Anyone Scoring 100% On This Quiz Is Smarter Than 80% Of The Population

Having some common knowledge and a general understanding of basic things can go a long way as a person makes their way through life. Sure, we are not expected to become experts in every single thing, but over time, we as people are going to acquire a ton of knowledge that we will lock away in our long term memory. These little tidbits of information can come into play at any point, and the people that have done a good job of attending to and storing information will have a much easier time down the line.

When it comes to things like travel, pop culture and sports, people are familiar with the basics, and this is because it makes for easy conversation, especially when getting to know new people. Going on social media will quickly reveal how interested people are in these subjects, and it can be easy to connect with someone with some knowledge in these areas. Most of the basics are simple enough, but the passionate people get to learn the ins and outs that few others will take the time to learn.

So, let's see who has the basics down and is smarter than 80% of people out there!

Question 1

Is Atlanta The Capital Of Georgia?

Georgia has a lot to love about it, and many people will go and visit the biggest cities in the state. They are known for their delicious peaches and for being a hub in that region of the country. Many famous musicians, particularly in the rap game, have called the state home at some point.

Question 2

Is Avatar The Highest-Grossing Movie Of All Time?

Back when it was released, Avatar was a film that took the world by storm, and word of mouth helped the film rake in tons of cash during its theatrical run. Not only was it a success stateside, but people around the world also had to see what the fuss was about.

Question 3

Which Of These Are Put On A Bagel?

Bagels are a popular choice for people on the go, and they can help busy people get something in their bodies before starting the day. There are plenty of things that people put on their bagels, and this only serves to enhance the flavor and add some more heft to it.

Question 4

Which Of These Is Not A Fruit?

Fruits are healthy and natural pieces of food that can be found in the wild, and they have a ton of flavor when they are ripe. There are several fruits that are more popular than others, but people that like to mix things up will end up trying a bunch of them through the years.

Question 5

Which Of These Is Not A Type Of Bear?

Bears are some of the coolest creatures that can be found in the world today, but they must be enjoyed from a safe distance. They are large creatures that are powerful and fast, so many people like to avoid areas that these big balls of fun like to call home.

Question 6

How Many Points Is A Field Goal Worth?

Playing the game of football will be a lot of fun for people that don’t mind getting physical and laying a hit on someone. The people that don’t like to play football may simply enjoy watching football from home. Even people that watch occasionally know some of the basics of the game.

Question 7

Which City Do The Lakers Play In?

As one of the most famous sports teams on the planet, the Lakers are currently looking to get back to the top once again. They are one of the most successful franchises in NBA history, and they mean a lot to the locals of the city that they call home.

Question 8

Which Film Series Is C-3PO From?

This character is one of the most famous in film history, and he is usually the voice of reason in his group. Sure, it is a lot of fun seeing people throw caution aside and simply do what they feel will get the job done, but many of us appreciated this character and his worries.

Question 9

How Many Points Is A Safety Worth?

This is a play that does not happen often on the field, and once the defense makes it happen, they can completely swing the momentum of the game. This play is one that not only leads to some points for the successful team, but it also gives them the ball back to add some more.

Question 10

Which Two Colors Form Purple?

As we came to learn early on in life, there are several primary colors, and these colors do not need other ones combined to make them. Many of the most popular colors in the world are not primary colors, and they will need other colors combined to make them come to life.

Question 11

Which City Do The Steelers Play In?

The Steelers are one of the most successful football teams in the history of the sport, and they have legions of fans around the globe. The franchise has been a pillar of excellence since the Super Bowl era got underway, and they are looking to bounce back in the 2019 season.

Question 12

How Many Points Is A Slam Dunk Worth?

Basketball is a sport that prides itself on having players that are gifted athletes, and these men can do incredible things on the court each night. While it is always nice to see people knocking down buckets from the outside, a huge dunk can send a message to the other team.

Question 13

Which Of These Cities Does Not Have A Disney Park?

Disney is a global brand that has been on top since the 1930s, and with its recent acquisitions, they are poised to be even bigger than before. Disney has opened up a number of theme parks around the world, and people travel far and wide to visit them at some point.

Question 14

How Many Donuts Are In A Dozen?

Getting up in the morning isn’t always fun for people, but those that live near an incredible bakery don’t mind this as much because they are able to get quality donuts whenever they please. For larger groups of people, a dozen donuts can usually get the job done in the morning.

Question 15

Where Is The Empire State Building Located?

The Empire State Building is one of the most famous structures in the world, and millions of people have taken the elevator ride to the top to look out at the city and beyond. For many people, getting the chance to do this will help them check something off of their bucket list.

Question 16

Which Of These Is Not A Fish?

People that appreciate the life under the waves have no doubt spent some time visiting aquariums, and they have gotten to see exotic fish from all parts of the globe. The ocean is filled with amazing creatures that all want nothing more than to eat some food and enjoy their day.

Question 17

What Are Fries Made Of?

