Even Diehard Pokemon Fans Can't Tell Which Ones Are In The Original 151. Can You?

Pokemon is one of the most popular franchises in the world today, and it has been this way since it made its debut during the 90s. Many people at the time felt as though this franchise was going to come and go in no time at all, but 20 years later, people are still looking forward to the newest games and newest characters in the series. While it is a game that is made for kids, the kids that grew up playing it are still doing so as adults, and they have been around since the very beginning of it all.

There have been an incredible amount of characters that have been introduced over the years, but back when it was first launched, there were only 151. While this may seem like a small number now, back in the day, the thought of going around and catching all 151 was almost too much to handle for some people. Thankfully, most people had friends that played the game as well, and they would simply trade with them to speed things up.

People claim to know it all about this franchise, but we want to see who the true fans are. Let's see how many people can tell which of these 35 characters are from the original 151!

Question 1

Is Vileplume An Original Pokemon?

Vileplume is a character that has a lot to like about it, and it can do some impressive things when the right trainer uses it. It goes through an evolutionary process that won’t be as long or as tiring as some of the other ones, which most trainers like. (Bulbapedia)

Question 2

Is Ursaring An Original Pokemon?

Looking like a giant bear and possessing a ton of strength, Urasring can be a solid addition to any team. Catching all the characters in the wild is an essential element of the game, and dedicated trainers will catch the first link in this evolutionary chain and train them up. (Bulbapedia)

Question 3

Is Typhlosion An Original Pokemon?

Typhlosion is the final character in a starter evolution, and people that fancy fire-type characters have no doubt taken this character out for a spin. It can learn some strong moves along the way, and it can be instrumental in winning some tough gym matches and collecting some valuable badges. (Bulbapedia)

Question 4

Is Torchic An Original Pokemon?

This adorable little guy has more to him than meets the eye, and the people that take one on and don’t give it some respect are in for a world of hurt. They can learn some solid moves early on, and once they begin to evolve, they start to reach some impressive power levels. (Bulbapedia)

Question 5

Is Togepi An Original Pokemon?

This little guy is carried around by Misty at all times, and it must be nice to never have to worry about little things like walking around. It is one of the more recognizable characters that have been brought into the franchise, making it exceptionally popular with fans of the series. (Bulbapedia)

Question 6

Is Tauros An Original Pokemon?

Tauros is a burly character that can get the job done as it continues to grow in power and experience, and while it may be a pain to catch one in the wild, some people are willing to go through the hoops needed to acquire one. Others will simply trade for one. (Bulbapedia)

Question 7

Is Staryu An Original Pokemon?

Staryu is found in the water, and when it goes up against fire-type characters, it brings the waves and makes sure that its opposition is worse for the wear. It will eventually get the chance to evolve later on down the line, and this will help fill out a Pokedex. (Bulbapedia)

Question 8

Is Stantler An Original Pokemon?

The most unassuming characters in the game are the ones that people never see coming, and this applies to this character here. While it does not look like much, it can do some decent things, so younger trainers may want to take a flyer on one and use it when they first set out. (Bulbapedia)

Question 9

Is Slowking An Original Pokemon?

Slowking is the final piece of the evolutionary puzzle for another character, and as the name would apply, the process from initial to final is not a quick one. Once a trainer does get to this place, however, they soon learn that it was all worth it in the end. (Bulbapedia)

Question 10

Is Snorlax An Original Pokemon?

Make sure to have a flute on hand, because waking this character up is not going to be an easy task at all. Once he is up and ready to be caught, most trainers make the most of this opportunity and bring him down with ease. He is a large character that loves to get rest throughout the day. (Bulbapedia)

Question 11

Is Sharpedo An Original Pokemon?

If characters were ranked based on their looks then is it entirely possible for this character to be the best in the entire series. He has a lot of great qualities, and many people were keen on catching him when they first saw one in the wild. Some will pass him up and choose to spend their time on another character. (Bulbapedia)

Question 12

Is Raichu An Original Pokemon?

Pikachu is the most famous character in the history of the franchise, and as he gets stronger and the game goes on, he will have the chance to turn into a Raichu. Raichu is not nearly as popular as Pikachu is, and this is unfortunate because he can do some phenomenal things when he is used. (Bulbapedia)

Question 13

Is Quagsire An Original Pokemon?

Quagsire is one of the more interesting looking characters in the series, and we mean this in the best way possible. When looking at a selection of characters, he is one that always stands out among the rest, and this has helped in people wanting to go out and get one. (Bulbapedia)

Question 14

Is Pichu An Original Pokemon?

This little guy has a lot of love from fans, and this is because he eventually evolves into a Pikachu. He is small in size, but people that know what he becomes will gladly spend the time training him, and they take pride in what they are able to accomplish at the end of it all. (Bulbapedia)

Question 15

Is Noctowl An Original Pokemon?

This character has a name that is pretty on the nose in regard to the way that he looks, and sometimes, this is for the best. A character doesn’t always need to have a name that is clever or fancy. Simple can be effective, and this character embodies that in more ways than one. (Bulbapedia)

Question 16

Is Meganium An Original Pokemon?

Taking a starter character and seeing them through to the end is a huge part of the game, and this character is one that many people have earned. A starter character is the one that we are bound to at the beginning of the game, and they help get us through tough times along the way. (Bulbapedia)

Question 17

Is Mantine An Original Pokemon?

