Even Hardcore Gamers Can't Name All These Game Logos

Logos may not seem like they can do as much as they can. Many players may take them for granted, these symbols that represent their titles. But what a logo can do is provide brand recognition, which is a very vital thing indeed. A logo or symbol that is linked to a game can make a consumer instantly recognize what that product is. And if it is poorly designed, that logo can make it so the game makes a lousy first impression.

There are many games in this quiz that have spawned massive franchises, making it so their logos excite and enchant their fan bases whenever a new title is released. The combination of a game's influence and its logo can cause a positive uproar. In fact, there have been several times where teasers have been shown at E3 or some other event where all was shown was the game's logo. But that was all that was needed to enthrall.

But there are also other games. Smaller ones who aren't part of giant franchises, but that still feature memorable logos. Sometimes these logos can be used to represent the themes or tone of the game, or to convey a hidden meaning that players won't realize until they play it through. Each of these logos is important to their respective games, though even the most hardcore gamers can't name them all.

Question 1

Which Nintendo franchise has a mushroom for a logo?

Even the oldest video game franchises around have featured logos and symbols, making them some of the most recognizable images to gamers everywhere. This mushroom with eyes has become synonymous with its game series ever since it first showed up in 1985. It's a power-up players can acquire early on in the game, making the character grow in size and giving him an extra hit from an enemy before losing a life. It has been seen in almost every other adventure the hero has been on since and even a few spin-offs, though it has different effects there. Which series is this mushroom from?

Question 2

Which popular action adventure game is this logo from?

Ubisoft knows a thing or two about developing popular franchises. From the delightfully colorful Rayman games to the dark and addictive Farcry series, the company has shown they can craft franchises vastly different from each other. The series this logo comes from is of the action-adventure variety and follows a secret group whose members have played roles in important events throughout history. Most take place in different time periods and places. The latest release took place in ancient Greece during the Peloponnesian War while the one before that was set in Egypt. Which of these games is this logo from?

Question 3

Which platformer is this?

Sometimes, a side character is so popular that it's decided they will receive their own spin-off game. And while that doesn't always work out, other times it leads to the character growing even more popular and becoming a bonafide video game star. That's what happened to this adorable dinosaur with the seemingly bottomless stomach. His first game was a prequel, showing how he met the main character from the game he first appeared in. Every game since then, however, has been a stand-alone adventure. This dinosaur can grab any enemy with his tongue, eat them whole, and turn them into an egg. Which he then uses as ammunition against other foes. What platformer game is this?

Question 4

Which long-running franchise is the Triforce from?

Within this video game universe, the Triforce is the most powerful and mystical object in the world. But due to this power, it has led to some of the darkest times in the kingdom's history. Each of the three golden triangles represents something different. One stands for courage, another wisdom, and the third is power. Three people who exemplify each of these three aspects within the kingdom are usually chosen by the Triforce and receive their respective piece. But if one were to obtain all three, they could have whatever they wished. Which of the following franchises uses the Triforce in its logo?

Question 5

Which battle royale game is this logo from?

Battle Royale games have become a huge success in the past few years. They don't feature a story but they do feature incredibly fun and addictive gameplay. They are only playable online and focus on a big group of players who are dropped into an arena and must eliminate everyone else if they wish to be the last one standing. Players can use whatever they find in the arena to survive whether it be weapons or power-ups. The game this logo is from also lets players collect materials to build obstacles in order to protect themselves from others. What game is this?

Question 6

Which third-person game is this logo from?

The first game in this series was praised when it was released in 2006 due to its absurdly graphic content and a combat system that no other game could rival. It takes place on a planet called Sera, which is not unlike Earth. Except for the fact that Sera is home to a long-dormant, underground group of ravenous aliens called the Locust Horde. Players control the leader of a group of marines fighting against these hostile creatures with high-tech weapons. Players could use their surroundings for cover during skirmishes, a feature that would be implemented into many future third-person shooters. What game is this logo from?

Question 7

Which online game uses this as a logo?

While some players may prefer story-heavy, single-player games, there are many that have proven that a game can be a huge success by just focusing on great gameplay. This online shooter features a multitude of characters that are divided into three classes: tank, damage, and support. Tanks are bigger, slower characters that can take a lot of damage to put down. Support characters can heal their teammates. And damage characters are the best at eliminating enemy team members but must rely on the other two classes to survive. Each character has their own unique design and move sets. What online game is this logo from?

Question 8

Which classic arcade game is this?

