Can Anyone Name These Disney Films Based On The Villain?

Walt Disney began his company in 1923 with the goal of reaching people all over the globe. The company set out doing small things such as television shorts and shows, featuring their mascot, Mickey Mouse. The game changed completely in 1937 when their first feature film was released. After this, Disney became known for its movies that tug at the heart strings, and have feel good endings. Although the movies tend to end well, there is always someone trying to take things for the hero or protagonist. These characters are the villains of the stories. They will do anything they can to prevent the hero from accomplishing their goals, or to do good in the world.

Since 1937, Disney has released dozens and dozens of films, each with a goal of being more popular than the last. Recently, Disney has been revamping many of their classic films to bring them to the new younger audience of today. They have also been trying to write some original stories, while also adapting some other classics that they have never done before. This quiz lists different villains from classic Disney films, to see if anyone is actually capable of naming every movie just based on the villain.

Question 1

Which Disney movie features Hades?

This 1997 Disney film tells the story of Greek Mythology. A son of the gods was snatched as a baby by Hades. He has been forced to live among the mortals as a half man, and half god. Now that he is a teenager, he must perform a rite of passage on Earth. This will prove that he is worthy enough to live with the gods on Mount Olympus. His sidekick is Philoctetes, who will provide moral support for this hero as he is along for the ride as he learns how to use his intense strength to defeat all that is bad.

Question 2

Which Disney movie features Gaston?

This 1991 film tells the story of a prince that is cursed to live as a horrifying version of himself until he finds true love. His chance comes along when he captures a clock maker, whose daughter takes his place. Belle is a gorgeous woman who is also very bold. This prince is trying to capture her affection, but has not been around any women for a long time and is a little stuck. He uses his servants, who are similarly enchanted, to help convince her to fall for him. Gaston is also in love with Belle, and will do anything to stop the blossoming romance.

Question 3

Which Disney movie features Jafar?

This 1992 film features a street rat that does not have much money. He frees a genie from a lamp, and finds himself being granted three wises. He learns soon that Jafar has plans for the lamp, and bad plans for Princess Jasmine. He has fallen for her, and is desperate to catch her attention and have the chance to win her over. He is now tasked with saving her from Jafar, and keeping the lamp out of his hands. Things get complicated when she sees that he is not what she believes he is, but is based on a wish.

Question 4

Which Disney movie features Scar?

This 1994 Disney film is loosely based on the Shakespeare play, Hamlet. This movie follows the story of a young cub named Simba, who is the heir to the throne. Mufasa, Simba's Father, has a brother named Scar that is envious because he is no longer next in line to be king. Scar plans to lure Mufasa and Simba into a stampede of wildebeests. His plan goes wrong when Simba escapes, and he sends him away. Simba comes back to the pride as an adult when he finds out things have gone horribly wrong, to take back the land with his new friends Timon and Pumbaa.

Question 5

Which Disney movie features Captain Hook?

This 1953 Disney film features the story of Wendy, and her two brothers. The three of them are completely amazed when a magical boy flies into the bedroom, while trying to find his rebellious shadow that is getting away from him. Him and his friend Tinkerbell, come from Neverland. This is a place where children stay young forever. The kids follow him back there, completely enchanted. The boy's nemesis, Captain Hook, comes along and tries to cause some trouble for him and for the three kids. Eventually they begin to miss their old life, and long to go back home.

Question 6

Which Disney movie features Cruella de Vil?

In this 1996 film, Pongo is enjoying the bachelor life of a dog. He meets Perdita at the park, and gets Roger, his master to meet Perdita's owner, Anita. The owners fall for each other too, and end up getting married. This keeps Pongo and Perdita together. Perdita has a little of puppies, and Anita and Roger plan to keep them all. Anita's old school friend is Cruella De Vil, who wants to buy all of the puppies, to make a coat of their fur. Roger and Anita decline, and Cruella hires criminals to steal them, among others just to make her coat.

Question 7

Which Disney movie features Ursula?

This 1989 film tells the story of Ariel, she is a rebellious girl who is 16 years old and obsessed with living a life on the land. She frequently visits the surface, which is completely forbidden from her father, King Triton. On her latest visit, she falls in love with a human prince. She is determined to meet him, and makes a deal with Ursula, the sea witch. The deal involves her becoming a human for three days, in exchange for her beautiful singing voice. Things start getting complicated for Ariel and her love, and King Triton must make a major decision.