Mantine may not be the strongest character in the game or the fastest, but it has some good qualities to it. There are going to be trainers that get one simply for their Pokedex, and this is okay. However, some trainers that build a specific lineup know how to plug this guy in. (Bulbapedia)

Question 18

Is Magmar An Original Pokemon?

If any trainer finds themselves in an area with people using bug-type characters, then they are going to want someone like Magmar on board. After all, this fire-type character can do some incredible things when it is matched up favorably against its opposite, and many people have used him for this reason. (Bulbapedia)

Question 19

Is Lugia An Original Pokemon?

The fandom was ready to get their hands on Lugia from the jump, and even though they would have to go to great lengths to eventually get one, they soon learned that the juice was worth the squeeze. This character has a lot of power and can do work when used in gym battles. (Bulbapedia)

Question 20

Is Lickitung An Original Pokemon?

Not every character is meant to have a cool name and an awesome physical appearance. Some of them simply aren’t as cute as the other ones, but this does not mean that people should pass them up. This character can bring some good things to the table, and it can go a long way in filling out a Pokedex in the long run. (Bulbapedia)

Question 21

Is Kyogre An Original Pokemon?

Kyogre is a massive character that people have been keen on obtaining for some time now. This is because of the status that it has when compared to a number of the other ones. Legendary is a word that is not often tossed around in the game, and when it is, people pay attention. (Bulbapedia)

Question 22

Is Jolteon An Original Pokemon?

Jolteon is a character for the people that enjoy using electric-type, and it evolves from the smaller and cuter Eevee. A Jolteon can do some impressive things when the right trainer teaches it the best moves possible, and it is one of several evolutions for Eevee that people can tap into. (Bulbapedia)

Question 23

Is Haunter An Original Pokemon?

Haunter is going to be one of the coolest looking characters that new trainers will ever see, and it has been a popular catch for people for some time now. The interesting thing about this character is that it can learn moves that will give the opposition fits, so be sure to use him wisely once he is in the lineup. (Bulbapedia)

Question 24

Is Gyarados An Original Pokemon?

Gyarados is a character that evolves from a Magikarp, and the people that have the patience to make this happen get to use one of the best characters in history. Gyarados is known for its power and size, and it can learn things that will leave other trainers speechless. (Bulbapedia)

Question 25

Is Gengar An Original Pokemon?

Gengar is not as popular as the other characters in its chain, but it does have a good amount of people that enjoy using it. These little guys are not fun to deal with when they are in the world, and the people that are unfamiliar with them will have a tough time at first. (Bulbapedia)

Question 26

Is Flareon An Original Pokemon?

Flareon is the fire-type evolution for Eevee, so people that like to crank up the heat and get things going will want to get this guy in their lineup as soon as they can. Not unlike the other evolutions of Eevee, this is one character that can dish it out just as well as it can take it. (Bulbapedia)

Question 27

Is Electabuzz An Original Pokemon?

Electabuzz is a character that does not appear to be in the best physical shape, but looks can be deceiving, and those that have dealt with one know better than to write it off. It has a good amount of power, and it does find itself in an evolutionary process. (Bulbapedia)

Question 28

Is Diglett An Original Pokemon?

The games we love to play all have areas that are set in caves, and these can be the most frustrating to deal with. These little guys are always found lurking in caves, and they can make getting through the area an absolute pain if a trainer doesn’t come prepared. (Bulbapedia)

Question 29

Is Chansey An Original Pokemon?

Chansey is one of the more interesting characters in the series, in that it is always found in hospitals. This means that instead of being used to go up against other characters regularly, many of them spend their days tending to the needs of other characters that have gone to battle. (Bulbapedia)

Question 30

Is Caterpie An Original Pokemon?

When it comes to the games, are there other characters that are as widely dispersed as this character is? After all, it seems like every area is filled with them, and even though they do not have a lot of power to them, they eventually turn into the powerful Butterfree. (Bulbapedia)

Question 31

Is Cacturne An Original Pokemon?

Cacturne is a character that is surprisingly tall when compared to some of the other characters in the franchise, and while many either fly or crawl around, this one stands up tall against its foes and projects a certain level of confidence that few others could hope to have. (Bulbapedia)

Question 32

Is Bellsprout An Original Pokemon?

Bellsprout is not the biggest or the best character in the series, but it is one that many people catch because they can train it up to become something far more powerful and deserving of a spot in a lineup. It is relatively short and does not have a lot of mass to it either. (Bulbapedia)

Question 33

Is Ariados An Original Pokemon?

Many people would take one look at this character and simply turn the other way, and this is because it looks like it is far more trouble than it is worth. It evolves from another character, and it can be used to do some decent things, especially because it is a dual-type character. (Bulbapedia)

Question 34

Is Altaria An Original Pokemon?

This dual-type character is not the easiest one to get in the game, and some patience and cunning will be required to see it reach its final and most powerful form. For the trainers not wanting to do all of this, they could simply trade for one. There is not a whole lot of fun in that. (Bulbapedia)

Question 35

Is Abra An Original Pokemon?

Abra is a smaller character that is far peskier than some of the other ones. Catching one of these little guys will not be easy, and training them can be rather difficult as well. However, once they finish evolving, they can help flip the script on any battle in the game. (Bulbapedia)

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