Choose Between These Super Characters And Get A Hero Wifey!

To say there are a lot of stories about superheroes would be an understatement. From comic books and cartoons to the big films that regularly hit theaters, fans have many opportunities to enjoy these characters.

But which are the best of the best? Who is favored over the others? Do people prefer villains or the good guys? Are the females or the males better? We will cover all of that and more today, as people choose between the superheroes down below!

Yes, famous characters will go head-to-head, which will result in some interesting and possibly tough decisions. But it will all be worth it… In the end, after answering all of these questions, everyone who is here will get matched with a hero wifey! Will it be someone from a TV show? Will it be a classic antagonist? Will it be someone who was recently in a popular flick? Let’s find out, right here and right now.

Simply choose between all of these different super characters we have listed out here today (who have all at least appeared in some form of entertainment, in some way, at some point in time), and get matched with a famous female within this realm!

Question 1

Choose between Scarlet Witch and Batwoman.

The first two superheroes that are up are Scarlet Witch and Batwoman. Scarlet Witch, who has been portrayed in recent movies by Elizabeth Olsen, is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And Batwoman, as her name suggests, is like Batman… but she is a woman! So think about these two powerful gals. Picture their powers and outfits and traits. And then, when ready, choose between them, which will help when picking out that hero wifey that will be given at the end of this quiz.

Question 2

Choose between Hulk and Aquaman.

Okay, let’s see which two characters are up next on this quiz right here… Hulk is a very popular character, and many - even those who don’t watch Marvel movies - know that when he gets upset, he turns into this big, green guy. There is also a superhero named Aquaman, and he recently got his own movie; yes, in this DC Comics flick, Jason Momoa played this aquatic her. So who will be chosen out of these two guys?

Question 3

Choose between Deadpool and Batman.

Deadpool (who is seen on the big screen thanks to Ryan Reynolds) is one of the most outspoken characters within the world of superheroes, and his films are known for combining action and comedy in a great way. And everyone knows Batman! He is one of the most classic heroes, he has been played by so many different actors, and he has lots of cool gadgets and vehicles, as well. It may be tough, but everyone must decide between these two.

Question 4

Choose between Iron Man and Green Lantern.

Iron Man is another staple from Marvel, and he has been in several well-known movies, which are loved by many. On the other hand, there is Green Lantern, a character who was played by Ryan Reynolds in a flick that was not everyone’s fave. Nevertheless, opinions will differ when it comes to choosing between these people, since we all enjoy different characters, stories and films. That being said, it is time to make a decision right here and right now.

Question 5

Choose between Wasp and Supergirl.

Along with Ant-Man, people get to see Wasp, a character who actress Evangeline Lilly has played. And within Superman’s world, fans have gotten to know Supergirl, who even has her own TV show. These females both offer up great things, but only one can be chosen. People may favor one over the other, for whatever reason, or could like both in an equal way. There is no wrong answer, but there does need to be a decision - so make it now!

Question 6

Choose between Jessica Jones and Wonder Woman.

Similarly, there is Jessica Jones, who also has her own television series, where she is portrayed by actress Krysten Ritter. Another popular leading lady out there is Wonder Woman. She is like Superman but different, and in her recent film, actress Gal Gadot played this tough cookie. We can’t wait to see the answers here, between these two iconic gals! And, furthermore, we can't wait to see if anyone will get matched with one of them at the end of this...

Question 7

Choose between Ant-Man and Riddler.

The most popular version of Ant-Man is portrayed by actor Paul Rudd in theatrical releases. As his name suggests, he can shrink to the size of an ant and grow to a larger-than-life size, too. The Riddler is another antagonist seen opposite of Batman, and he, well, like riddles! So think about these two men, picture all they offer up, and then click on one of their names down below, where the choices are listed out for everyone to choose.

Question 8

Choose between Thor and Buddy Pine.

One of the most popular superheroes out there is Thor. He is strong, he has a hammer, and he was quite unique in the latest Avengers flick! A character some may not know or remember is Buddy Pine, who was the antagonist in The Incredibles. Once again, we have two differing characters, but we must all make a decision… So who will be selected out of these two guys? Click on a name down below, in order to tell us the answer.

Question 9

Choose between Wolverine and Superman.