Long before consoles and PCs reigned supreme, arcades were kings when it came to gaming needs. This logo represents the character players control and is from one of the most famous video games of all time. Players took this little yellow guy through a maze, gobbling up pellets and power-ups while simultaneously avoiding the enemy ghosts that would cause them to lose a life if they were touched. With each level, the ghosts became quicker. And the amount of time that players could weaken them with the power-ups grew shorter. This has received several spin-offs and even turned into a 3D platformer once. What game is this logo from?

Question 9

Which fast-paced game is this logo from?

The main draw of the game this logo is from was that players could control a character that moved much quicker than any other platformer star. And the levels were designed brilliantly around this characteristic. They all featured giant loops and hills so that the character could gain momentum and speed through the stage. But there were also cleverly placed traps that could make him come to a screeching halt. While this character has seen plenty of releases in the 3D realm, he is more fondly remembered for his 2D adventures. He will be getting a live-action movie in 2019. What game is this logo from?

Question 10

Which RPG is this logo from?

Turn-based role-playing games can feature some of the most complex gameplay as players must build up a team of fighters and upgrade each skill to best suit their needs. But the RPG this symbol comes from is one of the lighter ones and became a craze with kids in the late 90s when it first debuted. Instead of a team of human warriors, players collected creatures that could be caught in the wild. Traveling the world, leveling them up, and evolving them into more powerful forms insured a well-balanced team. This symbol is also the item used to capture the creatures. Which game is it from?

Question 11

Which franchise is Vault Boy from?

Though this series has been around for quite some time, it became most popular when it was rebooted by Bethesda in 2008. It focuses on the world after a nuclear event. The newer games in the series are played from a first-person perspective and blends elements of a shooting game with those of the RPG. Players must go up against dangerous humans and horrifically mutated creatures while exploring the world and gathering resources. The last entry was released in 2018 and was only playable online. Any person players came across was meant to be another player. What game series is this logo from?

Question 12

Which RPG series is this logo from?

The series this logo is used for is perhaps one of the most beloved spin-offs in video game history. It combines the worlds of Final Fantasy with Disney and has amassed a giant fanbase of those who love both. Players take control of a boy who teams up with Donald Duck and Goofy and each new game brings famous worlds from the Disney catalog for them to explore. The third game was released in early 2019, 14 years after the second, though there had been multiple spin-offs in between. The newest game featured worlds from Toy Story and Tangled. What game is this logo from?

Question 13

Which sci-fi FPS is this logo from?

These days, there are a ton of FPS games for players to choose from. And several of those are set in exciting sci-fi worlds. But the first game in this series was the first big console game like that when it was released in 2001. The story followed Master Chief, a Space Marine similar to a super soldier, as he fought to eliminate alien threats to the universe. The series is best known for its four-player multiplayer, which was a staple in each entry's success. This title has received many sequels, one of which was a real-time strategy game. What series is this logo from?

Question 14

Which fighting game features a dragon in its logo?

This series first debuted in arcades in 1992 and almost immediately offended adults who didn't want their kids playing something so spectacularly gory. It featured more mature content than any other game at the time and actually led to the rating system for video games. If parents could see how far the series has come since then, they'd lose their minds as the first game is pretty tame compared to what it has shown lately. A new game will be released in April of 2019. This fighting series is known for its intense finishing moves. What series uses a dragon as its logo?

Question 15

Which game is this logo from?

Not every game has to be about trying to eliminate opponents with powerful weapons. And while it is possible to do that in this game, the goal is much more family friendly. Players control squid-human hybrids that use different weapons to spray arenas with paint, the point being to have the arena covered most in one's team color. While eliminating members of the opposing team will help to slow their progress, the most important thing is cover the area with as much paint as possible. Being part squid, players can also turn into a squid to swim through their paint and get to different areas faster. What game uses this logo?

Question 16

Which survival franchise can this logo be found in?

While this logo isn't necessarily for the game, it is for the well-known organization from the game. And as it has been seen in nearly every game in the franchise, it is well-known enough that it could be the game's logo. It comes from a zombie survival series and this company is made up of people that created the virus, spreading the zombie plague. It has seen several critically acclaimed entries, the latest of which was released in early 2019 and was a remake of the second in the series. The symbol represents the Umbrella Corporation. Which of these survival games is it from?

Question 17

Which FPS/RPG is this logo from?

This logo comes from another first-person shooter that can only be played online. But other than that, it is very different from Overwatch. While it is possible to play in team-based modes where the goal is to get the most eliminations, the main point is to explore different planets, upgrading armor, weapons, and skills. Players can team up with others to complete missions or do them by themselves. The story follows several Guardians, those gifted enough to protect the universe from galactic threats. There have been two games in the series and both have received significant expansions. What game is this logo from?

