonde woman in the image above is the leader of the Denali coven. If you look at her eyes you can see that they are amber. That means that just like the members of the Olympic coven, the members of the Denali coven are also vegetarian. This character used to have a crush on our favorite vampire (the vampire that fell in love with the protagonist of the series). This character is very strong emotionally. She is also insightful, accepting, understanding, loyal, and playful (Twilight Saga Wiki).

Question 36

Name the founding member of the coven (of Romania).

The founding member of the coven, this vampire is the only one of two survivors who made it after the coven was dismantled. Once upon a time this character, along with another immortal, ruled the entire vampire world. But because the people of Romania ignored supernatural strength in favor of physical strength, they were eventually overruled. This character has impressive physical reflexes and battle skills. He is also cunning and ambitious and does not like the Volturi clan in the slightest. He has strong survival instincts and never lets his emotions take over to the point where he would stop seeing sense (Twilight Saga Wiki).

Question 37

Name this member of the Denali clan.

This vampire is vegetarian, but she does not belong to the Olympic clan however. Rather, she is a member of the Denali clan. In fact, she is one of the original Denali sisters. This character gets on well with the other members of the coven. Furthermore, like the rest of the Denali vampires, she too is on good terms with members of the Olympic coven (they view them as extended family). Like most vampires, this vampire also has a special talent. If you are a true fan of the series you probably know what it is (she can shock anyone who comes into contact with her, according to Twilight Saga Wiki).

Question 38

Name this man who lived during the Great Depression.

We're not going to lie, this one is somewhat difficult. Only true fans of the franchise stand a chance in passing this question with flying colors. According to Twilight Saga Wiki, this character dates another (major) character on the series. In fact, the two are at one point in time even engaged. This character is not a vampire nor is he a werewolf. As is probably obvious from the image alone, he is a pretty normal human being. Furthermore, the clothes might be a giveaway but we are nonetheless compelled to mention that he is not around anymore. He was actually alive during the Great Depression. This character was not a good man and in the end his fiance ended up taking his life.

Question 39

Name this loyal human girl.

A student at Forks High School, this character is not a vampire (nor is she ever turned into one which is somewhat unusual!) She is friends with the protagonist of the series. This character is somewhat shy and likes to give others their space, a quality that is much appreciated by the protagonist. In addition, this character is also kind, wise, loyal and insightful. She is a minor character but that does not mean that she isn't important. In fact, this character is probably the protagonist's best human friend. She is a decent person and does not have any ulterior motives (Twilight Saga Wiki).

Question 40

Name this quiet coven member.

A member of the coven of Egypt and one of the oldest vampires, this character is mates with another member of the coven. She stands out due to the fact that she rarely, if ever speaks. Nonetheless, she is very loyal and never leaves her mate's side. Indeed, she is very obedient towards him. Of course, that does not mean that she does not have any emotions of her own. She does. For example, she is quite jealous of the attention that another member of the coven receives from her mate. Nonetheless, she chooses not to display these emotions, instead keeping them to herself (Twilight Saga Wiki).

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