The most known version of Wolverine is the one seen through Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of this super strong guy. So that is the first option, which people can click on below. The second choice on this question is one of the most known and beloved superheroes of all time: Superman. He sums up what a true hero should be, and he has been around for years, in several different works. Who will be selected out of these two popular guys?

Question 10

Choose between Black Widow and Harley Quinn.

Scarlett Johansson plays Black Widow in the Marvel movies, with her red hair and her sleek black outfit. She is a fan favorite. There is another female hero of sorts who is also out there and popular, though… Harley Quinn. This chick is the one with the pigtails, red and blue ensemble and baseball bat, and she has been played by Margot Robbie. Compare and contrast these two women, and then pick one of them from the options down below!

Question 11

Choose between Captain America and Bane.

Of course, there will be lots of MCU characters on here, since there are just so many of them, like Captain America, who is a classic within this universe. Then, opposite of Batman, there is a villain named Bane; he is best known for that creepy mask and his interesting voice, which was made super popular when Tom Hardy played him. Who is the choice out of these two very different men? Select one, and then move on to what's next...

Question 12

Choose between Spider-Man and Commissioner James Gordon.

Alright, some of the characters on this quiz aren’t superheroes, but they are seen in super flicks. So, on this question, we have Spider-Man, another one who is known by many people out there. He wears a red suit, slings webs and likes MJ. Then, there is Commissioner James Gordon, who has been seen alongside Batman in Gotham City for years and years, via different forms of entertainment. He's in the accompanying pic here, too! So make a selection between these two.

Question 13

Choose between Thanos and Enchantress.

Recent films from Marvel have shown off a big and bad guy named Thanos; he is the one with the gauntlet that has the colored stones in it and the weird chin and the snap that made some sadness come. Another not-so-nice character is Enchantress; she was seen in Suicide Squad, when actress and model Cara Delevingne portrayed her. This may be easy or tough to answer, but everyone must decide… Who will be chosen out of these two choices?

Question 14

Choose between Black Panther and Mr. Incredible.

This question should be interesting… Black Panther is a Marvel character from Wakanda. Mr. Incredible is the star of the animated films about the Incredibles - a family of superheroes. They are different, but they are both heroes who fight for good and for justice. So take some time, in case this seems like a tricky one, and then click on one of their names down below. Then, keep on keeping on - There are more characters waiting for everyone!

Question 15

Choose between Nebula and Catwoman.

Here are two more super women to think about… Nebula, as seen in recent films, was actually raised by Thanos, so it took fans and fellow characters a while to decide if she was good or bad. Then, there is Catwoman, who is the other choice on this question; she is a villain from Batman’s world, and she is, well, like a cat. Pick one of these now, please and thanks, then continue on to the next question listed down below.

Question 16

Choose between Captain Marvel and Lois Lane.

Many of these characters have been around for quite some time, but they gain tons of popularity through films, such as Captain Marvel, who was recently seen when played by Brie Larson. Other characters have been seen in several films and shows - besides just in their normal comics - such as Lois Lane, who is the main female character in Superman’s world. Who is the pick for everyone who is taking this quiz, out of these two leading ladies?

Question 17

Choose between Gamora and Poison Ivy.

For those who do not know or who don't remember, Gamora is the green chick from Guardians of the Galaxy. Another woman in green is Poison Ivy, a not-so-nice girl from Batman’s world; she loves plants, and she uses them and her cunning ways to try and get what she wants. These two are sort of similar yet very different, so it will be interesting to see which of them gets more clicks on this question - Gamora or Ivy!

Question 18

Choose between Rocket Raccoon and Frozone.

Rocket Raccoon is, of course, the raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy. Frozone is Samuel L. Jackson's character from the Incredibles films. As usual, we need everyone to picture both of these heroes, to maybe make a pro-con list, and then to decide on a final answer. When ready, click on a name below, and then continue on to keep answering these questions that are all listed out for everyone here today, regarding characters from these super and popular movies.

Question 19

Choose between Star-Lord and The Flash.

Hmm, which two heroes are going to be up next on this quiz…? Star-Lord is Chris Pratt’s character in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. The Flash is a DC character, and one of his most popular stories is told via a television series about Barry Allen. Think about Star-Lord. Think about The Flash. Go over their pros and cons. And then, as usual, make a selection and choose between them. This will help get everyone a hero wifey soon!