Question 18

Which franchise is this logo from?

This logo comes from one of the longest running franchises around as its first entry was released way back in 1987 on the MSX2, a home computer. But it has grown to be one of the biggest console franchises of all time. The series blends action gameplay with stealth as it is sometimes best to take a secretive approach. It follows various spec-ops soldiers and spies going on different missions to neutralize threats. It was created by Hideo Kojima with Konami, though he left in 2015 and is currently working on a different project. What game is this logo from?

Question 19

Which massive battle franchise is this logo from?

Some would call this the biggest crossover in video game history and they would probably be right. This fighting series first debuted on the Nintendo 64 in 1999 and featured some of Nintendo's most popular characters like Mario, Link, Pikachu, and Samus. The latest game was released on the Switch and features over 70 characters. It has grown to include characters created by third-party developers, such as Cloud from Final Fantasy and Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog. Now, up to eight players can join in on chaotic battles with various items and status effects. What fighting franchise is this logo from?

Question 20

Which life simulation game is this logo from?

Life simulation games can provide some of the most relaxing experiences as there usually aren't any bosses to fight, time limits to complete something in, and no grueling challenges to complete. This logo comes from a series where players control a human that moves into a new town where their neighbors are all anthropomorphic animals. Gameplay usually consists of running errands for them in order to receive rewards like new furniture or outfits. The last game in the series had players take up the town mayor post. A new game was recently announced to be in development. What series is this?

Question 21

Which fantasy game is this logo from?

Even though the first game in this game's series was released in 1994, it isn't a franchise that sees new entries released too often. This entry was released in 2011 and while it has been ported and remastered several times, a new title wasn't announced until E3 2018. Players could create their own character from a variety of races, some of which were fantastical. They were given a vast world to explore, choosing different skill sets to level up and weapons to acquire. But the world was also, naturally, filled with dangerous monsters to slay. What game is this logo from?

Question 22

What game uses this logo?

MMORPG, for the uninitiated, stands for massively multiplayer online role-playing game. And this game is one of the most famous. It was created by Blizzard before Overwatch and is one of the reasons they are so well-known today, though it was actually the fourth game released in the franchise. Players can create their own fantasy-based characters and team up with others to fight giant beasts and go on quests. This game has received a hefty amount of expansions since its release in 2004. But Blizzard recently announced that a classic version will be released soon, letting new players experience the game without the expansions. What game uses this logo?

Question 23

What is the name of the FPS this logo is from?

There are a ton of FPS games set during WWII, but not too many that show what it would have been like if Germany's party had never been defeated. This series follows protagonist B.J. Blazkowicz as he tries to infiltrate the villains and take them out in the most intense ways imaginable. The first game was released in 1992, but it has been rebooted twice since then. The last game was released in 2017 to critical acclaim. It is published by Bethesda, the same company behind Fallout and Doom. What first-person game is this logo from? Think you know it?

Question 24

Which puzzle game is this logo from?

Most puzzle games task players with moving different objects around and don't have them take control of an actual character but this one is a bit different. It takes place in a facility where the main character wakes up with no one else around save for an A.I. that speaks to her through a sound system. She must use a special device to transport herself and items to different spots in each room in order to solve puzzles and make it to the next one. Unfortunately, she finds out the A.I. is really trying to lead her to her demise. What game is this logo from?

Question 25

Which survival/action game can this logo be found in?

Similar to the Umbrella Corporation in Resident Evil, this emblem has become synonymous with the game it comes from as it's used by an organization within the game. The opening scene shows when a zombie outbreak occurs while the rest of the game shows the remaining humans trying to survive 20 years later. This emblem is used by the Fireflies, a militia group that tries to keep order and control the remaining people. This game won many game of the year awards when it was released in 2013 and a sequel is currently in development. What game is this logo from?

Question 26

Which action adventure game uses this logo?

While there are a ton of mythologies from various cultures around the world, there are none that are as well-known as Greek Mythology. Tales and characters have been injected into movies, books, and this series of video games. The first game focuses on a Spartan commander who is tricked by Ares into taking the lives of his wife and child. And the games see him get revenge on the entire Greek pantheon. The latest game in the series was released in 2018 and brought the character into the world of Norse Mythology. It was incredibly well received, even taking home several Game of the Year awards. What game is this logo from?

Question 27

Which sci-fi game is this logo from?

