Build A Dream NFL Roster And See If You Could Win The Super Bowl!

The prospect of putting together an NFL roster is something that all fans have dreamed of at some point, and as it stands now, the NFL is filled with incredible players at every position. This is truly an amazing time to be watching the sport, and every year, it seems like a new person emerges to become one of the best at their position. This healthy competition helps keep things fresh in the NFL, and it makes the game as a whole more exciting.

Even though most fans truly support one team, they will inevitably spend a ton of time watching other games each Sunday, and this means that they will be evaluating the players that they see. The best players in the league get the most coverage, but there are plenty of guys out there that wind up flying under the radar. Making all of these mental notes on the best players in the NFL means that a true fan knows who they would want on their team if they were the GM.

Today, we are going to give fans the chance of a lifetime and build their very own NFL roster to see if they could construct a team that could win the Super Bowl!

Question 1

Choose A Starting Quarterback

The quarterback is the de facto leader of the team, and they need to be able to command respect from the opposing defense. The NFL is filled with quality quarterbacks and we have chosen some of the best in the game to be crowned starter on this team. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 2

Choose A Number One Receiver

A quarterback will need options to throw to on the field, and a good offense can become a great one with a dominant wide receiver as the number one option. Over the last few seasons, we have seen several receivers do some incredible things, and they are jostling for their place at the top. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 3

Choose A Number One Cornerback

Heading over to the defensive side of the ball, let us get a lockdown corner to lead the secondary. A top cornerback in the NFL can shut down an entire side of the field, and they do this by locking their man down and forcing the other quarterback to use his next options. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 4

Choose A Starting Running Back

A running back that can do a number of things well can come in handy when building a team, and many franchises opt to use players that can catch as well as they can run. These men are able to change the game, and quarterbacks can lean on them throughout a game. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 5

Choose A Starting Outside Linebacker

A linebacker can become the quarterback of the defense when the play is set to get underway, and a true leader can rearrange the defense in an attempt to stop the offense. The best linebackers in the NFL can cover, rush the passer and play the run when the ball is snapped. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 6

Choose A Starting Strong Safety

Strong safeties are thumpers that can come up to the line and create a ruckus when the ball is snapped. The best safeties in the league have a good amount of speed to them, but they excel in being stronger than other players. They can sniff out plays and stop them early on. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 7

Choose A Backup Quarterback

Having a starting quarterback is incredibly important in the NFL, but there is no guarantee that they can last an entire season, so teams will always have a quarterback on the bench as an insurance policy. These men must be ready to enter the game at any time. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 8

Choose A Number Two Wide Receiver

Once the number one option on the field gets two players covering him, there will be a chance for the next man up to get open and haul in a pass. A great number two receiver can make all the difference in the world when taking on tough defenses, and there are some great options here. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 9

Choose A Head Coach

Now that the roster has been put together, it is time to add the most important piece of the puzzle: a head coach. Choosing the right coach will make all the difference in the world, and a great coach can take this team and lead them to victory! (Pro Football Reference)

Question 10

Choose A Backup Running Back

A running back is meant to carry the load throughout the game, but keeping them in on every single offensive snap is simply not smart, so many teams make sure to have plenty of depth at the position. The number two option at running back has a chance to come in and grind out an already tired defense. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 11

Choose A Flex Player

For this entry, we are going to let people choose a flex player. These are the men that can do everything on the offensive side of the ball, and instead of relegating them to just one position; offensive coordinators like to move them around during the game. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 12

Choose A Number Two Cornerback

The top cornerback on the field can shut down one half of the field, but that means that the other players are going to have to step up and make things happen as well. A good second option at the position can make a secondary an absolute force. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 13

Choose An Offensive Line

Instead of going through and choosing one person for every single position, we are going to have people choose a team’s offensive line. The best teams in the NFL are able to open up lanes for the running back and keep the quarterback clean as the game goes on. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 14

Choose A Slot Receiver

Unlike the men lining up out wide, slot receivers tend to be smaller players that pack a ton of speed. They are able to use this advantage to get open throughout a game, and teams like the Patriots have used these players well as offenses have continued to evolve. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 15

Choose A Defensive End

Defensive ends are starting to make the big bucks in the NFL, and this is because they shut down players from getting to the outside. More importantly, they are the ones that get to the quarterback and flip the script on each possession. The best in the league make incredible money. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 16

Choose A Starting Free Safety

Free safeties are exceptionally gifted at stopping the passing game of the opposing team, and the best ball hawks in the league can change a game at any point. These players are athletic, and they can become vocal leaders out in the secondary. Choosing one for this team will solidify the secondary. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 17