Question 20

Choose between Quicksilver and Joker.

Now, moving right along... Quicksilver has been seen in a couple of different films, but one of his versions is seen alongside Scarlet Witch in the Marvel movies. The Joker is one of the most popular villains from Batman’s story, and actors such as Heath Ledger, Jack Nicholson, Jared Leto and Joaquin Phoenix have brought him to the big screen. We wonder who everyone will pick, when choosing between these two characters who are listed out down below for everyone?

Question 21

Choose between Loki and Scarecrow.

Loki is Thor’s brother, as seen in this image right here. And Scarecrow is another antagonist from DC Comics. As his name suggests, he looks like a scarecrow. So we need everyone to think about these two characters. Picture their scenes, imagine them fully, and decide on an answer. After choosing one of them, move on, as there are several more super people waiting down below. Soon, when everything is answered, everyone will get matched with some woman from these worlds.

Question 22

Choose between Hawkeye and Robin.

We are moving right along, to two more characters from popular worlds and movies ... Another character seen in these exciting Marvel movies is Hawkeye, who has a bow and arrow. Another character seen in Batman’s world is Robin, his sidekick! There have been several versions of this supporting character, but he is a well-known one. And now, it is time for all quiz-takers to choose: Will Hawkeye be clicked on below, or will Robin be the choice here today?

Question 23

Choose between Drax and Mister Freeze.

Drax is also in Marvel movies, and he is part of Star-Lord’s team on Guardians of the Galaxy. Who thinks they will click on his name below, where the two options are waiting? Mister Freeze goes up against Batman, and a well-known actor portrayed a popular version of him back in the day. Who thinks they will click on this name below instead? Answer now, either way and then go on to the next questions that are listed in this quiz.

Question 24

Choose between Nick Fury and Two-Face.

Yes, we have someone else from these Marvel movies: Nick Fury. He is Samuel L. Jackson’s character, with the eye patch. And yes, we have another villain from Batman’s world: Two-Face. Think about both of these men. Try and decide who will be chosen. And when ready, please click on one of their names below. We really can’t wait to see how all of these different choices affect who everyone gets as a final result at the end of this all!

Question 25

Choose between Groot and Jack-Jack Parr.

These next two options are both total cuties! Groot is the tree-like character who is part of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Jack-Jack is the baby from the Incredibles films. They both help in unique ways, despite how small and adorable they are. This could be the hardest question to answer on this entire quiz, but the drill is the same: Everyone must make a decision and choose out of these two characters we have listed out down below here.

Question 26

Choose between Ghost Rider and The Underminer.

Let's see who is next on this quiz right here... Ghost Rider is a character who was seen on the big screen in 2007, when Nicolas Cage played this fiery, skeleton, stuntman guy. The Underminer is a bad guy from The Incredibles, who is sort of mole-like. Think about these two characters. Picture them and their scenes. Make a decision. Choose one of them. Then move forward, since that hero wifey is waiting at the end of all of this!

Question 27

Choose between Luke Cage and Dash Parr.

Luke Cage is a Marvel character with his own TV show; it details the life of a man with super strength and unbreakable skin. On the other hand, there is Dash Parr, the son on The Incredibles movies, who, as his name suggests, is quite fast. Who all will click on Luke down below, where the answer choices are? And who all will click on Dash below, as the answer to this question? Either one will work, so make the selection here and now.

Question 28

Choose between Mystique and Violet Parr.

As seen in this image, Mystique is the blue chick from the X-Men films. And opposite of her, we have another character from The Incredibles; Violet Parr is the daughter within this story. So who will it be? Who is the choice? Which female will be selected? And which leading lady will everyone get matched with in the end, as a hero wifey, when this quiz is over and done with soon? Answer to find out in just a bit!

Question 29

Choose between Susan Storm and Elastigirl.

Guys and gals, two more leading ladies are up against each other on this next question … First, there is Susan Storm, who is a member of the Fantastic Four. Then, there is Elastigirl, who is the mother from The Incredibles; as her name suggests, she can stretch in extreme ways. So make a decision here, by clicking on one of their names down below - that is where these two options are listed out for everyone to click on!

Question 30

Choose between Mary Jane Watson and Edna Mode.