Much like several other games, this title's logo is an item players can find within the game. The story follows a bounty hunter who traverses space, stopping the plans of villainous space pirates and gigantic alien monsters. The item is called the Screw Attack, and obtaining it makes it so that when the player jumps, the character's body emits electricity and damages any enemy she touches. It has been seen in many games in the series. A new game was announced to be in development at E3 2017, but production was restarted from the ground up in 2019. What game is this logo from?

Question 28

Which game use this logo?

There are a plethora of racing games across every console, but this car-based game plays very differently. Players can either play by themselves, with a friend locally, or online. They control derby cars and try to knock a giant ball into the other team's goal. Essentially, it's soccer played with super-fast cars. While an indie game, it still gained enough popularity to be ported to every console. And it is one of the few games that features cross-platform play. Meaning anyone can play with literally anyone else. There have been several DLC packs, some of which have included paint themes for popular super heroes. What game is this a logo for?

Question 29

Which life simulation game is this logo from?

While it definitely isn't the oldest life simulation game, it is probably the most famous. Instead of taking control of a character, this game lets players create an abundance of them and have them all live together in a community. This green jewel can be seen floating above the heads of each character the player creates. This basically puts the player in the role of the deity as they can chose what does or does not happen to their creations. The game itself was a spin-off of a similarly titled game that let players build and run whole cities. What game uses this jewel in its logo?

Question 30

Which sci-fi game is this logo from?

The logo this game comes from follows a ragtag group of mercenaries as they travel through space, exploring different planets and putting an end to any villainous plans that would threaten innocent lives. The characters in the game are all anthropomorphic animals that pilot their own fighter jets. And players can fly around, shooting down enemy pilots with lasers and massive bombs. The last game these characters appeared in wasn't actually a game in their series. It was a game that featured similar gameplay but was released across all consoles. However, they could only be found in the version on the Nintendo Switch. What game uses this logo?

Question 31

Which classic arcade game is this symbol from?

The logo used for this classic arcade game is also the enemy players spend the game fighting against. It is one of the first and most well-known arcade games that tasked players with fighting against a hoard of alien enemies. As it is an old game, gameplay is simple yet addictive. Players operate a lone ship that can only move horizontally on the bottom of the screen. Using barriers in front of them, they must shoot down the incoming groups of aliens, which become more aggressive with each new level, moving faster and attacking more frequently. What classic arcade game is this logo from?

Question 32

Which FPS game uses this logo?

Valve have created some of the most renowned first-person games over the years, from the puzzler Portal to the intense Counter-Strike. There is also the game that this logo comes from, which is perhaps one of their most beloved titles. Released in 1998, the first game followed the silent protagonist Gordon Freeman, a scientist trying to escape a lab after an experiment went catastrophically wrong. A sequel was released in 2004 and saw him return to fight against aliens alongside a resistance. The sequel was the better received of the two, earning a slew of Game of the Year awards. What game is this logo from?

Question 33

Which survival game is this logo from?

Creating a survival series must be pretty tough for developers as many games have already been able to perfect the formula. This symbol comes from a survival series that centers around a haunted town. Different games focus on different lead characters, but they always have that character trapped and looking for a way to escape. And that would be a lot easier if not for the mutated creatures. The last game in the series was released in 2012 and a reboot from Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima was cancelled. What game is this logo from? Do you know the answer?

Question 34

Which classic game uses this flaming C for a logo?

This series began on the NES, when deep stories weren't seen as necessary in the slightest. It could be a single-player game, but was most fun if players had a friend or sibling play with them. It followed two commandos who were trying to take out bases operated by the Red Falcon Organization, who were trying to take over the world. As it took place in 2633, the players had some pretty high tech bosses to go up against. And since it was an early console game, it was also incredibly difficult. One stray shot from any of the many enemies on screen could take the character out. What game is this logo from?

Question 35

Which game is this logo from?

PC began as the go-to option for many classic first-person shooter franchises like Doom and Duke Nukem. But it wouldn't take long for many of them to be ported over to consoles so that more players could experience them. This game is another of those instances. Players would be dropped into maze-like arenas and were tasked with finding the exit, collecting weapons and slaying monsters along the way. The music for the game was comprised by Nine Inch Nails while the main character was voiced by the singer, Trent Reznor. Like many other first-person games, this game also received a ton of sequels. What is the name of this game?

Question 36

Which FPS does this logo represent?

The symbol that represents this game also represents the city it is set in. Though there are three in the series, the last game takes place in a completely different place from the first two. The symbol is that of a lighthouse, which marks the entrance to an underwater city. It was founded by a man who refused to live by the rules of society and offered others to live any way they wanted. Players control a silent protagonist who gets caught in the middle of a war between this man's forces and the various crime lords in the city. Which game is this logo from?