Choose A Starting Middle Linebacker

Playing in the middle of the field is a tough job for tough men, and these players must be smart, instinctive and athletic. Not many players are cut out for this type of role, and the ones that make their name at the position are able to go down as all-time greats when they finish playing. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 18

Choose A Starting Defensive Tackle

Defensive tackles play their game down in the trenches, and they get up front and physical with the offensive line on every snap. These men can get into the backfield to wreak some havoc and shut things down, and they can hold their gap and make sure running backs have no lanes. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 19

Choose A Starting Tight End

As we have come to see throughout the years, the best tight ends in the NFL can completely change an offense for the better. These men can block like lineman and catch passes like wide receivers. Having a great player at this position will ensure that defenses will have to spend some extra time preparing for the game each Sunday. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 20

Choose A Punter

Even though this position is one that does not get a lot of love from the media, people in the game know how important it is. A punter can take a bad situation for their team and give them some breathing room with a booming punt. They can also pin a team deep in their own territory, making life harder for them. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 21

Choose A Second Tight End

Now that we have one tight end on board, let us go ahead and get some depth for the position and snag another one. These secondary options can have a chance to catch some touchdowns in the red zone, and this is because the opposing defense won’t expect them to run a route. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 22

Choose A Starting Outside Linebacker

Getting to the outside of the field can be huge for an offense, and teams that can do this throughout the game will eat up yards with ease and wear the defense down. A great outside linebacker can make sure that this does not happen on the field. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 23

Choose A Second Flex Player

A second flex player on the team will be nice for offensive coordinators to have, and the coordinators on the other side of the field will be left wondering what in the world is going on. The diverse skills that these players have can lead to some fantastic plays. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 24

Choose A Second Defensive Tackle

Many defensive units will have a number of different looks that they give throughout the game; so having multiple guys at the defensive tackle position on the field will help shut things down in the middle of the action. Make sure to get a guy that is tough and athletic. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 25

Choose A Fourth Receiver

Having depth in the receiving corps is massively important for teams, and most teams carry a lot of these guys to make the most of opportunities for the offense that come knocking. Most receivers have something that helps them stand out, and a fourth receiver should do many things well. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 26

Choose A Third Cornerback

Most teams employ a defense that can cover a number of receiving options on each play, so getting a lockdown guy for the slot can be helpful. The teams that can take away the slot option will force the quarterback to look towards the outside and take on the number one corner. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 27

Choose A Backup Offensive Line

Having a backup set of offensive line players will go a long way in making sure the quarterback stays on his feet. Some players are able to play multiple positions on the line, while others are pretty fixed on one spot. Nevertheless, these men are valuable pieces to have. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 28

Choose A Rotational Defensive Tackle

The big boys up front need to suck some wind and get a breather every now and again, so let’s make sure that this defensive line has enough bodies on it to keep players fresh for as long as possible. This rotational player can line up on either side and fill his gap with ease. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 29

Choose A Scout Team Quarterback

For this option, we want people to select a player that can do a number of different things for the team. These quarterbacks may not see a lot of action on the field, but what they mean to the preparation of the offense throughout the week cannot be understated. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 30

Choose A Starting Kicker

Kickers are important players that can hang up points throughout a game, so long as they are accurate. The ones with the biggest and most accurate legs in the game are always a problem for the opposing team, and they can come through in the clutch to seal a game shut. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 31

Choose A Kick Returner

Kick returners are becoming a little less useful as the game continues to adopt new rules. Back before the kickoff point changed, many players were able to take the ball out and try to make some big things happen. The change has seen an increase in touchbacks. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 32

Choose A Starting Defensive End

A second defensive end will help solidify the other side of the field, and it will cause problems for the opposing offensive line. One dominant defensive end is hard enough, but when two are in the picture, quarterbacks had better say a prayer before each play begins. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 33

Choose A Punt Returner

Returning punts is a tough job, and even though many of these opportunities end with a fair catch, some players are able to find some wiggle room to make something out of nothing. The best guys in the game know how to take one back to the house. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 34

Choose A Rotational Edge Rusher

Players will get tired throughout a game, and as we saw the Eagles do during their Super Bowl run, having depth on the defensive line can pay dividends throughout the season. A guy that can come off the bench with fresh legs and rush the quarterback is valuable. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 35

Choose A Rotational Safety

Having a player that can come off the bench and play either safety position is going to allow players to stay fresh and allow a defensive coordinator get creative when devising a plan. These men can function in multiple capacities, and they can do all the little things right. (Pro Football Reference)

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