If You Get Over 70% On This Parenting Quiz, You Totally Think Like A Mom

At some point or another for many people out there, having a child is right around the corner, and once the baby comes into the household, there is no going back. It is a tiring and thankless job, but it is the most rewarding one that we will ever have. Children are incredible blessings that have a lot of complexity to them, and every person has their own way of raising kids once they come along. Parents all over the world learn new things every single day, and they want nothing more than for their children to be happy and healthy as they make their way throughout life.

Once the kids come into the fold, people begin to think differently, and they do this without even realizing it. This shift in mindset is for the better and the kids are put first before all other things. Sure, parents will still make the time to do nice things for themselves, but in general, they are far more interested and concerned with what is best for their children and their family as a whole.

Today, we are going to have a set of questions that will help us see which participants think like a mom!

Question 1

What's a good way to work out?

It is important to stay fit in life, and once the kids come into the picture, it may not be as easy as it was to squeeze in a quick session. With this in mind, some people have had to get creative about getting their sweat on throughout the week.

Question 2

What's a good way to spend a summer day with the kids?

Once summertime rolls around and the kids are out of school, parents must get used to having them in the home at all hours of the day. This is something that can grow tiresome for any person out there, so parents will need to find something to do to fill in the time.

Question 3

At what age should kids start going to Disneyland?

Once kids learn about all the magic that Disneyland has, they are going to beg to go for years. The moment that they walk into the park for the first time will be a magical experience, and it is a memory that they are going to take with them for the rest of their days.

Question 4

When can the kids read Harry Potter?

Harry Potter is one of the most famous book series ever penned, and millions of people have enjoyed the overall story for years now. The kids will want to get their hands on the books eventually, and each set of parents will have an age limit for their children set in stone.

Question 5

Pick a family vacation

Planning a family vacation comes with a lot of responsibilities, and it is important to do things that everyone will enjoy. There are plenty of things to do and see in this amazing world of ours, and some people are far more willing to head on trips across the pond.

Question 6

Pick a Saturday afternoon trip

Every Saturday, people everywhere are looking for something to do, and people that live near larger cities will have a bunch of options to enjoy. The ones to choose from on this entry will say a lot about a person and where they are in regard to having children at home.

Question 7

What’s a good idea for a field trip?

Joining the kids and their class on a field trip would be a lot of fun, and the teacher is asking what place the kids should go to for the day. Make sure to pick something that can be fun and informative. There are going to be lots of kids, so maybe some space could work as well.

Question 8

What’s a good first pet for the kids to have?

The kids are going to want to bring an animal into the home at some point. Some kids will keep things simple, while others will want some exotic pets to call their own. For this entry, choose a good starter pet for the kids to love and learn from as they get older.

Question 9

What is a perfect night out?

Every once in a while, the kids will need to stay at home so that the parents can get some alone time. This can be helpful in the relationship staying strong, and the kids are going to have to learn to live with a babysitter for a night. Some parents want the works, while others just want peace and quiet.

Question 10

When should the kids get haircuts?

Getting haircuts is a part of life, and for some people, getting one once in a blue moon is totally fine. As kids grow older, they will want to do new things with their hair, and this could impact the choice here. Some kids like it long, while others want it as short as possible to keep things simple.

Question 11

Pack a school lunch

When the kids get ready to head off to school, they are going to need something to put in their bellies during lunch, and the parent is usually the one that makes this happen in the morning. There are plenty of items that a parent can pack, and some like to lean on healthier items.

Question 12

Will the kids get to travel for college?

The kids might want to go to college once they are done with high school, and there are tons of universities all over the place. Some kids want to keep things local, but there are kids that will want to head on out and go to a school in another state.

Question 13

Are manners important?

This is something that truly differs from one parent to the next, and while this may seem odd to some, the fact remains that there is some truth to this. Some kids don’t learn manners at an early age, and it shows when they are out in public and interacting with people.

Question 14

What’s a good way to support the children’s dreams?

Children are going to have dreams of their own one day, and they will look to their parents for support. There are parents that will want the kids to do whatever they desire in this life, and there are plenty of ways to be a supportive parent without crossing any lines.

Question 15

Choose a quick lunch

Sometimes, there will be moments when making a lavish meal is simply not in the cards for parents. For times like these, parents will need to think of something quickly, and experienced parents have a list of things that they can turn to when they are in a pinch for time.

Question 16

A trip to the dentist consists of what?

Most kids do not want to spend any sort of time at the dentist, but it is important to make sure that they have good dental care. Once a kid gets used to going to the dentist, they may be a bit more willing to do so in the future.

Question 17

Which Disney movie is best for younger kids?