Question 8

Which Disney movie features Maleficent?

This 1959 movie tells the story of the witch, Maleficent. She puts a curse on Princess Aurora, that would cause her to lose her life on her 16th birthday. Aurora's guardian fairies lighten this curse, that will now end when she is kissed by her true love. Prince Philip is the betrothed man to Aurora. Maleficent is doing everything she can to prevent Philip from rescuing Aurora, even going as far as taking and imprisoning him. The good fairies, Aurora's guardian fairies, are her last hope at freeing Philip so that he can wake Aurora and prevent Maleficent from getting the throne.

Question 9

Which Disney movie features Lady Tremaine?

This 1950 movie tells the story of a young woman who is living with her mean stepmother, and two stepsisters that are jealous of her. The three of them keep her enslaved, and in rags, while they dress in pristine clothing. The main character has no chance to attend the royal ball, that she is desperate to go to. Her fairy godmother comes to the rescue, and transforms her dream into a reality, giving her a carriage, and a beautiful dress. She gets to the ball, and enchants Prince Charming, but faces the wrath of her stepmother and sisters when the spell runs out and she comes back home.

Question 10

Which Disney movie features Shere Khan?

This film was created and 1967, and remade in 2016. It follows the story of Mowgli, a man cub that was raised in the wild by wolves since he was a baby. He is being forced out of the only home he knows, by Shere Khan threatens his wolf pack. He is being helped out by Bagheera, a panther who wants to make sure he is safe, and he stumbles across Baloo, an easy going bear. He thinks he finds the place for him, but finds out that there is much more drama and villains in the jungle than what meets the eye.

Question 11

Which Disney movie features Amos Slade?

Tod is a wild animal whose mother lost her life, and he is now an orphan. He is taken in by Widow Tweed, a sweet older woman who wants to take care of Tod. He becomes best friends with the neighbor's new dog, Copper, almost immediately. The two are completely inseparable, but their friendship is hindered by both their masters, Amos Slade and Widow Tweed, and by the fact that they are natural born enemies. They grow older and apart from each other, Copper becomes a strong hunting dog and Tod becomes a wild fox. The two must overcome differences to save their friendship.

Question 12

Which Disney movie features Gothel?

This 2010 film tells the story of a classic tale. A beautiful princess has been locked away in a tower since she was a baby. She was captured from her parents by the old hag, who discovered that she has powers. Her long blonde hair has the power to provide eternal youth, and Gothel, the hag, is using this power to keep her young and beautiful looking. Once the young princess turns 18, she is becoming more and more curious about the outside world around her, and is determined to find a way out. She pairs up with a prince who hides in her tower, to help her escape.

Question 13

Which Disney movie features Sid?

This 1995 film features Woody, a cowboy doll with a good, kind heart, that belongs to Andy, a young boy. Woody is Andy's favorite toy, and he takes this position seriously. This position is threatened when a new action figure comes into the picture, Buzz Lightyear. Buzz is arrogant, and believes he is a real spaceman who is on a mission to go back to his home planet. These two, Woody and Buzz, who do not get along at all, must pair up when the family moves to a new house and they are separated from Andy by Sid Phillips, the neighbor.

Question 14

Which Disney movie features The Evil Queen?

This 1937 film was Disney's first animated feature. In this story, the villain is completely jealous of a young woman's beauty. She orders to take her life, but discovers eventually that she is still alive and is currently hiding in a cottage with a few friendly little miners. The villain dresses up in a disguise as a hag, and brings the young woman a poisoned apple. The young woman takes a bite of the apple, and falls into a an almost-permanent sleep. She can only be saved from this slumber by a kiss from the prince. Which movie is it?

Question 15

Which Disney movie features Yzma?

This 2000 film features the story of Kuzco, an arrogant ruler who wants to attack part of his kingdom, where people live, to build a pool for the summer. Yzma, is a diva and Kuzco's advisor, and she wants the throne for herself. She uses a potion on him, which she thinks will take him out, but actually turns him into a llama. His only chance to get back home and to reclaim his throne, and the high life, rests in the hands of Pacha. Pacha is a good-hearted peasant, who is one of the people who will be displaced with Kuzco's pool plans.

