Name The Famous Actors Who Voiced These Animated Characters!

Ever since Disney released its first film back in the 1930s, animated movies have had a way of pleasing audiences and raising the bar over the years. Disney has long been at the top of the industry, but there have been other studios that have been able to come along and do well, even forcing Disney to raise their game and make better films for audiences. As it stands now, the best studios in the world are all looking to best one another, and this healthy competition will only serve to give the fans bigger and better films as time goes on.

These animated films all feature prominent characters that need to catch on with fans, and one easy way to do this is to cast famous actors in large roles. Not only does it give the performers a chance to do something different, but it also gets the interest of casual fans at home. Should the performance go over well enough, the performer could end up securing a role that could extend into multiple films, which never hurt anyone.

Today, we are going to present 35 prominent animated characters that have been voiced by famous performers. Let's see who really knows their stuff!

Question 1

Who Voiced Red?

The lead character in this film had already been featured in a video game before coming to the big screen, and the studio that brought this film to life made sure to cast a hilarious comedic actor for the role. He wound up bringing a lot of silliness to the character. (IMDB)

Question 2

Who Voiced Anna?

This character made her debut in the film Frozen, and she has since become a popular Disney character that millions of people love. She is voiced by a performer that has done some exceptional work on the big and small screen, and people cannot wait for her to return. (IMDB)

Question 3

Who Voiced Theodore?

The previews for this film let people know that they were getting something off the beaten path, and it wound up being a success that made a good amount of money. The man that was cast in the lead role was able to bring his signature delivery and levity to the character. (IMDB)

Question 4

Who Voiced Buzz Lightyear?

Buzz Lightyear was introduced back in the 90s in the first Toy Story film, and he has appeared in each entry in the franchise ever since. He will be returning in Toy Story 4 this year. The actor that brought him to life is someone that made his name on multiple television shows. (IMDB)

Question 5

Who Voiced Sam Sparks?

Even though this character wasn’t the lead of the film that she appeared in, she was still one of the main characters, and she wound up going to great lengths to get a good story. The actress cast in the role wound up doing things with the character that no one else could. (IMDB)

Question 6

Who Voiced Vector?

Villains can often times become the best part of films, and people that enjoyed this movie enjoyed the villain as he was trying to carry out his bidding. He had a lot of brains, but would ultimately fall short in the end. The actor behind this character did an exceptional job. (IMDB)

Question 7

Who Voiced Dory?

After making her debut appearance in the film Finding Nemo, this character would steal the show and eventually get the chance to star in her own film. Her featured film would make over $1 billion at the box office, and the actress behind the character loved every second of it. (IMDB)

Question 8

Who Voiced Elsa?

Not to be outdone by her sister, this powerful and popular character became a worldwide sensation when the film Frozen was released. She will be coming back to the big screen later this year, and the actress that voiced her has returned to the iconic role for the sequel. (IMDB)

Question 9

Who Voiced Ferdinand?

This character has existed for some time, but it was not until recent years that he was brought to the big screen in a modern adaptation. To make sure that this character was done right, the people behind the scenes made sure to cast someone that was large in stature. (IMDB)

Question 10

Who Voiced Flynn Rider?

This character may have started off as someone that was selfish and wanting to do his own thing, but he would learn to be true to himself and learn to love others as well. As a character that had a lot of comedy to bring to the film, the casting director had to make sure to cast a hilarious performer. (IMDB)

Question 11

Who Voiced Olaf?

The character in the middle of the frame is one of the funniest and most memorable characters in recent memory, and after making it out of the first film, he will be returning for the sequel. The man that plays the character is hilarious and he can sing well. (IMDB)

Question 12

Who Voiced Genie?

As one of the most iconic animated characters of all time, people have come to know and love this character over the years. He was a huge reason why his film was so memorable. The man that played the character left behind an incredible legacy and huge shoes to fill. (IMDB)

Question 13

Who Voiced Gru?

Introducing a new animated film and having its character become popular is difficult to do, but this franchise hit the right note with many people when they began releasing their films. This popular animated character is loved by millions, not unlike the man that voiced him in the films. (IMDB)

Question 14

Who Voiced Dracula?

Once this first film came out and became a hit, it was only a matter of time before there were more, and since then, we have gotten two more films in the series. They have all done well at the box office, and the man behind Dracula has further added to his legacy in the business. (IMDB)

Question 15

Who Voiced Tigress?

Casting big names for an animated film is a great way to drum up excitement from the general public, and these performers will have to make sure to bring their best in the recording booth. Thankfully, this actress is one that knows how to make the most of her time. (IMDB)

Question 16

Who Voiced Lightning McQueen?

The first time we saw this character on the big screen, he was on top of the world after a successful go in his industry. He would find himself in an unfamiliar position and make his way back to the top. The famous person behind this role voiced the character in all three films. (IMDB)

Question 17

Who Voiced Alex?