Disney movies are going to make their way into the house at some point, and choosing one for a kid to watch could be a little more difficult than it seems. The movie will need to be fun and not too heavy, so be sure to choose wisely on this entry.

Question 18

Pick a car to use each day

Once the kids come into the family, a new car will be right around the corner, and there needs to be a considerable amount of thought put into the selection of the vehicle. Comfort and safety are things to look out for, but the style is an important aspect as well.

Question 19

Will the children’s friends be like family members?

The kids are going to make friends, and some of them may even stick around for the next 10 to 20 years. These are the kids that are going to have the closest relationship with the kids, and some parents choose to let them be a part of the family.

Question 20

What happens when the kids have monsters under their bed?

Some kids will end up having monsters and ghouls that make their presence felt when the lights go out. These monsters will need to be dealt with in some type of way, even though they are just trying to get energy for their city. Have fun dealing with them in the future!

Question 21

Pick a sporting event to take the kids to

The kids will want to experience new things as they get older, so throwing a new wrench into things and taking the kids to a sporting event could be fun. There are plenty of professional sports to choose from, and they all have their pros and cons while attending the game.

Question 22

There is a sale on designer clothes

Whenever a sale is going on, it is almost impossible to not stop and take a look at what is available. In moments like these, a parent will need to make a quick decision about what to do. These sales do not last forever, but they also have a way of coming back in a few months.

Question 23

What’s a good way to help kids use their imaginations?

Kids are all learning new things every day, and while they are taking in this information, they will let their imagination run wild and conjure up fantastical images of the things they are unsure of. Some parents love to make sure these little dreamers dream as big as they possibly can.

Question 24

The kids want an iPhone

Technology is an amazing thing to have, and as time goes on, it is going to be interesting to see how advanced things can get. Most kids are familiar with using phones and technology, and there could come a point in time when they ask for a phone of the very own at a young age.

Question 25

The kids want to learn an instrument

Music is the gift that keeps on giving, and it is a powerful tool that many people grew up with. Kids may show an interest in playing music from a very young age, and bringing an instrument into the house means that a parent will listen to shoddy playing for a good while.

Question 26

Should homework be inspected every day?

Homework is a part of schooling that no person enjoys, and we all have to deal with it as we grow up. Many parents are totally fine with letting their children do their thing and learn from their mistakes, while others like to inspect and do some teaching in the household.

Question 27

There is a sale on shoes

There is nothing quite like putting on a fresh pair of sneakers, and people that love to buy shoes have probably spent more money on them than they even realize. So, when there is a sale on shoes at a department store, there will be tons of people ready to pounce on the new deal.

Question 28

Choose a quick dinner to make

Dinner does not have to be complex to be tasty, and many parents have mastered the quick dinner. These meals can be made with ease and in no time at all, and once they are plated on the table, the family can enjoy a meal that was made with love and haste.

Question 29

Can the kids roughhouse indoors?

The kids are going to have an abundance of energy, and they will need to get it out every once in a while. Some kids can get worked up while they play, and this could mean some roughhousing indoors. Roughhousing is pretty normal for most kids, but it can get out of hand if the kids start to get too aggressive.

Question 30

Can the children's friends come over and hang out?

Once the kids make friends, they will want to spend every waking moment with them, and they are going to ask if their friends can come over more often than not. Some parents are cool with it, while some others are going to want their kids to head over to their friend’s house.

Question 31

Pick a Marvel movie for the kids to watch

Superheroes are all the rage, and kids are going to want to keep up with the rest of the school and watch these movies as soon as they come out. Some superhero films can be enjoyed by people of all ages, but some are meant for older audiences that can handle the language.

Question 32

Should positive behavior be reinforced?

As parents, we want to make sure that our kids are behaving well and not going around acting like jackals, so we will want to pay attention to how they handle themselves in public. It will also be important to ask teachers and other parents how the kids act when we aren’t around.

Question 33

Pick a dessert for the family to enjoy

Once dinner is finished and everything is clean, most families will pop on a movie or play a board game to keep the night going. It is during this time that a tasty dessert could be in play for everyone to enjoy, and there are tons of options to choose from.

Question 34

Can the kids forego college and choose another route?

College is the traditional path that most kids take, but the truth is that there are many routes for people to take in life. Some people have a great time and excel in college, and that is great for them. Others will need to find a different path to make their way in life.

Question 35

Will the kids be encouraged to get jobs in high school?

Making some money and learning about responsibilities is a valuable experience many of us went through at a young age, and we did this by having jobs in high school. Some parents would rather see their kids focus on academics, which would allow them to get into a top university.

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