Question 37

Which sci-fi RPG series are these emblems from?

RPGs often offer some of the deepest and most complex options for progressing a story further. A certain sci-fi RPG awarded players Paragon or Renegade points based on what moral actions they choose to commit while playing. Paragon points are given for any good deed while Renegade points are given for every bad one, and these points are represented by these emblems. Earning these points can have an effect on how the player progresses as well as the dialogue options they're given when interacting with other characters. The game has received three sequels. Which sci-fi RPG can these logos be found in?

Question 38

Which beat 'em up is this logo from?

Side-scrolling beat 'em ups aren't seen that often anymore, but this series will be making a comeback in 2019 as a reboot was announced at Microsoft's press conference during E3 2018. As it was a product of the 90s, it focused on a group of mutated anthropomorphic creatures as they tried to put an end to the plans of a villainous space queen. The game's difficulty is notorious, as it was possible for players to deal damage to their allies if they accidentally hit them. The main characters are named Rash, Pimple, and Zitz. What game is this logo from?

Question 39

Which fantasy series can this logo be found in?

There are many fantasy games that have players explore wonderful worlds and battle giant creatures, but this Capcom franchise is based entirely around fighting those monsters. Players take control of a professional character who receives jobs from other humans to track and decimate various creatures. The bigger they are, the more handsome the reward, naturally. The first game was released by Capcom in 2004 and has received multiple sequels across various platforms. It features action gameplay with light RPG elements as players can upgrade their gear in order to take on more dangerous foes. What game is this logo from?

Question 40

Which FPS series is this logo from?

This logo comes from another game which will be making a comeback in 2019. The last game was released in 2011, and while the stories for each game may not be too deep, players have been drawn in by the fun gameplay. It's a series of FPS games and players take control of the same character in each entry. They all take place in open, sandbox environments as players use a variety of weapons to fight off alien invaders. Part of the fun comes from the different enemy designs as their appearances can vary drastically. What game is this logo from?

Question 41

Which RPG franchise is this logo from?

With the first game being released in 1990, the RPG series this logo comes from is one of the oldest franchises around. While this first entry, along with several sequels, was only released in Japan, the series has grown in popularity with Western audiences and has seen many entries released in the U.S. Each one features different characters and focuses on turn-based gameplay. Most of the characters players can have on their teams are accomplished sword fighters (hence the logo) though there are several characters who are skilled in various forms of magic. A new game is set to be released later this year. What RPG series is this logo from?

Question 42

Which beloved RPG is this logo from?

There are a great deal of RPGs that turned into popular franchises like Final Fantasy, Fire Emblem, and Dragon Quest. But one of the most revered RPGs of all time never became a huge series like those. Coming from the same studio behind Final Fantasy, this turn-based RPG followed a group of heroes that traveled through different time periods to find and rescue a missing princess. Some of the time periods they traveled to included the Middle Ages and a post-apocalyptic future. It has been ported and re-released on various consoles, though purchasing an original Super Nintendo cartridge can cost a lot of money. What game is this logo from?

Question 43

Which action adventure game features this symbol?

There are some games that are respected purely based on enemy encounters, and this action-adventure game features some of the most stunning boss fights ever seen in a video game. It was first released in 2005 for the PlayStation 2, but was remastered for the PlayStation 3 in 2011 and again for the PlayStation 4 in 2018. It follows a young man who wanders the world defeating massive creatures in an attempt to save a woman named Mono, whose fate is somehow tied to these creatures. Players must climb the bodies of these creatures in search of weak points. What game is this logo from?

Question 44

What critically acclaimed indie game is this logo from?

There have been several indie RPGs released in recent memory that have focused on bizarre storylines, but that is what has made them so special and led to their critical success. This particular game focuses on a boy who falls beneath the surface of the Earth and must find a way to make it back home. Along the way, he meets more than a few kooky characters. It was first released in 2015, but its popularity led to it being ported several times. The developer recently announced they were working on a completely new game, exciting fans everywhere. What game is this logo from?

Question 45

What indie RPG uses this logo?

While many big name RPG franchises can feature fantastical elements in giant worlds, many indie RPGs have shown they can feature those same elements on a smaller scale. This 2014 adventure from Ubisoft followed Princess Aurora after she went to bed one night and woke up in a fantasy land full of dark creatures, lovable side characters, and wondrous magic. Each character could be upgraded to learn different types of spells to help the team in combat as Aurora tried to make it back to her own world. The art style was similar to that of a child's picture book. What game is this logo from?

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