Question 16

Which Disney movie features Queen of Hearts?

This 1951 film was also remade back in 2010. It is based on the book by Lewis Carroll of the same name. A girl falls down into a rabbit hole, and enters a magical world full of different creatures and plants. While she is here, she meets a ton of characters that are a little odd. Some of these include the Cheshire Cat, and the Mad Hatter. She finds herself in the court of the Queen of Hearts, who is a little tyrannical. She must stay on her good side, otherwise she may risk losing her head in the process.

Question 17

Which Disney movie features Lots-o-Huggin Bear?

This 2010 film features Woody, Buzz, and Jessie, on another adventure. They think they will be placed in the attic of Andy's home, but instead end up on the curb waiting to be picked up by the trash. Woody ends up saving the group with some quick thinking, and end up being donated to a day care center. The group believes that this is a blessing, that they will be played with all day and be loved and appreciated. The kids do not play very nice, and are totally uncontrollable. The group plans an escape, but Lotso is not having that.

Question 18

Which Disney movie features Hopper?

This 1998 film features Flik, who is an ant that is very creative and inventive, but is constantly messing things up for his colony. His latest mistake led to destroying the storage of food that is used to pay off Hopper, a mean grasshopper. Now, he is demanding that the ants give him double the food, or face complete annihilation. Flik goes on a journey to try to avoid this situation, to recruit some fighters to help to save the colony. He meets a group of circus insects, and he believes that he has found his perfect place in life.

Question 19

Which Disney movie features Oogie Boogie?

This 1993 Tim Burton film follows Jack Skellington, who is the pumpkin king of Halloweentown. He is loved by his town, but he is growing bored with the regular annual routine of scaring people. He goes walking in the woods, and finds Christmastown, full of bright colors, warm spirits, and twinkling lights. He has a new found lease on life, and wants to take over Christmas. He steals Santa Claus to take over, but he soon realizes that the best plans may go seriously wrong. Especially when Oogie Boogie gets involved and almost takes Santa Claus and eats him as a snack.

Question 20

Which Disney movie features Hans?

This 2013 movie tells the story of Anna and Elsa. Elsa accidentally traps the entire kingdom in a perpetual winter, with her powers that she can not control. Anna teams up with Kristoff, a mountaineer, as well as Sven, his reindeer sidekick. The team is out to find Else, to break the spell. Their journey leads them to meet mystical trolls, a funny snowman, and harsh conditions at every moment. Anna and Kristoff are braver than they have ever been, and push forward in a race to catch Elsa to break the spell and to save their kingdom from the cold.

Question 21

Which Disney movie features Edgar Balthazar?

This 1970 film tells the story of a retired opera singer who has recently passed away. She had a large inheritance to pass on, and she leaves it all to her car Dutchess, and her three kitchens. The woman had a butler Edgar Balthazar, who creates a plan to get the money for himself. He tries to take the life of the cats, abandon them in the country, and inherit the money for himself. Dutchess and the kittens are in a new land, but meet Thomas O'Malley. He is an alley cat that agrees to help them get back home to Paris.

Question 22

Which Disney movie features Si and Am?

This 1955 movie tells the tall of a pampered Cocker Spaniel. She was living a wonderful life, but that slips away when her owners have a baby. She is being watched by a family member of her owners, which is where Si and Am come in to torment her. After some problematic circumstances, she finds herself loose and out on the street. She meets a stray mutt, whom she becomes friends with. He protects her, and makes sure that she is doing okay. The two begin to fall for each other, but they have a ton of differences, and some drama that take place at her original home, that are keeping the two apart.

Question 23

Which Disney movie features Te Ka?

This 2016 movie features a girl who is on a mission to save her people. There is a darkness that is taking over the island, and destroying the crops and fish resources, making things very difficult. Because she is next to rule the island, she believes she can save everyone. She embarks to find Maui, a demigod that will help her return the heart of Te Fiti and protect her home and all of her people. The two sail across the ocean together and beat some impossible odds, and they finally face Te Ka. So then, which movie is this?

Question 24

Which Disney movie features Herman Bing?