The character in the center of the photo was the lead in what ended up becoming a trilogy of films. He was a piece of a popular crew that took audiences on an amazing adventure that spanned the globe. The comedic performer that voiced the character was a comedy juggernaut in his prime. (IMDB)

Question 18

Who Voiced Mater?

Every good character needs a friend to show them support and help them make big things happen, and this man was instrumental in another character doing big things in the world of racing. He was voiced by a comedian that ended up becoming a household name while touring with other comedians. (IMDB)

Question 19

Who Voiced Megamind?

Villains are usually the ones that try to cause problems for innocent people, but we have seen plenty of them turn to the side of good to help save the day. This character fits this bill perfectly, and the people of his city were safe with him around. The man behind the character did a fantastic job. (IMDB)

Question 20

Who Voiced Po?

As the leader of a trilogy of films, this character needed to be bold and hilarious to captivate audiences, and he wound up becoming massively popular. He was able to become a loved character that people supported. There was only one performer with the chops to make this character popular. (IMDB)

Question 21

Who Voiced Rango?

The animation style of this film alone let people know that they were in for something different, and it wound up being a fantastic picture that many people loved. A character this odd needed to be played by someone that was comfortable with taking on oddball characters with a lot to love about them. (IMDB)

Question 22

Who Voiced Rapunzel?

This famous character had been around for years before Disney brought her to the big screen, and millions of people were familiar with her long before she was in the film Tangled. The voice behind the character can act and sing as well as any performer in the business. (IMDB)

Question 23

Who Voiced Jewel?

This bright and colorful film took people on an incredible journey, and it wound up being a big enough success to warrant a second film being made. Some people even preferred the second film. The character, Jewel, in the film was played by someone that is considered among the best of the bunch (IMDB)

Question 24

Who Voiced Frank?

This animated film was one that was geared towards an adult audience, and it wound up making a good chunk of change at the box office. From top to bottom, there was a ton of talent in the cast, and the lead character, Frank, was voiced by a prominent figure in the business. (IMDB)

Question 25

Who Voiced Max?

The plot of this film closely resembled another popular animated movie, but it did enough things differently to stand on its own and become a huge success. Comedic actors often excel in voice roles, and the man taking on the character Max was a massively successful comedian in his own right. (IMDB)

Question 26

Who Voiced Oscar?

We have gotten the chance to see a number of popular animated films over the years, and many people took one look at the cast of this film and made sure to go see it in theaters. The lead character in this film was played by an actor that has been on top for years now. (IMDB)

Question 27

Who Voiced Shrek?

In terms of animated films and their place in history, this film is near the top of the list with its impressive legacy, and it gave way to a series of films and characters that people have loved for years. The lead character in the series had a huge heart, and he was voiced by a comedic genius. (IMDB)

Question 28

Who Voiced Buster Moon?

There was a lot to like about this film when it was released, and it was a huge success thanks to its seamless blend of comedy and singing. It was made by an animation studio that has produced quality work, and the actors in the film were all industry fixtures. (IMDB)

Question 29

Who Voiced Junior?

The primary character in this film was one that had a huge heart and a lot to say, and he wound up being funnier than most people were anticipating. There were many people that ventured out to see this film in theaters, and the actor in the role was a solid choice. (IMDB)

Question 30

Who Voiced Emmet?

This movie came from seemingly out of nowhere to become a massive hit at the box office, and there wound up being several movies that were made in this same style in the following years. The lead actor in this film is someone that has been on top for a while now, and everything he touches turns to gold. (IMDB)

Question 31

Who Voiced Branch?

Trolls was a film that used an incredible amount of talent to reach the top of the business, and the film was a huge success because of this. The man in this role has proven himself to be someone that can sing and act with the best, and he has been doing his thing since he was a teenager. (IMDB)

Question 32

Who Voiced Vanellope Von Schweetz?

Disney has a way of taking interesting characters and making the most of them, and this little glitch wound up becoming a popular character that has appeared in two films so far. She has a desire to go fast and crack jokes, and the actress behind the character knows a thing or two about comedy. (IMDB)

Question 33

Who Voiced Woody?

Iconic barely even begins to describe this character here, and he has been around since making his debut in the 90s. He is voiced by someone that is considered to be among the best actors of his era, and he will be returning to the big screen once again later on in 2019. (IMDB)

Question 34

Who Voiced Judy Hoops?

Judy Hopps always knew what she wanted to be in life, and when she got the chance to chase her dream, she jumped all over it. Judy is a tremendous character that helped her film make over $1 billion at the box office. The talented performer behind the character is one that has done well on the big and small screen. (IMDB)

Question 35

Who Voiced Ted?

Even though this character lives in our world, he is an animated character, which makes him qualified for this quiz today. He is best friends with someone that wants to make some changes in his life, and he was a celebrity when the world first learned about his identity. (IMDB)

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