As one of the most popular side items in the world, we can guess that an incredible amount of people on the planet have had these at least one time. They are fried to perfection and are salted to enhance the taste. The base ingredient for this snack can do a lot of amazing things.

Question 18

Who Voiced Genie In Aladdin?

Aladdin is one of the most famous animated films to ever hit the big screen, and the man that voiced Genie in the film was someone that was considered to be one of the best comedic performers in history. His take on the character left some massive shoes for other people to fill.

Question 19

How Many Runs Is A Grand Slam Worth?

Baseball is a popular sport that people around the world enjoy playing. While it is not as big as some other sports, the people that enjoy baseball make sure to spend their time playing it. A chance for a grand slam does not come up often and it makes for an amazing highlight.

Question 20

When Something Is Ordered To The Room, It Is Called…?

People love to stay in hotels when they travel around, and this is because hotels can offer a lot of style and convenience for those wanting a good place to rest. Instead of heading out and finding something, some people may simply choose to order something to their room instead.

Question 21

What Is Hummus Made From?

When it comes to dips, hummus is one of the most popular in many places, and it has a lot of flavors. Plain hummus is plenty tasty, but once people begin to infuse garlic or roasted red peppers into the mix, hummus becomes something that most any person can enjoy.

Question 22

Which Famous Character Does Matt Damon Play?

Matt Damon is a popular performer that has had an impressive run in the entertainment industry. He rose to prominence back in the 90s when he starred in several popular films and won an Oscar for Good Will Hunting. His biggest role is listed on this entry, and he has played the character several times.

Question 23

Where Can Tigers Be Found?

Even though they are among the most beautiful creatures in the world, people know better than to approach a tiger in the wild. They are creatures that love to use the element of surprise, and even when their stealth isn’t working, they can use their speed and their power to their advantage.

Question 24

Which Of These Is Not A Dog Breed?

When it comes to pets for the home, many families choose to get a dog. Dogs can offer a lot of love and a lot of security depending on their size, and they can have a longer lifespan if they are healthy and active. There are a number of popular breeds that people go with.

Question 25

A Baby Pig Is Called A…?

Pigs are some of the cutest creatures when they are small, but this usually does not stick with them as they grow up. This is because many pigs wind up being far bigger than most people expect. Nevertheless, these cute creatures have a lot of love to give to their owners.

Question 26

Where Is The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Located?

People that love rock music will want to go and see this place in person at some point, and this is because it has some of the most incredible artifacts in music history. It is able to give people an idea of where music has been and a glimpse of where it is going.

Question 27

Does WWE Stand For World Wrestling Entertainment?

Back in the day, the most prominent wrestling promotion in the world was called the WWF, but they would have to change their name to WWE as time went on. These days, the promotion is still a juggernaut in the wrestling scene, and they are loaded with talented performers throughout their roster.

Question 28

Is Sacramento The Capital Of California?

Sacramento is a city that is located in the northern part of California, and it has played a significant role in the development of the state. It was a huge piece of the puzzle for the developing railroads, and not too far away was the site where gold was first found in the state.

Question 29

Which State Is Seattle Located In?

Seattle is a popular tourist destination for travelers, and many people have come to the city over the years. There is a rich history that can be found within the city limits, and the weather there is perfect for people that like to stay inside, drink coffee and read a good book or comic.

Question 30

Which Film Did Leonardo DiCaprio Not Appear In?

Leonardo DiCaprio is arguably the best actor of his era, and after taking some time away from the business, he is set to appear in a film later this year. He was a force in the 90s when he became the teenage crush of people around the world, and he developed into an amazing performer.

Question 31

Which State Is St. Louis Located In?

St. Louis is a proud city that is home to several popular sports teams. Not only does the city know a thing or two about winning, but they also know a thing or two about great food. Needless to say, people that come from St. Louis are loud and proud about their stomping grounds.

Question 32

The NBA Season End With Which Series?

The NBA season will be coming to a close sooner rather than later, and there are still several teams that have hopes of winning it all for their city. The Golden State Warriors are once again slated to appear in this series, and if they win, then that will make it three in a row.

Question 33

Two Adults Going On A Romantic Outing Is Called A…?

As we get older, we are going to want to find a romantic partner to spend our days with, and we do this by putting ourselves out there and hoping to find someone that is interested. Once we do find someone interested, we can head on out to spend some time getting to know one another.

Question 34

When Is Watermelon In Season?

As one of the tastiest fruits in the entire world, many people enjoy chowing down on some watermelon when it is ripe. It is a juicy fruit that does require some effort to get to. Once the outer layer is removed, people are going to be in for a real treat when this fruit is served.

Question 35

A Wolf Makes What Sound?

Wolves are creatures that can be found in the wild, and even though they may look like an average dog, people that have encountered them know that they do not behave like a typical dog. These animals are ones that people should admire from afar, and when they hear their call, they should stay inside.

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