This 1941 movie features a young circus elephant. He was born with oddly large ears, that earned him a mean nickname from some of the other acts. He is taunted by a group of kids at a show one day, which causes his mother to be angry. She gets locked up, and he causes an accident that hurts other elephants. He is being forced to dress as a clown and perform dangerous stunts by Herman Bing, the ring leader. Everything changes for the young elephant when he learns that the size of his ears actually allow him to be able to fly.

Question 25

Which Disney movie features Frollo?

This 1996 film features Quasimodo, a disfigured bell ringer of the Cathedral in Ireland. He spends his time being locked away in a tower, with only gargoyles that keep him company. He is longing to be around other people. He has an encounter with Esmeralda, a Gypsy, who agrees to help free him from being imprisoned. Frollo, Quasimodo's guardian, is struck by her beauty and focuses his attention on her, but things don't come easy for him. Quasimodo must now help to keep her away from him, by freeing her and helping her to escape from his clutches, knowing she would be trapped.

Question 26

Which Disney movie features Doctor Facilier?

This 2009 movie focuses on Tiana, a hardworking, ambitious girl who has a dream of opening the finest restaurant in New Orleans. Her dream is detoured when she meets Prince Naveen, who has been turned into an amphibian by Dr. Facilier, a bad scientist. Naveen believes that she is a Princess, and kisses her. Because she wasn't a Princess, she was instantly transformed into an amphibian as well. The two of them must go along on an adventure, through the bayous. They are looking for a powerful voodoo priestess that will break the spell and turn the two back to humans.

Question 27

Which Disney movie features Stromboli?

This 1940 film tells the story of a woodworker named Geppetto. He sees a flying star, and makes a wish that the puppet he created could turn into a real boy. The Blue Fairy hears this wish, and grants Geppetto's wish. She asks Jiminy Cricket to serve as the conscience for the boy. The boy is naive and trusting, and finds himself in the clutches of Honest John, a wicked man that wants to lead him to the sinful Pleasure Island. He is purchased by Stromboli, who locks him up in a cage and plans to use him for firewood.

Question 28

Which Disney movie features Chernabog?

This 1940 film is an animated classic from Walt Disney. It combined several classical music masterpieces, with different creative visuals. There are eight different animations in this film, that are colorful, free-flowing, and abstract. The most famous of them all is The Sorcerer's Apprentice, which shows Mickey Mouse battling brooms that are carrying endless buckets of water. A Night On The Bare Mountain, by Mussorgsky, featured Chernabog. The scene, set to the famous song, showed several characters surrounded by fire and flames, then they are being scooped up by him and then thrown into a pit of fire to their demise.

Question 29

Which Disney movie features Shan Yu?

In this 1998 film, the title character is worried that her father will be drafted into the army. Her father is sick, and since the country is about to go to war, one man must represent every family. She decides to take his spot, even though she is not qualified to serve, as she is a woman. she impersonates as a man and goes off to train with the other recruits. She is accompanied by Mushu, her dragon, and is using her wit to help ward off a Hun invasion, and hold her own with the men in the army.

Question 30

Which Disney movie features Prince John?

This 1973 film features a rooster called Alan-a-Dale. He tells the stories and sings songs of a strong hero, and his sidekick Little John. This movie tells the story of the selfish Prince John, who makes the Sheriff of Nottingham a Deputy, to help him collect a crazy amount of money in taxes from all of the animals living in the Sherwood Forest. The main title character, Little John, and other merry men team up to battle against Prince John's army and the others who will be benefiting from this excessive tax that will be placed on everyone in the forest.

Question 31

Which Disney movie features Ratcliffe?

This 1995 film features a forbidden romance between a young indigenous woman, and Captain John Smith. John traveled from Europe to the New World, among other settlers to begin their lives fresh. The woman's father is Chief Powhatan, who completely disapproves of their relationship. He wants his daughter to marry a native warrior. John Smith's other Englishmen want to rob the indigenous people from all of their gold. One of these men is Ratcliffe, who wants all of it for himself. While all of this is happening, the two are falling for each other, but also want to save the day without anyone getting hurt.

Question 32

Which Disney movie features Ratigan?

This 1986 film features Basil. He is a mouse living on Baker Street, who is about to begin the greatest case of his life. The master toymaker in London is taken while celebrating his daughters birthday, and she finds Basil to help ask him to get on the case and find her father. Basil ends up discovering that his old adversary is planning to become the supreme ruler of all of mousedom. He is then set to pin all of his intelligence and wits against Ratigan, to prevent him from taking over as he is not fit to be in charge of everyone.