These two characters are not really superheroes, but they are super and they are surrounded by heroes! First, we have Mary Jane Watson, better known as MJ. She is the girl Spider-Man likes, and she has been seen in a couple of movies, played by a couple of different actresses (like Kirsten Dunst right here). Next, we have Edna Mode, who makes the uniforms and costumes in the Incredibles flicks. Who will be selected out of these two intriguing women?

Question 31

Choose between Professor X and Rick Flag.

We wonder which two characters will be up next within this quiz right here … Professor X is a main character within the X-Men story; for those who don’t know, he is the bald man in the wheelchair. And Rick Flag is from DC Comics, and he was seen in the movie called Suicide Squad. Think for a bit, and then please answer by clicking on a name and telling us the choice out of these two dudes right here.

Question 32

Choose between Matt Murdock and Penguin.

Matt Murdock is also from MCU, and he is better known as Daredevil. This superhero even has his own television show! The other choice on this question is a villain named Penguin; that may just sound like a cute little animal, but fans who have seen him go up against Batman know that he is no joke. Who will be the choice here, out of these two - Daredevil aka Matt or The Penguin? Click on one of them now.

Question 33

Choose between Magneto and Mirage.

Magneto is a character from X-Men, so many have seen this hero in several comic books and films. Then, there is another character from The Incredibles - Mirage. She is a secondary antagonist, as she was Syndrome's assistant. Think about these two different characters, then make a choice. After that, move forward, as there are a few more characters from which to choose within this quiz. It will be worth it, though, since those wife matches are coming up soon.

Question 34

Choose between Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Voyd.

Let's find out who we have here... Negasonic Teenage Warhead has a unique name and is from a one-of-a-kind world: Deadpool’s. She is pictured here, in the image that goes along with this question, for those who can’t place her. And Voyd is a blue-haired chick from Incredibles 2; she was voiced by actress Sophia Bush. These two are different, but they both belong on this quiz. So go ahead - Choose one of them, right here and right now.

Question 35

Choose between Cyclops and Deadshot.

Alright, it is time to offer up another X-Men hero - Cyclops. So that is the first option that people can choose on this question. The second option is Deadshot, who has been seen in things such as Suicide Squad, Arrow, Justice League Unlimited and Batman. So we are now ready to learn the choice. So click below on either name. Then, of course, move on to the questions that are waiting just below, which are some of the last.

Question 36

Choose between Sabretooth and Doctor Strange.

Sabretooth is a Marvel character who is usually seen in X-Men, going up against Wolverine. Doctor Strange, as many know, is Benedict Cumberbatch's character in the Avengers films. He is even seen in the photo right here, if anyone would like to know or remember what he looks like. These two are quite different, but they are the two options on this question. So who will go with the villain here? And who will go with a popular superhero here?

Question 37

Choose between Rogue and Shazam.

Okay, the end of this quiz is coming up fast, but first… Rogue was first seen as a villain in the Avengers comic books, but she joined the X-Men. Shazam is from DC and recently got a theatrical release. So people who are here with us today can choose this interesting chick, or people can opt for this hero in red. Which will it be, out of these two? Simply click on a name down below to let us know.

Question 38

Choose between Jean Grey and Maria Hill.

Here are two Marvel women: Jean Grey has also been known as Marvel Girl, Phoenix and Dark Phoenix (from the X-Men flicks). Maria Hill is the former Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., so she is seen in flicks focusing on the Avengers and is portrayed by Cobie Smulders. Which of these well-known chicks will be clicked on as the answer here today? And will either of these be the super wifey that someone gets matched with at the end of this quiz?

Question 39

Choose between Shuri and Pepper Potts.

Let’s just go ahead and discuss two more leading ladies from the MCU… Shuri is a princess, as she is T'Challa’s sister (and he is, of course, the Black Panther). And then there is Pepper Potts, Gwyneth Paltrow’s character who ends up with Iron Man. They are both popular. They are both strong and brave. They are both pretty, as well, just FYI! But only one can be the answer. So do it - Choose between Shuri and Pepper Potts.

Question 40

Choose between Erik Killmonger and Doctor Octopus.

Now that we are speaking of the Black Panther… Erik Killmonger went up against him and his entire kingdom in this movie. And in a Spider-Man film, Doc Oc went up against this web-slinging hero. Some people like the bad guys, though, and on this question, everyone must choose one of them! So picture these guys. Think carefully about this decision. Then click on a name below. After that, move down to the last few questions that we have here.