Question 33

Which Disney movie features Madame Medusa?

This 1977 movie features Bernard and Miss Bianca, they are two New York City mice that are a part of an international team that is operating underneath the United Nations. They come to aid anyone who is in need. The group receives some news that Penny, a young orphan, has been taken by Madame Medusa, a mean woman that is looking for a precious diamond for herself. Bernard and Bianca set out to find Penny and bring her back home. They do get some help from other animal friends that are a part of the organization, to obliterate the plans of Madame Medusa.

Question 34

Which Disney movie features Madame Mim?

This 1963 film is based on a classic fable that tells the story of King Arthur and his humble beginnings. He was orphaned as a child, and has a younger brother Kay. Kay wants to be a knight, and Arthur, known as Wart, is planning to help his foster brother out. He has been helping him train, but Wart comes across a cabin that belongs to Merlin. Merlin is a talented wizard, who is also a little incompetent. Merlin tries to convince the boy that he is destined for greatness. Wart and Kay travel to London for a jousting contest, to see if Merlin was right.

Question 35

Which Disney movie features Syndrome?

In this 2004 Disney movie, a family of superheros is living regular lives, trying to hide the fact that they have abilities from the rest of the world, after all superpowers have been completely banned by the government. Bob and Helen are forced to abide, although Bob is desperate to return to his life of action and adventure. He gets a chance to when he is called to an island to battle against a robot that is totally out of control. He discovers the truth as to why he is there, the plan of Syndrome, who wants to destroy him, and relies on his family to save him.

Question 36

Which Disney movie features Randall Boggs?

This 2001 film tells the story of the largest scare factory in the world. James P. Sullivan is one of the top scarers at the factory. He is a huge, intimidating monster, with blue fur with purple spots, and horns. His scaring assistant is Mike Wazowski, his best friend. Mike is green, with one eye. He's also very opinionated. When Sully visits the human world, he accidentally brings back Boo, a small girl who is the first to be in this land. Afraid of what their bosses will do, Sully and Mike are determined to bring Boo back home, but Randall Boggs keeps getting in their way.

Question 37

Which Disney movie features Chick Hicks?

This 2006 movie features Lightning McQueen. He is traveling to California to race against The King, and Chick Hicks, to earn the Piston Cup Championship. McQueen falls out of his trailer, and gets lost in a run down, small town called Radiator Springs. While he is there, he begins to become friends with the residents, but this takes time, as he adjusts to small town life. He meets characters including Sally, Doc Hudson, and Mater, who are all determined to help him get back to California to win the Piston Cup, although when he does leave he has a little more wisdom about what is important in life.

Question 38

Which Disney movie features Ernesto de la Cruz?

This 2017 film is centered around Mexico's famous holiday, Dia de los Muertos, where people celebrate those who have passed around them. Miguel is a young boy, with big dreams of becoming an accomplished musician like his idol, Ernesto de la Cruz. His family has banned music, and is not budging. Miguel finds himself in the Land of the Dead, after stealing a guitar from Ernesto's grave. While there, he meets Hector, a charming man who has his own vendetta to accomplish. The two pair up and go on an adventure to discover the real story behind Miguel's family history.

Question 39

Which Disney movie features Darla Sherman?

In this 2003 film, Marlin is a clown fish that is very cautious with his son with a shortened fin. He swims to close to the surface to prove he is independent, but gets captured by a diver. Marlin embarks on a journey to find his son, and continue to keep him safe. Marlin teams up with a blue reef fish named Dory, and the two of them meet jellyfish, sharks, and tons of other ocean dangers. While Marlin is searching, his son is planning his own escape from a dentist's fish tank. He's supposed to be given to Darla, a girl who is known for hurting her fish.

Question 40

Which Disney movie features Chef Skinner?

This 2007 film features Remy, a rat that has great dreams of becoming a talented chef. He decides to move to Paris to help follow his dream. While there he meets Linguini, a hapless trash boy. Working together, Remy is able to practice his culinary skills using Linguini as a body, and staying hidden. Chef Skinner is on to their tricks, and is determined to get every last rat out of the kitchen. As time goes on, Remy gets the opportunity of a lifetime to test his abilities as a chef when a great food critic comes to try the food.

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