Question 41

Choose between Okoye and Green Goblin.

One more character from Black Panther that we have is Okoye, who is portrayed by actress Danai Gurira in these films. On the other hand, there is Green Goblin, who went up against Spider-Man in a popular film, when actor James Franco played this character. So, we have two more very different choices, but we have another decision that must be made! So will Okoye be selected here? Or is the Green Goblin the choice for this question right here?

Question 42

Choose between Venom and Talos.

Here are two more not-so-nice characters from which to choose … First up is Marvel’s Venom, who is usually seen with Spider-Man; this is a liquid-like thing that needs a host. Then there is Talos, from Captain Marvel, who is a shapeshifter and who is pictured right here. Think about these two. Think about all of their traits. Think about who would make the better choice here. And know that even this decision will go into matching everyone with a super wife in just a bit!

Question 43

Choose between Mera and Human Torch.

Here are some more characters up for grabs: Mera is from DC Comics, she is a queen of the sea, and she is actually married to Aquaman! The Human Torch is a member of the Fantastic Four. We wonder how many clicks each of these names will get below. To find out, we need everyone to choose one of them, and then to move on to the last couple of questions that will be featured on this super quiz today.

Question 44

Choose between Steve Trevor and Mister Fantastic.

Steve Trevor is Chris Pine’s character in Wonder Woman. Mister Fantastic is a founding member of the Fantastic Four. Both of these characters seemed to be well-liked and well-received, but - as usual and of course - only one of them can be selected by each person who is here with us today, taking this superhero quiz. So think carefully, and then, when ready, choose one of them below. And remember that there is no wrong answer on this quiz!

Question 45

Choose between Ares and Thing.

Ares is the supervillain from Wonder Woman; based on Greek mythology, he is the god of war. On the other hand, there is The Thing, who is also from Fantastic Four; he is the rock-like character who is super strong. Again, these two are quite different. However, we just need an answer! So think about these two characters. Pick one out below. And keep on keeping on within this quiz (which is about to be over, when results will be given).

Question 46

Choose between Antiope and Rachel Dawes.

Two more ladies who can be found within these exciting world are Antiope and Rachel Dawes. Let's discuss them for just a bit of time ... Antiope was seen in the recent Wonder Woman movie when Robin Wright played her. And Rachel has been played by Emma Lockhart, Katie Holmes and Maggie Gyllenhaal in Batman flicks. Who all will select this warrior? And who all will pick this love interest? Either way, make a selection right here and right now!

Question 47

Choose between Doctor Doom and Ra's al Ghul.

It is time to choose between two more villains: Doctor Doom and Ra's al Ghul. Doctor Doom is from Marvel, and he was first seen in the comic book called The Fantastic Four #5. Ra's al Ghul is from DC, and he can be seen going up against Batman. Some people may not like either, while others may enjoy all the dramatic scenes featuring guys like these. So who will be the choice here on this particular question that's up?

Question 48

Choose between Green Arrow and The Punisher.

A lot of these people are known from television series - like these two. Green Arrow is a DC hero seen in the show Arrow, as Oliver Queen. The Punisher is a Marvel hero seen in the self-titled series, in which Jon Bernthal stars. Some will prefer one over the other, while some quiz-takers will struggle when choosing. But it must be done! Choose between Green Arrow and The Punisher before going on within this quiz, closer to the results.

Question 49

Choose between Black Canary and Ancient One.

Black Canary has been played by Katie Cassidy on The Flash, Juliana Harkavy on Arrow and Alaina Huffman on Smallville, just to name a few. Tilda Swinton played the Ancient One - Doctor Strange’s mentor who was the Sorcerer Supreme - in recent movies. And everyone who is here with us today must select one of these women, as we are choosing between heroes here, all in order to find out which superhero wife we should get matched with today.

Question 50

Choose between Goose and Alfred Pennyworth.

This last question is another one that may be almost too hard to answer… As many know, Goose is the cat from the Captain Marvel movie. And as lots of fans know, Alfred Pennyworth is Batman’s butler (and friend and family member, really). So this is where we are at: Everyone must choose between these two lovable characters! It is not easy, but it must be done, so choose now, please and thanks ... and then get ready for the final result.

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